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Sunday Spotlight: AJ Llewellyn and The Fluffer

Happy Sunday! In today's spotlight, author AJ Llewellyn is sharing a bit from her new release, The Fluffer.

Being a fluffer for a magazine’s male centerfolds should be a dream job for Jack, or will it be a ticket to hell?

Jack Casey has a communications degree and a ton of experience in the journalism field, but can’t land a full-time job. When one crops up for a mysterious new men’s magazine, he meets the hottest man he’s ever seen in his life. Somebody submitted garlic farmer Luke Silverfall to Men’s World as a centerfold. But it wasn’t Luke himself. Can Jack persuade him to model and let Jack er, fluff him up for the camera? Or is fate about to take a nasty turn for Jack?

Luke Silverfall had no idea he’d been submitted for a centerfold spread for a magazine. When Jack Casey calls him and asks about Luke’s new line of peeled onions, he assumes the guy’s a chef of some kind. Well, Jack likes to cook all right. He cooks up lies and subterfuge, or so Luke thinks. Can he trust the fluffer? Or will he have to give up the career he once wanted so desperately? Will it lie, with all his other wishes in a field of broken dreams?


I’d been half asleep when I sent off an email, starting with what I thought was an amusing reply to the post’s tantalizing words.
Production coordinator needed for new men’s magazine. Must have at least two years’ journalistic experience. Provide online links to five recent articles. Must be computer savvy with regard to layout and design. You should have no problems with male nudity.
I’d written, “I have no problems with male nudity. I adore naked men.” I’d attached my résumé, included links and contact information, per the post’s request. Okay, Jack. You did it. Keep looking. Maybe there are more ads.
There were, but I wasn’t interested in modeling, or babysitting somebody’s pet alligator. I had no mechanic skills and knew nothing about animal husbandry. I scrolled back to the ad.
Then I started to worry.
I wasn’t savvy production-wise, but that’s what YouTube was for. There was a video for everything, including magazine layout and design. Only after I hit the send button did I realize I’d probably written the wrong thing. But I’d been honest.
doadore naked men.
Steve, the editor in chief of the magazine called me half an hour later. 
“Saw your email. Like your humor. Our first issue will be out September first, so we need someone fast.”
“What’s it called?” I hoped to Google it and get a feel for things.
“Men’s World,” Steve said. “You won’t find anything online.”
Boy, was he psychic or what? 
“Can you be in West Hollywood in an hour? I think you’re the guy I’m looking for.”
I assumed he meant in his office. Not his bed. Focus, Jack. “I can be there. No problem.” I was midway through my second cup of coffee and my third— or maybe fourth— viewing of the DVD for the movie Taken. My Liam Neeson fetish had taken an obsessive turn into daddy porn, according to my brother, Mike. 
“Excellent. We don’t validate, so find parking on the street.”
“Okay. Thanks for letting me know. I look forward to meeting you, Steve.” I sounded gracious, I thought. Ha!As if I had better things to do. I had this Friday day off because it was a holiday weekend and Mike had given all his employees the luxury of a four-day break. It had been depressing to realize I had nothing else to do. No men to date, no barbecues scheduled. Just me and Liam, and some fine daddy porn. Not that I was complaining. The weather was so hot I almost fainted on the job two days before, and today’s temperature promised to climb to triple digits.
Oh, joy.

A.J. Llewellyn is the author of over 250 M/M romance novels. She was born in Australia, and lives in Los Angeles. An early obsession with Robinson Crusoe led to a lifelong love affair with islands, particularly Hawaii and Easter Island.
Being marooned once on Wedding Cake Island in Australia cured her of a passion for fishing, but led to a plotline for a novel. A.J.’s friends live in fear because even the smallest details of their lives usually wind up in her stories. A.J. has a desire to paint, draw, juggle, work for the FBI, walk a tightrope with an elephant, be a chess champion, a steeplejack, master chef, and a world-class surfer. She can’t do any of these things so she writes about them instead.
A.J. started life as a journalist and boxing columnist, and still enjoys interrogating, er, interviewing people to find out what makes them tick.

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Sunday Spotlight - Lisa Oliver and My Treasure to Keep (The Cloverleah Pack #12)

Welcome Lisa Oliver back to Sunday Spotlight. She's here to share a bit from her new release, My Treasure to Keep (Cloverleah Pack, #12)

Thomas, paid enforcer in the Cloverleah Pack, was carrying a lot of guilt. He still believed he was to blame for letting Wesley get targeted by the dark elves, almost causing a rift in Cathair and Marius's mating. The alpha Kane, told him it wasn't his fault, and Cathair and Marius came through the experience battered but not broken, but Thomas still felt as though he had to prove his worth to himself and the pack. He spends many hours patrolling long after the rest of the pack had gone to bed, determined to do something worthwhile. It was on one of those patrol nights he hears a ruckus outside the territory wards. Dithering as to whether he should help or not, he gets the surprise of his life when his true mate falls right through the magic designed to keep everyone not pack, out. 

Ivan was carrying secrets; the main one tucked up in his battered backpack. After a six month long mission to find the Cloverleah pack, he was as surprised as the next man when he fell onto pack grounds and into the arms of his true mate. Unfortunately, other pack members, still emotionally scarred by Wesley's betrayal, didn't view his "break in" quite so favorably and Ivan ends up in the Cloverleah cells. 

Meanwhile, the dark elves are getting closer and  more brazen in their efforts to ensnare the Cloverleah pack. Pack tensions are running high and something needs to be done and soon. Through it all, Thomas and Ivan have to navigate their mating and learn to trust in each other. Secrets will hit the light of day and life for the Cloverleah pack may never be the same. As for Thomas and Ivan - time is running out for them too. A chance arrow, a ray of sunshine; will it mean Ivan and Thomas will get their HEA or will they fall at the last hurdle along with the rest of the Cloverleah pack?

My Treasure to Keep is the twelfth full novel in the Cloverleah pack. It is advised to read the previous books to gain an understanding of the secondary characters and main plot lines. This is an M/M paranormal story featuring true mates. Warnings include graphic language, intimate situations, and some violence. Not intended for readers under the age of 18.    

It’s got to be here somewhere. Ivan shot another hurried look over his shoulder. The glow from the pack lands he was seeking shone brighter than mother moon, but he’d been running for hours and there was just no way in. Grunts and then a cackle of laughter sounded behind him and Ivan knew he was running out of time.Stupid, stupid, stupid. I should never have stopped at that diner. His loud panting rang in his ears; other prey like rabbits and rodents, hiding like any sensible creature. But Ivan couldn’t stop. The Cloverleah pack was his only hope. 
But if I can’t get in, all is lost! Clutching his bag closer to his chest, Ivan tripped and stumbled as he glanced back again. The humans were getting closer. For the millionth time since he’d started on his journey, Ivan wished he could shift. Not until you find your fated mate, sweetheart, you just have to be patient. Gods, he could hear his mother’s sweet voice, and tears pricked his eyes. I’m trying, Mother. 
The thump of boots got louder, his hunters not caring that he could hear them coming. Stupid bastards thought it was a game, but for Ivan it was so much more. He knew he didn’t have much time. The crackle of the wards sent tingles over his skin. Ivan could see its glow, even though to human eyes there was nothing there. Please. A weakness, a break, a door, something. Come on guys, how do you get your freaking mail? 
A crack of a tree branch right behind him made him stumble. Even though he knew he should keep running, he made the mistake of turning. Shit. They were right there, just ten feet away. Three hugely built males who looked as though they could tear him limb from limb with their bare hands. Black cargo pants, black sweaters, black boots and their faces covered with black balaclavas. Why do all villains wear black? Ivan wondered as he slowly backed up. He knew he couldn’t run much further. The muffin and coffee he’d managed to scrape up the change for was hours before and the only thing keeping him on his feet was adrenalin. 
“I haven’t got anything worth stealing,” he said, wincing at the high pitch of his voice. 
“You’re one of them.” The tallest one stepped closer. “One of them that live in the cult. Devil’s spawn.”
“Cult? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Ivan could feel the wards against his back. Fates, please don’t let them give me a zap. “I got lost. I was supposed to meet some friends camping around here. I can’t find them. You haven’t seen them, have you?”
“The only ones out in these woods are you and us,” the guy on the right cackled. “Hand over your bag.”
“I told you, I don’t have anything worth stealing.” Ivan clutched his bag closer to his chest. “I don’t know who you think I am, but you’ve got the wrong guy. I’m just a city boy who doesn’t know how to use a compass.”
“Then you’re no use to us.” The guy on the left pulled out a large Bowie knife from its sheath attached to his belt. Black of course - the belt, not the knife, although the knife had a black handle. “Give us that bag or we’ll take it from you.”
Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. With three men advancing towards him and the wards at his back, Ivan had nowhere to run. There was no way he was giving up his bag while he was still breathing. “Leave me alone,” he yelled as loud as he could, praying someone on the other side of the wards would hear him. “I’ve got nothing you want. I’m just a nobody lost in the woods. HELP!”
The wards crackled across his back, so loud Ivan was surprised his attackers couldn’t hear it. As they lunged towards him, Ivan scrunched his eyes closed. Fates help me, he pleaded as the stench of the men filled his nostrils. His body tensed, waiting for the first blow. A big hand grabbed his arm and he was yanked…back? Electricity prickled across his skin and then suddenly, he was lying on grass, the wards in front of him this time. He opened his eyes to see a tall, well-built without being overly-muscled, naked man standing above him.

About the Author

Lisa Oliver had been writing non-fiction books for years when visions of half dressed, buff men started invading her dreams.  Unable to resist the lure of her stories, Lisa decided to switch to fiction books, and now stories about her men clamor to get out from under her fingertips.

When Lisa is not writing, she is usually reading with a cup of tea always at hand. Her grown children and grandchildren sometimes try and pry her away from the computer and have found that the best way to do it, is to promise her chocolate.  Lisa will do anything for chocolate.

Lisa loves to hear from her readers and other writers.  You can friend her on Facebook (, catch up on whatís happening at her blog ( or email her directly at

Amazon Author page:

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NEW RELEASE: Theirs by Bond (Bear Mountain, 1.5) by Kelex

Before the Book One Epilogue... get a peek into Carson, Royce, and Jared's early relationship...

Without much thought, Carson gave up his life in the human world to move to Bear Mountain and live with his mates, Jared and Royce. The bond he experienced with his two bears had felt so powerful, that he’d plunged in headfirst, ready for a new adventure.

As time has worn on, the potent insta-lust they felt in those first days fades some and the weight of a new, burgeoning romance falls on their shoulders. Adding in a new wrinkle, doubts form that threaten their chance at forever.

They all soon discover that a relationship demands work on all sides. It will take commitment to propel them from the lust of their animal mating to the love they all sensed was possible from the start.

Unless secrets tear them apart first.

Twisted E-Publishing  *  Amazon US  *  Amazon UK  *  Amazon DE  *  Google Play  *  BN  *  iBooks  *  Kobo  *  Bookstrand

Chapter One

Before the Epilogue

Carson Davies’ fingers flew over the keyboard as he tried to wrap up work for the day. Intent on the screen, he let out a scream as he felt a pair of hands grab him from behind. Flipping his head to the side, he saw a smiling Royce behind him and breathed out a relieved sigh.

“Jumpy much?”

“You’re going to give me a heart attack if you sneak up on me like that,” Carson said.

“I can give you mouth to mouth, if you need it,” Royce added with a grin.

“Oh yeah?” Carson asked, his heart still thundering in his chest. 

As Royce wrapped his big, strong arms about Carson and lowered his head, that thundering shifted from fear to anticipation. The scent of his big bear shifter filled his nose—the musky scent of man and that woodsy aroma of bear—and it got his blood pressure rising.

When Royce’s lips hit his, the shifter feasted on him. A hunger Carson hadn’t felt just moments before raced through his veins—but that wasn’t news. They barely had to touch him to get his heart pounding and need making it impossible to think straight. Royce drew away after a moment, leaving him wanting more.

“I brought dinner,” Royce murmured huskily. “You should come eat. Jared’s getting the table set.”

Carson glanced at the time at the corner of his screen. “You two are home early.”

“We’re celebrating,” Royce announced.

One of Carson’s brows rose. “And just what are we celebrating?”

“You arrived at the inn exactly three months ago.”

Carson chuckled. “Really? We’re doing quarterly anniversaries?”

Royce smiled. “Well, to be honest, I was planning on grabbing dinner from the restaurant on my way home anyway. We’ve all been busy.”

“So why did we need a reason for take out tonight versus every other night we’ve done it?” Carson asked with a grin. He knew the three-month thing was a bit cheesy, but there was something inherently adorable that Royce had remembered and wanted the mark the date.

“I ran across an invoice that somehow got missed in my data entry—and in doing my research, I stumbled across your check-in date. I figured fate was trying to tell me to appreciate the blessings I have and come home early to my mate and brother bear to celebrate.”

“Your bear godssent you a message, hmm?” 

Something like that,” Royce murmured before swooping in for another kiss.

Carson moaned against the bear’s lips, hungry for more than a few enticing kisses. And it definitely wasn’t for food. He turned back to his computer, even as his body screamed in protest. “Let me wrap up a couple of emails and I’ll be out for dinner shortly.”

Royce nuzzled against his ear as Carson forced his fingers moved back to the keyboard, making it hard to focus on work.

The bear’s tongue laid a hot trail down his neck, making Carson’s head fall back some. He bit back a moan, the need for Royce growing with every second. Royce let out a low growl, the rippling sound washing over Carson and making his body ache.

His fingers typed along, the speed varying as he paid more attention to the hot kisses on his neck and ear—but after he had to fix a typo three times before truly correcting it, he knew he had to put his foot down.

“The longer you do that, the longer it’ll take me to finish.”

Royce chuckled, sending warm breath over his ear. Carson sighed inwardly, half of him wanting to say forget it and let Royce tempt him away from his desk. But he had a potential new client and needed to wrap up at leastthat one email. He had a big Skype meeting coming up and needed to share some information with the client beforehand.

“Okay, okay.”

The big bear shifter exited the office, Carson’s stare on his perfect, firm ass the entire time. He let out a sigh once his mate was gone and quickly finished off the email he’d been typing—as well as answered a couple more brief ones. Once he was done for the day, he climbed from his seat and wandered out to the living room.

His other mate, Jared, was putting the final touches on the dining room table. Crystal. Candles. The whole shebang. A smile forced its way on his face.

Carson stopped next to Jared, letting out a low whistle. “Going all out, hmm?”

Jared rose to his full height from where he’d been bent over the dining table, a broad grin on his face. He cocked his head to the side. “You’re not worth going all out?”

Carson could only smile harder, no matter how much he tried to hide it. The last couple of weeks, his bears had gone out of their way to be… 

He paused, trying to consider the wording. Romantic? 

What had started as a lust-filled pairing was evolving into something much more—something he was ill-equipped to handle. Lust, he knew. Love, he had less experience with.


Was that what this thing between them was becoming?

Carson had quickly accepted the almost instantaneous animal bond he had with the pair. Chemistry had drawn them together and he’d gone willingly, the carnality leading him down their dark road. But if the lust ever faded… 

What did they have left?

A tiny bit of panic hit him square in the chest.

Carson was a relationship failure. He’d had a string of bad luck over the years and didn’t know if he knew how to be a good boyfriend.


Whatever the hell a mate was equivalent to in their world. He was almost afraid to ask; fearful he wouldn’t measure up to their expectations.

Jared frowned, concern on his face. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Carson said, emotion twisting in his chest. He looked up into those glowing eyes of Jared’s knowing how much they cared.

Knowing how much he cared for them.

And how scared he was it would all go to hell eventually.

Jared reached out and brushed a few strands from Carson’s face before lowering his head to steal a kiss. It was softer than the claiming kiss that he’d just shared with Royce, but no less demanding in its own right. 

Carson lost himself in that kiss, trying to quell the worry building within. For now, all was well.

When Jared pulled away, Carson looked up into his mate’s glowing eyes. Bear shifter eyes glowed when they felt strong emotions. Sometimes he thanked the heavens his didn’t do the same. Like now. He felt vulnerable enough without them knowing what was churning inside his mind.

And in his heart.

Jared stared down at him, an odd expression on his face. “You can talk to us, you know? If something is bothering you—you don’t have to face it alone.”

Carson patted Jared on the arm, shoving the worry away. “I know. I’m good. Real good.” Why he was tempting something bad, he wasn’t sure. Just thinking something like that was opening the door for failure.

This won’t fail.

His smiled faded some, the worry creeping back in.

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