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Agarri, the Shapeshifter Prince, has been in hiding for several years after the Xakarrian Army invaded and overthrew his father. Awaiting the prophesied triad of males who would come find him, the soft prince was shuttered away on the top floor of Kazru’s whorehouse, where no one would think to look for him.

Exiled Shapeshifter Warriors Drayden, Irylan, and Bayjin come for Agarri after the prince haunts their dreams and begs them to save him. They take the virgin prince and escape to their hidden base, where they claim Agarri as their own.

Finding strength in his warriors, Agarri is ready to help bring his people together to retake their world.

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In their dreams? Agarri wondered if the male was insane for a moment, but the clarity in his eyes told Agarri he was quite lucid. “I know nothing of dreams. I’ve never met you or your companions, nor asked you anything.”

“I could no longer ignore your demands, and I had find you … we had to find you. You may not have been the one asking, but the dreams mean something, Your Highness. We’re meant to protect you; I know it in my very bones.”

The prophecy? Agarri felt himself swaying on his feet slightly, but caught himself. If it was the fulfillment of his destiny, a battle beckoned. The other two rose and their large bodies filled the space and made Agarri feel surrounded. From afar, they were menacing. Up close, they were downright terrifying. “What is your name, Sir?”

“Sir Drayden Am’peria of Kannom. On the left is Sir Irylan d’Ammana, and on my right is Sir Bayjin b’Merida, both of Kannom as well.”

“Kannom? That’s on the other side of the planet, is it not?”

“It … was. Before the Xakarrian destroyed most of it.”

“If memory serves, it was told to be a wild place, a beautiful realm. A place our warriors of old retired to.”

“Retired? More like exiled to once the old kings no longer felt warriors were of need.” Sir Drayden lips spread into a half-smile. “And it was not as beautiful as His Majesty, but beautiful, yes.”

Agarri looked up into the male’s eyes. Sir Drayden was menacing in his power. The half-smile had looked odd on his commanding face, like it didn’t belong there. Agarri got the feeling he rarely smiled, and Agarri had been witness to something unusual in that moment. His gaze drifted to the other two males who wore serious looks as they all stood towering over him. They were more than intimidating. They were frightening, although Agarri sensed he would find no harm in their arms, only pleasure.

Sir Drayden thought him beautiful. A shiver of delight passed through him, but he fought it off. He needed more information before he determined what they would do. “You said it took you weeks to get here. Why?”

“A small band of my warriors and I escaped the planet after the Xakarrian claimed it. We left to lick our wounds and find a way to reclaim our world. Getting here without being caught is not easy. It took us time, skill, and a lot of luck to find a way back for you.”

“And you came to get me. How do I know you’re not lying? You could be an agent for the Xakarrian for all I know, sent to kill me. They’ve been searching for me since the war. I’m sure the price on my head has grown quite large.”

“Honestly, it’s astronomical. But the fact you haven’t been turned in only proves the loyalty of those who’ve hidden you.” Sir Drayden looked over his shoulder at Kazru.

Kazru grimaced. “I didn’t save him all these years to hand him over to beasts like you.”

“Beasts?” Sir Drayden asked with a smile. “I think we’ve behaved ourselves while in your establishment.”

“Do you call running all my patrons out behaving?”

Sir Drayden walked to within inches of Kazru. “If we weren’t behaving, they’d all be dead.” He then turned to look at Agarri. “And you would be as well, Your Highness. If I wanted you dead, or wanted to turn you in to the Xakarrians, we wouldn’t still be standing here talking right now.”

Agarri shivered at the words, realizing the truth behind them. “Do you wish to frighten me, Sir Drayden?”

“No, I wish you to understand our motives. We only wish to protect you.”

Agarri felt Sir Drayden lower his walls, the walls he’d erected around his mind. Powerfully thick, Agarri hadn’t been able to find a crack when he’d probed before. Now the male made himself completely open to Agarri. Agarri stood taller, his body tensing as he allowed his mind to enter Sir Drayden’s. To peek in to another’s head without them knowing was one thing; to be welcomed in and asked to merge was almost … intimate. He was hesitant at first, letting a tentacle out to test the mental waters. Entering another’s mind was like swimming, floating in the images stored within.

Agarri closed his eyes and entered Sir Drayden’s mind, jumping into the pool of thoughts and memories. Largely uncomplicated, the male sought a way to take the planet back for the Shapeshifters, along with his band of warriors, just as he claimed. A dark danger seemed to be approaching, something Agarri had been sensing for weeks, as well. Sir Drayden felt it, too, which seemed to give credence to Agarri’s worry. Something was coming for him, and he was almost sure the males were here to save him from the threat.

Agarri also saw the dreams Sir Drayden had experienced—erotic, highly charged dreams, where Agarri had performed acts he wasn’t even aware of being possible, some with all three of the males at once. He blushed at the visions he saw. His body reacted to them quite differently.

You will reenact each one of those scenes, Your Highness. We’ve been tempted too long to not demand our due.

Agarri pulled out of Sir Drayden’s head and opened his eyes after the male put the thought inside his mind. The shifter stood in the middle of the room, his arms crossed over his massive chest, with a smug smile on his face as he eyed Agarri. Agarri had never felt someone put a thought, an idea, into his mind before. The male was strong, stronger than any he’d sensed before.

“Sir Drayden, you and the others may have dreamed of me, but I did not put those thoughts in your head. I am not responsible for your lusts. I owe you nothing.”

Sir Drayden had Agarri in his arms in a flash, his hard body jutting into Agarri’s. A flash of light seared Agarri’s brain, the simple act of touching seemingly the cause. Sir Drayden dropped to his knees, taking Agarri with him. A vision sliced into Agarri’s head, and he closed his eyes to see it better. It was an image of him sitting on the throne … alongside Sir Drayden … the new king. Sir Irylan and Sir Bayjin stood behind them on the dais. The light faded after a moment, and Agarri finally reopened his eyes and gazed at Sir Drayden. “What was that?”

“I’m here to save you, Your Highness. It’s all clear now. You’re ours. And I think you know it.”

Agarri released a low moan, the feeling of the male against him too good. His cock grew harder, his body ready for anything Sir Drayden and his companions had in mind.

“Your Highness, you must keep your virginity for the prophecy,” Kazru said.

“Prophecy?” Sir Drayden asked, his frown heavy. “What prophecy?”

“It’s you,” Agarri whispered. “You three are the ones I’ve been waiting for.”
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