Tuesday, December 17, 2013

NEW RELEASE!! Wynne's Surrender is HERE!

My editor is superwoman!  She got edits done for me in record time, so I am happy to say that Wynne's Surrender is NOW ON SALE!

About time, right?

Links, blurb, and excerpt are below -- hope you love this story!

Wynne Cotton is sent to the outer reaches of space, running from his past. Soon he learns it’s still not far enough. On a rescue mission to Alpha S, he concocts a plan to lose himself on the planet’s surface, not knowing the ship will crash and all his crewmen will suffer the same fate.

Once there, Wynne is claimed by a trio of Shadows, inhabitants of the planet’s circumference. The males are intent on keeping the sexy science officer to themselves, no matter how much Wynne tries to push them away.

When a fifth member to their quad emerges, Wynne knows it could help bring them together or rip them apart. The bad part is, Wynne still isn’t sure which outcome he’d prefer.

Wynne knelt at his masters’ feet at the ceremony, even though he didn’t want to be there. Tegau’s demand only further angered Wynne, but he didn’t want to argue anymore. He’d get his equipment one way or another and find a way off world. He wouldn’t remain here with a male unwilling to open himself up. Once the ceremony was over, they would go back and Wynne would find sanctuary in the empty room upstairs, away from the three of them. Carro and A’kota had done nothing, but Wynne just wanted time alone, something he’d had precious little of for weeks now.

The crowd swelled around the large stage, all waiting to witness the multiple claimings planned to take place that night. Wynne stood at the edge, his gaze drifting off toward the other side of the crowd. The heated glances of a male across the way garnered his attention and now that he looked the alien’s way, the male’s stare had him pinned. The large male’s roaming inspection made him feel as if the alien’s hands were upon him, caressing his flesh. Heat flooded his body and his cock thickened between his legs.

It was Mar, the lonely eyed alien who’d watched them so intently.
Wynne felt a tug at his collar. He looked up at A’kota, who gazed down lovingly at him. “What has you so entranced, hafchan?”

Wynne looked back across the crowd, but he couldn’t see the male any longer. He supposed it was for the best. “Nothing, Master. I thought I saw something, but my eyes played tricks on me.”

Tegau rounded Wynne and stared down at Wynne’s hard cock. Tegau clasped Wynne’s shaft and stroked it languidly. “Perhaps your excitement for the claiming tonight has you ready to go up on the stage again.”

Anger surged through Wynne at Tegau’s words. “If it’s what you wish, Tegau.” Wynne thought again of Mar, his chest aching at the loneliness he saw in the male. Even surrounded by his bastela, Wynne felt lonely, too. The idea of Mar watching Wynne be claimed publicly again only made his cock stiffen further. Or it could’ve just been the sensation of Tegau’s lazy hand running up and down the length?
Wynne willed his body to stop reacting to Tegau’s caresses, but it was pointless. Even angry, he still wanted the alien.

“Another public show with our hafchan may be smart,” Carro stated firmly. “The hafchan was staring at Mar, who stared at our male with interest. Mar needs to know he cannot have what is ours.”

“Is that true, hafchan?” Tegau asked. “Did seeing his interest excite you?”

Wynne swallowed, unsure how he should answer. After the day they’d had, Wynne wasn’t prepared for more arguments with Tegau. “You know I have submitted to the bastela.”

Tegau smiled, but the sentiment didn’t go to his eyes. He tightened his grip on Wynne’s cock slightly. “That doesn’t answer my question, slave.”

Wynne lowered his chin and avoided Tegau’s stare. “I’m sorry, Master.”

Tegau leaned in and kissed Wynne gently on the lips and drew back only slightly. His hand on Wynne’s cock quickened, the tempo making Wynne moan. “Did you like Mar staring at you?”

Perhaps a little honesty would rock Tegau’s foundation a little and clear his mind. Wynne had liked the alien looking at him, so why not own it. “Yes.”

Tegau leaned back and smiled, but the smile soon faded. “Do you want him?”

“I can’t … answer that,” Wynne said softly, grimacing from the pleasure-pain Tegau was causing with his hand. The strokes had become harder, rougher, and Wynne tried to ignore the lustful sensations running through his body.

“It’s a simple question. Do you want him?” Tegau asked lowly. He stopped his motions, but didn’t release Wynne’s cock.

Wynne’s anger got the better of him. “I’ve never spoken to him, only witnessed Mar from across a wide space. I can’t tell you I want him if I’ve never truly met him.”

Tegau smiled and continued to give Wynne a hand job in front of the village. Wynne noticed many stares on him, shame filling him again at the public display. This time, he wasn’t lost in the bliss of a frenzied fucking. Now, it was blatantly obvious when the village stared. As he took note around him, he once again saw Mar in the crowd, his observation making heat bloom in Wynne’s chest. Wynne stood straighter, lifting his chin as his gaze caught Mar’s and held it.

“Mar returns. He is closer now. He watches you, Tegau,” Carro said on a growl.

Tegau looked over his shoulder. “Let him watch me pleasure our hafchan. He has no bastela, so he is jealous of what we have.”

Carro sighed. “That’s rather cold, isn’t it?”

Wynne was curious about the exchange between the two. His gaze had never left Mar’s, his hips pumping into Tegau’s hand as the male pleasured him. Shock filled Wynne, staring at a male while another pleasured him in a public place. What had happened to him in the short time he’d been on this world? The Shadows might not think anything of public sexual encounters, but Wynne still struggled.

 Yet, he couldn’t take his sights off Mar.

Mar lowered a hand to the hard lump in his leather pants and stroked himself as he watched Wynne.

“There is a law which states a bastela can accept another, if the other has lost his blood brothers,” A’kota said softly. “If it pleased our hafchan, we could bring him into our number.”

Wynne’s body trembled and he came with a violent cry, the thought of his bastela bringing on a fifth male overwhelming his body. 

You'll also enjoy the first chapter of April Andrews' debut novella at the end of Wynne's Surrender.
What's next on the agenda?  The plan was to dive right into The Whorehouse Oracle, but another story screamed for me to write it.  I just started today and it's nearly halfway done already!  I hope to have it completed at the end of the week and ready for you sometime around Christmas.
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