Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Writing Update February 2023

It's been awhile since I've done one of these! Let's start 2023 off right... I'm planning a much better year this go around.

So, as you know, Unwitting Mate (Valleywood, 17) released YESTERDAY. The Valleywood books are standalone titles, so they can be read in any order. Don't let that #17 intimidate you!

You can purchase that book via Kindle Unlimited/Amazon HERE.

What comes next?

I'm returning to a manuscript I'd started after wrapping up His Reluctant Omega -- it's the Alphas of the Western Provinces #3 -- Raimy's story. It went kinda sideways and I needed to take a pause and figure out the issue and how to move forward. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I figure it out ASAP.

After that, I've got two more stories planned and not sure which one I'll gravitate toward. Three years ago, I wrote a short story about Wynter Jaymes... which led to THAT ENDING in His Reluctant Omega. While I know Wynter isn't a favorite character, I think y'all deserve to know why he is the way he is and I like the challenge in seeing if he can be redeemed. (Yes, I heard the collective groan and "NO HE CAN'T" all the way over here... just gimme a chance!) The plan is to expand Wynter's short into a full novel.

I've also got very loose plans for another Daddy Tales book. A certain producer with a certain assistant, perhaps? We shall see.

Later this summer, I'm participating in a fun Pride-themed project with a little side of pet play. Looking forward to that.

There's another big project I'm working on with a large group of authors for later in 2023, but it's currently on pause as an issue has arisen and I'm just waiting to find out if it's still a go. Hopefully it is!

THEN... JP Sayle and I have been working on a new series together. We've been world building and setting up the rules and brainstorming... We're not co-writing, but we will have some character crossovers here and there. If you were at our panel at GRL, you might have some idea what we're talking about. We hope to have our first books out in that series prior to Portsmouth GRL 2023, which we are both currently planning to attend. And yes, it's back at the same location as last year... the organizers had to agree to it in order to move dates around thanks to COVID and the 2020 convention cancellation.


That takes me up through August/September... and there's more on my schedule for later in 2023, too.

In other words, I'm trying to get back into writing form and releasing a little more often than I did in the last couple of years. Fingers-crossed.

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