Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Long Haul Covid

A trip to the doctor today confirmed what I'd already guessed. I have Long Haul Covid Syndrome. 

Long story short, I'm exhausted all the time. My brain is in a fog. My memory is SHOT (not that it was so great before getting sick.) I often ache all over. I'm constantly congested. I still don't have my sense of smell and taste six months after initial diagnosis of having COVID-19. 

In other words, I've felt like shit for six months.

My plan had been that 2021 was going to be a MUCH better year for me. Fate keeps stepping in my way.

The good news is... my doctor is starting me on a drug protocol that will *hopefully* help these symptoms improve, if not go away altogether. The first of the drugs should hopefully be in at the pharmacy on Thursday. 

Nine pills a day, y'all. 


Fingers crossed. Send all the positive thoughts and vibes you can, because I REALLY REALLY want to be well and back to my old self.

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Cover Reveal!! Valleywood Season One

Have you been to Vale Valley? Then it's time to come to Valleywood!

Check out my cover for The Alpha's Hidden Desire, one of the Valleywood stories coming soon! Starting this month, multiple authors will be sharing books in this brand new spin-off of the Vale Valley series.

The Alpha's Hidden Desirewill arrive in October.

Check out other books in the series by Giovanna Reaves, EE (Elizabeth) Silver, Drea Roman, Skyler Snow, Kiernan Kelly, April Kelly, Dominique Eastwood, Minerva Howie (Julia Talbot), Shane K. Morton,  Skye Richmond, and Trisha Linde.

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