Thursday, March 25, 2021

Holy Lingerie Clad Men Batman!

Searching over the interwebs yesterday, I stumbled across a treasure trove of men in lingerie pics -- several that I couldn't share on my Manties Monday in my FB group (are you not there yet? Why not? Also -- answer ALL my questions or I won't accept!)

Anywho -- there were a handful of shots that would most definitely put me in FB jail, so I'll post them here instead. (I once got jailed for posting a bare bottom. Really? 😳)


Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The Plague Hath Wrought Havoc

 I caught COVID.

Was down and out for a month, most of February and into March.

It's still lingering 7weeks+ later and I am not 100%. Getting there.

Trying to get the new Omegaverse book done. Will hopefully be soon but please bear with me.


Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Saturday, January 16, 2021

ON SALE - His Stepson Wears Lace

 E-book on sale for 99 cents -- for a limited time!

His Stepson Wears Lace

by Kelex

Amazon/Kindle Unlimited

The first time Jereme Oliver was caught in his mother’s lingerie, it ended up being the most embarrassing and soul-tormenting moment of his life. For several years, he buried his needs and never spoke a word to anyone about his sexuality or fetishes, afraid he would endure more pain and anguish. When he has the house to himself one night while visiting from college, the desire to play dress-up screams in his veins. Thinking he’s safe, he pulls on some of his mother’s lingerie, adds some makeup and one of her wigs, and revels in the image staring back at him in the mirror. 

Nearly a year before, Anson Parker woke up in Vegas, married to a virtual stranger. Instead of annulling the marriage, he attempted to make it work solely on the basis that his new bride drove his controlling father crazy and that alone made him happy. Yet, no matter how much he tried to find a way through, eventually divorce seems like the only answer.

Anson goes home early to make one last-ditch effort and finds his wife finally wearing the gorgeous lingerie he’d bought her several months before. He knows that sex can’t be the only basis of a healthy relationship, but he can’t contain his lust when he sees her decked out in all that silk and lace. He sidles up behind her—hungry, hard, and ready.

After a line is crossed, he realizes it’s his stepson… not his wife… and both their worlds are turned upside down forevermore.


Be prepared for a sexy crossdresser, his loving daddy, and a little touch of BDSM in the mix -- this 49,000+ word Daddy Kink book is a mix of heat and loving romance!


Friday, January 15, 2021

Snow Place Like Home by Kelex

I haven't been doing a great job of updating info on my site here... I had a new release on January 1st and didn't even post it!

Better late than never, right? I must do better this year. 



by Kelex

After fate cock-blocks Ezra Taylor in the worst way possible on New Year’s Eve, he sprints home in shame. Ever the introvert, he had no business being out on that particular night, anyway. That’s what he gets for trying to be the good guy and help his suddenly single best friend make it through the holidays.

But fate proves that it’s not quite done with him when the source of his embarrassment becomes his new downstairs neighbor. Suddenly, home isn’t the haven it’s always been.

Luckily, Lincoln doesn’t seem to remember Ezra.

Or does he?


If you adore sexy men in lingerie and the daddies who love them, this might be the novella for you! Sweet with lots of heat...

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Long Time No Hear...

 I know there are some of you that follow me here and nowhere else... and you've likely wondered what the hell is going on this year and why there's so few books. I've posted on social media here and there, but not here, so this is to catch anyone up who doesn't know.

TL;DR is at the bottom

After years of releasing anywhere from 12-24 books a year, I've only had ONE book in 2020.


Well, 2020 is part of the reason. I was already in a bit of a slump at the end of 2019. Exhausted after MANY years of writing like crazy. It was bound to happen -- I've sensed the hard crash was coming. Sadly it coincided with the shittiest year on record. Since COVID arrived, it's been very hard to focus on ANYTHING. I've heard from many readers and authors saying they're struggling to do the things they love, from reading to writing, to whatever. I'm definitely in that boat.

Add in a case of kidney stones, lots of doomscrolling, watching the world burn, massive depression, and attempts to crochet/bake/paint my way out of that depression from February through August.

Then in mid-October, I was starting to get a bit of a second wind and then I found out my mother has breast cancer. After her diagnosis, I took some time off to spend with her and research what was ahead. (I had been writing -- I was 75% done with Daddy Tales #3 when I heard the news.) She had surgery on Nov 20th, and my daughter and I took her into our home and cared for her afterward. She's healing very well and has her first follow-up appointment this afternoon and will find out if it has spread and if chemo or radiation comes next. Fingers crossed.

So, yeah, 2020 has seriously been a shitshow.


After Mom had healed up a little and I felt like I could return to work, I was asked to be a part of a major promotion with a large group of MM authors. It meant stopping work on Daddy Tales #3 and working on that project.

That project was supposed to be a short winter-themed novella, around 10,000 to 25,000 words. When the story I was working on went well past 30,000 and was NOWHERE near done, I knew I needed to start another project. The story was too good to cut down to fit. 

So I began another idea... which is now finished and will be coming out very early in January 2021. It's in my editor's hands and I'll share some info real soon.

And since the story that grew too long is a winter story, I'm jumping back on that so I don't have to sit on it until next winter to release. I'm hoping to get it out by the end of January, but given the situation with my mom's health, I can't commit to that -- but I'm seriously going to try.

Once that's complete and off to the editor, I'll be back to work on Daddy Tales #3. It's 75% done, so hopefully shouldn't take too long to get that done, too. I'm currently eyeing February for that, but again, everything's up in the air with the health issues.

Also, for those of you who read and enjoyed my short "The Beastly Duke" last winter, I've dusted that off. I was briefly considering using it for that winter-themed promo story idea -- I added about 4K words before ultimately deciding it wasn't right for this group. BUT, since I've already added to the story, I do plan to add a little more and publish it, as well. No ETA on that -- it might have to sit until next winter. We shall see.

Avery's story is STILL on my mind. I'm very frustrated with that, but I have some help coming from a good friend (and great content editor.) I plan on having her read the FOURTH incarnation of the story and helping me get it over the hump. 

So there... yes, I have been working, just not as consistently as I would like to. Here's hoping that the year to come will be much better than the last.

For all of us.

TL;DR - The shitshow that is 2020 has been full of health issues, from mental health, to kidney stones, to cancer (my Mom, not me). I can't focus for shit but I'm finally getting semi-productive. I've got a FINISHED short novella coming in early Jan 2021, another story that's 65% done that I'm desperately trying to finish for late Jan/early Feb 2021 release. And Daddy Tales #3 is 75% done and I'm aiming for late winter/very early spring release.

And yes, Avery is still coming. I swear to GAWD.

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