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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Wishing my readers and fellow authors a wonderful holiday...

May it be filled with family, friends, delicious food, and happiness.

And maybe something sexy after dark! (I wonder what he's got in his sack?)


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

NEW RELEASE: Bound by Three

Bestselling MM Authors April Andrews and Kelex return to the world of BOUND…and storm into the New Year with two amazing ménage a quatre gay erotic tales.

The Touch of Three, by April Andrews

When you want something so bad you can taste it...

Brandon has had his eye on a perfect, little trio of subs for months. But those subs have resisted his advances...until now.

With Bound's masquerade ball in full swing, Brandon finally has the chance to make the subs his. But it's going to take all of his skills of seduction before he finds himself bound by three.

Tied to Three, by Kelex

When Johann, Matthias, and Adler witness a submissive being abused during the fall masquerade at Bound, they can’t help but interfere. The delicious sub deserves better than the two horrid Doms he’s being ill-treated by and they set out to show him what domination truly is.

Sawyer was scared by what happened during the masquerade and runs away, but not before the three masked men make a serious impression on him. An impression strong enough for the three to eventually find their way into his fantasies. He knows they have likely forgotten him, but he can’t forget the three strong men.

Months pass, but Johann finally finds Sawyer. Once in his grasp, Johann will stop at nothing until Sawyer yields to them all. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday Mancraving: Santa's Sack Edition #2

We're days from the big day -- I hope you're done with getting ready and you can curl up with a sexy hunk like one of these.

Mistletoe anyone?

Have a very, very Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Coming WEDNESDAY! Bound by Three

Bestselling MM authors April Andrews and Kelex return for a third adventure within the walls of the BDSM club, Bound.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday Mancraving: Santa's Sack Edition

Christmas is almost here, so I thought I'd share some sexy holiday hotties. 

Are you done shopping? Decorating? Wrapping? No, get to it. (After drooling over these guys for a minute!) 

And for those of you wondering why there's no nudity -- I'm being good at the last minute, hoping Santa will bring me a present.  Hopefully one that looks like those down there!

 Happy Monday!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Guest Author - April Andrews and an Omega for the Beasts

I've had an opportunity to read this story, and if you choose to read it, too, you'd better break out a fan.  For you readers who prefer romance with a little erotic touch, this isn't the book for you.

April Andrews usually writes erotic romance, but for this book she has focused more on the ‘erotic’ than the ‘romance’.

If you’re offended by the idea of a submissive omega trapped in a lab with three dominant, alpha beasts then this book is not for you. If, however, you like the idea of what happens when that submissive omega has to find his way through the lab, past those beasts and out the other side then read on…


“Has it kicked in yet?” the bear-beast growled.

“Kicked in?” Ellis swallowed even as he covered his surprise at the fact that the beast could actually speak. “What do you—”

“The chemical they injected you with on the plane,” the bear said. “Right about now you should be feeling the effects of it.”

Ellis shook his head slightly, only then remembering the ‘booster injection’ they had given him. His line of work meant keeping up on multiple immunizations and so Ellis hadn’t really thought much of it, but was it possible that they’d given his something other than a booster shot?

Of course it was possible!

Ellis scowled. That bitch Roberts was capable of anything!

It was then that Ellis realized that he was feeling a bit odd. The fear that had slithered through him mere moments ago was dissipating, taking the adrenaline along with it. Left behind was a curious sensation. Ellis could only describe it as a sort of calm.

Confused, he inhaled a sharp breath. It was then that he noticed that his heart was no longer racing and his muscles were no longer tense. The ‘fight or flight’ response was gone. Ellis didn’t feel like he wanted to run anywhere. Instead, Ellis was beginning to feel perfectly comfortable, happy even.

It occurred to him that perhaps the lack of fear was because the bear-beast didn’t look like he was about to rush him. He stood, arms by his side, eyes hooded...and cock still hugely erect, jutting out from his fur.

But no, Ellis knew that the beast’s non-threatening stance would not have been enough to relax him. They had given his something. Something to make this ordeal easier...or even...

Oh fuck no!

Ellis gasped as something else became apparent.

He was horny!

Whether he liked it or not—and right now Ellis did not—his cock was starting to thicken in his pants...and it was thickening quickly. In any other situation, and when faced with a massively erect cock, that wouldn’t have been surprising. Ellis was still in heat and so feeling aroused all day, every day was the norm. But this was not a normal situation and the owner of that massively erect cock was some sort of shifter-beast that the company had done something to, maybe even created.

Ellis should not be aroused by the beast!

He shouldn’t be thinking about what that cock would feel like in his his his ass...

Only he was...

Ellis drew in an unsteady breath as the realization of what was happening to him became clear. A shiver seemed to travel from his chest all the way down to his aching balls. They were heavy with cum. Heavy with a need to be emptied.

Again, and this time it wasn’t entirely involuntarily, Ellis’ gaze dipped to the bear’s cock. Automatically, he licked his lips. It was just so fucking big! Bigger than any Ellis had ever had by quite some margin.

Abruptly, and with a low moan, Ellis imagined what it would feel like to have that huge appendage pounding away inside of him. Like being fisted...over and over...

Ellis swallowed again, the truth of exactly what was happening here in this lab dawning. And if he knew it then the bear-beast knew it too.

“Do you know why I’m here?” he asked.

The bear growled. That growl seemed to cross the space between them and made Ellis shiver all over again.

“What did they tell you?” the bear asked.

“That this is a puzzle,” Ellis said honestly. “A puzzle that I have to get through to make it out the other side. I won’t be let out until I do that. Until I get there.”

“I’ve never heard it described in that way before,” the bear said.


Ellis was almost positive that the bear smiled. “Sex.”

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Guest Author - Misha Paige and Dragon Born

Welcome Misha Paige to my blog.  She's sharing a little from her recent release, Dragon Born.  If you haven't read this story -- you MUST!  It is so good.

As a young man, Martel stood against a tyrant and it nearly cost him his life. When the prince who saved him ascended the throne, Martel swore himself to the new king’s service. But over the years his gratitude and loyalty have deepened to something far more.

To stop a madman, Pyrrhos sacrificed his chance at happiness. So he devoted himself to leading his people out of his father’s shadow, no matter the resistance he faced. Now he has been given the gift of a grandson to pass his legacy on to and he is determined to secure the throne for his chosen heir.

And even though it is selfish when he knows his time is running out, he cannot stop reaching for the man who should have been his.

As Pyrrhos’ fate draws closer, treachery from within the court will threaten everything he holds dear, forcing him into a painful choice.

When the truth about Pyrrhos is revealed, Martel will have to defy fate itself to save the man he loves.   

Amazon  *  All Romance E-books  * Smashwords  *  Bookstrand  *  iBooks  *  Barnes & Noble

Martel kissing the other man, running his hand down over the swell of the man’s ass. The memory of his mouth crushing mine. His kiss claiming me as fire raced through me. By the Gods, had it only been three days ago? 

The glimpse of what could have been shattered my heart. 

I fell to my knees as the pain drew my change closer. Claws shot out from my fingers as patches of copper scales appeared on my skin. Bones snapped and lengthened as I struggled, my clothes tore and fell off. Clothes usually disappeared only to come back when the magic was called again. But since I fought the change the normal rules did not apply. And I had to fight because if I surrendered to my true nature I would destroy the man Martel had chosen over me.

I would rend him limb from limb no matter how innocent he was.

A burning agony nearly consumed me as I reached for the power to control my rage.

I am not a monster! 

Holding fast to that thought, I managed to push the change away. My claws drew back into my fingers. My skin returned to its normal hue, and limbs returned to a human-like length. But I could not leash the fury that still burned. Desperate for a way to let it out, I grabbed a chair from the private dining table in the corner and smashed it to the floor. Visceral satisfaction flooded me as it broke apart. I reached for another. Another chair shattered on the floor. And another, until all six were splinters on the ground but the rage still filled me. I picked up an intricately carved chest and threw it just as Martel burst into the room with his blade drawn and gaze frantically searching the room, pausing for a brief moment on my naked form.

“Where is the danger?” His voice was a fierce snarl.

“There is no danger!” My pained yell caused him to pause in shock. “Why are you not buried balls deep in your chosen bedmate?” I snarled the words at him, part of me enjoying his flinch at my anger. The ball of fiery rage flared, needing to lash out at the cause of it. I clenched my fists, the pain of my nails digging into my own flesh not even close to distracting me, and whirled away from him. Mayhap if I could not see him I could keep from doing something I knew I would regret.

“Because he is not you!”

There was not even a moment to react to that shocking declaration before strong arms spun me around. Martel pinned me to him with one arm and buried his other hand in my hair, yanking my head back. Flames of need raced through me, and I barely had a chance to see an answering heat in his eyes before he plundered my mouth. 

Saturday, December 5, 2015

COMING WEDNESDAY! A Stag for Two Bears

Someone’s been killing off deer shifters just across Bear Mountain’s county line, where the neighboring Indian reservation and the river meet.  Most in the den agree that it looks like one of their own is to blame.  Bear shifter Magnus joins with the rez’s sheriff to help find the culprit.

Magnus could’ve had an easier time of it if one deer shifter didn’t drive him to distraction.  He knows his mate the minute he lays eyes on the male.  Finding the male is bittersweet.  It brings up memories of the brother bear Magnus lost years before.

Like many of his herd, Tobias is weary of the bear shifters across the river. He, too, senses the draw toward Magnus, but he tries to ignore the feelings.  Deer shifters aren’t known for their monogamy or mating for life and he doesn’t see a reason to change his whole life for the bear.

When Toby is attacked, Magnus saves his mate just in time—and just in time to see the predator causing all the chaos.  

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Monday Mancraving - Back to Work Edition

I hope you all had a great holiday.  Now's time to go back to work and all that jazz.

I thought I'd share a couple to get you going this week.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

NEW RELEASE: Graig (Earth Dragons, 2)

Graig is finally here!  

Endless years of searching—only to ultimately find heartache—has worn Graig to the bone. Yes, his human mate continues to return to him generation after generation, but often with tragic consequences. The pain seems too much to bear any longer.

When the Earth Dragon meets the newest incarnation in a Dublin church—a seminary student, no less—Graig’s tempted to turn his back on the impending pain to come.

But Ciarán is at a crossroads, sensing he’s forged the wrong path. Once he meets his dragon, he knows a new adventure is his for the taking. If he can only convince the dragon he’s willing to fall. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Guest Author -- Adam Charles and Taken by Hades

What if Hades didn’t kidnap Persephone? What if, instead, her brother Arion captured the heart of the lord of the Underworld?

Arion enjoys his simple life, even if his mother Demeter can be overbearing. Unlike his cloistered sister Persephone, Arion can seduce and fuck at his leisure. But someone has been watching him, someone who can no longer bear to be only a spectator.

Hades comes out of the shadows, enthralled by Arion’s beautiful, muscular body and his flashing green eyes. For years, he’s watched others enjoy Arion, but no more. Hades will make Arion his, no matter what he has to do to make his gorgeous captive submit.

Arion had no idea what time it was when he woke. Without the sun, he wouldn’t be able to orient himself down here. He left his room and wound his way back to the dining room. No one was there when he entered, but Hades soon came through another door.

“Good morning,” Hades said as he approached.

Arion bowed. “Lord Hades.”

Hades stopped a couple of feet away, frowning. “You don’t have to be so formal.”

Arion ignored the remark. “What must I do to earn the right to go see my family?”

“First off, you can stop being so hostile. I haven’t harmed you.”

“You’ve ruined my life. I was content as I was.”

“I heard you talking to Persephone last night. I’m used to being alone and woke when I heard voices.”

“You shouldn’t have listened.”

“I’d fallen asleep in a chair. It just happened to be close to your door.” He smiled. “I heard her urge you to come to my bed. I wish you had.”

Arion didn’t try to hide his ire. “Don’t eavesdrop on me anymore.”

“I expected to hear you being far more critical of me.”

“I had to be careful and avoid upsetting her.”

“So when you said you were holding out because you didn’t want me to think I could always control you, was that a lie?”

“Yes. She’s sheltered and probably thinks this is romantic.” He shook his head. “I’m not going to discuss things you shouldn’t know about.” Arion turned away and strode toward the door, but it slammed before he could reach it. He felt Hades close behind him, and the god pushed him forward to press him against the door. Hades massaged his shoulders and rubbed against him, his cock hard to ignore as it brushed Arion’s ass.

Arion turned his head to look back at Hades. “Let me go.”

“Never. Keep acting like this and it will be years before I let you go back to the surface.” Hades ran his fingers into Arion’s hair. “I long to touch you all the time.”

“But I don’t want you to touch me.”

“Why do you resist?” Hades turned Arion in his arms. “You’re torturing me.”

“I’m torturing you? I didn’t seek your favor or attention.”

Hades touched his hair again and then cupped his face. “I want to taste every inch of you and slide my cock into you. Make you cry out my name as you come for me.”

“Then you should’ve approached me as a lover, not a thief.” Arion struggled and got away, but Hades reached out and grabbed him by the wrist. Arion didn’t fight, knowing he’d lose. He raised his gaze to Hades’s face.

“I won’t spend eternity apologizing for what I did. You’re here now, and you are mine. And whether you can admit it yet or not, you desire me.”

“I’m not your lover. I’m your captive.”

Hades yanked him closer. One large hand slid down Arion’s body to fondle his cock. “And you’re hard.”

Arion drew in a sharp breath as Hades caressed him. He hadn’t realized his body was reacting that way, and he tried to get away from Hades’s touch. He trembled as Hades backed him against the table now. The god’s lips touched his ear.

“Make yourself come for me. I want to see your pleasure.”

Arion tried to respond, but nothing came out at first. Finally, he said, “No.”

Hades’s dark eyes flashed at him, flames visible in their depths for a brief moment. “Why not?”

“I won’t be forced.”

“You find me appealing. You said it yourself. My touch has made you grow hard.” He smiled. “In fact, it seems to me it’s the forcefulness you respond to.”

“You can think whatever you like. It doesn’t justify your actions.”

Hades’s hand fell away. “Touch that beautiful cock for me, and I’ll let you see Persephone today.”

Arion hesitated before looking up. “Why do you want me to do this?”

“Because I want to see you come for me alone. For years I’ve watched you with others, spilling your seed freely. The jealousy nearly consumed me.”

“I won’t perform simply to see my sister. I can talk to her whenever I wish.” He swallowed. “Unless you’ll deny me that as punishment.”

“I will never take back any gift I give you.” Hades backed away now and nodded to the table. “Eat. I’m sure you’re hungry.”

The shadowy beings came in with food once again, and Hades turned to leave the room.

“Lord Hades?”

He stopped but didn’t turn around. “Yes?”

“Please don’t listen to me talk to Persephone. She’s always been my confidant, and though I must deceive her to save her worry and pain, I need to know I can talk to her freely. I’ll go crazy down here without some outlet.”

Hades glanced back at him. “I will not eavesdrop again.” He gave a curt nod and stalked out.

Arion sat at the table and reached for a strawberry. He stared at it instead of eating it. Had he angered Hades? Would a punishment come later? Or perhaps another demand? Arion couldn’t tell what the man felt, be it wounded pride or some other emotion. He tried to make himself eat, but he left the room after only a few bites. He wandered the palace, but he couldn’t find Hades. Eventually he wound up outside. A strange light did illuminate the landscape around him, but without the sun above him, he felt gloomy and soon returned to his room to wait for Hades to come to him again.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bear Mountain -- The Series That Almost Wasn't

I know a lot of you read and enjoy my Bear Mountain series -- and would likely be shocked by the fact it almost didn't happen.

I was struggling with something I was SUPPOSED to be writing - which wasn't Bound to Two Bears - and had a massive case of writer's block.

So I opened a fresh page.  No restrictions, no outline, no planning, nothing.

Bound to Two Bears happened.

It just came from my fingers.  I wrote the rough draft in less than three days.

The MPREG aspect also kind of came out of nowhere.  My fingers just went there without much thought.  It felt right and I really worried about it at first, but you readers helped me realize it was what the story needed.

Family.  A untenable bond between these males.

And when the book was done, I realized that I liked the little world I'd hinted at.  I liked the secondary characters we'd seen peeks of.  And I wanted to see more.

So I wrote Paul's story.

And then everyone screamed about wanting Ben's story -- but I knew that one would need time.  Ben needed time.  He needed to mourn.

I turned my attention to some of the other characters to give Ben some time.

And then Ben's story came.  I worried I wouldn't do it justice and it seems that most of you enjoyed where I took his tale.  I can't please everyone, and I've seen some upset about the birth scene, where Ben was left alone.

But you have to realize, these bears aren't perfect.  They were hurting, too, and focused on the one thing they knew was truly theirs - their cubs.  They thought Ben didn't want them and had only returned for the birth of the cubs.  They'd steeled their hearts and minds and kept Ben at arm's length, afraid they'd fall more, only to not have that love returned.

Should they have comforted Ben in that moment?  Absolutely.  But their own fears and hurt kept them from doing what was right.  Ben wasn't the only one in pain here, and I tried to show that, too.

So what's next?  Maybe some deer shifters?  I'm curious to learn a little about Magnus, aren't you?

And WHO is his brother bear?  I've never said, have I?  Will that be a surprise?

I think Running Bear still has a surprise or two for us, as well.  Don't count him out just yet.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday Mancraving -- Craving a little BEAR fun?

I'm in the mood for some sexy, hairy, muscled bears today.


 Have a great Monday!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Guest Author - Victoria Vallo & Bending to His Beta

Welcome Victoria back to my blog -- she's sharing her second Beta book, Bending to His Beta.

Stryker found the perfect beta quite by accident, and he tries every day to keep Rhys happy and fulfilled. He knows how good he is at meeting Rhys’s physical needs, but lately, something has felt off between them. He tries to get Rhys to open up, but his beta’s stubbornness has never waned, even in his submission. 

 Rhys has grown to love Stryker, but he still feels as if something is missing in their relationship. They’ve built a home together, but Rhys wants their family to grow. More than anything, Rhys wants a child, but he fears Stryker will deny him this. Rhys has already asked him to change in so many ways, and Stryker’s possessiveness makes Rhys question whether the alpha is willing to give in to something that will alter their lives so drastically. 

Stryker knew something was wrong with his beta.

And he didn’t like that.

Stryker moved into the cockpit and slid into the co-pilot’s seat. They’d bought a new ship a few weeks earlier, and he’d let Rhys pick it out himself, hoping that would cheer his beta up.

It didn’t seem to have made any difference.

When Rhys didn’t look over at him, Stryker leaned across and kissed him on the back of the neck. Rhys kept staring at the data pad in front of him. When he finally turned, he said, “You should rest tonight. We have a big run tomorrow. We’ll be gone for three days.”

“I know. That’s why I wanted us to have dinner and just relax.”

Rhys gave a shrug. “Not that hungry. I’ll be in later.”

He and Rhys didn’t have the conventional alpha-beta relationship Stryker had grown up with on Arox 3, but he was still the alpha. Backing down was never his first instinct.

“Tell me what’s wrong, Rhys.”

“Nothing’s wrong,” was Rhys’s flat reply.

“You’re lying to me, and it hurts.”

“That happens. People hurt each other.”

Stryker grabbed Rhys by the hair and jerked his head back. Their lips almost touching, Stryker said, “Tell me.”

Rhys’s eyes searched his face and soon glinted with lust. “Make me.”

Stryker felt the smile curving his lips. “I will.” He closed the gap and kissed his feisty beta, reveling in the moan that came from him. Instead of resisting, Rhys submitted without hesitation, and Stryker deepened the kiss.

When they parted, Stryker said, “You wouldn’t give in this way if you were truly angry. You’re hurt or upset. Tell me, baby.”

“Fuck me first.”

Stryker drew back in confusion. They’d been together for almost two years, and their relationship went so far beyond the sex that had at first bound them together. Rhys hadn’t favored sex over talking in a very long time, and it worried Stryker.

“Are you worried? Afraid?”

Rhys shook his head and stood up. He took Stryker’s hand and led him out of the ship and across the floor of their private docking bay. “Remind me who my alpha is. Come claim me again.” Rhys led him into the house and began stripping as soon as he was inside.

Stryker watched his beautiful beta undressing, and his cock hardened at the sight. Just a flash of Rhys’s eyes could drive him wild, and he loved it when Rhys asked to be taken, to be claimed all over again.

They moved into their playroom, which Stryker had designed when they built their home after his retirement from bounty hunting. Stryker stripped and pushed Rhys to the bed. Rhys’s gaze followed his every move, and Stryker climbed on the bed to tie him down. Instead of tying his feet to the footboard, Stryker bound them to his wrists, bending him in half and raising his ass high. Stryker smiled as he massaged Rhys’s heavy balls and hard cock. It leaked already, and Stryker bent to lick the head. He then got on his knees to rim his beta and ready him for a plug. Fucking would come later. His beta deserved a sound spanking for keeping secrets. When they were done, Stryker wouldn’t untie his hands until he had the truth from Rhys’s lips. Rhys actually whimpered as Stryker speared his tongue into his clenching, eager hole. He hooked his thumbs in and spread it wide to go deeper. He circled his tongue and laved Rhys’s channel. Then he drew back and gently blew over the wet skin.

“Fill me, please,” Rhys begged.

Stryker slid one finger in and let Rhys contract around him. He finger fucked his beta slowly and watched the pleasure on his face. He withdrew and went to the cabinet to get a plug, picking an extra fat one tonight. He showed it to Rhys and ran it over his lips. Rhys sighed and arched to lift his ass.

Stryker took his time lubing the thick plug. It wasn’t molded to feel like a cock, but it was ribbed and did have a large, round bulb at the end. Stryker squirted lube inside Rhys as well before pushing the plug into him. It went slowly at first, but then it popped through the resistance and slid in several inches all at once. Rhys cried out, but then he moaned. Stryker pushed it in until the base met Rhys’s pucker, and then he pressed on the end and moved the toy within his beta.

“Nice and full, baby?” Stryker asked.

“Yes. Perfect.”

Stryker kept massaging the end to make the plug move in a slow circle and massage Rhys’s channel.

“I love you,” Rhys whispered, his gaze fixed on Stryker’s face.

Stryker leaned in for a soft kiss and caressed Rhys’s ass. “And I love you. Tell me what’s wrong. I can’t stand knowing you need something.”

“After.” Rhys tilted his head to kiss Stryker’s cheek. “Take me first.”

Stryker drew back and moved down to suckle Rhys’s cock for another long moment. “You’re getting spanked first, baby. You’ve been keeping secrets.”

Rhys turned his head away but lifted his ass higher. “Punish me then.”

Stryker picked out a medium-sized paddle for this spanking. The surface was covered in a textured material that felt like a cross between silk and velvet, but the hard surface still made Rhys cry out loudly with every strike. Licking his lips, Stryker watched his beta’s skin pinken. He didn’t like to make it go bright red, though at times Rhys pushed him to that. Stryker loved the subtleties of their relationship and the fact that Rhys wanted and needed different things each time they touched. If Stryker had chosen a natural beta from his own planet, it wouldn’t have been this way. The beta, most likely, would’ve been constantly submissive and always seeking to please Stryker, even down to asking for things that would please Stryker more while neglecting his own desires. Stryker loved that Rhys always asked for what he needed when it came to his pleasure.

Stryker threw the paddle aside and knelt on the bed. He massaged the end of the plug to stimulate Rhys more as he kissed his inflamed skin. He licked at the spots that seemed especially tender. Rhys sighed and arched, begging to be taken. His cock lay against his stomach, leaking fluid. His balls looked heavy with cum, and Stryker took one into his mouth.

Rhys cried out, and Stryker sucked gently as he drew the plug from Rhys’s body. The lube he preferred tasted like citrus, and Stryker slid his tongue into Rhys to tease him. More sighs met his ears, and he added a finger to play with Rhys’s prostate. When Rhys’s cries grew louder, Stryker drew back and stroked himself. He gazed down at Rhys and studied his face. The pleasure in his expression couldn’t be denied, but something in his eyes still troubled Stryker.

Stryker leaned down and kissed Rhys’s forehead. “I’m going to take you, and then you’re going to tell me what you want. What you need. I’d never deny you anything, Rhys.”

Rhys chewed his lower lip and nodded. “I know,” he whispered.

Stryker got into position. That response made him long to ask what had Rhys so worried, but his need to be inside Rhys couldn’t be denied. He slid home easily, as they’d always fit together so perfectly. He lowered himself to cover Rhys’s body with his and kiss his neck. They fucked slowly, much more slowly than Stryker had intended, but he felt the uncertainty coming from Rhys. He wished to reassure his beta and comfort him.

Grinding against Rhys’s recently spanked ass made many little whimpers fall from Rhys’s lips, but his eyes shone with need as he looked up at Stryker. Pressing closer to create more friction, Stryker dropped a kiss to Rhys’s lips. Rhys responded hungrily and began to rub his ass against Stryker groin even harder.

“Fill me, Stryker,” Rhys whispered. “I want your seed.”

Stryker pushed deeper and then began a series of short thrusts. He came with a shudder as Rhys clenched around him. Their gazes locked, and Stryker knew what Rhys wanted. He hadn’t spilled yet, and just the thought of him still in need roused Stryker’s cock. He slid out and went on his knees again. He lapped at the seed dripping from Rhys’s ass and teased his heavy balls as well. He could feel how much Rhys needed to come. He gently freed Rhys’s legs and lowered them. Rising from the bed, Stryker took up the lube again and coated his finger, quickly preparing his own entrance. Being fucked by one’s beta was a natural part of the full claiming, but most alphas didn’t allow it often after that coupling. Fucking an alpha was supposed to be a rare treat, a reward for very good betas, but Stryker gave in every time Rhys wanted to fuck him. He loved switching and being fucked by Rhys, and he simply adored the feel his little beta’s cum inside him.

Rhys licked his lips as Stryker straddled him and guided his cock. Stryker lowered himself slowly and opened his ass up for the penetration. Watching Rhys’s face during this always gave him pleasure. His little beta could be so expressive, every single movement of his lips and eyes telling Stryker how much pleasure he was feeling.

You can also check out the first Beta book HERE

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

NEW RELEASE: Bear Mountain #5 -- A Second Chance with Two Bears is HERE!!

After Ben’s mates are murdered, Red and Quentin quickly move in to comfort the human.  Their animal instinct drives them closer—because they realize Ben is now meant for them.  They watch over and protect the broken man, allowing him to mourn and grieve for the love he lost, ever hopeful they’ll one day be able to claim what is theirs.

Ben eventually senses their connection, once the haze of despair begins to fade.  Yet he cannot stop the guilt that causes from consuming him.  He clings to the pain and memory of what was, instead of allowing himself to think of what could be.

When Ben attempts to leave Bear Mountain behind, his bears race to stop him.  He knows he has nothing left to give them and demands they let him go.  So Red and Quentin make him an offer—he can go if he agrees to one night in their arms.

Can he possibly leave after that?


He rose from the bed and pulled Mick’s robe about him. After a deep inhale, he walked out into the living space of the cabin. Ben put on a pot of water for tea, but not before glimpsing a glow coming from the kitchen window.

He dropped the kettle onto the stove and raced for the front door. Whipping it open, he ran to the porch and saw the two large bears lumbering away.

“Wait!” he cried, instinctively knowing who they were.

Both bears paused and looked back at him.

Ben stood at the edge of the porch, knowing he should be angry at the two of them, but he also knew they only sought to protect him.

He was theirs, in their mind. He understood the need bears had to claim what they considered theirs. 

Watching as the two made their way back, Red shifted seconds before Quentin did. They stood there, nude, and in their human form. Ben sucked in a breath as he let his gaze take the two in. He’d never seen them naked, although he was likely wrong about that. Bear shifters had no shame and were often naked in public, after a shift. 

But Ben had never noticed their nudity—until now. 

Red’s cock was long and heavy, hanging like a thick vine between his powerful thighs. He wasn’t even erect, only semi-hard and it made Ben wonder what the male looked like hard and needy… and ready to claim.

Quentin’s was smaller, but not by much. His, too, hung heavily between his thighs. 

Ben licked his lips, wondering what they tasted like. He wondered what it would feel like to have them inside him, driving his need to mind-altering lengths. Claiming his flesh as their own.

The reaction from his own body was stifling. Ben began to sweat slightly. He was rock hard and thankful for the thick, oversized robe to hide his burgeoning need.

“What were you doing looking in my window?” he demanded, sounding angrier than he was.

Quentin had enough sense to look slightly ashamed. Red lifted his chin, completely brazen.

“We check on you every night,” Red said. “Every single night for the past four months. After we close up the restaurant, we come here and ensure you’re safe and sleeping soundlessly before we curl up and sleep on your porch since you kicked us out of the house.”

Ben was struck by the words. His heart started to pound even harder. “You sleep on my porch?”

“How else will we protect what’s—protect you?” Red answered.

Ben knew how to fill in the blanks. He’d heard the comment before from others. Protect what’s ours. 

“I never asked you to protect me,” Ben spat, even though the thought of them out here, watching over him, gave him a small thrill. “I don’t need guard bears, sleeping at my door.”

“You didn’t have to ask,” Quentin said. “We’re here for you, even if you don’t think you need us.”

Ben looked down Quentin’s strong body. He needed alright. He needed to feel their strength against his. He needed to feel them inside him. He wanted them to claim him and fill him with their desire. 

Anything, to take the emptiness away.

“And if I do need you?” he asked, breathless.

Both bears stiffened. He glanced down and saw them both begin to grow even harder. Longer. Thicker. They were massively huge, and Ben could barely breathe from the sight. His own cock was rock hard and throbbing under the robe, screaming for release.

Mick’s robe.

Unease filled him at the thought. He tried to ignore the guilt this time and pushed it down before it ruined what he was feeling.

Red climbed the three stairs that led to the porch and stopped inches from Ben. His cockhead brushed against the furry, ratty robe.

“What is it you need?” Red asked, his raw voice barely above a whisper.

Take me. Fuck me. Hard. Spank me. Whip me. Punish me for having these wicked thoughts in my mind. Punish me for being a horrible mate. Punish me for not loving Mick and Eli as I should have. Punish me for not saving them.

All the words were swimming in his mind, but he couldn’t voice them. He couldn’t tell these two about the war raging within him. One side wanted them to take him, to make him feel whole again—to make him feel loved and wanted. The other side, it told him how disgusting he was for his need. It reminded him of yet another failure.

He couldn’t stay true to his mates. 

“Make me feel less lonely,” was all he could get out.

Friday, October 30, 2015

November 2015 Writing Update

I made series pages and a coming soon page -- so I thought these updates wouldn't be needed anymore.  But I received a couple of messages when there wasn't any for September or October, so here's November before I get beaten with a wet noodle.

You know who you are.

Bronc Buster, the final story in the Tales of Triple M Ranch series, just released.  I'm kind of sad the series is ending, but it feels right to not drag it out any more than where it naturally should end.  Mack's story will hopefully tie everything up nicely.

Mid-month, the 5th installment of the Bear Mountain series will be released, A Second Chance with Two Bears.  This is Ben's story.  And I'm not giving away ANY spoilers besides that little morsel.  I WILL share that the series has grown to at least seven books at this point.  If it makes sense to continue... if it feels right... there *MIGHT* be more than seven.  I really enjoy writing about these bears and their community, so as long as we're all happy, let the good times roll.

At the end of the month, we'll finally see GRAIG -- I know I messed up big time by not releasing it on time.  But it was either give you guys a less than superior story on time or pull release and make it right.  I opted for make it right, especially since I had another release within days of this one.  Why did I pull?  A final line editor found a plot hole.  The more I tried to fix it, the more that became unraveled.  I had to do some major rewrites to fix and it wasn't done in time.

What am I working on now?  I've still got the final JLC book to come.  I think Jax's twin, Jason, deserves a happy ending.  I've also got more in the Dead Ones stories to come.  More bears, of course.  There WILL be another BOUND book, sometime in the semi-near future.

And there is a new series I've got in development.  More badass shifters and I'm excited!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

NEW RELEASE -- Bronc Buster - Tales from Triple M Ranch #5

The final story is here!  Mack Maitland gets his HEA.

Shot in the chest, Mack Maitland is left for dead on his ranch, the Triple M. When his hands finally find him, he’s nearly knocking on the Pearly Gates. Luckily for him, Dr. Timothy McArthur has a selfish need to see Mack survive.

Tim has always felt a rush of desire every time he laid eyes on the handsome widower. Mack is straight as an arrow, and Tim had always thought himself the same, so the doctor pushes the need he feels down deep. Being one of only five doctors in a small ranching community keeps him too busy to think about having a love life.

When Mack mutters something in his post-op drugged state, it floors Tim. And makes him realize that maybe there’s a chance.

A chance that scares the hell out of him.   

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The nurse walked closer and placed a hand on Tim’s shoulder.  “He’s healing more and more each day.  I have a strong feeling your friend is going to come back to you as strong as ever.  You’ll get the chance to tell him how you feel soon enough.”
Tim turned to her, stunned.  “How I feel?  I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
Her stare softened.  “When a person is close to death, the truth often comes out.  Whether it’s in words or in body language.  It doesn’t take a mind reader to see how you feel written all over your face.”
Tim was stunned into silence.
“Maybe telling him how you feel might be healing for you both,” she said, her voice low.  “Hearing how much you want him to improve might give him the will to wake up.”
Tim looked to the bed, knowing he couldn’t voice the words out loud.  Mack wouldn’t want him. Yet the chance to say what was in his heart to a man who couldn’t hear him was tempting.
Mack’s nurse headed out, leaving him alone with his thoughts.  After standing there, trying to decide if he should do it or not, he pulled a chair close to the bed and sat down.  Gripping Mack’s large hand in his, he went for it.
Perhaps saying the words aloud and getting them off his chest would make it easier to let those feelings go.
“Mack… I know you likely don’t want to hear this from me, but I’m going to tell you anyway.  I’ve always liked women, always known I was straight… until meeting you two years ago confused the hell out of me.  When you walked into the clinic, I began getting excited you were there.  My heart would speed up at the sight of you walking down the halls.”
Mack’s hand tightened on his, giving him the strength to continue.
“And the thought of you holding me… it comes to me at night… me in your arms… it makes me think of nothing else.”
“Come’ere,” Mack warbled, his eyes still closed.
Tim froze, wondering if Mack had just asked him to come closer.  It couldn’t be, yet the opportunity for a stolen moment made him shake with need.  He released Mack’s hand and rose to his feet.  Careful of all the wires and leads, Tim crawled into the side of the bed and wrapped his arms around the large, muscled man.
Mack’s hand lifted and gripped Tim’s arm, holding him tightly.
“I… love you, too,” Mack said softly, his usually deep voice barely a whisper.
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