Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Resolutions

Almost every year, I make resolutions, as many do.  So often, I suck at sticking to them, so I tried to make some more reasonable ones for 2017...

1. EAT MORE good, healthy foods.  Instead of a diet, I will try to enjoy the healthier foods I love and avoid the foods that aren't as good on the waistline.  Being an author, I spend a lot of time sitting as I type away.  It makes it a little harder to stay healthy...

2. EXERCISE LESS and just be more active in my everyday life.  I'd much rather take more walks with friends and hikes with my kiddo than worry about fitting in a bunch more exercise.  And that will allow me to spend more time with my loved ones.

3.  WRITE LESS... this one doesn't have a cute little twist.  I am committing to writing ( a LITTLE) less in 2017.  For the first three months of 2017, I will be releasing fewer titles... I need to destress and get ahead, so that will be my focus over the next few months.  I need a life and time to spend with those I love -- I have said I was going to slow down before and really stunk at following through with that, so we shall see how well I follow this one.

4.  SPEND MORE time with those I love.  The last two resolutions should help me do that.

I hope you all have a wonderful 2017 and we all watch 2016 burn to the ground like the beast that it is...

Friday, December 30, 2016

Statement on the Closing of All Romance E-books

All Romance E-books will be closing on 12/31/2016.  

They abruptly made this announcement on 12/28 -- giving authors and readers only days to come to terms with what was going on.

Because not only did owner Lori James announce the closure -- she also emailed publishers and let them know that they could sign an agreement and receive 10 cents on the dollar for their sales -- as she didn't have enough money to pay out full royalties for Q4 2016 -- Oct 1 thru Dec 31.

So instead of my publisher receiving thousands of dollars at the end of this quarter they could either take a few hundred OR end up having to deal with lawyers and bankruptcy court. 

And it's not just my publisher.  It's many of the romance publishers many of you read.  It has impacted the whole genre and it has left many reeling.

To add another wrinkle, I had three books under contract with All Romance, as they'd gotten into the publishing arena a couple of years ago.  Two had been published -- Between Him and a Hard Place and Chained to the Tiger's Bed.  

A third, Hitman, was slated for a 2/1/2017 release.

In order to get my book rights back, I would have to agree to forego any royalties made within that time, or else, my contracts could be sold to the highest bidder or held by Lori for the full three years.  My books would then be considered assets to be leveraged against her debt to other publishers.

Unfortunately, I took the latter deal.  I won't have my work being held hostage.  I've lost a considerable about of money -- and writing is my full-time job. This loss is going to hurt.

BUT I have these books back.  After a tweak or two and new covers, TEP will be re-releasing the first two and releasing Hitman on 2/1/2017, just as originally planned.

Also... she has only given readers four days to back-up and download their books.  For many who were loyal customers, they literally have dozens of pages worth of downloads to go through -- and with many readers doing the same -- the website is doing down over and over again.

If you are a reader and have purchases there, I highly suggest you get on before the site goes dark and DL your titles.  TEP has announced that if anyone struggles to DL one of their titles, send them a copy of your purchase -- a receipt, a screenshot, whatever you can to prove you purchased the book -- and they will ensure you get a copy from them.

It is reprehensible what this woman is doing to the author and reader community. I hope she's held accountable for her actions... 

Too many have taken advantage of authors.  A multitude of publishers have closed over the year, many of them leaving behind month upon month of pain with non-payments, refusal to return rights to authors, and simple bullshit behavior.  For a retailer -- a retailer many held to a higher standard -- one that had been in business for a decade without showing any outward signs of issues -- it is a hard pill to swallow.

We will survive.  We always do.

And I would imagine there will be a lot of villains named Lori in many a book to come in the near future... and I suspect they will die a long, torturous, and painful death by the end.

My Coffee Addiction


Sunday, December 25, 2016

Happy Holidays!

For those of you celebrating, I wish you and your loved ones nothing but the best.  May your day be filled with love, happiness, and good cheer!

Onward to 2017!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

NEW RELEASE! A Rhino for Two Bears is HERE (Bear Mountain, 17)

Exiled, Jericho is forced from the only home he’s ever known. To make matters worse, his brother bear Pablo refuses to leave the valley… all because of the rhino mate Jericho has refused to accept. The anger consumes him… and that anger eventually feeds a brand of monster within. 

 Pablo was torn the day Jericho was exiled. Did he walk away from their mate or stand at the side of the male who rarely showed him any respect? The choice was harder than anyone would’ve imagined, and it weighs heavily on the bear shifter… so much so, that he can’t find the will to go after their mate, Bull, until he’s found a way to make amends for what he’s done. 

 But fate steps in, putting Pablo into Bull’s path when he’s at his lowest. The dominant rhino commands Pablo’s attention and ultimately pits brother bear against brother bear. Is there a way Jericho can find his way back, or will Pablo and Bull have to find a new path without him?

        Over a week later, Pablo returned to the spot he’d last seen Jericho. The hand carrying the basket shook as he worried about the exchange ahead. He stopped before the wall and slowly pushed the basket outside the barrier and lowered it to the ground.

Before Pablo had the chance to pull his hand back, Jericho came out of nowhere and snatched Pablo’s hand. He began to pull Pablo through the thin veil separating their worlds.

“Don’t do this,” Pablo spat.

Jericho grinned. The look bordered on evil, and it scared Pablo. He’d never seen his brother bear like this. “You belong out here with me.” His eyes shone silver as he glared down at Pablo.

Pablo pulled away, but Jericho was too strong. His feet dragged through the dirt, leaving a trail as he dug his heels in. Just as he was partially through the barrier, someone grabbed him and dragged him back to safety.

Stunned, he turned to see their mate.

“Let him go, Jericho,” Bull snapped.

Surprise filled Jericho’s eyes. His hand faltered, and it was enough for Bull to pull Pablo back inside the safety of the wall. Pablo glanced at Bull, confused as to how the rhino knew he’d be there.

Fueled by anger, Jericho pounded on the wall. “You abandoned me! You bastard!” Jericho screamed, his eyes glowing full silver.

Pablo stared into those eyes and sensed the danger he represented. The growl… the strength… the glowing eyes… Jericho was changed. Bull drew Pablo into his arms… and the fear lessened some. But it didn’t stop the concern he felt.

“Did you give him a gun, Pablo?”

Pablo glanced up at Bull. “How did you know?”

“Did you or didn’t you?”

“I couldn’t get my hands on one,” Pablo said. “I tried, but I couldn’t.” It was a lie for Jericho’s benefit. He hadn’t planned on getting his brother bear a weapon, but Jericho didn’t need to know that. Now that he sensed the change, he was even happier he hadn’t taken one.

“Idiot!” Jericho screamed, again pounding on the wall.

Bull drew Pablo away a few steps, putting distance between them. “What color were his eyes before he was exiled?” Bull asked.

Pablo lifted his stare, the shakes taking over. “G-green.”

“We need to get to Deacon and let him know.”

“Know what?” Pablo asked, snatching Bull’s arm as he attempted to walk away. Would Deacon send the warriors out to kill Jericho?

“He might’ve been changed.”

Pablo shook his head, refusing to admit what he already feared. “That’s impossible. A bear can’t become a werewolf.”

“Then why are his eyes silver?” Bull demanded.

Pablo’s head turned, and he looked at his brother bear a moment. “It can’t be.”

“The full moon is tomorrow night,” Bull said. “We’ll have to wait and see.”

Pablo was still shaking as Bull took his arm and dragged him away.

“I did this. It’s my fault.”

Bull didn’t slow down or acknowledge what Pablo said.

“I should go out to him,” Pablo said, trying to force Bull to let him go. “I should’ve been at his side. I should’ve protected him.”

“This isn’t your fault,” Bull said, yanking him closer.

“I’m his brother bear!” Pablo said, trying to ignore the lust now swamping him at Bull’s nearness. He had no right to feel it when his brother bear was in danger.

“If you’d been out there, you’d likely be just like him. How could you help him then?”

Pablo stilled. He’d had the same thought… but something had to be done. “How can we help him now? If he’s truly a were?”

“We’ll find Deacon. Deacon will know what to do.”

Pablo took a few steps with Bull leading the way. “What if Deacon’s plan is to kill him?”

Bull was silent a moment. “I won’t let that happen.”

Pablo felt relief… but then another question came. “Why wouldn’t you let that happen?”

Bull didn’t answer.

Pablo dragged his feet, forcing them to stop. Bull whipped around, his expression fiercely angry.

“Why wouldn’t you let that happen?” Did the rhino feel the bond between them?

“I don’t know,” Bull cried.

“You feel it, don’t you?”

Bull’s face twisted in confusion. “Feel what?”

Pablo’s words died on his lips. He had no right to this male… especially now, when Jericho was in need. “Nothing.”

Bull eyed him a moment longer before he took a step closer. “Feel what?”

Pablo’s gaze lifted. He stared at the male’s menacing expression and sensed there was no true menace behind it. If he was right, Bull knew there was a connection between them. “I spoke out of turn,” he answered. “I meant nothing.”

Bull’s scent filled his nose, making it almost impossible to think straight. His animal demanded what was his… and his body responded to that need. He stood there in the cold night, aching for the rhino shifter before him.

“Hurry up,” Bull demanded.

Pablo followed the rhino out of the woods, watching the male move with a grace he wouldn’t have attributed to the animal he was underneath.

He followed, even though his mind and body were in chaos.

Torn between his two mates, he was completely gutted. He gave one last glance over his shoulder, but he couldn’t see Jericho any longer.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Guest Author - Marie Medina -- Owen and the Beast

Please welcome my guest (and incredible editor) Marie Medina to my blog!  She's sharing a bit from her most recent Valladora Tales book, Owen and the Beast.

Valladora Tales is a series of stand-alone stories set in Valladora. My latest tale, Owen and the Beast, is now available.

As the title suggests, this story is a retelling of the fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast, but it has a few twists in it.

Seeking to ease his loneliness, Owen sets out to meet his last remaining relative, someone he never knew because of an old family scandal. He’s trying to find his way in life, his path uncertain and his heart having been broken more than once.

Suffering under a demonic curse that can never be lifted, Edmund hides away in Erimooor Lodge so he doesn’t have to deal with the pity and fear his appearance inspires. Though many in the nearby village accept him as he is, he knows not everyone will have that ability to tolerate his animal-like appearance.

Owen makes his living as a storyteller, enthralling others with fantastical tales. Little does he know that the gods have something amazing planned for him when he meets the real “Beast of Erimoor Lodge” and finds out how wrong all the old legends are.

Buy Links


Owen hoisted himself up onto the boulder and pulled his boot off, crying out at the unexpectedly sharp pain. He stared down at his rapidly swelling ankle. Cursing, he fumbled for his bag, which had gone flying when he’d caught his foot in a rut in the road and been thrown forward. He’d actually done more damage pulling his foot out of the rut, and that pissed him off. He looked down the road and tried to guess how far away he was from his aunt’s village. He thought it had to be at least five or six more miles, but he didn’t really know. There was supposed to be an inn coming up soon, but he didn’t know its exact location either. What he did know, however, was that he didn’t see anyone coming from either direction on the road.
He barely managed to drag his bag over without falling off the boulder. He dug around in the deep, overstuffed bag, hoping to find something to wrap his ankle with, perhaps even brace it. Even though he’d known he didn’t have anything, he still felt dejected when he cinched up the drawstring and dropped his bag back to the ground. Dirt flew up, making him cough, and he looked up to the sky. It had been so dry lately he’d been praying for rain, but now he hoped it held off since he might get stuck in it. Fluffy clouds floated to his left, but the clouds to his right were darker. He looked around to find some shelter, but he couldn’t see any. Only open fields lined this part of the highway.
Owen sighed and wiggled his ankle, cringing at the pain. He could always rip the hem off one of his shirts to bind it, but walking any distance would only make things worse. His aunt would know just what to do, but she was miles away. Should he keep it still or move it? Should he elevate it? Questions raced through his mind as he heard hooves beating in the distance. He jerked his head up and began waving frantically as soon as the horse became visible over the ridge.
A man about his age rode up on an enormous black stallion. He made the horse stop and jumped down right away. The enormous animal seemed formidable, but it stood calmly and looked on as its master rushed over to Owen. The man actually appeared much younger up close, a huge grin on his face as he pushed his messy brown hair out of his eyes.
“Hi! You look like you need some help!” the man said, still grinning.
Owen had never seen anyone express concern so happily. He shifted on the boulder and said, “Yeah. I sprained my ankle, and I’m still miles from my destination.”
“Where are you heading?” he asked.
“The next village. The small one by the mountains in Lady Christobel’s dominion. My aunt lives there.”
“Oh. That’s many miles away still. You’d never have made it by dark even if you hadn’t hurt yourself. There is a little inn about four miles up, but my home is much closer. I live in the lodge just over this next hill, off in the woods.”
“I’d appreciate it, but I don’t want to impose.” He straightened. “I’m Owen.”
The man laughed. “Sorry. My master would roll his eyes at me and my thoughtlessness. I’m Lane. Nice to meet you, despite the circumstances.”
“Your master? You’re a servant?”
“Yes, sort of.”
“You mentioned a lodge. A hunting lodge?”
“Well, it used to be.” Lane bent down and looked at Owen’s ankle. “Hmmm. I need to see to this, but I don’t have anything for a splint. I’ll tell you whatever you want to know on the way.”
“Thanks. I really appreciate it. I was worried about getting stuck out here in the rain,” Owen said as Lane picked up Owen’s bag and hefted it over this shoulder. Glancing to the stallion, Owen sighed. “I know I can’t walk, but I’m not sure I can get up on him. He’s enormous.” Lane was also half Owen’s size, so he wasn’t sure how much help the man would be in getting him up onto the horse. “Maybe if I can stand on one foot and put all my weight on you, I can make it.”
“Oh, don’t worry. We can get you up there.” Lane made a clicking sound with his tongue, and the stallion came right over to them. Speaking to the horse as if it understood every word, Lane said, “This is Owen. We’re going to take him home with us. He needs our help.” Then he pointed at the ground.
To Owen’s shock, the horse actually lay down and then turned to look at the two men. Lane held his hand out.
“Here. Just swing your injured leg over. I’ll steady you.” He frowned. “No, wait, I’ll move to the other side.”
Lane moved to the other side of the stallion and reached his hand over. Owen grasped his hand and threw his injured leg over, pulling himself into position to sit properly in the saddle. Once Owen was situated, Lane smiled at him and clicked at the horse again. Lane held to the horse’s reins and urged him up slowly. The powerful animal got to its feet easily, and Lane walked around to fetch Owen’s other boot.
As they began their journey, Owen asked, “Your master won’t mind an unexpected visitor? I can pay, of course.”
“Nonsense. You’ll be our guest. It’s just me and Lord Edmund day in and day out.” Lane grinned once more. “I’m so excited! I already know exactly what to make for dinner. And I just aired some of the ground floor rooms, so we can move you right in to one of those.”
The title gave Owen pause, as did Lane’s excitement. “Your master’s a vampire?”
“Yes, but he doesn’t like to be addressed by his title. I slip up now and then, and he forgives me. He’s very gracious. Kind and gentle. Would not harm a fly. The best of masters. Good and generous and understanding.” Lane smiled as he kicked at a few pebbles on the road. “I’ve never been happier in my life.”
Owen wondered why Lane was trying so hard to convince him this Edmund was a good man. “You think a lot of your master.”
“Yes, I do.” Lane beamed up at Owen. “I think you’ll like him. I’m sure he’ll like you.”
“Well, once my ankle is bound, I won’t trouble you too much. If I can just rest and then maybe borrow a horse. I promise to bring it back as soon as I can. Or you can accompany me if you like.”
Lane waved his hand. “Nonsense. You should stay until you’re healed. We’d love to have you.”
“I couldn’t impose like that. It will take days. And even if your master is gracious, you haven’t exactly asked his permission.” Worried he might sound condescending, Owen quickly said, “I mean, you know him best, of course, but I hate to put him out in his own home.”
“It’s nothing! Please, I insist. It’s time we had a bit of life and activity about the place.”

Owen watched Lane for a long time, wondering how things could be lacking in life and activity with Lane and his enthusiasm to contend with. 

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Guest Author - Hayden West and With the Professor

I tell myself... self... you must do better on your Sunday guest author posts immediately.

And then the very next one, I almost forget. Had it not been for my new virtual assistant, I would've forgotten!

Help me welcome debut author HAYDEN WEST!  Hayden is new to TEP and will be releasing a debut title -- With the Professor this coming week!

Hayden's here to share a little with everyone.

Aidan Nelson and his new professor, Dale Keenan, start off on the wrong foot. Late to class, Aidan gets a dressing down before those gathered, and it’s not so fun. What is fun is the instant attraction between the two.

Dale doesn’t get involved with students, or at least he didn’t. Aidan is different. The slightly older student gets under his skin and makes him want things he believed he’d never want again.

Exploring what lies between them seems like a great idea but he begins wanting more. Will Aidan? Can the handsome student learn his future is with the professor?

Buy it Early on Twisted E-Publishing's Website!

Coming Wednesday 12/14 Here:

Aidan Nelson adjusted his backpack, altered his body’s angle, and did his best to avoid direct hits from the hard pounding rain as he jogged over the quad toward his destination—the dry classroom. Where I’m already late. Myth and Reality in the American Past was the class he’d much rather be sleeping through. The professor for this class put nearly everyone to that precise state anyway with his monotone voice.

He muttered unpleasant words under his breath as he continued on. What the hell possessed me to become a history major? Somedays I think I should’ve picked something a bit more exciting. Like fermentation sciences, at least then I could be drinking on a day like this and not hopping over the puddles trying to make it to class before the thing fucking ends.

Even as he continued on, he knew he’d never study anything else. He loved history. Just today he’d much rather stay in bed and sleep. His roommate, Giles, and the man’s girlfriend kept him up all night with their screaming, and yes, both of them did.

Faking it, if you ask me.

He drew open the door as a yawn escaped. This was going to be a huge effort on his part not to fall asleep at the dry, dull tone of his ancient professor. The man looked like he’d been there during the American past and could very easily be giving firsthand experience.

Shaking his head to dislodge the excess water, Aidan hustled down the hall to the doors to the auditorium. He yanked it open and stepped inside.

Two things hit him at once. One, it wasn’t Professor Larks boring the class into a stupor, but a guest lecturer. And two, the class wasn’t bored.

He stared down the steps to the man in the front of the room. Professor Keenan. Lust slammed into Aidan the second he took in the silver grayed hair, fit body, and the way the black slacks formed against the professor’s body.

Great. Now not only am I late but I get to sit through class with my dick hard and pressing against my wet jeans.

It had been far too long since he’d had a good night of sex. With the new roommate, he hadn’t quite felt comfortable bringing a man home. While he didn’t flaunt his preference, and tended to keep it separate from other parts of his life, he wasn’t stupid. Not with all the shit going on these days.

“Nice of you to join us, Mr. Nelson.”

Aidan froze as every head in the large room swiveled toward him. Sure, it wasn’t full capacity, hell hardly even a quarter, but regardless he didn’t need all of them staring at him like he was an ass. How did this guy know my name?

“Didn’t realize we were taking attendance in a lecture.” Aidan made his way to a seat, setting his bag in the empty chair beside him.

“When there are thirty-five in a class and only thirty-four here, it’s not hard.”

Aidan bristled. It was university, not high school. “Now there are thirty-five.” He barely kept the remainder of his snarky reply contained. He had a short temper; it’s why school had taken him so long to get to. Most of the people in the class were younger than him by ten years, but he’d had life to live before getting back into school.

The professor stared for a moment before turning away from him. Aidan grabbed his notebook and sat back, attention on the hot fill-in, guest lecturer. In truth, he loved this class, loved all his classes.

He’d already missed half the class and he couldn’t find the wherewithal to concentrate now. Grateful he had chosen his seat in the back—last of the used rows, there were still many behind him—he allowed his right hand to drift below the notebook and settle up on his denim encased cock. Gently, he moved the heel of his hand over the damp material, creating more friction as he listened and took notes. Well, the best he could.

To be truthful, most of his notes were chicken scratch and when the lecture ended, he hadn’t resolved anything, just created more of a need to jack off.

Or have sex.      

He gathered his items slowly while others hurried out. Personally, he wasn’t in a rush to get back out in the storm. He didn’t have another class for two hours and would at least be on time for this next class.

“Mr. Nelson.”

Deep. Sexy. Masculine. The voice moved over him, and he hid a shudder.

Peering up he found himself staring at the man in front of him. “Yes, Professor?”

“I don’t tolerate people coming in late to my class. Next time, if you’re going to be late, don’t bother coming in at all. It’s disrespectful and distracting to the other students, the ones who want to learn and value my time at the front of the class. I suggest you leave your dorm room earlier if you’re having troubles getting here.”

Aidan licked his lips and tilted his head. “First, I don’t believe this is your class. Two, I don’t live on campus and was detained by an accident. Three, I pay to attend school here, if I want to come in one minute before the class lets out, I can.”

Professor Keenan shook his head. “No, you can’t. This is now my class, as Professor Larks won’t be coming back this semester. Had you been here early, it would have been explained to you and you would have received the new synopsis for the rest of the course. As it is, I would suggest you find your way to my office and pick one up. I have Larks’ office.” He leaned closer, bringing with him a scent of sandalwood. Aidan’s gut clenched with hunger. “This is a new day, Mr. Nelson. My classroom, my rules.” He backed off and walked up the aisle.

Aidan turned, watching the man’s tight ass as he left. “Shit,” he muttered, releasing a shaky breath. “Shit, shit, shit.”

He’d been so tempted to lean in and press his lips to the professor’s, it wasn’t funny. Sure, he’d had some instant attractions before, but nothing at all like this. Silver fox suddenly held an entirely different meaning for him now.

Thunder shook the building, and he glanced around him. Alone in the room. The huge room. And he knew that this particular auditorium stayed empty for another two hours on this day, tomorrow there was a class directly after theirs but today, he had the place to himself. He put his notebook back in his bag and undid the single button on his jeans. The zipper he lowered carefully and groaned in relief when his cock sprang free.

There was a reason he went commando. Another look around and he curved his hand around his dick. Although, truth be told, if there was some peeping Tom lurking about sneaking a peek at him, he wouldn’t mind. Aidan loved the risk factor, that someone could come in or may be watching him. Stare at him with his cock in hand and wish they could touch him, or be touching themselves as they found their own release.

He stroked, up and down, alternating the pressure he applied. Eyes drifting closed before they bounced back open, he thought of the touch he’d been missing for so long. Up and down he worked his hand, pinching the head of his pulsing cock to delay his release.

Swiping his hand over the head, he moaned at the explosion of feeling that rocked through him. He bit the inside of his cheek to keep his sound contained and increased his speed.

It wasn’t long and drawn out, it was a need for short release. He grunted low and came with a rush. His hand covered with cum, he swore as he dug in his bag for something to clean himself up with. A second shirt.

Now a bit more relaxed, he cleaned up, put the shirt away, and pushed to his feet. He zipped his bag and strode up toward the door just as it opened to allow in a kissing couple.

He mumbled as he moved by them and stepped out into the hallway. Empty of all people and outside hadn’t let up on the rain any.

Thank God my next class is in this building as well. Just on the sixth floor. Watching the power flicker, he ignored the elevator and began the trek up the stairs. As he walked, he thought about the professor again.

Wonder what happened to the old man. He paused on the fourth floor and debated going to see if he could actually persuade his new prof to give him a copy of the notes he’d missed. They had a mid-term nearing, and he needed all the help he could get. Okay, so it wasn’t that dire but he had no intentions of dropping his GPA.

Aidan pushed onto the floor from the stairs and made his way to what he remembered to be the other professor’s office. The door was shut with Professor Keenan’s name on the plaque. He knocked twice, and no answer was forthcoming.

“You looking for Keenan?”

He turned to spy an older white woman nearing.

“Yes. Do you know when he’ll be back?”

“Probably not until closer to six. I know he has a class until five-fifty.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem. I’ve seen you around. You stopped by occasionally when Dr. Larks was around.”

“He okay?”

“Not really. Had a heart attack over the weekend, so Dr. Keenan took over. They knew each other from another university.”

“And how long has Dr. Keenan been teaching history?”

“Years and years.” She gave him a kind smile. “I know this is hard with mid-terms approaching, but he’s a great teacher. Always has his door open to help students. You’ll be fine.” She patted him on the arm and walked off.

Sure. Problem is, this man already doesn’t like me much. Not sure how willing he will be to help me out.

With a low groan, he made his way back to the stairwell and headed up the final two flights he had to traverse before his class. Seated outside the door, he tried to make some sense of the chicken scratch he took from the previous class. It wasn’t working. His thoughts were still too focused on his new, hot as fuck professor.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

NEW RELEASES: Exposed & Simmered

The newly revamped KENT STREET TALES series is here!  Both Exposed and Simmered are now available.

For those of you who already bought and read MODELING CHOCOLATE --  it has been DEEPLY edited, an additional 4,000 words added, and the title was changed to EXPOSED.

Since many of you had already picked up Modeling Chocolate -- my publisher is offering Exposed FOR FREE!

Simmered is the continuation of the story, where Exposed left off.  We finally get Tate and Henri's story -- one some of you have waited years for!

I'm so excited to get back to the Kent Street stories and I hope you're just as excited to read them.

For those of you who have already picked up a copy of Exposed, I know you're excited to see a certain character make an appearance.  You'll see even more of him in Simmered.

Get more details below!

Kent Street is the new up and coming open community. After years of decline, LGBT-friendly businesses are starting to open their doors along the retail ghost town, welcoming open minded and proud patrons to shop the newly renovated shops and eateries. What they didn’t expect was by bringing a bunch of hot men closer together, it would prove to be fiery, to say the least.

Ian Donovan is on the Kent Street Commission and the owner of the only business that lasted through the economic downshift. His theater has been in family hands for a century and he’s gung-ho to get people coming back to the failing retail district.

When photographer Aiden Marks calls with an interesting proposition for an ad campaign for the new chocolatier, Ian knows he’ll do anything for Kent Street. In truth, he really just wants to get naked for the cute photog, just to gauge the man’s reaction.

Once naked and covered in chocolate, Ian is shocked by his body’s reaction to Aiden—and Aiden does nothing to hide his own lust, either. They succumb to their desires and spend a steamy afternoon together.

But can one hot, hot ride turn into a happily ever after, especially when an old rival tries to tear them apart?

(Previously published as MODELING CHOCOLATE -- deeply edited, updated with additional story, and re-titled for a series revamp) 

Twisted E-Publishing
All Romance
Barnes & Noble

This title is available on Amazon, but it's 99 cents because Amazon doesn't allow small presses to have free books UNLESS they agree to sell that book on Amazon ONLY.  Since many readers prefer to read books from other vendors, we think that's unfair -- so if you use a Kindle -- get the MOBI version from my publisher's website instead.  

But if you simply must get it from Amazon:

Kent Street is the new up and coming open community. After years of decline, LGBT-friendly businesses are starting to open their doors along the retail ghost town, welcoming open minded and proud patrons to shop the newly renovated shops and eateries. What they didn’t expect was by bringing a bunch of hot men closer together, it would prove to be fiery, to say the least.

After years of crossing each other’s paths in the culinary world, Henri Delacourt and Tate Campbell find themselves working side by side at Michellette’s, a new restaurant on Kent Street. Their arguments heat up the kitchen, but when the fighting turns into one passionate encounter, it rattles them both.

Henri has always seen himself as straight. He struggles to face the feelings he has for Tate, and keeps pushing the man away at every turn. Tate won’t be pushed far. He wants Henri to admit to what he feels and won’t take Henri’s backpedaling
When everything simmers over, they’re left facing very different futures and need to decide if they can forge ahead as one or be forced to walk away from the emotions they feel.

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All Romance

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