Thursday, September 1, 2022

Mini Spoilers -- His Reluctant Omega (Wilder and Avery's Story)

If you haven't seen the news yet -- Wilder and Avery's story (finally) released this past Friday. If you don't get my newsletter to get the announcement, here's the link to purchase His Reluctant Omega.

MINI SPOILERS below... you have been warned. Go read the book first if you don't want to hear certain tidbits!!!

Since release, I've had a couple of questions that have been repeated a few times, so I thought I would clear up any misconceptions with a blog post...

1. Is the Tulla from Suddenly His Alpha the same Tulla from His Reluctant Omega? He seems like a different character.

Yes, they are the same person! 

The two stories happen about 20 years apart. In SHA, Tulla is just meeting his alpha for the first time and he's about 24 years of age. If you recall, Beckett and Rohan run into one another at the ball pre-Rohan and Jamie, so this happens well in the past. 

We know Rohan is in his early to mid 40's by His Surrogate Omega... Tulla is likely about the same age as Rohan, so by His Reluctant Omega, Tulla is in his mid-40s.

Yes, he also seems very different. Twenty years and a tumultuous life have an impact on anyone. He's no longer a bright-eyed twenty-something. He's approaching mid-life and he's lived a very hard one, as you can clearly see from the story. Imagine the person you were twenty years ago... you've likely changed quite a bit. So has Tulla.

2. Avery mentions that Lake can't hide his heat with the same drugs Avery uses because "people are watching Lake", so why isn't the same true of Avery?

Lake is only 17 and still attends an omega school. He's got teachers and administrators expecting him to go into his first heat at any time (the average age is 167). If he didn't go into heat, they would eventually think something was wrong.

Avery had already gone into heat and been sent to the OQ. Once dumped there, the authorities don't keep an intense watch over him. He's behind a wall, so they see him as "taken care of" so to speak. And betas live in the OQ, too. They live and work there. Betas can be anywhere in the province as they don't have issues with heats and ruts. So, no, the guards would think nothing of a beta going in and out of the OQ.

Have any other questions you are dying to know? Just ask. You can always hit me up on social media or my email!


Tuesday, August 30, 2022

OUT NOW! His Reluctant Omega

His Reluctant Omega

(Omega Quadrant, 2)

by Kelex

Omega Avery Stephens refuses to be the compliant, submissive mate he was raised to be. He’s tired of being told he’s less than and will have to wait for an alpha to come and ‘save’ him from the virtual prison that is the Omega Quadrant.

After his fathers die in a tragic accident, he must stand up and be responsible for his younger omega brothers. Knowing their savings will only last so long, he looks to the future. Avery will need an income and not the pittance an omega can make. He shears his long locks, purchases illegal scent blockers, and misrepresents himself into college under the pseudonym Abraham Norcross, a beta.

Once there, Avery does everything in his power to prove his kind can be more than ‘a womb with legs’, but when he comes across his alpha, he struggles not to be the stereotypical weak and needy omega. Instinct causes him to think too much about dropping to his knees and begging the man to fill him with a child.

Can he find a path somewhere between heaven and hell—and still hold on to his self-respect?
This is chonky 140,000 word gay non-shifter omegaverse book filled with a lot of love, some pain, a few tears (but not as many as the first book, I hope!), and plenty of spicy times between a loving alpha and his omega.

Wednesday, August 3, 2022


Yes, you read that right. I just finished the rough draft of His Reluctant Omega, the follow up to His Surrogate Omega, otherwise known as Avery and Wilder's story, just moments ago!!

This sucker is massive!

His Surrogate Omega, a pretty chonky book was 106,000 words.

His Reluctant Omega just hit 127, 325!! 

A chonky chonker.

I am exhausted and exhilarated.

Tomorrow, the hard work of self-edits begin and then I hope to have the whole thing to my editor very, very soon.

If all goes as planned, I hope to have it out later this month!

Thursday, February 24, 2022

It's been a while... WRITING UPDATE Early 2022

I haven't posted on here in some time. Since I've recently gotten a couple of emails asking what's coming, I figured I'd get my butt on here and do an update.

~I released a FREE NOVELLA last month, One Night With The Boss (A Daddy Tales Story), on Prolific Works with the Your Book Boyfriend's Boyfriend promotion. Getting a PW account is free and you can download the story here:  It'll be free until Dec 31, 2022 and then on Amazon after that date. 

~I'm at 86,000 words on One Week With His Stepbrother (Daddy Tales, 3) and should *hopefully* have it done this week and off to my editor. No ETA on release quite yet, but it's coming soon! (Probably early March 2022)

~After DT3, I'm returning for the fifth time to Wilder and Avery's story. Hopefully we will see His Reluctant Omega released this year. Fifth times the charm, right? RIGHT? (Send good thoughts)

~I plan to return to the Alphas of the Western Provinces after that. Not sure who's story quite yet, but we have a couple of contenders.

~I've also written a short story featuring WYNTER of all people. I'm holding on to it because it would give away a MAJOR twist from Wilder and Avery's book. Can Wynter be redeemed? IDK.. but at the very least, that short will explain why Jamie and Wynter's relationship was so complicated. I *might* turn the short into a novel of its own, I may not. I'm not sure. We'll see what happens and if Wynter is worth redemption.


Thursday, October 7, 2021

OUT NOW! The Alpha's Hidden Desire (Valleywood Book 7) by Kelex

The Alpha's Hidden Desire
(Valleywood Book 7)
by Kelex

What's inside:

🤩ABO Shifter Omegaverse
🤩A Slow Burn
🤩Slight Age Gap
🤩Younger Alpha/Older Omega
🤩A Love Triangle of sorts

A year ago, Alpha Dominick “Dom” Harper made the move to Valleywood to find his way onto the big screen, but he’s only managed to land a few roles in student flicks. To make ends meet, he spends his nights working behind the bar, mixing cocktails for the brash and beautiful. One evening brings him face-to-face with the owner of the newly opened Viper Productions—and an invitation for an audition with plenty of strings attached.

An audition that has Flynn Walker in attendance, the film's omega director—and his mate. Already twisted into knots by the film’s producer, Dom can’t pursue what’s his.

At least, not openly.

Flynn Walker isn’t ready to jump into the sack with Dom, either. Few omega directors exist in Valleywood, and no one wanted to invest in his vanity project except the new production house. He’s not ready to put his career and his project in jeopardy over a man.

Even if that man is his mate.

Can Dom and Flynn figure out a way to be together without ruining their careers and destroying the movie that brought them together?

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Long Haul Covid

A trip to the doctor today confirmed what I'd already guessed. I have Long Haul Covid Syndrome. 

Long story short, I'm exhausted all the time. My brain is in a fog. My memory is SHOT (not that it was so great before getting sick.) I often ache all over. I'm constantly congested. I still don't have my sense of smell and taste six months after initial diagnosis of having COVID-19. 

In other words, I've felt like shit for six months.

My plan had been that 2021 was going to be a MUCH better year for me. Fate keeps stepping in my way.

The good news is... my doctor is starting me on a drug protocol that will *hopefully* help these symptoms improve, if not go away altogether. The first of the drugs should hopefully be in at the pharmacy on Thursday. 

Nine pills a day, y'all. 


Fingers crossed. Send all the positive thoughts and vibes you can, because I REALLY REALLY want to be well and back to my old self.

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