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Sunday Spotlight - Lisa Oliver and Fagin's Folly

Welcome Lisa Oliver back to Sunday Spotlight! She's sharing a bit from her new release, Fagin's Folly, Alpha and Omega Series, 6


Fagin Mars, alpha-heir of his father's pack, had two possible life paths. On the one hand, he could do what his father demanded; mate with a female wolf shifter and take over the pack or...something else entirely. Fagin was opting for option two. After a terse exchange with his father, Fagin gets permission to go on a road trip for thirty days. He wants to find his true mate. It shouldn't be that hard, should it?

Cooper Samuels stayed well away from wolf packs. As an omega, he knew the terrors he'd have to face if he ever got caught in pack territory. Which is why he worked for a human accounting services firm and never told anyone about the furry side of his nature. That was, until he went to meet a prospective new client as a biker bar called Fagin's Folly. He should've known his life was going to change the moment someone barrelled into him and knocked him over. 

But just because the Fates stepped in and put these two men on the same path, didn't mean the journey was going to be easy. Things aren't all as they seem in Fagin's home pack and things turn nasty after a night on the town. Kidnappings, challenges and the archaic notions many shifters believed about omega wolves was enough for Fagin to consider handcuffs and not the kinky kind. Will Fagin have to give up his mate so soon after finding him, just to ensure his mate's safety?

Like all of the books in the Alpha and Omega series, this can be read as a standalone and has no connections to the others in this series. Contains some violence, an Omega who quickly finds his backbone and an Alpha wolf who realizes love is worth any sacrifice. M/M, HEA, No cliffhangers. 


Crap-sticks. Cooper was alone in a surprisingly clean office big enough for a cluttered desk and three chairs, and a guy whose scent was making it difficult to concentrate. The guy was a wolf shifter and suddenly Cooper was aware of how vulnerable he was. 

“I didn’t want to cause any trouble by coming here. I wasn’t aware this place was owned by wolves,” he said quickly. “My boss sent me because the call said you needed an accountant to help file your taxes. I can call someone else to come in,” he indicated the door as he edged towards it. “I don’t expect you to work with me and as you said, you’re going on a trip, so I can just see myself out and tell my boss to call you?”

“Where do you think you’re going little omega?”

Gulp. Was it too much to hope he wouldn’t notice that annoying little fact? Cooper studied his feet. Meeting the man-wolf’s eyes was not advisable. “Leaving? Removing myself from your presence as I’m sure it offends you? I just want to get out of here because I’ve no desire to get my head bashed in, or worse.” Now would be a really good time to shut up.

“We seem to be suffering from a communication breakdown. Please, take a seat.” Fagin’s voice had none of the animosity Cooper was used to from alpha wolves, but now he had another dilemma. 

I don’t know your rules. I don’t dare ask. Where am I meant to sit? On the floor? Giving his suit up as lost anyway, Cooper crossed his legs and sat on the floor. It’s not as though the chairs looked comfortable anyway. 

“What the hell?” 

Cooper held his breath as the alpha’s face came into view. “You called me Omega,” Cooper muttered. “Where I came from, Omegas sit on the floor.”

Fagin growled, and Cooper ducked instinctively. Although it had been ten years since he’d heard the low menacing rumble from an alpha, his wolf still reacted as though it was yesterday. The growl got louder in response and Cooper felt his heart start to pound rapidly and black spots appeared in front of his eyes. 

“Please get up. In this office you sit on a chair,” Fagin grumbled. “Or better yet, my lap. Who do I need to kill for causing my mate to cower this way?”

Kill? Mate? That feeling of falling into the twilight zone increased. At least his hardened cock made sense, but Cooper didn’t know how to act around alphas any other way. Years of conditioning made some things instinctive. Focusing on what he could handle, Cooper made to get up but before he’d got his feet under him properly the office door opened and hit him on the ass. He went flying again ñ this time into the corner of Fagin’s desk. Fuck, that hurts, Cooper thought as he crashed to the floor and the lights went out.

Adult Excerpt

“Weren’t you just telling me, I really shouldn’t give a damn what people think?” Fagin’s eyes showed his resolve. “I fully plan on letting you take me one day. Not today, I don’t think either one of us are there yet, but there is going to come a time when I’m not behaving like an idiot and you trust me with all you are. I know I’ve set that back some with my actions over the weekend, but we’ve not known each other long. It will come. I promise.”

Cooper’s mouth was dry, his mind assailed with wicked images a good little omega should never be thinking of. He imagined the taste of Fagin’s skin under his tongue; tracing over every ink stroke engraved there while his cock brushed against the swell of Fagin’s naked ass. He heard a groan and was shocked to hear it came from him. Fagin’s smirk didn’t help matters. 

“You’re thinking about it, aren’t you, my delicious little Omega.” Fagin’s fingers burned through Cooper’s shirt and Cooper arched into the touch. “You’re imagining what it’d be like to delve between my ass cheeks, maybe tease my virgin hole with your tongue as you work to make me ready for you.”

Cooper’s eyes fluttered closed and he groaned deliberately this time. His pants were sticking to the end of his dick and his ass begged to be filled. Fagin’s hand behind his neck pulled him closer, and a shiver ran down Cooper’s spine as Fagin licked up and then nibbled down the tendons in his neck. “You can feel it now, can’t you.” The sound of a zipper had never sounded so loud. A slight breeze and a firm clasp around his dick, let Cooper know it was his. 

“Your cock sinking into my tight heat,” Fagin’s voice lowered in a growl. “Feeling my whole body clench around you as you thrust deep.”

“Fagin.” Cooper pleaded. He didn’t know what he needed, but fuck, he needed it now. One rip later and his ass was exposed. Cooper pushed his butt out as Fagin’s finger ran down his crack. 

“Imagine surrounded by the heat of my body.” Fagin slid a finger deep inside and Cooper cried out. 

There was a fumble and a second finger joined the first. Cooper could feel his slick running down his butt and there was a tiny part screaming at him that his suit was ruined. But all he wanted in that moment was for Fagin’s length to fill him, thrust into him, pound into him ñ anything to take away the ache he felt in the pit of his stomach. 

About the Author

Lisa Oliver had been writing non-fiction books for years when visions of half dressed, buff men started invading her dreams.  Unable to resist the lure of her stories, Lisa decided to switch to fiction books, and now stories about her men clamor to get out from under her fingertips.  

When Lisa is not writing, she is usually reading with a cup of tea always at hand. Her grown children and grandchildren sometimes try and pry her away from the computer and have found that the best way to do it, is to promise her chocolate.  Lisa will do anything for chocolate.

Lisa loves to hear from her readers and other writers. You can friend her on Facebook (, catch up on whatís happening at her blog ( or email her directly at

and if you are keen on excerpts teasers and cover reveals join my group :) 

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#FlashbackFriday - CLAIMING CALLUM (Alaxian Heirs,1)

Flashback Friday

Claiming Callum
Alaxian Heirs, 1

An alien prince was hidden on Earth twenty-five years ago, his freedom a casualty of the Alaxian Civil War.

Callum Walters has no idea of his true origins, growing up believing he’s a typical human alongside his best friend Trex. Callum hides his desire for Trex, afraid the truth will tear them apart.

When he’s attacked by strange men, Trex jumps into action, protecting Callum from danger. Callum is whisked on board an alien ship and taken off Earth. His whole world is stripped from him—everything but Trex.

Yet that relationship is changed, too. Trex is his bodyguard, sworn to his duty to the royal family, not the man Callum thought him. Betrayed, Callum pushes Trex away.

Trex refuses to be pushed and has more secrets to share with Callum, one which will bind them forever.

“Would you jump in front of a bullet to save me?” Callum asked, his mouth working faster than his brain.

Trex turned, his stare capturing Callum’s. “I would.”

Trex’s stare held more than his admission. There was something else bubbling underneath.


“Why would you be so hellbent on doing your duty for a planet you’ve never seen?”

Trex lifted his chin and strolled closer. “Because I was taught the Alaxian ways. When no one was around, my parents taught me the rituals and rites of our world. I understand what is at stake. I may not have seen that world, but I understand it and its traditions. And I know what my reward will be for doing my duty well.”

“Reward? I knew money had to be involved. So what do you get for protecting me?”

Trex closed in, stopping within inches of Callum. He lifted a hand and caressed the side of Callum’s face. Callum’s knees felt weak again, and he nearly dropped to the mattress. He refused to show weakness in Trex’s sight, though, and fought to stay upright, ignoring the spiraling lust caused by Trex’s nearness.

“Not all rewards are monetary,” Trex whispered before kissing Callum.

Callum felt the first touch of Trex’s lips on his, and his body exploded with need. A spark lit through him, like an electric surge that almost took his breath away. He’d wanted Trex for so long, dreaming of this moment. Trex moved his hand, sliding it to the back of Callum’s neck and drawing him closer. The kiss ignited, their lips and tongues warring with one another as Callum pressed his hands against Trex’s chest.

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Livre Sortie - Réclamé par Deux Ours (Bear Mountain en français, 2) par Kelex

Élevé par des ours-garous, Paul s’est toujours senti à part. En tant qu’humain, il n’est pas autorisé à jouer un rôle actif dans la communauté des métamorphes qui l’a entouré toute sa vie. Quand son travail à Bear Mountain est remis en cause, il envisage de quitter la seule maison qu’il a toujours connue pour partir à la recherche de l’élément qui a toujours manqué dans sa vie.

Les bêtas, Brynn et Tomas attendent leur compagnon humain depuis de nombreuses années. Quand un nouveau-né orphelin est déposé sur le seuil de leur porte, ils savent qu’il grandira un jour afin de devenir leur partenaire. Ignorant leurs instincts protecteurs, ils quittent la vallée, laissant l’homme derrière eux, car qu’ils ne peuvent pas faire partie de sa vie ou bien ils menaceraient l’avenir qu’ils partageront un jour.

Quand les deux ours reviennent enfin pour découvrir que Paul est devenu un homme, ils savent qu’il est temps pour eux de réclamer celui qu’ils ont toujours su être à eux.

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Sunday Spotlight: A.M. Halford and Photographic Heart

Welcome A.M. Halford back to Sunday Spotlight. A.M. is sharing a bit from their new release, Photographic Heart, Itáyu Lake 8 

Brannon has come to Itáyu Lake to find his mate after having his prophetic dream. While there, he stops to visit his aunts Bridget and Erin and catch up on what has happened at the lake.

Kyle Glass-Symphony heard of Spirit Valley from a friend and has risked his life to return to the states to photographic the natural beauty of the area. He’s not disappointed and soon finds himself engrossed in his task, which lands him in a tight spot hanging off a cliff.

When Brannon helps save his human mate, Kyle returns the favor and invites him for dinner. Sparks fly instantly between the two, but their start will not be smooth sailing. Kyle’s got a blood thirsty stepmother after him, hell bent on seeing him dead for his fortune. To top it off, seems fate has a gift in store for the new couple, a baby?

Can they survive Kyle’s stepmother to make a family together?

Buy Link - 


“Yes!” He smiled as he sat up and looked at the scroll. Man, his friend had certainly been right. This place was amazing! 

After standing, he brushed off the dirt and dried plants clinging to him and whistled. An energetic bark filtered to him before a black-and-white dog came bounding up out of the brush. “Hey, girl.” Kyle scratched behind her ears and set off for another location. He’d spotted a set of high rocks just a bit behind him and knew he could get some great shots from up there.

Heading for the trails, he tossed a stick ahead of him for Amber to chase. The pit mix had never left his side since he’d found her on the streets in Toronto, and he didn’t think his life would be the same without her. Together they’d gone everywhere. India, Egypt, the Congo, China, Japan, Brazil, and Tanzania. Recently he’d just gotten back to the States from another trip to India. He loved that country and the natural beauty found there.

Upon reaching the rocks, he set his bag down and pulled out some rope. A trick he’d learned from a wildlife photographer—sometimes you had to risk your life to get the best shots. Kyle tied one end of the rope to a secure, live tree, and then wrapped the other end around his waist. He made sure the rope would hold and shuffled to the end of the rock so his arms and half of his chest were dangling over the ledge.

Just as he’d thought, this vantage point gave him the best visual lines, unobstructed by the rest of the natural land. 

Amber sat behind him, her attention set on keeping him safe. He doubted there was anything for her to protect him from out here. Then again, who was he to tell her not to do her job? She didn’t argue with him when he moved them all over the globe, so he could humor her desire to constantly keep him safe.

Taking two deep breaths, Kyle tuned out of the world and focused only on what he could see through his lens. The mastery. The beauty. The details only found in nature. All of it came alive through his lens. Ducks coming to land in the lake. Deer peeking out to get a drink. Fish jumping, disturbing the tranquil surface. And all of it encased by the mountains reflected perfectly on the dark water.

He was so lost in his pictures that he didn’t notice Amber growling until he heard someone ask, “What are you doing?” 

Amber barked, meaning his visitor was getting a little too close for her comfort. 

With effort, Kyle maneuvered back onto the rock and turned onto his back. Quickly, he snapped a photo of the man who’d snuck up on him.

“Taking pictures.” Kyle smirked as he sat up. “What does it look like I’m doing?” 

“Rock climbing. Poorly,” the man gibed, his charming, boyish looks tugging at Kyle’s desires. Yeah, fine, it may have been a minute or two since he’d last gotten any. The countries he frequented weren’t exactly known for their open-minded views on same-sex relations.

The man took a step toward him, and Amber barked in warning. “Easy, girl.” Kyle ran his hands down her smooth, short coat. “He doesn’t mean us any harm, do you?”

Okay, a presumptuous thing to assume considering the amount of people in Kyle’s life who did mean him harm. There was just something about this stranger, though. Kyle couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but he knew on instinct that he wasn’t there to hurt them.

“No, I don’t mean you harm.” The man took a step back as if to show Amber he was friendly.

Kyle got to his feet and dusted himself off again. He did that a lot in his profession. As he fretted about his own appearance, he appraised the one before him. Thick, even luscious, golden-blond hair shone in the evening sunlight. Eyes the color of the greenest emeralds captured his attention and held him in thrall. The rest of the stranger was equally easy on the eyes, but not overly gorgeous. There was a definite male quality to him that drew Kyle in.

“I’m Brannon,” the stranger said easily, that boy-next-door charm seeping through.


Brannon took a step forward, and Kyle instinctively mirrored the action. It was Amber that got between them and growled again, warning Brannon away. As Kyle took a step back, his foot slipped on a few loose rocks, and he lost his balance.

Cursing, he fell backward over the rock face. 

“Kyle!” Brannon shouted while Amber barked worriedly.

“I’m okay.” Kyle let out a gasp, the rope around his middle digging in painfully. Maybe he should invest in a harness?

“I’m going to pull you up.”

“Thanks. I appreciate it.”

He heard a couple of grunts and growls, and Kyle grinned at the effort put in. When he got back to the top, he saw Amber tugging on the rope with Brannon. As soon as struggled onto the ledge, she rushed him, licking his face before grabbing his shirt and tugging directly on him.

“My hero,” Kyle said with a laugh, petting his dog once he got clear of the danger.

“Are you okay?” Brannon demanded, worry in his gorgeous eyes as he came to kneel in front of Kyle.

“I am now. Thank you. How about I repay you for the rescue with dinner?”

“It’s a date.” Brannon beamed.

Buy Link:

About A.M. Halford:

A.M. Halford lives in Southern Oregon and enjoys spending as much time outside as she possibly can. Her and her partner often find themselves hiking with their two dogs when the weather permits it. Fishing, camping, and photography are also activities she greatly enjoys. If the weather doesn’t permit going outside she likes to curl up with a sketch book and draw whatever comes to mind.

A.M. Halford got into writing as an outlet for personal therapy and has since expanded that into a hobby and profession that she fully enjoys. she often writes down anything that comes to mind, combing through the ideas and expanding on plots that sound the most interesting. She like to writes believable relations between people overcoming unfair hardships set before them. She always loves a happy ending and no matter the hell her characters go through they’ll always get their forever person.

Find A.M. Halford below:

Website  *  Facebook  *  Twitter  *  MeWe  *  Goodreads  *  Bookstrand

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