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Thursday, September 1, 2022

Mini Spoilers -- His Reluctant Omega (Wilder and Avery's Story)

If you haven't seen the news yet -- Wilder and Avery's story (finally) released this past Friday. If you don't get my newsletter to get the announcement, here's the link to purchase His Reluctant Omega.

MINI SPOILERS below... you have been warned. Go read the book first if you don't want to hear certain tidbits!!!

Since release, I've had a couple of questions that have been repeated a few times, so I thought I would clear up any misconceptions with a blog post...

1. Is the Tulla from Suddenly His Alpha the same Tulla from His Reluctant Omega? He seems like a different character.

Yes, they are the same person! 

The two stories happen about 20 years apart. In SHA, Tulla is just meeting his alpha for the first time and he's about 24 years of age. If you recall, Beckett and Rohan run into one another at the ball pre-Rohan and Jamie, so this happens well in the past. 

We know Rohan is in his early to mid 40's by His Surrogate Omega... Tulla is likely about the same age as Rohan, so by His Reluctant Omega, Tulla is in his mid-40s.

Yes, he also seems very different. Twenty years and a tumultuous life have an impact on anyone. He's no longer a bright-eyed twenty-something. He's approaching mid-life and he's lived a very hard one, as you can clearly see from the story. Imagine the person you were twenty years ago... you've likely changed quite a bit. So has Tulla.

2. Avery mentions that Lake can't hide his heat with the same drugs Avery uses because "people are watching Lake", so why isn't the same true of Avery?

Lake is only 17 and still attends an omega school. He's got teachers and administrators expecting him to go into his first heat at any time (the average age is 167). If he didn't go into heat, they would eventually think something was wrong.

Avery had already gone into heat and been sent to the OQ. Once dumped there, the authorities don't keep an intense watch over him. He's behind a wall, so they see him as "taken care of" so to speak. And betas live in the OQ, too. They live and work there. Betas can be anywhere in the province as they don't have issues with heats and ruts. So, no, the guards would think nothing of a beta going in and out of the OQ.

Have any other questions you are dying to know? Just ask. You can always hit me up on social media or my email!


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