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Le Cachot Level Two Companion Guide (BDSM/NSFW)

This is highly NSFW and for a mature audience.

Level Two of Le Cachot is the level where one samples a lot of different kinks before moving on to different floors within the dungeon.  Called "The Gates", a submissive has to prove worthy before moving deeper into the dungeon.

While in level two, Creigh witnesses a lot of interesting acts. Here's a look at some of the lesser known kinks displayed on level two.

Medical Play

Medical play can encompass a lot of things.  Often it's doctor/patient role playing, but like anything else, it has extremes.  Often the "patient" (who may or may not be in bondage to an exam table) are examined by the "doctor" -- and have their cock and balls manipulated, their anus checked, and a multitude of other things.  It can also go in a mental hospital direction with straight jackets, head covers, heavier bondage, sleepsuits, and the like.  There is also enema play, as well.

For Le Cachot, I included the tattooing and piercing fetish on the same floor as the medical play, as well as electro play (I'll get to that next).  Mostly because I think a clean, sterile environment is best for tattoos and piercings, so the overall look of the floor should resemble a hospital.


Electro-Play is the use of electric charge to stimulate erogenous zones.  Or it can also be used as torture.  Often used in conjunction with Medical Play, so I also included it on the Medical Suite floor (level three of the dungeon)

The use of electrical current in play isn't really that far outside the norm when you consider vibrators are actually quite similar.  But the addition of bondage, torture, all the wires and gadgets takes it to a whole other level.

And who wouldn't want to tie up their sub and make them endure a little sensual torture?

Be prepared to see a lot more about electro-play in level three.

You can bet on it.

Femme Domme

Or Femdom, whichever floats your boat. 

Femme Domme encompasses a broad spectrum in BDSM.  Generally, it's a female mastering either male or female subs, or both.

But femdom can be found in every level of the BDSM world, incorporating many other kinks in the process.

For Le Cachot, our Femme Fatales like to strap on big cocks to humiliate and torture males.  Sounds right up Creigh's alley -- even if he can't see it yet.

If you've heard the term "pegging" and weren't quite sure what it was, a woman wearing a strap-on to have anal sex with a man is pegging.

Now, I'm not quite sure how much of this we'll truly see in our story, but I know Creigh will have a run in with at least one Femme Domme at some point.

His need for humiliation almost dictates it.


While most already know this term, I couldn't help to include it since it occurs in level two and will again in level three's story.  Fisting is some extreme play and pretty much self-explanatory.  Someone puts their fist up another's ass (or pussy in MF/FF sex).  The play isn't for the light of heart as it initially can involve high levels of pain. 

And how sexy is that cowboy?  (The muse is working hard now!)

Many of the other kinks represented in level two's The Gates are more "every day" (although miles away from vanilla) -- multiple partners/ménage and flogging to name a couple -- and I've already posted about pony play some time ago, which is very much like puppy play.

So there you have it -- a visual representation of some of what Creigh might have seen on his tour of Level Two.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

New Release -- The Dungeon Level Two

I'm late for work all the way around this week.  I forgot to post about my new release, Level Two of Le Cachot.  The Dungeon is in fine form, showing off all it's levels with little glimpses into what's going to be coming down the pike.

Creigh Delacroix is learning the way through his new BDSM world, under the careful tutelage of his boss and master, Gabriel Etienne. Creigh believes he’s grasped level one and is ready to move on to darker desires, but Gabriel is concerned his new slave isn’t ready to observe all Le Cachot has to offer.

Level two is more than Creigh could’ve expected — and he’ll be tested more than he originally anticipated.

Creigh will have to impress the Gate Keepers to move farther into the depths of Le Cachot. Within the Gatekeepers’ lair, Creigh lays witness to the depravity the members enjoy on a daily basis.

Welcome to Level Two of Le Cachot…


Monday, August 25, 2014

Now That's Hot...

I was googling images tonight, looking for some new muses and learned some interesting tidbits.  Here's where my Google journey took me...

Ginger bear...although I like them a little thicker.

Ginger Bears

Apparently it's a thing.  Who knew?  But once I clicked the link, I wasn't unimpressed.

Although there were a few that did absolutely nothing for me.  But I think I might have to add a nice, hot ginger to an upcoming book.

I mean, why not?

Yay, hair!  Could he be considered a ginger, too?

Hairy is Making a Comeback

And isn't it about time?  I love a big, muscled, hairy man.  He's just so much more masculine and reminds me of a bear.  (Yes, I have a thing for muscle bears...can't you tell?)
I was delightfully surprised by a recent article talking about the whole return from metrosexuality to being delightfully hairy.  Of course there is such a thing as too hairy.  A little weeding isn't a bad thing.  The last thing I want is hair in my mouth, just saying. 

But the smoothly shaven man really isn't my preference, unless he's a bottom.  Because it's all about the top for me.

Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber are two of the hottest men on the planet.

Two, big, hot men... nothing better.
But I already knew that...

Jesse Jackman and his hubby Dirk Caber have been my muses for a while now.  If you're unfamiliar with this pair, they're two incredibly hot muscle bears that have hot sex on film and are also changing the way people see porn stars.  Jesse has opened up on Huffington Post, sharing bits about his life with Dirk, giving people a completely different POV on porn stars, gay men, and their open relationship.  They're not what you'd expect, more than likely and a whole lot smarter than the average bear (ha!).

The whole daddy thing is hot, too. (Don't judge.)

I've been stalking following them on Facebook and enjoying their photos and videos.  Both star in hot steamy movies with other partners and each other.  You can check out more hot pictures HERE

I've got to get back to writing some muscle bears.  And soon.  I think it might be time to create a new series. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Coming 8/27/14 -- The Dungeon Level Two

Unedited blurb: 

Creigh Delacroix is learning the way through his new BDSM world, under the careful tutelage of his boss, Gabriel Etienne.  Creigh believes he's mastered level one and is ready to move on to darker desires, but Gabriel is concerned his new slave isn't prepared.
Level two is more than Creigh could've expected -- and he'll be tested more than he originally anticipated.  Creigh will have to impress the Gate Keepers to move any farther into the depths of Le Cachot. 
Will he pass their tests?

Welcome to Level Two of Le Cachot…

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Guest Blogger - Roxxy Lyons

Welcome Roxxy Lyons to my blog -- she's here to share a little about her first release with TEP, Becoming Sarah.  Roxxy writes trans male to female stories with a lot of bite.  If trans stories (or dubcon/forced seduction) isn't your thing, then she might not be the author for you.  But if it is -- then check her out.

Steven’s out of work and nearly out of cash when his brother comes with a temporary job offer Steven struggles to ignore.

Prince Al Habib loves men in women’s lingerie, and will pay top dollar to have a new companion while in the country.

Steven’s always had a deep, dark secret—loving to dress in women’s silky things—but he’s not gay, nor willing to do any more than parade around for the cash.

What he didn’t consider was no one tells an Arabian prince no.

Steven had never sucked a cock, had never had the desire to.

She was Sarah now, and Sarah’s mind was much different. Looking at the prince’s thick shaft, her mouth watered, wanting to take him as far down her throat as she could. But the prince didn’t need to know that. “I told you I wasn’t interested in sex with you.”

“Yes, my sweet, you looked very disinterested mere moments ago as you moaned from my attentions, ready to spill your seed in my hand. Make me come and well, and I’ll make sure you reach the release I took from you.”

Sarah eyed the thick cock before her as the prince opened his shirt wide to show an expanse of hard-packed muscles. His cock was so different than her own. The dusky skin was darker than the deeply tanned skin of her body. The nest of dark hair at the base was thin, the dark, wiry hairs neatly trimmed. Lifting a hand, she trailed her fingers from the base to the tip, and was rewarded with a moan from the prince’s lips.

“Taste me, Sarah.”


Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Teamed with an unlikely partner, Khaos heads to the Amazon basin in his search for the next Dragon Heart. Little does he know that in the midst of the tropical jungle, he’ll find his human mate.

Henry is more than Khaos could’ve ever expected, and offers Khaos a chance for redemption for a wrong Khaos committed a long time ago.

But once Henry realizes just how monstrous his lover can be, is there any chance he’ll cede his mind, body, and soul?


Henry took his time, turning off one of the lanterns on the other side of the room. Although he’d been here before, he actually hadn’t. Memories of a lover weren’t the real deal. He’d never had Khaos’ hands on his naked body. He’d never had the dragon’s lips trailing over his flesh. No matter what he’d seen in his head, he’d never felt any of those things.

He slowly moved to the bed. There was no sheet on the mattress, just the fabric facing of the mattress. “Did you want to make the bed first?”

Khaos shook his head. “Just get in here where you belong.”

Henry let out a shuddered breath before moving to the other lantern and turning it down to near nothing. A slight glow filled the space, and Henry had no more excuses for not getting into that bed beside Khaos.

“Come here, mate.”

Henry’s body trembled at the sound of the word. Mate. He’d thought the man who’d imprisoned him insane and now here he was accepting the fact he was indeed Khaos’.

A second chance.

Emotion filled him with that. He’d felt his predecessor’s yearning to be with his mate, and that now filled Henry. He climbed into the bed, sliding his body along the hard, toned flesh of his soon-to-be lover. As soon as he was settled, Khaos took control, his hands spanning out to touch every exposed surface of Henry’s flesh.

“You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this,” Khaos whispered. “You don’t know how lonely I’ve been without you.”

Henry’s chest tightened. He sensed a little of the pain of loss. Enough to feel the elation of this reunion. “Show me, Khaos. Show me how much you want me.”

Khaos’ gaze met his in the low light. “That will take a lifetime, mate.”

Henry felt the lump in his throat, but forgot it as Khaos’ lips met his. Lust swallowed all the other emotions as Khaos moved his fingers under the waistband of Henry’s boxers and cupped Henry’s shaft.

Their mouths warred as Khaos stroked Henry’s hard cock, his tight fist moving up and down under the boxers. Khaos paused a moment to yank the boxers away, tearing them some in his hurry to get Henry naked. Before the material hit the ground, Khaos’ lips were back on Henry’s, the dragon’s hand pumping at Henry’s shaft once more.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Coming Wednesday, August 6th: Khaos!

Khaos, the third and final tale in the Fire Dragon trilogy is coming this Wednesday.

Here's an early taste of the blurb --

Teamed with an unlikely partner, Khaos heads to the Amazon basin in his search for the next Dragon Heart.  Little does he know that in the midst of the tropical jungle, he'll find his human mate.

Henry is more than Khaos could've ever expected, and offers Khaos a chance for redemption for a wrong Khaos committed a long time ago.

But once Henry realizes just how monstrous his lover can be, is there any chance he'll cede his mind, body, and soul?

Khaos is clearly my favorite Fire Dragon.  I can't wait for this one to release!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

August Writing Update

I'm a total slacker and haven't been adding new content here as often as I should. I blame Facebook. Social media is such a time suck and it's precious time I could be using to write. So, I apologize for being absent here.

Although -- you could come friend me there and get more news!  They have this thing where they believe everyone should have a FIRST and LAST name.  Why be so normal?  But to fit in their parameters, I have to be Kel Ex, which makes it harder for readers to find me.

It's about time to get you guys updated on what's going on in my little writing world.

1.  Khaos is coming this Wednesday, 8/6!

Yes, the final Fire Dragon book is coming shortly and will close out the trilogy.  But no worries, Carreg, Earth Dragons #1 is in the mix, continuing the search for the original dragon and the hearts.

I've really enjoyed writing the dragons' stories, even though they don't seem to be the bestsellers some of the other series have been.  These guys have a lot of heart and the characters have really grown on me.  Hopefully as their world grows even larger in upcoming stories, it will get even better.

2.  The Dungeon, Le Cachot Level Two

I'm currently working on this title and it should be coming later this month.  It's tentatively scheduled for 8/27/14.  It's been nice to get back to my BDSM roots with this story and they'll be getting more and more interesting as our guys travel deeper and deeper into the dungeon.  What is Level Two, you ask?  An edgier, rougher level, where painful pleasures are wrought from the flesh.

Extra -- I had a reader ask how many levels Le Cachot had -- there are nine, like the circles of Hell.  :)  *I am so bad*

3.  Roxxy Lyons is coming!

A great friend of mine has recently become a TEP author.  Roxxy writes trans/mm stories and I've had a hand in editing, mentoring, and helping her bring her work to the public.  If you're a fan of trans stories, dub con, forced seduction, and alpha males, you're going to absolutely LOVE this story.  Not for the faint of heart, this hardcore trans-love story is something else.  Roxxy's Becoming Sarah is coming 8/20 from TEP.

You can stay up to date on Roxxy's releases HERE.

4.  Earth Dragons - Carreg

Carreg is the Drakon of the Earth Dragons.  You'll meet him in Khaos' story and get a little taste of this strong alpha dragon.  I think you're going to like him a lot.  I sure do.

This tale should be heading your way sometime in early September.

What else is on tap?

I'm formulating a Twisted Fairy Tale for my publisher and hope to get working on it in the very near future.  April Andrews also has a couple of titles for this new line at TEP, so it'll be nice to inject some mm into the current list of MF/MFMM they've got so far.

I also have another Sci-Fi series in the works, but this one is a little different than my others.  It should get to work on it next month.

Happy Reading!
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