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Sunday Spotlight - Stormy Glenn and Boone's Baby

Welcome Stormy Glenn back to Sunday Spotlight.  She's here to share a bit of her story, Boone's Baby, her ninth book in the Scent of a Mate series.

Boone's Baby
Scent of a Mate 9

By Stormy Glenn

As sheriff of Potter's Creek, Boone Marshall was just doing his job when he went to investigate a report of vandalism. He never expected to find his future. When he discovers Jackie is his mate, he's overjoyed.

Jackie is not. His fear of shifters sends him into a panic, uncaring that they have already mated. He wants nothing to do with shifters, even if he is one. After being tortured by a madman bent on creating omega shifters, the last thing Jackie wants to do is get involved with someone on four paws.

But fate will not be denied. Suffering from a mating heat gone wild, both men give into their desires for each other. When truths are spoken, they both discover that they have a lot more to learn about the world than they thought they knew. Shifters and humans come in all shapes and sizes, some good, some not so good. Boone and Jackie just have to figure out who they can trust before the past destroys what they are trying to build together.


The first thing Boone noticed was the long auburn hair that fell in gentle waves down to a beautifully curved butt. He could just imagine those gorgeous strands brushing against his skin as he fucked that perfect little ass.

The second thing that Boone noticed was that the gorgeous ass he was dreaming about were dressed in tight denim shorts that curved down over nicely rounded ass cheeks to a beautiful set of long tanned legs and a pair of hot pink stiletto heels.

And that sent all of Boone’s sexual fantasies up in a huge puff of smoke.

He didn’t do women.


And wasn’t that damn sad ‘cause that really was a fantastic ass.

Boone cleared his throat so that he didn’t startle the woman as she was bent over a box and facing away from him. “Ma’am.”

He hoped he got that right.

“Oh!” The figure swung around, thick auburn hair flying everywhere.

Boone’s jaw dropped as he watched a thin-boned hand flutter at a delicate swan like neck. He slowly raised his gaze up until he met the oddest grey colored eyes he had ever seen. They were almost pale grey like summer clouds right before a violent rainstorm.

And they were staring right back at him.

“I didn’t mean to startle you,” Boone said carefully, not real sure if he was dealing with a man or a woman at this point. His guess could go in either direction. “I received a call that there had been some vandalism.”

“You’re the sheriff?”

“Yes, ma–uh, yes. Sheriff Boone Marshall.” Boone almost groaned when the man or woman’s lush lips spread into a glorious smile. He so did not need to be obsessing over a woman. And if this was a man, he needed to rethink his thoughts on how men were supposed to look.

“Jackie Lee.”

The name didn’t help at all. Jackie was kind of a unisex name. Boone held out his hand instead. A handshake might be able to give him more of a clue.


The hand that was held out to him was delicately boned and had hot pink painted nails. Boone tried not to swear or curse–in case it was a woman–as he shook Jackie’s hand. There was a grip, but it wasn’t tight. It wasn’t limp either.

It was no help at all.

Maybe he could fish for information.

“You’re new to Potter’s Creek. Am I right?”

“Yes. I just moved in.” Pink fingernail polish flashed through the air as Jackie waved a hand back toward the box he or she had been leaning over. “As you can see, I’m still unpacking.”

It was only as Boone looked at the boxes that Jackie indicated that he noticed all of the stuff stacked all over the place. There were shelves of pottery and dishes, and clothing. Colorful quilts hung from the walls as did paintings. Jewelry hung from small turning displays on top of the counters. Handmade brick-o-brack lined every other available space. There were even jars of jam stacked on one shelf.

“Just what kind of place is this?”

Jackie’s perfectly white teeth gleamed in the daylight. “It’s a craft store, sort of. For a commission, I provide space for local artists to sell their wares.”

Boone smiled as he walked over to rub his fingers over one of the quilts. “I thought I recognized this. Kye Hara made it, right?”


“He’s good.” Boone could see how carefully each stitch was made on the handmade quilt. Kye really was good. He was still smiling as he turned to face Jackie. “Kye is sewing stuff all of the time. You should see his sewing room. It’s filled with things he’s working on. I’ll bet you’ll get a lot of business from him.”

The broad smile on Jackie’s lips seemed to wobble just a bit. “You know Kye Hara?”

“Oh yeah. We live together.”

“Oh.” Jackie clasped his hands together and stared anywhere except at Boone. He acted like he was suddenly nervous. “He seems really nice.”

“He is, although he drives my brother and Neumus crazy on a regular basis.”

“Your brother and Neumus?”


How in the hell was he supposed to explain his brother’s relationship to a stranger? It wasn’t like he could tell Jackie that Hugh, Neumus, and Kye were all mated to each other. He hadn’t been able to get close enough to Jackie to scent whether he was a shifter or not. Well, he had when they shook hands, but he had been too distracted by Jackie’s looks to concentrate on how Jackie smelled.

“Kye is my brother-in-law.”


That was simple.


“He’s married to my brother Hugh and then they have a third in their relationship, a man named Neumus.”


The glorious smile was back.

Oh wait. Boone scratched the side of his head. Why in the hell did he care if Jackie smiled or not? He couldn’t even tell if Jackie was a man or woman and he needed to know that before he got interested–except a little voice in the back of his head said it was too late for that.

He was already interested.

In a woman...maybe.

Hell, he needed his head examined.

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Nuevo e-book - Atado a dos osos, Bear Mountain en español, 1

Atado a dos osos

Bear Mountain en español, 1

 Carson Davies, soltero recién abandonado, decide que irse a las vacaciones que había planeado con su novia, todo con la esperanza de arreglar su relación, es la huida perfecta que tanto necesita para aclararse las ideas. Unos días de soledad y hacer senderismo por la pintoresca Bear Mountain es justo lo que cree necesitar para seguir adelante. Pero tan pronto como llega se ve sorprendido por la sensual reacción que sufre ante los dos propietarios. Los dos propietarios masculinos. Carson nunca antes se ha sentido atraído hacia un hombre, y se opone a esa sensación con todas sus fuerzas.

Royce y Jared saben que es su pareja tan pronto como entra por la puerta de la cabaña. Están listos para reclamarlo como suyo, pero saben que deben tener cuidado: ese hombre se considera hetero, pero ése es el menor de sus problemas. Tendrán que mostrarle cuál es la verdadera naturaleza de ambos, sus osos interiores, y  rogar que no entre en pánico.

Los cambiaformas tienen sólo tres días antes de que el humano vuelva a casa, y en ese tiempo tienen que mostrarle a Carson lo unidos que están, y tener la esperanza de poder seducirle hasta que se rinda ante ellos.

Twisted E-Publishing  *  AMAZON  *  iBOOKS

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NEW RELEASE: Devil Project Zed, 3

Menage, MMM, Gay EroticRomance, MPREG, Shifters Paranormal, Military, Action, Erotic, A BearMtn Story

Kynan has tried every trick he knows to hack into Project Zed’s system, without much luck. When the team learns of unforeseen security measures, they move into action to stop the barriers to Kynan’s hack.

Only those defenses are flesh and blood, skin and bone. Two young hackers abducted from their families and controlled by Zed—forced to hide the horrors within for nearly two decades. Once freed, they could be a valuable asset to the counter-Zed fighters, if they can recover from what was done to them.

A new elemental shows up at the same time, this one with the power to move the earth itself. Sky’s an adventurer, and his journey has led him to Bear Mountain. But he soon learns he might have even more tying his fate to the valley.

Can Kynan and Sky come together to help one of the broken wolves heal or is he too far gone? 

Coming Soon to Print!

Kye swallowed and pushed his glasses up his nose. “I feel an attraction to you both.” He turned to look at Lachlan.

Sky leaned in and pressed his lips to Kye’s. When he drew back, the man’s eyes were closed, his lips still puckered, ready for more. A smile came to Sky’s own lips. “I say we see where this goes.”

A growl rose from Lachlan as he watched them.

Sky saw the need in the shifter’s glowing eyes. He’d seen that same glow when Cal looked at Samuel. Watching Lachlan, he kissed Kye again.

Lachlan’s stare was fixed on them, his lips opening and a frown furrowing his brow. His head fell back slightly, his breathing growing rapid.

The kiss wasn’t just impacting Lachlan. Sky loved the feel of Kye’s lips. Soon, he pulled his attention away from the wolf and focused on the human before him. He gripped the sides of Kye’s face and kissed the man more hungrily. 

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Too Much Masturbation...

Too much masturbation...

At least, that's what someone on Facebook claimed when I complained about my recent wrist pain.

(Yeah, you thought this post was going to be about something else.  Psych! I just wanted you to know that I'm only releasing one book each in August and September.)

I have some nerve damage running down my right arm and down to my wrist and hand... while I DON'T think it's carpal tunnel, the doc hasn't completely ruled it out yet.

I've switched up my daily schedule--writing in two smaller bursts each day--so my output has slowed some. I write until it starts to hurt and then I stop and ice it.

Just giving you a head's up, since I often have two releases each month.

August will be the first Midnight book.  

September will be Project Zed 4.

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Sunday Spotlight - Marie Medina and His Prince Submits

Welcome Marie Medina to Sunday Spotlight.  She's here to share a bit from His Prince Submits, the first book in her The Veiled Court series.

Alexander, the crown prince of the Fey, is awakened in the middle of the night and summoned to his father’s chambers. He worries his father might be dying, but he soon learns of a very different tragedy. Every man and woman among the Fey has a cariad, another person who will make them complete, according to legend. Alexander finds out within moments not only that his cariad is a man but also that the king banished this helpless young man from the Fey realm ten years ago in a selfish act of prejudice and superstition. Furious and frantic, Alexander sets out to find the man who holds the other half of his heart—and bring him home.

Chapter One
The Veiled Court (The Realm of the Fey)
Present Day
Alexander jolted awake and grabbed the hand touching his arm. He rolled in bed and saw Edmund, his father’s adviser, leaning over his bed holding a candle.
Alexander relaxed and let go of Edmund’s arm. “What’s happening?” He rubbed his eyes as they adjusted to the dim light.
“Sorry to wake you, Your Highness, but your father wishes to speak with you.” Edmund cleared his throat, frowning. “It can’t wait until morning.”
Jumping out of bed, Alexander grabbed his robe and threw it on as he rushed to the door. “Why? Because it’s that important or because he may not be with us in the morning?” The king had been withdrawn for weeks, but no one was sure if he was actually ill or not.
“It’s that important. It concerns you primarily, though Nathaniel and Rory might find it interesting as well.”
As they moved through the quiet hallways of the palace, Alexander eyed Edmund, who seemed very tense. “But not Henri?” What could possibly matter to him and his two younger brothers but not his twin?
“Yes. In fact, it has nothing to do with Henri.”
Puzzled, Alexander stopped. “I don’t understand. You seem upset but not really worried.”
Edmund’s jaw clenched. “I’m … angry about the news you’re about to receive. You’ll understand soon enough.”
Alexander watched Edmund turn a corner, and after a moment, he followed. His father’s chambers were illuminated by dozens of candles, even though it was the middle of the night. Grayden sat by the fireplace and stared at the flames. The light danced on the dark red walls, giving the room a sinister look.
“Father,” Alexander said, waiting to be acknowledged.
Grayden turned and looked up at his son a moment before gesturing toward the large blue armchair across from him. “Sit, Alexander. I have something to tell you.”
Alexander obeyed but remained on the edge of his seat. “How are you feeling tonight?”
“Tired and old. And ready to unburden myself.” He focused on Alexander. “To right a wrong.”
“All right.” Alexander cast a quick glance at Edmund, who still looked very unhappy.
Grayden looked over his shoulder and sighed. “You have Edmund to thank for this. I might’ve taken this to my grave otherwise.”
Yes, I have Edmund to thank for many things given how little you care about any of your children. “Father, why don’t you go ahead and tell me? Then we can worry about thanking people and righting wrongs.”
Grayden shifted back in his chair and focused on the fire. “There’s a reason the seers haven’t approached you with the identity of your cariad.” He folded his hands in his lap, his knuckles going white. “I forbad them from doing so when I found out who it was.”
Alexander felt the room spinning, and he clutched at the arm of his chair, both to steady himself and to keep from bolting across the small space and wrapping his hands around his father’s neck. All fey people had a cariad, the one person who would make them complete. This person, according to scrolls written thousands of years ago by people now long forgotten, held the other half of one’s heart. Happiness could be found with another, but it supposedly would not compare to the love that would be found with one’s cariad. His twin brother had been married to his cariad, Lorelei, for nearly four years, and Alexander had been waiting all this time for the seers to have a vision of his own bride. Now he knew why the news hadn’t come.
“And what is it about her that you object to so much that you wish me to be alone and unhappy?” Alexander said through clenched teeth.
“It’s a man.”
Alexander opened his mouth to reply, but words wouldn’t come. He looked at his father and then at Edmund. “Why is that a problem?”
“You’re the crown prince. You must have heirs.”
“I have three brothers. I’ll surely have many nephews and nieces to choose a successor from.” He narrowed his gaze. “That’s not it at all. Is it?”
Grayden wouldn’t meet his gaze. “What other reason could I possibly have?”
Grayden didn’t respond, and Edmund turned away from them, staring out the small corner window with his arms crossed.
“You believe same-sex pairings are bad luck. I’ve heard you say it before,” Alexander said, fury filling him. “You’re no better than a bigoted human!”
The king’s eyes flicked back to Alexander. “My older sister was fated to a woman. And she drowned the day after their wedding.”
“That was an accident!”
Grayden stood and looked away. “I’ve told you. You can do what you like with the information.”
Alexander jumped up. His father’s flippant demeanor had him ready to scream. He took a steadying breath and said, “Where is he? Who is he? I want to meet him as soon as possible.”
“You’ll have to ask the seers about that.”
Unable to hold back bitter laughter, Alexander shook his head. “I can’t believe you have no idea where he is.”
Grayden brushed past him and opened the door to his bed chamber. “His name is Sebastian, and I sent him to the human realm ten years ago.” He turned back briefly and said, “Only the seers will be able to help you.”
Grabbing the door and holding it firm, Alexander refused to let his father dismiss him. “You’ll come with me. You said you wished to make this right.” Alexander knew his father hadn’t meant the words. It was obvious he’d only gone through these motions because of pressure from Edmund.
“I’ve sent word that they’re to obey you. Since they’ll have to force a second vision to locate him, you’ll need to be there.” Grayden grabbed Alexander’s hand and yanked it from the edge of the door, showing surprising strength in that moment. “You’re dismissed.”
The king passed into the next room and slammed the door shut. Alexander heard the bolt slide into place a moment later.
Alexander couldn’t move. His mind raced, and he could hear the blood roaring in his ears. He jerked when Edmund placed a hand on his shoulder.
“How did you find out?” Alexander asked.
“Your mother told me a couple of hours ago. She found out when they were having an argument earlier today and came to me when she couldn’t manage to convince him to tell you the truth.”
“I see.” Alexander glared at the door of his father’s bed chamber. He knew as well as everyone else did that Edmund, whose cariad had died nearly thirteen years ago, was in love with the queen. Whether his love was returned by Venetia wasn’t quite as clear, though Alexander had noticed how little time his parents spent together. Even though his father was getting on in years and might die soon, his mother slept in a different wing of the palace. He checked the time, judging that it had been nearly midnight when his mother had told Edmund this news, so the adviser had obviously been in her chambers after she’d retired for the evening. Henri disapproved of the affair, but Alexander had never minded. Edmund was more of a father to all of them than the king had ever been. He certainly loved the four of them far more.
“Do you wish to go to the seers?” Edmund asked. “I sent word for the one on watch tonight to wake everyone else up.”
“Yes. I’ll never be able to sleep. Not until I know more.” Before he could stop himself, Alexander picked up a vase and hurled it at his father’s door. Then he took a deep breath and left the room, sensing Edmund following behind him. He felt the urge to continue smashing things as they made their way to the east tower where the seers had their library, but if he woke the entire palace up, he’d have to face a lot of questions, which he wasn’t ready for yet.
When they reached the east tower, he said, “Go find two of the best guards. Ones who’ve been to the human realm many times. I’m going to need their services.”
“Yes, Your Highness.” Edmund gave a curt bow and hurried down the hallway.
Alexander scrubbed a hand down his face and tightened the sash of his robe before opening the door and heading up the winding stairs. When he arrived at the top, he didn’t even knock. He shoved the door open and found the library full of people, all of them seemingly calm yet with a wary look.
“I’m not here to yell. I understand none of you could disobey the king,” Alexander said.
No one would quite meet his gaze at first. Ronan stepped forward, clearing his throat. “We still wish to apologize. And help you as much as we can.”
“So you can find him again?”
“I’m the one who originally had a vision of him. I should be able to locate him if you’ll come to the vision room with me.” Ronan gestured to the ornate door nestled in amongst the bookshelves across the room, everyone else moving out of the way. “We can get started right away.”
Alexander followed Ronan into the smaller room and shut the door behind them. This room held nothing but a table and a large silver bowl filled with water. The curtains on the only two windows were drawn, and there were no candles. Yet the light coming from the bowl illuminated the entire room. Visions could come to the seers in any water or reflective surface, but the ancient bowl supposedly amplified their powers, so it was still used often in addition to whatever object was used in their daily meditation.
They went and stood on either side of the bowl. Ronan gripped the edge and said, “Place your hands close to mine. I’ll draw on your energy through the bowl.”
Alexander did so, looking down into the water, which swirled with color. “Will I see what you see?” He knew little about how the visions worked. His people didn’t consult the seers as often as they once did concerning everyday matters. Most simply waited for news of the identity of their cariad.
“No. You’ll only see the colors. Some vague movement. You have to be born with the gift to see anything in the water.”
“I can’t help being curious. I’ve never had a male lover.” He watched the water, then studied the filigree work around the edge of the bowl. Part of him feared it wouldn’t work, and he didn’t want to think about that possibility. “Your cariad is a man, right?”
“Is he the only man you’ve ever been with?”
Without looking up, Ronan nodded. “I was shocked. But after one conversation, I knew we were meant for each other. Even though I’m a seer, I have my doubts at times. My faith can waver. But his love has done me a lot of good.”
“I have no idea what to do. I’m so angry I can’t even make sense of it.” He closed his eyes. “I’ve been robbed of ten years.” He opened his eyes and blinked repeatedly, wishing he didn’t feel so helpless. “We could’ve been together and happy all this time.”
“Actually, Sebastian’s much younger than you. He was only ten when I saw him in my vision of you.” Ronan cleared his throat. “And I made the mistake of asking your father if I should wait to tell you.”
“You couldn’t have known he’d react that way. I’ve seen how strange and awkward it can be when the visions come before both people are of age.” He sighed. “If he was ten back then, that means he’s only twenty years old.” Alexander tightened his grip on the edge of the bowl. “He’s twelve years younger than I am. What if he doesn’t want me?”
“Once you’ve befriended him, you can unlock his memories. He’ll understand everything. Know what a cariad is and how important the bond is. Perhaps he’ll even remember you. The people have always favored you.”
“But he was ten. A child. I doubt he paid much attention to what the royals were doing.” Alexander shook his head. “How could my father do this? Who cared for Sebastian? He was so young.”
“I don’t know. The king wouldn’t tell us.”
“I wish my father would hurry up and die.”
Ronan glanced up briefly. “You don’t mean that.”
Unwilling to agree completely, Alexander said, “Feels good to say it.”
Ronan stiffened. “I’ve found him.”
Alexander stared down into the water even though he knew he would see nothing. “I wish I could see him.”
“He’s handsome. Shorter than you but still tall. He’s with friends at some sort of party. It’s still early evening wherever he is.” Ronan closed his eyes. “He must be powerful. Could possibly even be a seer. My connection with him is very clear.” He nodded to the door. “I need paper and a quill. If I take my hands off the bowl, I’ll have to start over again.”
Alexander went back into the library and headed for one of the desks. He felt everyone watching him as he picked up several pieces of paper and then grabbed a quill and an ink bottle. Before returning to Ronan, he said, “Ronan found him. Everyone stop looking so damned nervous.”
He understood why they would all be worried, but he wasn’t going to blame any of them for this. He planned on saving every bit of reproach for his father. He set everything down on the edge of the table beside Ronan and returned to the other side of the bowl.
Ronan took one hand off the bowl and began writing immediately, and Alexander tilted his head to read the words. His cariad had brown hair and blue eyes. Next came the name of a city—Mountain Brook. Ronan wrote down an address, then some other random things.
“Can you feel what kind of man he is? Through the connection?” Alexander asked.
“Vaguely,” Ronan said softly. He wrote a few more things down, his head drooping a bit.
“Ronan, don’t tire yourself. You have an address. That’s more than enough.”
Ronan nodded, but he didn’t let go of the bowl for another minute. He took several deep breaths and then looked the paper over before handing it to Alexander.
Alexander read over it, finding out his cariad’s favorite foods and color, among other things. He now had his address and even a description of his car. One item made him pause, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to ask. “You wrote that he’s attracted to men.” He lowered the paper as he looked at Ronan. “Did you sense that through your connection to his mind? Or was he with someone at this party?”
“He was … flirting with a man. Standing close to him.”
“Are they lovers? Could you tell?”
“It seemed they’d just met, but I can’t be sure. They were making small talk. Seemed like a very superficial conversation. Who invited you to the party, what do you do, have you seen a certain movie. That sort of thing.”
“Hmmm.” He looked back to the paper. “Then maybe he’s unattached. That would be a start.” Shaking his head, he said, “How do I even approach him?”
“Perhaps you could try to meet him. He’s young so he probably goes out a lot.”
“And flirts with men. Men who aren’t me.”
“At least he likes men.”
“Men his own age, I’m sure.” Alexander’s head ached. “I’ll never forgive father for this,” he said softly. Trying to focus, he asked, “Is it only me?”
“Only you?”
“What about Nathaniel and Rory? Has anyone had a vision concerning them yet?”
“No, not that I’m aware.”
“Good. Edmund mentioned that this might interest them, but I guess he just meant because they’re waiting to find their own cariads as well.”
“I truly am sorry. I had no idea Sebastian had actually been sent away. The king only forbad me to tell you his identity. I know that doesn’t make up for it, but I’ll help in any way I can. Always. What your father did was wrong.”
“Yes, it was wrong, but the information wasn’t worth your life or anyone else’s, given my grandfather’s habit of chopping heads off.” Alexander scowled as he thought of his grandfather, glad the old tyrant had died when he was still a small child, though his father was only a little better. “Thank you for your support, but it’s all up to me from this point. I have plans to make.” He strode from the room and found that Edmund had returned with two guards. He nodded to the door that led out of the tower. “Follow me. We have a lot of work to do.”
The three men followed Alexander back to his study as he tried, and failed, to calm his pounding heart and slow his jumbled thoughts.

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Special Saturday Spotlight - Stephani Hecht and Jax's Rebellion

Welcome Stephani Hecht to a special Saturday Spotlight.  She's here to share a bit of Jax's Rebellion, part of her Coalition Training Academy Series.

Jax defies his father and joins with the Coalition’s Academy to train as a future soldier. But, that isn’t the only obstacle in the young Lion’s way. He is small, a dork, and the furthest thing from fighting material. He is determined to not let that get in his way. He vows to prove his father wrong and become an asset to the Coalition.

But, as his world changes, Jax begins to doubt his decision. He’s worthless when it comes to fighting. He has to adjust to life away from home, and his only friend is Ava. Will Jax’s self-doubt be his downfall, or will he be able to overcome it to become the shifter he always dreamed of?

They finally arrived at Mitchell’s office. Noah gave Jax an assuring smile before he knocked on the door. When Jax heard Mitchell’s voice telling them to enter, his heart started beating even harder.

Noah held the door open. Jax walked in. There was a chair in front of Mitchell’s desk. The room was large, and Mitchell’s mate, a Wolf shifter, sat in the back. The Wolf had short brown hair and eyes. He smiled. Jax smiled back, sat down, then looked at his leader.

Mitchell was big, even by shifter standards. He wore the black uniform, which made him seem more intimidating. He had super short brown hair. His hands alone were bigger than Jax’s head. He could have probably snapped Jax in half if he wanted to, but Mitchell’s eyes were kind and welcoming.

Jax had seen the leader before, he had just never had a conversation with him. Jax swallowed hard. This was his first impression, and he wanted it to be a good one, so he sat straight up then forced himself to meet Mitchell’s gaze. He could do this. He had to do this. Failure just wasn’t an option.

“Hey, Jax. How are things going?” Mitchell asked.

“Fine,” Jax lied.

Mitchell probably saw right through Jax, but he didn’t call Jax out on it. Instead, Mitchell folded his hands on the desk then asked, “Have you made your decision? Do you want to be a civilian or a soldier?”

Jax took in a deep breath. The moment he’d been so worried about had finally arrived. As soon as he announced his decision, he wouldn’t allow himself go back.

“Yes,” he said in a slightly shaky voice. “I want to become a soldier.”

 Jax held his breath as he waited for Mitchell to respond. The leader’s expression hadn’t changed after Jax announced his decision. He just continued to gaze at Jax. Jax didn’t know if it was a good sign or not, so it did little to ease his nerves. He was beginning to think he’d made a huge mistake.

As the seconds ticked into minutes, Jax’s nerves grew worse. His stomach had twisted into knots, making him even more nauseated. He was then super glad he hadn’t eaten much breakfast. That way if he did hurl, it wouldn’t make as big of a mess. Of course, it would crush his self-confidence. Then again, Jax didn’t have much to begin with, so it would only crush his pride along with his hopes and dreams.

“I’m proud of you. I was hoping that you would join up,” Mitchell said. “I could tell by the way you listened to the soldiers when they came to visit your classroom to talk about the Academy.”

“You noticed?” Jax asked, surprised. Nobody ever paid attention to him.

“It’s my job to know every member of my Coalition, no matter how old they are,” Mitchell said.

“So, you’re not going to try and talk me out of it?” Jax pressed. “I am the smallest one in my class.”

“I have room for soldiers of all sizes in my Coalition,” Mitchell replied. “You’re not much smaller than my brother Andrew, and he’s one of the best soldiers I have. Sometimes being small is an advantage.”

Jax didn’t see how it could be possible, but he kept his mouth shut. He wasn’t going to argue with his leader, especially since he was so huge. Plus, Jax totally respected Mitchell. He’d rather slam his hand in a locker than be disrespectful to Mitchell.

“I’m guessing your parents don’t know you’ve come to this decision,” Mitchell said.

A rush of panic went through Jax, making him tremble a bit. “No. Does that mean you’re going to turn me away?”

Mitchell shook his head. “By our laws, this is your decision alone. They can’t interfere, even if they decide to leave the Coalition in protest.”

Jax smiled. He couldn’t believe it. He was actually going to have his dreams come true, and there was nothing his father could do to stop it. Better yet, he had Mitchell backing him up. Jax felt almost giddy.

“I won’t let you down,” he vowed.

Mitchell nodded. “I know you won’t. Now, get back to class. It will be your last day as a civilian student.”

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