Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tristan is KILLING ME

Tristan's Wolf has been the most difficult book to write of any book I have ever written.  I painted myself into a corner with Theo's Wolf's ending and I've been doing everything I can to get the storyline to jive in the new book.

I *think* I've finally gotten out of that corner.

But considering I've thought that three times before, I'm not super confident.  I've cut, edited, slashed, re-written, started going for it, stopped, slashed more scenes, moved scenes around, cut more...this book is freaking a Frankenstein at this point and hopefully all the seams meet.

I'm at about the half-way mark on the story and hope this weekend will see the end of this monster so I can move on to Wynne's story.

I know I am seriously behind in releasing this tale, and I'm sorry for you guys who are out there waiting for the conclusion.  But, hopefully you all can appreciate that I don't want to send out something that's just wrong and doesn't line up with the previous stories in the series.  Then I'd have a ton of you yelling at me and I'd rather that not happen.

It's coming!  I promise.

So, I leave you with that and I'm off to go make more words. 

Peace out.
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