Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bears and Bears and Bears, oh my...

I know there have been a lot of emails asking about bringing back more bears or adding to the Bears in Bondage Series.

I am listening!  I have a new Bear story coming up the pipe.  I've been asked to participate in a new line and I've got something cooking.

So, don't be distraught.  Bears are coming.  And I might even tie them into Bears in Bondage...wait and see!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

NOW AVAILABLE: The Dungeon: Le Cachot Level One


Warning:  This story contains sexual content that some readers might find offensive.  Humiliation play is the focus of the story.  If humiliation, submission, and BDSM are not your cuppa, then this might not be the story for you.

Creigh Delacroix works for a sadistic man, one who likes to humiliate his employees every chance he gets. Confused by the desire he feels when one of his co-workers is made a spectacle of, he can’t ignore the driving lust. Creigh does his work and usually stays out of the line of fire, but when he breaks the rules, he’s the one kneeling at his boss’ feet, his heart pumping.

CFO Gabriel Etienne has always tried to balance his brother’s aggressive behavior, but when he sees Creigh on his knees—and clearly enjoying it—he’s intrigued by the quiet man.

A mysterious coin shows up on Creigh’s desk—an invitation to the most exclusive BDSM club in all of New Orleans, Le Cachot.

Creigh can’t ignore his curiosity and goes willingly… and ends up serving a new master.

Welcome to Level One of Le Cachot…

Warning: This 20,469 word story contains gay BDSM scenes, bondage, discipline, humiliation, submission, and public exhibition. It is intended for a mature audience.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New Releases! Coming Soon! Lots to Come!

The Dungeon -- book one in my new BDSM series will be coming out next Wednesday, 7/16/14!  I love this book, the vibe is very much like The Master's series if you enjoyed that.  But there's a nice little twist in there and many levels to the dungeon, La Cachot. 

This story is an introduction to the characters and the layout of the antebellum New Orleans mansion which has been converted into a den of inequity.  We get a small taste of level one and a hint of where the adventure will be going through the levels.

And I just wrote The End on Khaos' tale.  Scheduled for an early August release, the final Fire Dragon story is coming soon. 

After that, I will be continuing the dragons' stories -- the next up will be Carreg, Drakon of the Earth Dragons. 

There will be a trio of Earth Dragon stories coming down the pike, mixed between the Lost in Space and Dungeon tales.

Now that Khaos is done, I'll be starting the next Lost in Space story, before getting to Carreg. 

Through the Wormhole is the next book on my agenda and I'll be starting work on that in the next couple of days.  Look for a cover reveal to be coming real soon.

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