Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Release - Flesh for Fantasy

2056 A.D.

Heartbroken from a failed relationship, Jacob isn't ready to go back into the meat market, yet he can't ignore the loneliness inside. He turns to a cybernetic lover at the urging of one of his friends. What seems like the perfect escape from reality turns into a nightmare when Jacob has to tell the machine every single step in the lovemaking process. To make matters worse, Jacob wants to be mastered, not a master. Instructing his Cybernetic Automated Lover is just too much work.

A freak accident shuts Cal down and when the cyborg reawakens, he’s changed. Jacob gets what he wanted in the first place, but fear and unease hold him back from taking his lucky break. Then Jacob's walls are then shattered and he has to face the hurt he's held on too long.

Cal becomes everything Jacob could ever want but can Jacob accept the love he deserves?


I want to be mastered, not be a master … I want a man to dominate me … I want a man to throw me down on the bed, tie me up, spank my bottom, and have his wicked way with me.
Cal’s eyes flew open, his circuits zipping through his body as the voice of his owner echoed in his ears. Those were some of the last words he remembered hearing before he’d been struck by lightning. Blackness had settled until he’d finally been able to reboot his system. He rolled his head on his neck, his body stiff and sore after the strike. Checking for damage, Cal lifted to his feet and stretched each of his limbs, and found none. A full system analysis showed no lingering electrical issues. He took a deep breath and gazed around the room.

Somehow, he’d been brought back to his owner’s apartment. Soft light was filtering through the windows, warning of morning. A lone bird sang in a tree nearby, filling Cal’s hears with its lovely song.

Cal walked toward his master’s bedroom, ready to perform the last instructions he’d been given. I want to be mastered, not be a master … I want a man to dominate me … I want a man to throw me down on the bed, tie me up, spank my bottom, and have his wicked way with me.

Jacob lay in his bed, nude and fast asleep. Cal wondered if he should awaken his master and check to see if Jacob wanted him to perform his tasks now, but that seemed to trouble his owner. Perhaps he needed to do as his master seemed to require.

He walked to the closet where Jacob stored all his sexual toys and collected four cuffs and a paddle. Cal returned to the bed and began to bind the cuffs around Jacob’s wrists and attached them to the bedposts. His master writhed a little on the bed, but never awoke. Cal continued, adding the remaining cuffs to Jacob’s ankles. He lifted one of his master’s legs closer to the headboard and attached it before gripping the other.

“Wha-what … what are you doing?” Jacob asked sleepily. “Cal? What are you doing?”

“What you instructed,” Cal said as he lifted the paddle and hefted it in his hand. He smacked his opposite palm, testing the strike against his nerve receptors.

“What is it … I … ah … instructed you to do?”

“You said you wanted to be mastered, tied to the bed, paddled, and what I assume means to be fucked. Am I correct?”
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