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Sunday Spotlight -- Maggie Walsh and Blind Rage

Welcome Maggie Walsh back to Sunday Spotlight! She's sharing a bit from her new release, Blind Rage (Clearnight Haven 3)

* * *

B.B.’s best friend Atty goes missing and he doesn’t know what to do, but then luck is on his side when the new coven leader Fabian Valentine and his brother, Silas show up asking questions about Atty’s disappearance. But when B.B. talks to the vamps, he brings trouble down on his head in the form of two thugs showing up at his door and beating the crap out of him. When the gorgeous B.B. arrives for their private meeting, away from prying eyes, and shows up badly beaten, Silas is suddenly filled with a sense of protectiveness he has never known. Then getting one whiff of B.B.’s blood explains everything he needs to know about the sharp tongued hottie. B.B. is his mate.

The Valentine brothers take B.B. back to their home where Silas helps him heal and explains that B.B. is his mate. At first B.B. is excited, knowing what that means, even though he is just a human, but suddenly his is consumed with fear of what could be. Not that he doesn’t want Silas, because he does, B.B. is just afraid that he will hurt the gorgeous vamp because his parents were not the most faithful people, so B.B. is afraid of Silas tying himself to B.B. for eternity.

When Atty is rescued, but suddenly his new friend and one of Silas’s brothers, Jasper, is captured, and Silas beats himself up over Jasper’s kidnapping, B.B. can’t just sit back and do nothing. He wants to help find his new friend and in turn also help his mate from the guilt he suffers.

So B.B. sets out alone to find some answers, but ends up in the same predicament as Jasper. The two are now the captives of the same sick bastards that held Atty, a group of human traffickers, who want to sell them to the highest bidder.

When Silas and his brothers find out what has happened to B.B. and who is holding him and possibly their youngest brother Jasper, they know they are working against the clock to get them back before they are sold and never heard from again.

Can Silas find B.B. and Jasper in time? And if he does, will they be the same or will the horrors they had to face changed them forever?


“Where the hell is he?” Silas hissed.

“I’m starting to get the feeling we’ve been had,” Fabian said with a sigh, then turned. “He’s a half hour late and we’re wasting time. I’ll call Atax and River and have them go sit on little B.B.’s house, while also keeping an eye on Patrice Lovering,” Fabian said, as he pulled his cell from his jacket pocket. “Then, we can get out of here and hit the next name on the list.”

“What about the rest of the town? Is it wise to pull two guys off patrol?”

“I doubt anything will happen in the next few weeks. These disappearances are once a week, but throughout the region, like whoever this is, is trying to fool the authorities. The last hit here, before Atticus, was four months ago. The one before that five months. So, I think we have some time. But you’re right, we should still keep the town under observation. I’ll have Saber join up with JuJu.”

Motion in the far shadows caught his attention. “Wait. I just saw something move out there,” Silas exclaimed as he turned fully toward the hole. “I think it’s B.B., but he looks like he’s moving funny.”

Fabian came to stand beside him and peered out the opening too. A flash of violet in the shadows to the left caught his eye. The figure seemed to be stumbling, or limping. The hairs on the back of his neck rose as a feeling of dread filled him. Something wasn’t right. He knew it was B.B., he could smell the human, but he also caught a whiff of blood, and lots of it. There was something else too, he just didn’t understand what it was.

As much as he wanted to stay in hiding, so no one would see them meeting with the human, he knew they had to act fast, or something life changing would happen. There was something about the scent of that blood that had his true vampire snarling. His gums began to itch and he ran his tongue across his teeth, noticing his fangs were beginning to descend. Pain at the tips of his fingers warned him that his claws were also about to rip from his fingers. Silas had no idea what was happening to him, only that he needed to get out there as fast as he could. Something told him that if he didn’t get to B.B. now, he would regret it for the rest of his life.

“Shit!” Silas hissed, then ripped the front door from its hinges and bolted through the opening, crossing the distance between them and B.B. in a mere second. He had no idea if Fabian followed and at the moment he didn’t care, all he knew was he needed to get to the human.

Once across the lot and within a few feet of B.B., Silas saw that the man was in bad shape. It looked as if someone had beat him to within an inch of his life. Silas got to B.B. just as the human was dropping, and wrapped his arms around him, catching him, and slowly lowered him to the ground. Silas knelt on the hard surface with B.B. cradled against him, and he was suddenly consumed with a sense of peace he had never experienced before, but there was also a pain that he had never felt before, agony. Silas drew in a deep breath through his nose to try to calm the confusing feelings inside him, but he was assaulted by the most amazing scent of nutmeg and ginger. Gods, he could get lost in that scent.

Realization dawned on him. Silas was shocked beyond speech as he just held onto the human and stared down at the man in his arms. Silas cupped B.B.’s cheek tenderly as a sense of wholeness washed over him, but then panic took over as he looked at B.B.’s injuries. Someone had hurt the human bad and Silas was now filled with terror thinking of B.B. dying.

“Why didn’t I know it before? He was standing right in front of me and I had no clue. Why? Don’t die, little one. Please stay with me,” Silas pleaded, shocked to hear the heartache and desperation in his own voice.

B.B.’s face was covered in blood and his clothes were torn. Silas could see claw marks marring B.B.’s flawless skin throughout his body. His right arm was a dark purple and Silas was sure it was broken, but the worst of it was the bone that he could actually see poking out a small hole in B.B.’s left thigh, his leg oozing blood.

“Silas, we need to get him out of here. He needs medical attention, now. Silas? Silas!” Fabian yelled as he placed a hand on his shoulder, and gave him a small shake.

Silas’s head snapped up, surprised by Fabian’s closeness. He had been so focused on B.B. that he hadn’t even remembered Fabian was there. When their gazes met, Silas could see the deep concern and confusion in Fabian’s eyes. “Silas, we have to get him to a doctor. Come on brother, I’ll help you,” Fabian offered, and stooped low, reaching out to help with B.B., but Silas didn’t want anyone else touching what was his.

“No! Don’t touch him! He’s mine! My mate!” Silas hissed vehemently, as he pulled B.B. closer against his chest.


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Bear Mountain and Kindle Unlimited FAQ

Hi there and happy Wednesday....

I've been fielding a lot of questions about the Bear Mountain Series pertaining to Kindle Unlimited (KU)... so I thought I would address the ones I've gotten thus far in one spot in case they might help someone else...

1.  Is the newest book (22) going to be in KU? When?

Before I answer that, let me explain something, in case you're not aware. For a book to be included in KU, it CANNOT be available for sale anywhere but on Amazon for a minimum of one 90-day period. The term "going wide" means that the book is available EVERYWHERE possible, not just Amazon.

Since the Bear Mountain series has always gone wide upon release, I didn't want to change the way I released in the series. It would be unfair to the ePub readers to make them wait 90 days when they've never had to wait previously.

I *plan* to remove it from other vendors in about 90 days and place it in KU... so sometime around June/July 2019 is what I intend at the moment, but that could change for any number of reasons. I will announce a firmer date once we get a little closer.

2. Why aren't books 11 through 21 available on KU now?

They will be!

Just in case any ePub readers aren't caught up and needed to read later titles in the series prior to reading book 22, I wanted to leave the later ones on all vendors a little longer. I plan to place books 11 through 22 on KU at the same time I add 22.

I'm trying to be as fair to as many readers as possible doing it this way...

3. How long will the series be in KU?

I can't answer that completely. It's more a wait and see how it does there at this stage. At this point, they will be available through September 2019. Potentially longer.

4. What happens if I use ePub files and miss a book before the series goes into KU?

Contact me. We can work something out. My email info is available on my contact page.

5. Are you still planning to do a Bear Mountain Next Generation series?

Yes... but the Omegaverse books have really captured my imagination and my muse is shoving me in that direction at the moment, so I don't have any ETA on when they will be arriving. I have to follow my passion and hate forcing a book.

Bear Mountain 22 was semi-forced... all I really wanted to do was write Avery and Wilder's story.

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Sunday Spotlight – Lisa Oliver and I Can See You

Welcome Lisa Oliver back to Sunday Spotlight! She's here to share a little from her new release -- I Can See You (The Gods Made Me Do It, 5)


Artemas, known as the academic son of Poseidon, spent much of his time trying to work out how the Fates decided who was to be mated to whom. With the fall of his brothers, his father, and others in their close circle, he was worried he'd be next in line and the last thing he wanted or needed was a mate. But his uncle Zeus pulled him away from his studies with a special project for him - the retrieval of a book from an auction. A very special book by all accounts; the only known written record from the god Silvanus, one of the originals who hadn't been heard from for decades. Unable to resist a good book mystery, Artemas agrees to leave Poseidon's library long enough to bid on it. 

Silvanus had spent fifty years in deep despair over what was happening to the world. He'd been alone since the beginning of time, and when his depression reached breaking point, he pleads with the Fates to remove him from the tapestry of life. Telling him it was impossible, the Fates agreed to a promise instead. Silvanus would find his mate and the love his heart hoped for. Seeking to regain his book, after it'd been sold at an auction, Silvanus lands in a hotel room, meeting his fated promise face-to-face. Unfortunately, their first meeting was not the romantic event Silvanus had hoped for. 

It's soon clear Artemas's emotional baggage wasn't the only threat to their possible mating. A meddling god is on the loose, and when Odin and Loki are ruled out as possible suspects, only one other god comes to mind. Throw in the fact that Thor was due to give birth any minute, and Artemas and Silvanus have to work together in more ways than one. Will Silvanus ever get the time to heal the pain in Artemas's heart, or will the meddling god take everything they have and more?

This is an MM true mates’ story, based on ancient gods. MPREG elements are not the main focus of this story, but a cursing Thor does give birth within these pages. Being familiar with the previous books in this series, and the Cloverleah Pack series will help give context to the storyline.


Poseidon eyed him calmly. “Are you still holding that petty grudge about me and Thoth? For fuck’s sake. You’re better than that.”

“It’s got nothing to do with that.” But as Artemas said it, he knew his reaction against Silvanus had everything to do with that and Poseidon knew it. “Okay, have it your way. It’s got everything to do with the way you and Thoth turned my birth into a full scale feud. You knew he was married, but it didn’t stop you fucking him. He was an academic. He wouldn’t have known what hit him when you poured on the charm. He dumped me. He dumped me because his wife couldn’t stomach seeing him care for or show feelings for the proof of his infidelity.”

“She always was a narrow minded woman,” Poseidon scowled, probably thinking about her. “You’d think she’d loosen up a bit. Times were different then. We were all different then. Fidelity was nothing more than an abstract construct until the Christian religion got their hands on the masses. If Thoth had shown an ounce of the wisdom he was known for, he wouldn’t have married her in the first place. I was not the first man he bent over for and I wouldn’t have been the last.”

“You’re missing the point,” Artemas gritted his teeth as all the hurt from the past came flooding to the fore. “You knowingly seduced a married man on a bet, from Uncle Zeus of all people. I was the result. You weren’t there when Thoth’s wife was subjecting me to the hell of a thousand cuts, you were too busy getting your dick shined by a hundred other people. And then, when Thoth finally took his nose out of a book long enough to realize what was happening, what did he do? Stand up for me? Fight for me? Let his wife know I was worth something? No. He dumped me on your doorstep, and we all know how fucking happy you were about that. Not! I was ten years old.”

“Which was considered nearly an adult at the time. Remember children were working from as young as five in the old days.”

Even now, he won’t admit what he did was wrong. “But I didn’t get put to work, did I?” Artemas raged. “If I had, at least I would’ve seen people aside from the hurt faces of your latest conquests when you kicked them out before the cum you covered them in dried. That was the only way I even knew you were home or that other people even existed. Thoth abandoned me, and you acted like I wasn’t even there. Even the Mer guards wouldn’t have anything to do with me, and why? Because you were fucking them too.”

“I don’t expect you to understand….”

“That’s freaking great, because I don’t understand. I never did. Why was I even conceived? No, don’t answer that. I remember you telling me when I was twelve. You were a mistake.” Artemas could mimic Poseidon perfectly. “A mistake! And you’ve never let me forget it. Thoth couldn’t even be bothered to visit, even when his many wives left him. You were too busy screwing anything with legs or tails to care about raising your son. Never once, in the thousands of years of my existence have I ever felt I was worth more to you than a discarded condom.”

“If condoms were around then, you wouldn’t be here to have this conversation.”

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About the Author 

Lisa Oliver had been writing non-fiction books for years when visions of half dressed, buff men started invading her dreams. Unable to resist the lure of her stories, Lisa decided to switch to fiction books, and now stories about her men clamor to get out from under her fingertips. 

When Lisa is not writing, she is usually reading with a cup of tea always at hand. Her grown children and grandchildren sometimes try and pry her away from the computer and have found that the best way to do it, is to promise her chocolate. Lisa will do anything for chocolate. 

Lisa loves to hear from her readers and other writers. You can friend her on Facebook (, catch up on what’s happening at her blog ( or email her directly at 




Amazon Author page: 

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Sunday Spotlight - Marie Medina and Claimed by His Beta

Welcome Marie Medina back to Sunday Spotlight! She's sharing her new release, Claimed by His Beta (Wolves in the Fae Court, Book 2)

And great news -- you can grab book 1 for FREE to check out the series!


Luke accompanied his Alpha to the fae court to do his job, nothing more. Since his mate’s death, he’s been fine with a few nights of solace here and there. He’s never needed anything more than that.

But his gaze keeps drifting to one fae in particular—Dane, the best friend of his Alpha’s newly found mate. When he finds out a human hurt Dane years ago, his protective instincts rise and refuse to be calmed. Protective feelings soon turn possessive as he learns more about the beautiful fae. Dane’s more than willing to come to his bed, but Luke wants more than that. Far, far more.

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Luke fought the desire to leave his Alpha’s side as they strolled through the silk-clad crowd with the king. He’d been brought to the fae court to do a job for Gregor, not to find someone to warm his bed. He frowned as he thought about just how cold his bed had been recently, how big and empty it had felt since his mate Sabina’s death two years ago. He glanced to Gregor once more. He’s right. Sabina would be sad, maybe even angry, to see me alone the rest of my life.

His gaze roamed the courtyard and found Dane again. The beautiful blond fae drew him like no other had since Sabina, even though they hadn’t even spoken to each other yet. It made Luke wonder if, this time, he might find more than a single night of comfort with someone. Luke cast his eyes down when Dane looked up. He’d already been caught staring more than once, and by more than one person.

He’s Jared’s best friend. Once Gregor and Jared are mated, Dane will be around all the time. I won’t be able to hide my attraction to him. I can’t even hide it now. He looked over to Dane yet again. He’s so beautiful. He must have admirers, even if he is shy, as the king said.

Luke cut his gaze over when Gregor cleared his throat. “Yes, my Alpha?” he asked.

“You said you wish to speak for yourself instead of letting others play matchmaker. Go do it. That’s an order,” Gregor said, pointing over to Dane.

“You don’t require my services for a while?” Luke asked.

Gregor rolled his eyes. “Stop talking like that. You’ve been doing it ever since we arrived. If I wanted to hear someone talk as if he’s from another century, I’d have brought Vadik instead.”

Luke smiled a moment, wondering what the fae here would think of the large, brutish Beta who was always armed and patrolled their pack lands like a warrior from another time. “I have a duty, best performed at your side, just as Vadik is doing his duty best by watching over our pack,” Luke said. “And we’re in a royal court. I’m trying to act appropriately.”

“Yes, you do have a duty. Obeying me.” Gregor stepped closer. “March over there and introduce yourself. As my mate’s closest friend, Dane will be an honored guest of ours. Often, I would think.” The Alpha smiled. “You two should be well acquainted.”

Luke turned slightly toward King Asmund, who was making a point of looking the other way and pretending not to hear them. So alert to everything around him yet so polite. Not sure our pack is ready for the cunning subtlety of the fae just yet. But he shook that thought off and nodded. “Whatever my Alpha wishes,” Luke said, earning another eye roll from Gregor.

Luke’s heart beat faster as he made his way through the crowd that had gathered to watch The Hunt, an old fae ritual that had been resurrected to commemorate Gregor and Jared’s mating. Luke still didn’t completely understand the game Gregor and Jared were playing with each other, but at least it would be over soon.

When Luke was only a few feet away from Dane, the blond man turned toward him, a faint smile on his face as he leaned against the palace wall. The exterior of the palace consisted of sparkling gray stones, with blue slate on the roof. Purple vines unlike any Luke had ever seen before twined all over the building, and they seemed to sparkle at times as well. The beautiful backdrop only made Dane even more attractive. Luke’s throat constricted as he closed the distance between them. “Dane?” he said quietly, feeling as if the noise of the crowd was already fading away as he approached the spot where Dane stood alone.

“Yes,” Dane said as he pushed away from the wall.

“I’m Luke, Gregor’s Beta.”

Dane smiled, his green eyes so bright they seemed to almost glow. “I know. I’ve seen you patrolling.”

Luke struggled for words, settling on saying, “Gregor and the king thought we should meet.”

“Because I’m close to Jared?”

“Yes, but—” Luke took a step forward, “I wanted to introduce myself anyway.”

Dane’s cheeks went a little pink. “You’ve caught me staring?” he said, with a little laugh.

“Just as you’ve caught me staring, if I’m not mistaken.” Luke moved forward one more step. “The king says you’re a scholar. You’ve been researching us since the negotiations started.”

“His Majesty called me a scholar?” Dane said, a broad smile coming to his face.

“He did. Said you’re an excellent scholar. That you two discuss history and other things some nights.”

“His Majesty has always taken an interest in me. We’re alike in our interests, plus I befriended Jared when other children our age were still a little wary of him because of his shifter blood. The king is a very good man. We couldn’t have a more loving monarch.”

“It certainly sounds like you love him.”

Dane looked up. “Yes, but not like that. He’s like a big brother or uncle, in a way.” His eyes took on a faraway look as he said, “He even saved my life once.” His expression cleared as he smiled, but the curve of his lips seemed forced this time.

“He did?” Luke thought back to what the king had said about Dane being attacked by a human, and his wolf growled deep inside. He wanted to ask questions, but he couldn’t be sure how Dane would feel about the king having revealed that information. Above all else, he didn’t want to scare Dane off.

Dane nodded. “Yes.” He gave a little shrug. “I was young and careless. Got into some trouble in the human world.”

“Humans cause a lot of trouble,” Luke said. And I’d like to cause trouble for the man who hurt you, even if the king insists he took care of the swine.

“At least you can walk among them without drawing too much attention,” Dane said. He pushed his hair behind one of his delicate pointed ears, the one outward sign he wasn’t an ordinary man. “I’m very good at glamouring them, but I still stand out in the human world.”

“Most humans have never seen anyone as beautiful as you are,” Luke said, reaching out and running two fingers over Dane’s jaw.

Dane drew in a deep breath but didn’t step back, though his eyes flicked down.

Luke let his hand drop. “I’m being too forward.”

“No, you aren’t,” Dane said, coming closer. He had to tilt his head back because Luke towered over him. “I’m … not used to getting much attention.”

“That surprises me.” Luke turned to look around at the other fae gathered in the courtyard. “Everyone here is attractive, but in my opinion, you surpass all of them.”

Dane’s gaze wandered over him. “Everyone is talking about you and your Alpha. How handsome and strong you are. Even the tallest and most muscular among us don’t compare to you two.”

“We’re different. That’s the appeal. Back among my pack, I blend into the background quite easily.”

Dane frowned a bit. “You seem different from Gregor. Gentler and more thoughtful.”

“Gentler? More reserved, perhaps.”

The other man studied his face a long time. Luke wanted to bridge the distance between them and brush their lips together, but he sensed that wasn’t why Dane was staring at him. “You seem sad.”

“Do I?” Luke said, taken aback.

“Yes,” Dane said, nodding slowly.

“Perhaps I am a little sad right now.” He nodded toward Gregor, who stood talking with the king and two other fae. “I’m happy Gregor has found his mate, but … it does make me sad because my own mate is dead.”

Dane’s eyes widened. “I’m so sorry. What happened to him?”

“Her, actually. Her name was Sabina. We found each other a little less than three years ago. We had ten months together, and then she died.” He swallowed and took a fortifying breath. “Cancer. Wolves are strong, but many human diseases still kill us.”

Dane reached for Luke’s hand, his eyes glistening. “I’m very sorry. I can’t imagine what it’s like, given all I’ve read about the power of the bond.”

“I wasn’t exactly myself for months. Gregor was a good friend to me in those days when I snapped and snarled at everyone and everything.”

“You must have loved her very much.” A tear spilled down each of Dane’s cheeks.

“I did. But I didn’t mean to come over here and make you sad.” He squeezed Dane’s hand in his and reached his other hand up to wipe at one of the tears.

Dane drew back and wiped at his cheeks. “Sorry.”

“Sorry? For what?”

“If I hadn’t said anything about you looking sad, you wouldn’t have been forced to think about it.”

He shook his head slowly. “I think about it almost every day. You did nothing wrong.” He took Dane’s hand again. “I’m sorry I brought up something so serious when we’re supposed to be celebrating.”

Dane looked around at all the other fae drinking wine and eating, talking and laughing. “They all think this was planned for their amusement. A throwback to celebrate the alliance between wolves and the fae.”

“Gregor and I were discussing that. How no one else knows that Jared really was resisting the mating. That he and Gregor are … you know, I don’t even understand it.”

“Jared’s being stubborn. He’s fallen for Gregor completely, but he’s trying to prove a point because Gregor made decisions without talking to him first. I think he’s glad Gregor read about The Hunt and decided to invoke it. He wants to yield to the Alpha, but he’s struggling with that first step.”

“Wants to submit without being seen as submissive?”

Dane nodded.

“They’ll both be happier once this is settled. He’ll soon realize that he’s going to be the one really wielding the power in their relationship.”

“How is Gregor? Is it harder to be denied because he’s an Alpha?”

Luke laughed. “To hear him tell it, yes, it’s much harder to be denied. He’s maintaining appearances well enough, but I can feel his longing when I’m near him. His wolf is going crazy because they haven’t claimed Jared yet.”

Dane looked to the forest. “I’m sure Jared won’t go far into the woods. Won’t make him work too hard.”

“It’s the perfect way to claim him. Very primal.”

Dane’s brows came together. “It’s a little confusing, the way shifters refer to their other half. Is your wolf truly like a separate being, or a part of yourself? You said they just now, talking about Gregor claiming Jared.”

“That’s very hard to explain to a non-shifter, but I can try.” He leaned against the wall, pleased when Dane came to lean beside him. He looked down into the beautiful man’s eyes and said, “I definitely feel as if my wolf is an independent being. Yet he’s a part of me. He’s with me now, listening to everything and watching you. Communicating with me. And when I’m shifted, I’m there inside of him doing the same thing. Neither of us ever fully retreats or gives over control completely. We are different in many ways. Think differently. Even disagree and argue with each other.”

“Did your wolf want to meet me as much as you did?” Dane asked.

Luke licked his lips. “My wolf is very interested in you. And likes that you aren’t as shy as I was told.”

Dane looked wary. “Everyone says I’m shy.”

“You don’t think of yourself as shy?”

Dane shook his head. “I’m quiet. It’s not the same.”

Smiling, Luke turned toward Dane. “Perhaps others say you’re shy because they want to know you better. They’re frustrated you’re making them work for it.”

“If I’m worth it, they shouldn’t consider it work.”

“True,” Luke said, anxious to touch Dane and trying to find a way to hold back. “Would you like to see my wolf?”

Dane’s face lit up. “I’d love that. Wolves are beautiful, and I’ve never seen a shifter in animal form before.”

Luke pushed away from the wall and glanced to the crowd. “Where can we go? I don’t really want an audience.”

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CONTEST: Name My Character

Name My Character!

In Avery and Wilder's Omegaverse story, we're going to meet a mature, widowed alpha who employs Avery at a part-time job while he's in college.

Age: 40-50
Hair: Salt and Pepper
Eyes: Pale Blue
Height: 6'4"
Body Type: Muscled
Occupation: Accidental Restauranteur
(was not his intention, family business he was forced into)

I'll pick the winner -- the name I love the most -- at the end of March. Whoever suggests that name will win an autographed copy of HIS SURROGATE OMEGA as well as be mentioned in the dedication to my next Omegaverse book.

Send your entries in HERE!

Contest is open to EVERYONE -- no matter where you live. I'll keep it open until March 31, 2019, at midnight EST.

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Preorder! Forbidden for Two Bears (Bear Mountain, 22) -- Available March 20

Forbidden for Two Bears
(Bear Mountain, 22)

Available March 20 -- Preorder now!

Gay Erotic Romance * Ménage * Bear Shifters
335 pages

Their need to protect him is greater than their need to claim…

Life seems to have it out for Zachary Duchamps. He’s gone from foster home to foster home, until he works his ass off to get into the University of Chicago—hopeful to change his circumstances. But when a side job brings him face-to-face with the paranormal, he’s abducted and sold to the highest bidder. Finally able to escape years later, fate brings him from one nightmare to another.

When the battered, exhausted human shows up at their door, bear shifters Chase and LJ rush to protect Zach from whatever demons are chasing him. They immediately scent the man is theirs, but after all he’s been through, they hold back the instinctual need roaring in their blood.

Zach’s finally safe in Bear Mountain—but there are two shifters outside the walls, demanding they are the human’s mates and that he be returned to them.

Can Chase and LJ—with the help of a whole community—keep Zach safe from harm and prove to him that not all shifters are monsters?

And can Zach let go of his past and embrace his future?

Preorder Now!

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Links will be added as they become available - note we're having technical issues with Google Play which they're working on. I hope to have it available soon.

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Sunday Spotlight: Catherine Lievens and Beloved Fangs

Welcome Catherine Lievens back to Sunday Spotlight. She sharing some from her new release, Beloved Fangs, book two in the Life with Fangs series.


James is on the run, and as if that isn’t enough of a problem, he needs to find a safe place to shift. He’s a new werewolf, and he’s still not fully in control of his wolf, especially during the full moon. He’s never hurt anyone, and he’s not about to start, but that means chaining himself to a wall, or in this case, to an old sink. And that means leaving himself vulnerable for the night.

Fyfe hates being responsible for the coven, but he doesn’t have a choice. He likes escaping in the last hours of the night, when the rest of the city is asleep.

Only, it’s not asleep tonight.

When Fyfe stumbles onto a man beating up a werewolf, he intervenes. The wolf is chained to the wall and vulnerable, and if there’s one thing Fyfe doesn’t like, it’s people taking advantage of the weak. He kills the assailant and helps the wolf as he shifts back to human. The fact that he takes in the wolf has nothing to do with how cute he thinks James is, of course.

But James is still on the run, and now, Fyfe has someone to protect. Fyfe isn’t easily convinced, though, even when James tells him the conclave is after him. The conclave isn’t going to stop, and they both know it. Is James going to have to keep on running from the conclave, or will he and Fyfe find a way to prove him innocent?

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He opened his eyes and noticed the vampire watching him right away. He didn’t know how long the guy had been there, why he’d killed the man beating James and had decided to hang around, but he seemed comfortable. He was leaning his shoulder against the wall, and his arms crossed over his chest. His dark hair was braided and fell over his shoulder. He was wearing a long black coat and black jeans. James couldn’t see what color his eyes were, but he was gorgeous, and James wasn’t wearing clothes, which meant the vampire would notice it right away if he got hard.

That was, if he didn’t kill James first.

The vampire pushed away from the wall and came to crouch next to James. James held his breath, sure that these were the last moments of his life. He could defend himself, of course, but he was still chained to the wall, and he was a young werewolf. He didn’t know the vampire, but he could tell he was an old one. He’d be fast and strong, and he’d kill James easily.

Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad. It was what the conclave was going to do to James anyway if they caught him, and he was tired of running. He wanted to settle down, get a house and live his life. He’d never have that, though, not with the conclave nipping at his heels.

Death sounded kind of appealing right now.

The vampire reached for James, and James closed his eyes. He might not care about dying, but that didn’t mean he wanted to see it coming.

But instead of hands wrapping around his head to snap his neck or the cold feeling of a blade against his throat, James felt... a finger poking at his cheek?

He opened his eyes. The vampire was leaning over him, and he was poking him with a finger as if he didn’t know James could bite it off if he wanted to. It would be easy, considering how close it was to his mouth.

“You know, chaining yourself to the wall isn’t the best way to deal with your furry half,” the vampire said.

James resisted the urge to roll his eyes. As if he didn’t know that. He knew he needed to learn how to deal with his werewolf half, but how was he supposed to do that? No one would help him do it, and he couldn’t exactly pull a how-to book out of his ass, or even find one in the closest bookstore. No, the only way to learn control over his werewolf was to have someone who knew teach him, and since he was being hunted, he didn’t have a line of volunteers waiting for the chance to do it.

“You would have been able to kill that man if you’d been free from that chain,” the vampire said.

This time, James did roll his eyes. It made the vampire chuckle. James wasn’t sure why the man wasn’t killing him. It was well-known that vampires and werewolves hated each other, which was why this situation didn’t make sense. James needed to talk to this guy, dammit. He couldn’t, not until his mouth shifted back to human. He hadn’t yet mastered talking with the werewolf’s huge ass fangs.

The vampire chuckled. “Okay. You’re not going to attack me if I free you, are you? Because I’m sorry to say this, but I’ll beat you if you do.”

James shook his head. He’d never hurt anyone in his hu- man form—or in his werewolf form if he had anything to say about it. He’d been lucky enough to find a pack almost right after he’d been turned, and while he hadn’t managed to learn control yet, the pack had helped to make sure he stayed safe, at least until they’d accused him of killing the alpha and had tried to hand him over to the conclave.

But even though he hadn’t shifted back yet, he was in control.

The vampire smiled. “Good. Stay still. Those handcuffs did a number on your wrist, you know. You shouldn’t use them.”

James grunted. The vampire’s touch was light as he ran his fingers over the cuffs and found the lock. James nodded toward the sink, and the vampire looked up. James had left the keys on it, and the vampire reached for it, uncuffing James and letting the handcuffs and the chains fall to the floor. They jingled and clanged, and James felt lighter. He stretched, making sure he didn’t touch the vampire, and raised his arm to examine his wrist. It was red, the skin raw and peeling in some places under the receding hair, but he’d heal fast. It was one of the perks of being a werewolf.

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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Monster Dong - Quite Literally

So, I was researching something totally benign and SOMEHOW stumbled across these—quite literal—monster dicks.

HOW DID I NOT FIND THESE UNTIL NOW?? Apparently they've been out for a while... and I somehow missed this whole thing.

The amazing folks at Fleshlight have a whole series of "FREAKS" and I think I want one, just for the hell of it... but I need to figure out which one.

They've got Flashlights, too, if dildos aren't your thing -- check it all out HERE




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