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Merry Christmas!

I want to thank all my readers who've been phenomenal this past year.  I look forward to sharing more stories in 2014.

Merry Christmas!  I hope you all enjoy your day with friends, family, and good cheer. 


Saturday, December 21, 2013

NEW RELEASE!! Betting On His Demon is HERE!

Julian McNamara has been living the high life his gambling career afforded him. When he finds out he’s dying, he’s faced with a stark reality and realizes he isn’t the man he wanted to be. In the heat of the moment, he bargains his soul to a smooth-talking demon who offers him ten more years and luck at the gambling table.

Prince Carreau rules the underworld with an iron fist, keeping the demon hordes at bay and forcing peace amongst the demon realms while biding his time to claim his mate. His cousin Olivier wants war, and uses Julian to tempt Carreau into giving in to the darkness.

Carreau is livid when he realizes his mate has sold his soul to Olivier and realizes he needs to find a way to break the contract—before the temptation of Julian’s flesh causes a war of the ages. 

Buy Here
Olivier moved back to the table and pulled a container of chips from thin air, setting it on the table. Lights flicked on and another spotlighted the table, bathing it in a halo of light. Another set came on and spotlighted Julian and his predicament. Julian clenched his teeth, more humiliation heaped on him. He closed his eyes to the torment, but that only made the sensations from the cock in his ass more focused.

Julian tried to stop it, but his hips moved involuntarily and a moan escaped his lips. His eyes flashed open, and shame hit in a fresh wave. He wasn’t gay. He wasn’t gay.

“Yes, keep telling yourself that, Julian. Maybe you’ll believe it as you’re pumping that cock in and out of your ass shortly,” Olivier called from over his shoulder.

Air wavered beside the table, the space behind it growing blurry. A popping sound echoed through the room, and suddenly a male stood where the blur had been. Not just a man, but the most gorgeous specimen of masculinity Julian had ever laid eyes on. Julian looked his fill, his mouth opening as he perused the male.

Carr stood a few inches taller than Olivier, wearing an ivory tailored suit jacket and slacks. His white button down shirt was opened a few buttons and exposed his smooth, sexy flesh. His skin was deeply tanned, almost golden. It shimmered, a gilded effect that made him appear wrought from gold dust.

His hair was dark chocolate, with soft waves of strands curling around his ears and falling just below the collar of his jacket. Dark brows slashed above his pale eyes and were split by a narrow nose that arrowed down to firm, succulent lips—lips Julian already wanted to taste. He licked his own, wondering how it would feel to be under a male like that. Tall and lean, the man was simply spectacular.

Olivier spun to face Julian, an eyebrow raised. “Yes, Julian, continue to repeat your mantra over and over and over again, as much as you need.”

As soon as Olivier was done, Julian’s gaze drifted back to the specimen of male perfection behind Olivier. Julian was not gay.

But for that man, he might reconsider.

Julian suddenly realized there were two small horns on either side of Carreau’s forehead. Brown in color, they were covered up and blended in with his hair. No bigger than Julian’s thumbs, they were barely noticeable. But they made Julian wake up a little. This was no man he encountered. This was a demon.

And that demon had taken notice of Julian.

The easy unaffectedness Carreau had shown when he arrived dissipated and he changed completely. His shoulders tensed and his body tightened. He was still amazingly handsome, but now there was an air of danger about him that only seemed to ratchet Julian’s desire that much more. Why he would get more tempted was anyone’s guess.

The air itself was fraught with a compelling energy, collected into a ball and filling the room to bursting. Carr’s gaze traveled over Julian’s body. Down to his feet and back up again did Carr’s stare roam, and each second of the perusal made Julian feel hotter and heavier. Heavier because his sac swelled and filled with seed, weighing heftily between his legs.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Just Wrote THE END on Betting On His Demon!

I know I was supposed to write the next Whorehouse title, but I just felt compelled to write this other story which had been flying around in my brain for a couple of months now.  And how happy am I that I did?  The story came out in record time and before the holidays at that!

Betting on His Demon is now complete and sent to the editor.  And whew, is it some hot stuff?  There's also a lot of comedy written into this one, which was a lot of fun.

I'll be taking off a few days to celebrate the holidays and then after Christmas, I'll be back to it and starting The Whorehouse Oracle, as promised.

So look for Betting on His Demon to release soon -- just in time to fill those new e-reader you got for the holiday!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

NEW RELEASE!! Wynne's Surrender is HERE!

My editor is superwoman!  She got edits done for me in record time, so I am happy to say that Wynne's Surrender is NOW ON SALE!

About time, right?

Links, blurb, and excerpt are below -- hope you love this story!
Wynne Cotton is sent to the outer reaches of space, running from his past. Soon he learns it’s still not far enough. On a rescue mission to Alpha S, he concocts a plan to lose himself on the planet’s surface, not knowing the ship will crash and all his crewmen will suffer the same fate.

Once there, Wynne is claimed by a trio of Shadows, inhabitants of the planet’s circumference. The males are intent on keeping the sexy science officer to themselves, no matter how much Wynne tries to push them away.

When a fifth member to their quad emerges, Wynne knows it could help bring them together or rip them apart. The bad part is, Wynne still isn’t sure which outcome he’d prefer.

Wynne knelt at his masters’ feet at the ceremony, even though he didn’t want to be there. Tegau’s demand only further angered Wynne, but he didn’t want to argue anymore. He’d get his equipment one way or another and find a way off world. He wouldn’t remain here with a male unwilling to open himself up. Once the ceremony was over, they would go back and Wynne would find sanctuary in the empty room upstairs, away from the three of them. Carro and A’kota had done nothing, but Wynne just wanted time alone, something he’d had precious little of for weeks now.

The crowd swelled around the large stage, all waiting to witness the multiple claimings planned to take place that night. Wynne stood at the edge, his gaze drifting off toward the other side of the crowd. The heated glances of a male across the way garnered his attention and now that he looked the alien’s way, the male’s stare had him pinned. The large male’s roaming inspection made him feel as if the alien’s hands were upon him, caressing his flesh. Heat flooded his body and his cock thickened between his legs.

It was Mar, the lonely eyed alien who’d watched them so intently.
Wynne felt a tug at his collar. He looked up at A’kota, who gazed down lovingly at him. “What has you so entranced, hafchan?”

Wynne looked back across the crowd, but he couldn’t see the male any longer. He supposed it was for the best. “Nothing, Master. I thought I saw something, but my eyes played tricks on me.”

Tegau rounded Wynne and stared down at Wynne’s hard cock. Tegau clasped Wynne’s shaft and stroked it languidly. “Perhaps your excitement for the claiming tonight has you ready to go up on the stage again.”

Anger surged through Wynne at Tegau’s words. “If it’s what you wish, Tegau.” Wynne thought again of Mar, his chest aching at the loneliness he saw in the male. Even surrounded by his bastela, Wynne felt lonely, too. The idea of Mar watching Wynne be claimed publicly again only made his cock stiffen further. Or it could’ve just been the sensation of Tegau’s lazy hand running up and down the length?
Wynne willed his body to stop reacting to Tegau’s caresses, but it was pointless. Even angry, he still wanted the alien.

“Another public show with our hafchan may be smart,” Carro stated firmly. “The hafchan was staring at Mar, who stared at our male with interest. Mar needs to know he cannot have what is ours.”

“Is that true, hafchan?” Tegau asked. “Did seeing his interest excite you?”

Wynne swallowed, unsure how he should answer. After the day they’d had, Wynne wasn’t prepared for more arguments with Tegau. “You know I have submitted to the bastela.”

Tegau smiled, but the sentiment didn’t go to his eyes. He tightened his grip on Wynne’s cock slightly. “That doesn’t answer my question, slave.”

Wynne lowered his chin and avoided Tegau’s stare. “I’m sorry, Master.”

Tegau leaned in and kissed Wynne gently on the lips and drew back only slightly. His hand on Wynne’s cock quickened, the tempo making Wynne moan. “Did you like Mar staring at you?”

Perhaps a little honesty would rock Tegau’s foundation a little and clear his mind. Wynne had liked the alien looking at him, so why not own it. “Yes.”

Tegau leaned back and smiled, but the smile soon faded. “Do you want him?”

“I can’t … answer that,” Wynne said softly, grimacing from the pleasure-pain Tegau was causing with his hand. The strokes had become harder, rougher, and Wynne tried to ignore the lustful sensations running through his body.

“It’s a simple question. Do you want him?” Tegau asked lowly. He stopped his motions, but didn’t release Wynne’s cock.

Wynne’s anger got the better of him. “I’ve never spoken to him, only witnessed Mar from across a wide space. I can’t tell you I want him if I’ve never truly met him.”

Tegau smiled and continued to give Wynne a hand job in front of the village. Wynne noticed many stares on him, shame filling him again at the public display. This time, he wasn’t lost in the bliss of a frenzied fucking. Now, it was blatantly obvious when the village stared. As he took note around him, he once again saw Mar in the crowd, his observation making heat bloom in Wynne’s chest. Wynne stood straighter, lifting his chin as his gaze caught Mar’s and held it.

“Mar returns. He is closer now. He watches you, Tegau,” Carro said on a growl.

Tegau looked over his shoulder. “Let him watch me pleasure our hafchan. He has no bastela, so he is jealous of what we have.”

Carro sighed. “That’s rather cold, isn’t it?”

Wynne was curious about the exchange between the two. His gaze had never left Mar’s, his hips pumping into Tegau’s hand as the male pleasured him. Shock filled Wynne, staring at a male while another pleasured him in a public place. What had happened to him in the short time he’d been on this world? The Shadows might not think anything of public sexual encounters, but Wynne still struggled.

 Yet, he couldn’t take his sights off Mar.

Mar lowered a hand to the hard lump in his leather pants and stroked himself as he watched Wynne.

“There is a law which states a bastela can accept another, if the other has lost his blood brothers,” A’kota said softly. “If it pleased our hafchan, we could bring him into our number.”

Wynne’s body trembled and he came with a violent cry, the thought of his bastela bringing on a fifth male overwhelming his body. 

You'll also enjoy the first chapter of April Andrews' debut novella at the end of Wynne's Surrender.
What's next on the agenda?  The plan was to dive right into The Whorehouse Oracle, but another story screamed for me to write it.  I just started today and it's nearly halfway done already!  I hope to have it completed at the end of the week and ready for you sometime around Christmas.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Just Wrote THE END on Wynne's Surrender!!


Wynne's Surrender is DONE.  I've written THE END!  I've emailed it to my editor.  And I breathe a sigh of relief.

The story had gone off the rails at some point and I was so unhappy with the way it was.  I went into deep edits this weekend and cut, added, rearranged a bit, and added some more.  Finally, I think it's the story it needs to be and it is actually pretty damned good, if I can toot my own horn a little.

Ahhhhhhh!!  I am so glad I finally made it!

Tomorrow I'll be back on the job to get the Oracle's tale started and HOPEFULLY, I can get that done and out by the end of the month.  I've really been working hard to get you guys two stories per month, but holidays and other projects have gotten in the way these last couple of months.  I really need to get a better pace going for the start of 2014 -- I have some awesome stuff coming up and I can't wait for you all to get a taste of it.

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April Andrews - TAKEN BY TWO - New Release

My friend April Andrews has jumped on board the Twisted Erotica Publishing ship and sets forth today with her very first release!

Taken by Two is some hot, hot MMM ménage.  I was lucky enough to already read this one and it's quite different -- in a great way.  Hunger Games meets Alien Abduction meets Gay Erotica -- it's an interesting world she's built.  So definitely go take a look and see if it's up your alley.

And that cover - oh my! a devastated Earth where water is scarce and food even scarcer, the only choice for some is to leave the safety of The Cube and search through the old ruins. But leaving The Cube in the dead of winter also carries the risk of being taken by the mysterious visitors. No one knows who these strange males are, only that they come from nearby worlds and simply take any man who crosses their path.

Jaeger knows the risks of venturing outside, but when his turn comes he has no choice, and when the visitors find him he can’t fight them off. Taken aboard their craft, Jaeger is not sure what to expect, so when he is told that he now belongs to the two men who have captured him he vows to resist.

But, these males are like nothing Jaeger has ever known, and before long he finds himself falling under their spell. Can Jaeger come to accept the men who insist he is their given mate? And if he does, will he be able to save more than just himself, will he be able to save his people too?

Slowly, almost as if they wanted him to see every little movement, Van took Lanth into his arms…and then he kissed him. Jaeger clenched his fists, scarcely able to believe what he was seeing. It was almost like the visitors had forgotten they had a prisoner mere meters away from them, because the two men kissed each other with a burning passion, their lips moving in tandem, their bodies dancing.

Lanth reached down between them and palmed Van’s cock. Jaeger knew that the alien had a cock because it was jutting out forcibly from his pants.


Jaeger shook his head, trying to deny the scene in front of him…no, he shook it because he wanted to deny the effect their embrace was having on him. He shifted position and tried to clear his thoughts, but it was not working.

Lanth and Van, his alien captors, were doing what Jaeger had fantasized about for so long. Alone in his bunk in the mines, listening to the muffled cries of pleasure as his friends and co-workers pleasured themselves, Jaeger had, in his very darkest fantasies, wanted to be the one to pleasure them.

He had closed his eyes, imagining taking a cock into his hand. Running his fingers along the velvety steel. Taking it into his mouth, suckling the cum from it…worse…he had imagined so much worse….

He swallowed nervously and edged towards the door that he could see off to the side of the metal contraption. Maybe he could find a way off the ship. Get back to his home. Finish his mission. But the moment he moved his captors seemed to sense it. They broke apart and feasted their gazes on him.


“Come here,” Van demanded.

Jaeger shook his head, wild thoughts tumbling through his mind. “You need to let me go.”

Lanth stepped forward, and before Jaeger could guess what he planned, he pulled him into his arms. Jaeger gasped and pushed against the other man, moving his arm, planning to punch him as hard as he could.

If he had to fight to get out of this so be it! But Van must have realized what Jaeger intended, because he came around the two of them and pressed his body against Jaeger’s back.

Jaeger stilled the moment he felt Van’s cock pressing against his ass.

“That’s right, little human,” Lanth murmured. “Be still now.”

“What do you want?” Jaeger demanded. “What is this?”

Lanth smiled and just like Van had to him, he ran a finger along Jaeger’s jaw. Jaeger shuddered from the contact, unsure what to make of it.

“Your skin is so soft,” Lanth whispered. “We knew it would be.”

“Why do you keep saying things like you know me?” Jaeger demanded.

Van leaned forward so that his mouth was next to Jaeger’s ear. He bent slightly to whisper and his cool breath, feathering across Jaeger’s skin, felt strange in the extreme. It created little tingles that ran down his neck and along his belly.

“We do know you,” Van said. “Just as you will come to know us.” Jaeger gritted his teeth and tried to ignore the feelings flooding his body. Feelings he had only imagined in his most private moments. “Why are you here?” he said, his voice far shakier than he would have liked.

Van whispered again. “We are here for you, Jaeger.”


Lanth bent his head and captured Jaeger’s mouth. He took without asking, without giving Jaeger a chance to pull back. In truth, Jaeger was so shocked he didn’t even think to. He simply fell under the onslaught, his brain processing what was happening almost as if from a distance. On one hand he felt like he should be doing something, pushing the aliens away, making them stop. But on the other…the kiss was exquisite, exactly as Jaeger had imagined a man’s kiss might be. Forceful and demanding, yet tender and loving.

Jaeger’s head spun. He tried to hold on to the reality of the situation, the fact he had been abducted by visitors—the very things his people were so afraid of—the fact that he had not completed his mission. He tried to hold on to it all, but it was almost like he was being drugged. As the kiss deepened he could think of nothing but the feel of Lanth’s mouth against his, the forceful pressure of his lips, the sweep of his tongue.

When Van reached around and palmed Jaeger’s cock he felt himself groan into Lanth’s mouth. There was no denying it now. He was stiff, his prick making it clear exactly how he felt about the situation. He sagged slightly in Lanth’s embrace, allowing the feelings the two aliens created to run through him. Jaeger was abruptly and painfully aroused. His cock throbbed as Van palmed it, his fingers moving over the length.

“Your cock is perfect, human,” Van whispered. “Perfect.”

Lanth pulled back the moment Van spoke, his eyes blazing, and nodded. Next thing Jaeger knew Lanth was pushing him against the wall, holding him in place. The desperate arousal Jaeger had felt only moments ago disappeared to be replaced by panic.

“What are you doing?” he demanded.

Van fell to his knees and unzipped Jaeger’s pants. He shook his head quickly, unable to believe what was about to happen, but Van took no notice. He pushed the material apart until Jaeger’s cock sprang free. Jaeger—almost in horror—looked down to see himself stiff and jutting forward towards Van’s mouth. 

Coming Soon:

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Coming Soon - Wynne's Surrender

I'm nearing the end of Wynne's story - perhaps one more day and then it'll be sent off to the editor. 

This story didn't come out anywhere like I imagined it.  But that's character driven storylines -- you can plot all you want, but then your characters say, nope, I'm not doing this, I'm doing this, you let them go and do it.  And then your whole manuscript is turned on its ass.

I had this really intense sex scene ready for this book.  Didn't work for the storyline.  So it will have to go into another tale down the road. And believe me, this hot little scene is going somewhere.

Trust me.

Okay, back to the words.  I'm determined to get this thing DONE!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Hey Santa!

Saw this on the internet and noticed one of the models appearing on one of my covers was in this.  Yum -- and how could I not share?  See if you can spot him and hope you enjoy the sights!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Writing Update Early December 2013

After taking a glorious Thanksgiving break to spend time with my family, I've been hard at work on Wynne's Surrender.  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday if you celebrated.  Wynne's story should hopefully done by week's end.  I've had to shift the storyline a bit, I like to plot, but can also be a terrible pantser and go into different directions which sometimes get me in trouble.  We'll see where we end up with Wynne soon enough.

Once done, The Whorehouse Oracle is on deck.

Then I have two new stand-alone titles I've had on the back burner.  I'd like to get at least one of them completed before writing the final Quads of Alpha S story.  The forth and final will be Peterson's story.  Adrian is going to have a lou-lou of a tale.

And then...maybe some lions.  Or bears.  Who knows?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Wynne's Surrender COMING SOON

I'm currently working on the next in the Quads of Alpha S series - Wynne's Surrender.  If you read Tripp's Claiming, then you have an idea of where this story is headed.  Now if I can only get all the body parts in order and get the logistics to work, we're in business.  Luckily, I have a wonderful editor who will ensure all the hands and appendages are in the right places.

Once complete, I'm back to the Whorehouse/Shifter Rebellion series, with The Whorehouse Oracle.  I just got the cover for this one, so sharing it here.

And then after that, I've got a new series coming that, for now, is top secret.  Keep an eye out, there will be more details coming down the pipeline.

Now, with Turkey Day coming, and all the family and celebrating, hopefully I'll get some decent word count in for the week ahead.  I need to double up the next couple of days and dig deep.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Born a slave, Tristan has been captive to his alpha for nearly a century. When he hears his master talk of treachery, Tristan realizes he needs to rise above and find the strength to escape. His mission? To save the wolves of Mount Alexis.

Little does Tristan know that he’ll find his mate on that mountain.

Paul has fought the raw power he felt coursing through his veins, fearful he couldn’t control the beast within. But when his mate is hurt, there’s nothing left to hold the tattered edges together.

Once the enemy is defeated, Paul assumes he’s free to have his mate but Paul learns he has another battle to face. To keep his lover, he might have to take on more than he bargained for.

And face the beings who stood by and watched his parents die.


Paul’s body was heavy, and ache dense in his gut. He felt overheated the closer he drew to the wolf, his beast screaming to claim its mate. But if his mate was in league with their enemy, Paul would have to hold back. No matter what, he needed to push on, find the wolf, and ignore the telltale signs his body was trying to share with him. There was too much at stake for him to fall victim to fate’s hand without considering the implications.

Paul inhaled deeply, letting the scent fill his lungs. His cock hardened and extended under his body, the insatiable need to claim what was his drove him to continue. But he needed to keep his need in check, especially if it turned out his mate was helping the enemy. Paul just hoped he’d be able to keep a clear head and was strong enough to do what was needed. His thoughts drifted to his brother Mitch. Mitch was fighting the attraction and had even pushed his mate away, although Paul saw how it affected his brother. But it proved the instinct could be fought. Paul just hoped he was strong enough.

After all the long years of waiting and hoping, now he couldn’t completely enjoy the moment. The jealousy of the past few weeks filled him and he considered the chance he just wasn’t cut out for happiness. Finding his mate may be working to hurt his pack would be the kind of luck he’d always been granted.

He was still shocked he’d found himself out on the paths. Paul had always been a lesser wolf in the pack, more than willing to let his aggressive brothers fight whatever battles had to be waged. It allowed him to support them and find information they needed to succeed. Tonight, when the moon hung heavy in the sky, his skin felt as if it were on fire and the need to roam the woods took his breath away. So he’d shifted for the first time in a long while and raced out into the moonlight—where the scent grabbed ahold of him like a tight fist, making his whole body throb with need.

A shifting of leaves sounded just north of him. He lowered his body slightly, dropping closer to the ground as his gaze took in the surrounding area. His vision in the dark was good, but could’ve been better if he’d run with his brothers more often. Paul slowly edged forward, trying to get a better look. A small gray wolf emerged from the foliage and stood in a small clearing, a shaft of moonlight illuminating him and making his fur glow silver.

He stood still, his head cocked to one side as if he heard something. Paul settled even lower to the ground, trying to hide the best he could. The wolf’s stare moved to him, glowing silver eyes piercing the night. Paul knew he couldn’t be seen where he stood, so the wolf must sense him, too.

It was Paul’s mate.

Paul’s cock throbbed. He fought the screaming drive in his head to pounce on the other male and pin him to the ground and claim him violently. As he stared, the need only grew. Paul clamped his maw shut, trying to get hold of himself and ignore the need.

The wolf suddenly shifted into human form. He was tall, slim, yet muscular. The shaft of moonlight cast about his naked angles and put much of his face in shadow, but Paul still knew the male was handsome—the most handsome male Paul had ever seen. His mate’s cock was long and hard, jutting out. Paul’s mouth salivated at the heavenly scene, and he clawed the earth below his paws to remain where he was.

A thick collar was about the male’s neck, which made Paul want to growl. Had his mate been claimed by another? If so, Paul would kill the other wolf for taking what was his.

“I know you’re there. I can feel you, mate. Come out. I have news for you. Important news,” the male said.

What news? It could be a trap, a way to lure him out of his hiding place. He growled lowly, the animal within threatening to take over. Paul reined in his beast, digging his claws into the earth. His breathing was labored as he fought for control, never having to work so hard to hold on to his sanity.

“You and your brothers are in danger. I’m here to help you. Please.”

Paul looked over the male and didn’t sense any malice or evil intent. Not that his gut couldn’t be wrong, but the male sounded truthful. Either way, Paul needed to face his future. One bite and he’d know the real emotions running through the male’s veins. Mark him? Paul shook his head and shifted into human form and walked to the edge of the clearing, his short fingernails cutting into the palms of his hands. There was no way he’d mark the male so soon – not without knowing if he could be trusted.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Just Wrote THE END on Tristan's Wolf!!


The book which would not end is finished!!  It's only noon but I'm seriously considering opening a bottle of champagne and celebrating this victory.

But edits still loom and I want to clean this book up before sending it on to my editor so we can get it done.

Once edits are complete, it's on to Wynne's story in the Quads series.  And oh what a story it will be.  I'm sure some of you can already guess where it may be headed, but I have some fun in store on top of what's expected.

But, I digress.  Back into edits and polishing this thing to make it shine.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tristan is KILLING ME

Tristan's Wolf has been the most difficult book to write of any book I have ever written.  I painted myself into a corner with Theo's Wolf's ending and I've been doing everything I can to get the storyline to jive in the new book.

I *think* I've finally gotten out of that corner.

But considering I've thought that three times before, I'm not super confident.  I've cut, edited, slashed, re-written, started going for it, stopped, slashed more scenes, moved scenes around, cut more...this book is freaking a Frankenstein at this point and hopefully all the seams meet.

I'm at about the half-way mark on the story and hope this weekend will see the end of this monster so I can move on to Wynne's story.

I know I am seriously behind in releasing this tale, and I'm sorry for you guys who are out there waiting for the conclusion.  But, hopefully you all can appreciate that I don't want to send out something that's just wrong and doesn't line up with the previous stories in the series.  Then I'd have a ton of you yelling at me and I'd rather that not happen.

It's coming!  I promise.

So, I leave you with that and I'm off to go make more words. 

Peace out.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Writing Update Late October 2013

First, I want to start out by saying THANK YOU to everyone who's picked up a copy of my last two books -- Best Little Whorehouse is currently #1 on the Amazon Gay Erotica Bestseller list and Tripp made it to #2 a couple of weeks back and is still holding on the list.  I am humbled and shocked at the reception of these last two books.  I'm floored.

Now on to the writing...

Tristan and Paul's story has been giving me ulcers.  I wrote myself into a proverbial corner and can't seem to get out of it.  I'm about 1/3 of the way done with Tristan's Wolf and I think I've found a solution, so hopefully I can get this finished by week's end.  Fingers crossed.

But there is some good news.  Since I've been hitting my head against the brick wall that is Tristan's Wolf, I've been hit with inspiration for a new series and a new stand alone novel.  I've already written the first chapter of one and a rough outline of the other and I'm super excited about them both.  They'll of course have to wait until I've wrapped up one or more the series we have going on now, but they won't be on the backburner for long.

Once I can get Tristan completed, I'll be moving on to Wynne's Story in the Quads of Alpha S series.  I really can't wait for that one -- and I bet you can't wait either!  Wynne is going to be getting a little more punishment than the other men and I can't wait to dive into that story.

I still think Aris needs a tale soon.  Be ready to see a lions series around the bend.

And of course, the two new ideas are bubbling in the background and will be coming in 2014.

Oh!  One last thing -- Wynne's Surrender is my first title to include the Twisted T -- Twisted Erotica Publishing's new logo.  It will help make it easier to find my books as they come out.

Monday, October 21, 2013

NEW RELEASE! Best Little Whorehouse on Planet X is Here!

Agarri, the Shapeshifter Prince, has been in hiding for several years after the Xakarrian Army invaded and overthrew his father. Awaiting the prophesied triad of males who would come find him, the soft prince was shuttered away on the top floor of Kazru’s whorehouse, where no one would think to look for him.

Exiled Shapeshifter Warriors Drayden, Irylan, and Bayjin come for Agarri after the prince haunts their dreams and begs them to save him. They take the virgin prince and escape to their hidden base, where they claim Agarri as their own.

Finding strength in his warriors, Agarri is ready to help bring his people together to retake their world.

Buy Here


In their dreams? Agarri wondered if the male was insane for a moment, but the clarity in his eyes told Agarri he was quite lucid. “I know nothing of dreams. I’ve never met you or your companions, nor asked you anything.”

“I could no longer ignore your demands, and I had find you … we had to find you. You may not have been the one asking, but the dreams mean something, Your Highness. We’re meant to protect you; I know it in my very bones.”

The prophecy? Agarri felt himself swaying on his feet slightly, but caught himself. If it was the fulfillment of his destiny, a battle beckoned. The other two rose and their large bodies filled the space and made Agarri feel surrounded. From afar, they were menacing. Up close, they were downright terrifying. “What is your name, Sir?”

“Sir Drayden Am’peria of Kannom. On the left is Sir Irylan d’Ammana, and on my right is Sir Bayjin b’Merida, both of Kannom as well.”

“Kannom? That’s on the other side of the planet, is it not?”

“It … was. Before the Xakarrian destroyed most of it.”

“If memory serves, it was told to be a wild place, a beautiful realm. A place our warriors of old retired to.”

“Retired? More like exiled to once the old kings no longer felt warriors were of need.” Sir Drayden lips spread into a half-smile. “And it was not as beautiful as His Majesty, but beautiful, yes.”

Agarri looked up into the male’s eyes. Sir Drayden was menacing in his power. The half-smile had looked odd on his commanding face, like it didn’t belong there. Agarri got the feeling he rarely smiled, and Agarri had been witness to something unusual in that moment. His gaze drifted to the other two males who wore serious looks as they all stood towering over him. They were more than intimidating. They were frightening, although Agarri sensed he would find no harm in their arms, only pleasure.

Sir Drayden thought him beautiful. A shiver of delight passed through him, but he fought it off. He needed more information before he determined what they would do. “You said it took you weeks to get here. Why?”

“A small band of my warriors and I escaped the planet after the Xakarrian claimed it. We left to lick our wounds and find a way to reclaim our world. Getting here without being caught is not easy. It took us time, skill, and a lot of luck to find a way back for you.”

“And you came to get me. How do I know you’re not lying? You could be an agent for the Xakarrian for all I know, sent to kill me. They’ve been searching for me since the war. I’m sure the price on my head has grown quite large.”

“Honestly, it’s astronomical. But the fact you haven’t been turned in only proves the loyalty of those who’ve hidden you.” Sir Drayden looked over his shoulder at Kazru.

Kazru grimaced. “I didn’t save him all these years to hand him over to beasts like you.”

“Beasts?” Sir Drayden asked with a smile. “I think we’ve behaved ourselves while in your establishment.”

“Do you call running all my patrons out behaving?”

Sir Drayden walked to within inches of Kazru. “If we weren’t behaving, they’d all be dead.” He then turned to look at Agarri. “And you would be as well, Your Highness. If I wanted you dead, or wanted to turn you in to the Xakarrians, we wouldn’t still be standing here talking right now.”

Agarri shivered at the words, realizing the truth behind them. “Do you wish to frighten me, Sir Drayden?”

“No, I wish you to understand our motives. We only wish to protect you.”

Agarri felt Sir Drayden lower his walls, the walls he’d erected around his mind. Powerfully thick, Agarri hadn’t been able to find a crack when he’d probed before. Now the male made himself completely open to Agarri. Agarri stood taller, his body tensing as he allowed his mind to enter Sir Drayden’s. To peek in to another’s head without them knowing was one thing; to be welcomed in and asked to merge was almost … intimate. He was hesitant at first, letting a tentacle out to test the mental waters. Entering another’s mind was like swimming, floating in the images stored within.

Agarri closed his eyes and entered Sir Drayden’s mind, jumping into the pool of thoughts and memories. Largely uncomplicated, the male sought a way to take the planet back for the Shapeshifters, along with his band of warriors, just as he claimed. A dark danger seemed to be approaching, something Agarri had been sensing for weeks, as well. Sir Drayden felt it, too, which seemed to give credence to Agarri’s worry. Something was coming for him, and he was almost sure the males were here to save him from the threat.

Agarri also saw the dreams Sir Drayden had experienced—erotic, highly charged dreams, where Agarri had performed acts he wasn’t even aware of being possible, some with all three of the males at once. He blushed at the visions he saw. His body reacted to them quite differently.

You will reenact each one of those scenes, Your Highness. We’ve been tempted too long to not demand our due.

Agarri pulled out of Sir Drayden’s head and opened his eyes after the male put the thought inside his mind. The shifter stood in the middle of the room, his arms crossed over his massive chest, with a smug smile on his face as he eyed Agarri. Agarri had never felt someone put a thought, an idea, into his mind before. The male was strong, stronger than any he’d sensed before.

“Sir Drayden, you and the others may have dreamed of me, but I did not put those thoughts in your head. I am not responsible for your lusts. I owe you nothing.”

Sir Drayden had Agarri in his arms in a flash, his hard body jutting into Agarri’s. A flash of light seared Agarri’s brain, the simple act of touching seemingly the cause. Sir Drayden dropped to his knees, taking Agarri with him. A vision sliced into Agarri’s head, and he closed his eyes to see it better. It was an image of him sitting on the throne … alongside Sir Drayden … the new king. Sir Irylan and Sir Bayjin stood behind them on the dais. The light faded after a moment, and Agarri finally reopened his eyes and gazed at Sir Drayden. “What was that?”

“I’m here to save you, Your Highness. It’s all clear now. You’re ours. And I think you know it.”

Agarri released a low moan, the feeling of the male against him too good. His cock grew harder, his body ready for anything Sir Drayden and his companions had in mind.

“Your Highness, you must keep your virginity for the prophecy,” Kazru said.

“Prophecy?” Sir Drayden asked, his frown heavy. “What prophecy?”

“It’s you,” Agarri whispered. “You three are the ones I’ve been waiting for.”

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


SLAVE WORLD BOOK 1 is now offered for FREE on All Romance E-books through the rest of the month.  If you haven't checked out this series, this is a great opportunity to take a peek.

The rest of the serial tale is also available for 99 cents each, also on ARe.

Monday, October 21st will see the release of Best Little Whorehouse on Planet X, a new series based in this same world. 

Slave World Books I & II

I was just notified this morning that Slave World Books I & II are no longer going to be offered on Amazon as they don't pass their content restrictions.  If you're interested in purchasing these books, they are still available on All Romance E-books.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Coming Soon! Best LIttle Whorehouse on Planet X

Coming October 21st!  Those of you who've read the final Slave World book will remember Kazru's whorehouse.  Hidden up on the top floor, Kazru was keeping a Shifter treasure stashed away -- the deposed prince.  After the world had been overthrown, Kazru had taken it upon himself to save a young Agarri and keep him safe, all thanks to a Shifter prophecy.

Agarri, the Shapeshifter Prince, has been in hiding for several years after the Xakarrian Army invaded and overthrew his father.  Awaiting the prophesied triad of males who would come find him, the soft prince was shuttered away on the top floor of Kazru’s whorehouse, where no one would think to look for him.

Exiled Shapeshifter Warriors Drayden, Irylan, and Bayjin come for Agarri after the prince haunts their dreams and begs them to save him.  They take the virgin prince and escape to their hidden base, where they claim Agarri as their own.

Finding strength in his warriors, Agarri is ready to help bring his people together to retake their world.
This story is a little different than most of the others I've written.  The prince is quite effeminate in the beginning of the story.  After years of being catered to and treated like glass, he's softer than most males.  He willingly lies with the males of prophecy because he truly believes the males are his fated lovers.  Agarri truly starts to come out of his shell after his Kannomite warriors come for him.  Through their strength, Agarri starts to find a glimmer of his own.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tristan's Wolf is in the works!

Tristan's Wolf is off and running...hope to have it out by month's end. Very sad to see the series possibly come to an end.  Really leaning toward a White Wolf story, but we'll see how Paul and Tristan's story goes and if it feels right.  I'm not going to force it.  But since WW has been such a strong part of the storyline, I think he deserves a tale.  We shall see where the muse takes me.
Do you want a White Wolf tale?  Tell me!  Click on the link and vote yes or no.  I'll add your email to the blind list I send out with new releases, so you can stay on top of each one.  No spam, no worries, and I send the emails as a BCC, so no one will see your address.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

TRIPP IS HERE!! The wait is over...

Tripp's Claiming is now available on All Romance and Smashwords, and should be up and ready on Amazon within the next 24 hours.  **UPDATE** the Amazon link is listed below.

The long wait is over -- sorry to have stretched this one out, but the planets didn't align correctly to get it out sooner.


Tripp is the quintessential Federated Navy screw-up. He reveled in sharing his body as often as possible, only to keep himself numb to the expectations everyone had of him thanks to his famous father. Years of sexual excesses have made him jaded and love doesn’t even enter the equation, at least not for him.

When he and his fellow crew members crash land on an alien world, he’s abducted and nearly killed by a harsh enemy. Another race on the planet holds the key to his survival, but only if he succumbs. Sex is easy. Tripp submits without second thought.

Offering only his body isn’t enough for his Shadow masters. They want his mind, body, and soul — and eventually his love.
Tripp isn’t willing to give them everything without a fight.

His masters are prepared to wage war to get what they want.

Terror crept into his mind, but he watched the male before him and tried to focus on him and let his memories pass. When his heart slowed, he swallowed roughly. Gregan’s intent stare saw too much, and Tripp didn’t want to be flayed open to the alien. Tripp tried to turn his head to stop from staring into the male’s eyes, but the collar didn’t allow it. Anger rushed into him as he pulled at the straps. “Will you get me out of this damned thing?”

“No. You’ll need to grow accustomed to being bound at all times. No point in freeing you now.”

“I can’t move my head,” Tripp spat.

“And why do you need to do that?” Gregan asked.

“So I can argue with you properly. I don’t appreciate having to face the table.”

Gregan spanked Tripp hard. “There’s no reason to argue. You’re ours. End of story.”

Tripp struggled to get to his knees and then used every ounce of strength he had to pull his upper body up without the use of his hands. He then turned to stare at Gregan, pissed off and ready to fight. But once he got a good look at the male, his mind turned to other things.

In his haze, Tripp hadn’t noticed how incredibly sexy the alien was. A little of the fight left Tripp as his gaze took in everything, from the male’s jet black short hair, to his massive torso and arms, to his huge cock still jutting out before him from between the vee left from his opened leather pants to his powerfully long legs. When Tripp’s gaze landed back on the male’s face, he noted with disgust that even the thin, long scar down one eye was hot as hell. “I won’t be shackled like this forever.”

“Yes, you will. It may not be that same bond, but you will be bound and ready for your masters whenever we choose.”

Tripp frowned. He liked sex, sure, but this was over and above anything he’d ever envisioned. A little tie-me-up was fun every so often, but this alien was crossing a line. “What about my choice?”

“Your will bends to ours. We will provide for all your needs in exchange for the use of your body.”

Tripp laughed. “Okay, the game’s been played long enough. Let me out of this thing.”

Gregan stepped closer and yanked on the collar and cuffs. “This is who you are now. Your ship crashed here, and you’re stuck on this world, a world filled with dangers. We can protect you from those dangers. At a price.”

“And what is this price?” Tripp asked on a whisper.

“Your full submission.”

Tripp sucked in a breath. “I will not yield.”

“You already have.” Gregan snatched a strip of leather from his pocket. He grasped the collar and attached the leather to a metal ring on the front and dragged Tripp off the table. Tripp’s body was weak, his legs shaking as he stood, trying to look unafraid.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Just Wrote THE END -- The Best Little Whorehouse on Planet X

Just a quick update -- just completed my first draft of The Best Little Whorehouse on Planet X and it's been sent off to my editor.  Should hopefully be released within the next couple of weeks.  Just a little hint -- it will involve alien quad pairings and the story starts in Kazru's whorehouse from the Slave World Series.  It isn't a continuation of the Slave World Series, just another alien race from that world.

And of course, Tripp's Claiming is coming soon, too.  I hope to have that one out this weekend, or early next week at the latest.

Now, I'll be getting started on Tristan's Wolf this weekend.  I'm really excited to finally tell Tristan and Paul's story -- and see how merging the two packs is going to go.  I expect it to be quite volatile.

Tristan's Wolf was supposed to be the final tale in this series -- but I think there's more to say.  I think White Wolf deserves to find some happiness, especially after years of self-imposed exile for being a half-breed.  Maybe he'll find love with someone from his old never knows.

Have a great weekend and keep your eyes peeled for the new releases!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Writing Update - October 2013

Hmm...the story running through my head
Happy Fall!  I love this cooler weather and not sweating like a demon.  Although, there are moments when sweating is fun.  Very fun.  Just not when it's walking out the front door.  I prefer my sweating to be the in-between the sheets variety.

Anyway...what's on tap?

I'm sure your first question is where the heck is Tripp's story.  It's done.  My wonderful editor just bought a new house and is in the midst of moving, so edits are taking a little bit longer.  Be patient, I'm so, so happy she found a great house and was able to close quickly.  The book will be coming soon, no worries, just a little later than expected.

Now, on to my new project.  The Best Little Whorehouse on Planet X.  I've had this one on tap for a while, but kept pushing it back because I wasn't exactly sure where I wanted to take it.  If you read the Slave World series, then you remember reading about Kazru and his whorehouse in the final SW story.  Well, Kazru has been hiding a secret in the upper floor of his brothel, the shifter prince!  When the shifters where incarcerated for their "crime" of being too powerful, Kazru saved Prince Agarri and hid him on the top floor, awaiting a trio of males prophesized to take Agarri and save their world.  I'm about halfway done with this story at this point and hope to finish it off early next week.

Then it's on to Tristan's Wolf, which will introduce a whole new pack dynamic and more sexy males.

After that, I'll be working on Wynne's story in the Quads of Alpha S series.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

THE END! Coming Soon -- Tripp's Claiming

Tripp's Claiming is done!  It's off to editing this afternoon after a quick run through from me, so it's nearing the end phase and should be ready to publish soon.  It should hopefully be ready within the next week.

This story was a struggle.  I wasn't sure it was going to work, the story just wasn't doing it for me.  But then once I drew close to the end, it started to come together and really shine.  I think it really turned out well and I hope you'll all enjoy it.

Tripp is an usual character.   He starts out very flippant and smart mouthed, and then he's very much changed by his abduction and near death experience.  Having a character flip on me like that was probably the heart of my struggle, but it was truer to the story to have his personality shift dramatically.

And oh boy, are there big stories coming for Wynne and Peterson down the road!  Wynne is next up for this series, after I complete work on Tristan's Wolf.

Anyway, back to my spit-shine and Tripp will be winging it's way to my editor.  Have a great Sunday!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Coming Soon -- Tripp's Claiming

Hi all --

Just wanted to give a quick update.

Work on Tripp's Claiming is going smoothly.  I'm about 1/3 of the way in and hope to have the first draft ready by the beginning of next week.  That would put us at release near the end of the month once edits and formatting is completed.

After that, I'll be working on my secret little project, BLWHOPX as well as getting started on Theo's Wolf, which I hope to have ready in early October.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, September 2, 2013

NEW RELEASE - Theo's Wolf

Theo's Wolf is now available! (About time -- I know)

Theo is a panther shifter, caught between two worlds. Raised within a pride of lions, he’s an outcast which only threatens to get worse when he realizes he’s a wolf’s mate as well. Will his family still love him when they learn he’s meant to be with something so vile as a dog?

Mitch isn’t interested in mating. Fate isn’t going to force his hand and he’ll bow to nothing and no one. That is until a mysterious wolf attacks Mitch’s mate and nearly kills him.

Soon, Mitch realizes how much he already cares for his panther and he’s not going to let either side tear them apart. All Mitch has to do is hunt down a killer and win over a pride full of angry lions. Easy enough, right?


After a long day on scene, Theo was exhausted. They’d recovered several bodies and had them shipped to the morgue. The CSIs were still covering the ground, looking for more evidence, but Theo had been at it for sixteen hours and the chief had told both him and Rafe to let the crime lab take over the area. It was nearly midnight and Theo needed rest, but that was the furthest thing from his mind.

Although he was tired and sore, Theo’s blood still surged in his veins. He could feel the wolf’s presence and knew he couldn’t leave until he’d laid eyes on the male and talked to him. They would have to contend with their mate status eventually, regardless if the wolf seemed unwilling to acknowledge it.

The wolf’s simple presence and inability to leave spoke volumes in Theo’s mind. If the werewolf didn’t want a mate, why had he remained in the woods all day and into the night? Theo drifted off to the edges of the scene and slid into the seat of his cruiser. He turned the engine over, knowing he needed to hide the vehicle somewhere so his fellow boys in blue wouldn’t see he was still there. He pulled over the hard crushed stones, the sound of them loud in his ears, only slightly lower than the noise his heart was making.

Once he was far enough away, he pulled between two other abandoned cabins and killed the motor. He slipped out into the cool mountain air and began peeling off layers of clothing, silently berating himself.

Why chase after a male who claimed to be uninterested? Theo wasn’t the type to beg, yet he couldn’t ignore the pull he’d felt for days now.

When he was completely disrobed, he lowered to the ground and shifted, his panther form quickly taking shape. He let out a wild cry and lunged into the overgrowth behind the cabins, letting his senses drive him toward the male he sought. He wound his way through the wood, cutting through roots and briars on his trek through the darkened forest. It had been too long since he’d been in panther form and really had the chance to run. Theo pushed himself harder, forcing his limbs to move faster and faster. The run was exhilarating and helped him forget the confrontation he would likely have once he reached his destination.

He came upon the wolf too easily. The male was waiting for Theo, resting in a spot overlooking the crime scene, still brightly lit with the CSI team in place.

The wolf turned to face Theo, his green eyes flashing violently. Before Theo could make a sound, the wolf was atop him, pinning him to the hard-packed earth. But Theo was stealthier than that. He quickly pulled from underneath the creature and ran into the woods, tempting the wolf to give chase, as was the beast’s nature.

Theo looked over his shoulder, excited to see the wolf did in fact follow. Theo dug into the ground and flew through across the forest floor, leaving the dog far behind. Wolves might be stronger than panthers, but they were most definitely not faster. Theo’s heart pounded in his chest, a mixture of enthusiasm, fear, and elation.

Sweat coated his body, the exercise making the need for the wolf only grow instead of diminish, especially given the chase. Theo’s desire grew with each pound of his paws against the earth. His lungs were on fire, the air he dragged through him doing little to cool his ardor. Theo felt the male draw closer and closer as his stamina waned. Apparently a wolf might not be faster, but he might have more endurance.

As Theo turned to bolt through a copse of intertwined roots lifted off the ground, he felt the wolf pounce on him and pin him again. Theo growled as he tried to buck the male off him to no avail. He writhed under the wolf, trying to get away and continue their chase, when he felt the wolf’s cock pierce his ass.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy Labor Day and a September Writing Update

Hi all!  Hope you're enjoying your long weekend.  I took yesterday off, but today has been a working day for me - writing of course.

As previously posted -- Theo's Wolf is now in edits, so it's a matter of days until release.  I will post as soon as I have more details.

Now for my September Writing Update.  I'm almost hesitant to talk about my plan after the horrendous bout of writer's block I struggled with last month.  I had two weeks where I just couldn't get any words to come.  But every author I know experiences that from time to time, and I sure have.  Every once in a blue moon, I get hit with a week or two where my brain just shuts down.  With having three pen names, it's all a ballet of-- who am I kidding, it's a comedy of errors.

Anyway, now that it's over, I should have a nice stretch in between, so here's the September plan:

1.  Get Theo's Wolf out ASAP.
2.  Get to work on Tripp's Claiming (the follow-up to Crash Landing)
3.  BLWHOPX - it's a secret for now, but I will hint that it's another alien short series.
4.  Get to work on Tristan's Wolf (Wolves of Mt. Alexis, 4)

I will let everyone know that I am seriously considering another title in the Wolves of Mt. Alexis series, too.  And after reading Theo, you may see another series brewing.  I set up the characters in Theo to get the droolworthyness started.

Now, back to edits on my other pen name piece.  Have a great and safe holiday!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Just Wrote THE END on Theo

Yes!  "The End" are such sweet words to write, especially as much as I struggled to get this book done.  After some self edits tomorrow, it will go off to my editor and then hopefully we'll have it ready to go out next week.

I really like this story and hopefully you will, too.

And Aris.  I have fallen quite head over heels with Aris.  Aris and his brothers deserve a series of their own, me thinks.

You'll understand after you read the book.  At least, that's the hope.

Anyway.  Off to relax a bit and then editing in the am.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Theo is nearly done!

I'm nearing the words THE END on Theo's Wolf.  I hope to finish it up tomorrow and get it to editing Thursday or Friday.  Which means - NEXT WEEK for the release!

About time.  This story needed extra cooking time, apparently.  But what I've got thus far is good stuff.

And then it's on to Crash 2 (titled Tripp's Fall.)

After that, my little secret project is up on deck.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Theo is Under a Writer's Block

Theo is behind schedule...mostly because I am stuck.  I've got a great intro and I wrote the first 8,000 words with no problem. 

Then I fell in a hole and I don't know how to get out.

I'll be working on making some notes and trying to get a direction until the bug bites again.

It IS coming.


Don't shoot me.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Theo is coming!

I've been busy with my other pen this week, so I've been pulled from writing Theo's story the past few days.  I've got things wrapped up, so I should be able to start working on the tale again tonight and into this weekend. 

Trust me -- It's coming soon.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Up Next -- Theo's Wolf

I've already begun Theo's Wolf and hope to have it completed within the next two weeks and off to editing, if not sooner.

I'm already about 1/3 of the way in, setting up the shift from Rafe's story into Theo's.  I wrote a heartbreaking intro into Theo's world of cat shifters that I really love, showing where Theo has come from so readers can fall in love with him.

A panther surrounded by lions, he's the "black sheep" of the family.  His close relatives love him, but the rest of the pride, not so much--he's different.  Panthers are typically a solitary, lone hunter in the wild, so Theo's got that ingrained in him very much.

Yet he can't ignore the draw he feels to Mitch.

And Mitch can't keep ignoring his attraction to Theo, either, no matter how much he wants to fight it.

I can't wait for you all to read it and to let me know what you think of the pride alpha, Aris.  I think I've fallen head over heels for him.  I just may have to go in that direction really soon.

But before I go there, we still have Bears in Bondage to finish up, then Tripp's story, and I have another short series I want to do that I'm keeping under wraps.  For now, all I'll share is BLWOPX.  It's coming, though :) 

Of course, once Theo is done, Paul will be coming in what is slated to be the last wolf story of this series. Tristan's Wolf is slated for a September release.

(A little insider whisper -- there may be a fifth book in this series coming.  My brain is churning with an idea for White Wolf, who will make an appearance in Mitch and Paul's stories.  A hot, half Native American Werewolf?  Sounds intriguing and not sure I can stay away from that deliciousness.)

I've got a so many ideas for series in the works, so there's no end in sight for the future.  Keep an eye out for what's coming next!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Release - Flesh for Fantasy

2056 A.D.

Heartbroken from a failed relationship, Jacob isn't ready to go back into the meat market, yet he can't ignore the loneliness inside. He turns to a cybernetic lover at the urging of one of his friends. What seems like the perfect escape from reality turns into a nightmare when Jacob has to tell the machine every single step in the lovemaking process. To make matters worse, Jacob wants to be mastered, not a master. Instructing his Cybernetic Automated Lover is just too much work.

A freak accident shuts Cal down and when the cyborg reawakens, he’s changed. Jacob gets what he wanted in the first place, but fear and unease hold him back from taking his lucky break. Then Jacob's walls are then shattered and he has to face the hurt he's held on too long.

Cal becomes everything Jacob could ever want but can Jacob accept the love he deserves?


I want to be mastered, not be a master … I want a man to dominate me … I want a man to throw me down on the bed, tie me up, spank my bottom, and have his wicked way with me.
Cal’s eyes flew open, his circuits zipping through his body as the voice of his owner echoed in his ears. Those were some of the last words he remembered hearing before he’d been struck by lightning. Blackness had settled until he’d finally been able to reboot his system. He rolled his head on his neck, his body stiff and sore after the strike. Checking for damage, Cal lifted to his feet and stretched each of his limbs, and found none. A full system analysis showed no lingering electrical issues. He took a deep breath and gazed around the room.

Somehow, he’d been brought back to his owner’s apartment. Soft light was filtering through the windows, warning of morning. A lone bird sang in a tree nearby, filling Cal’s hears with its lovely song.

Cal walked toward his master’s bedroom, ready to perform the last instructions he’d been given. I want to be mastered, not be a master … I want a man to dominate me … I want a man to throw me down on the bed, tie me up, spank my bottom, and have his wicked way with me.

Jacob lay in his bed, nude and fast asleep. Cal wondered if he should awaken his master and check to see if Jacob wanted him to perform his tasks now, but that seemed to trouble his owner. Perhaps he needed to do as his master seemed to require.

He walked to the closet where Jacob stored all his sexual toys and collected four cuffs and a paddle. Cal returned to the bed and began to bind the cuffs around Jacob’s wrists and attached them to the bedposts. His master writhed a little on the bed, but never awoke. Cal continued, adding the remaining cuffs to Jacob’s ankles. He lifted one of his master’s legs closer to the headboard and attached it before gripping the other.

“Wha-what … what are you doing?” Jacob asked sleepily. “Cal? What are you doing?”

“What you instructed,” Cal said as he lifted the paddle and hefted it in his hand. He smacked his opposite palm, testing the strike against his nerve receptors.

“What is it … I … ah … instructed you to do?”

“You said you wanted to be mastered, tied to the bed, paddled, and what I assume means to be fucked. Am I correct?”
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