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Sunday Spotlight - Maggie Walsh and Collision Course

Welcome Maggie Walsh back to Sunday Spotlight. Today's she sharing the first book from her new series — Collision Course, Omega Island, Book One 

When alpha Jake and his two betas, Theo and Landis escaped their birth pack, they never expected to get caught in a category 4 storm thousands of miles from home. The fishing vessel they were on capsized and the three find themselves washed ashore of a deserted island.

With Jake's leg being injured and Landis not regaining consciousness, Jake and Theo must find a way to keep them all alive until they can either find help or be rescued. The trio soon find out the that island isn't as deserted as they thought it was, and that their rescuers come with guns, mistrust, and very special powers. 

Once thrown in a cell, they are informed that it is for the resident’s protection, not theirs. When one of their rescuers turns out to be their mate, Jake, Theo, and Landis become excited, because not only have they found their mate, but that means that these three lifelong friends and lovers can finally claim each other and become a mated quad. 

But things are never that easy. It turns out the island is a hidden sanctuary for omega wolves who don't trust anyone from the outside world, especially alphas and betas. Each of these omegas had been abused by dominating alphas, which caused them to run from their lives and hide away.

Now Jake, Theo, and Landis must do whatever is necessary to gain the trust of their mate, as well as all these special men, so that they may be allowed to stay on the island, not only for their own safety, but so they can claim their mate, and each other.



“At least we were able to get all that cleaned up,” Blaine stated.

“Yeah, and I think Flynn will be stoked when he sees that we found four full gas cans, the fishing gear, and some rope. It’s not much, but it’s something, right?” Shilo added.

“Hey, guys. I think it’s time we head home. Sun will be down soon,” Luka yelled from up the beach.

“Okay, everyone, grab as much as you can,” Blaine instructed, and each of the men filled their arms with what they found.

They made their way back up to where Luka was standing and headed through the brush. After walking for ten minutes, Aryn stopped. He lifted his head and breathed in deep.

“What are you doing?” Casey asked as he stopped next to Aryn.

“I smell a fire,” Aryn answered.


“It’s coming from over there,” Aryn replied.

“Again, so?” Casey huffed.

“Well seeing as home is in that direction and it’s almost sundown, who started a fire over there, and why?” Aryn said sarcastically.

They cautiously made their way through the tropical forest being as quiet as they could. As they approached the area where the smoke was coming from, a small glow of orange appeared. Aryn could hear the crackling of wood burning, and smell the smoke, along with the unmistakable scent of breadfruit cooking. Settling down behind the large leaves of the ape plant, Aryn carefully moved the foliage aside to take a peak. His eyes widened from the sight before him, and his heart began to pound in his chest.

“What is it, Aryn?” Casey asked.

“There are three men over there. Three very large men. One of them is lying down and looks like he is sleeping, then another one is sitting next to him trying to get a breadfruit peeled with a rock, and the last one has some breadfruit on a stick and is cooking it.”

“Do they look dangerous?” Shilo asked nervously.

“I have no idea if they are dangerous, but they are big,” Aryn answered.

“How did they get here?” Blaine asked angrily, with a small growl.

“How the hell should I know?” Aryn defended.

“It was a rhetorical question,” Blaine stated and rolled his eyes.

“A rhitora what?” Casey asked.

“It means, although I did ask a question, it doesn’t require an answer,” Blaine explained.

“That makes no sense. When you ask someone a question you obviously want an answer, because you asked a question,” Casey said annoyed.

Shilo placed a hand on Casey’s shoulder as he chuckled lightly. “I got this, Blaine. Have you ever had a thought that was a question, but you never actually said it out loud?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Well it’s that. Blaine was thinking it because he was confused and said it out loud instead of keeping it in his head,” Shilo explained.

“Oh. Okay then,” Casey replied with a shrug.

Blaine stared at him for a moment, then shook his head and turned back to look at the strangers. Two of the large men were now standing only about six feet from them, staring at them. One of the large men looked confused and surprised to see them there and the other looked amused.

“Hello, gentlemen. Can you tell us where we are?” the large guy with the shoulder length, shaggy blonde hair asked.

“Who are you, and how did you get here?” Blaine asked, guarded.

“We got washed up here with the storm,” the man answered.

“How can we believe them, Blaine?” Casey asked in a whisper.

“He’s right. You can’t expect us to believe that you just happened to wash up here, on this island, because of the storm,” Blaine replied in disbelief.

“How did you get here? Are there others with you?” Casey asked in a panic.

“It’s just the three of us, little one. I’m Jake, this is Theo, and our friend over there is Landis. We were out on a fishing boat with a charter group, when suddenly the water started getting rough. Before we knew it, all the boat’s instruments had crapped out and we lost the engines. We were just floating around aimlessly waiting for another fishing vessel to find us. But then the storm came and, we are.”

“Where are the others from the charter group?” Blaine asked.

“We have no idea. Look, kid, we woke up here on the beach. We haven’t found anyone else but the three of us. Jake had a nasty wound and could still use some medical attention, and our friend Landis, has been unconscious since we found him. So can we please stop the question and answer crap and you point us to a hospital,” Theo said gruffly.

“Sure,” Luka said sweetly and pointed in the direction over the stranger's shoulders. “You go back that way through the tropical forest. Once you step out, turn left and go about a mile up the shore. When you get to the end, turn right. Go straight until you hit the town.”

“Thanks, kid,” Theo replied with a nod.

“You’re welcome, and good luck. Let’s go guys,” Luka stated as he grabbed Casey’s elbow and turned him. He and the others turned away from the strangers and headed in the other direction. Once they were out of sight of the strangers, they took off running at top speed toward the compound.


“Flynn! Flynn!” Casey yelled as he ran through the main house.

Flynn and Aiden walked out of the kitchen looking toward Casey, their faces showing their concern. “Casey, what’s wrong?” Flynn asked.

“Flynn, we were coming back from salvaging whatever we could from the boathouse and we smelled a fire. So we went to investigate, and we came upon three large men. And, Flynn, I could smell alpha on the one and beta on the other. I don’t know about the third guy because he was too far away and he was unconscious. But they were definitely wolves,” Casey said in a hurry.

“Fuck! Where are they now?”

“Luka got pissed at the one guy’s attitude and sent them on a wild goose chase,” Casey replied with a laugh, causing Aiden to chuckle.

“Where are the others?” Flynn asked as he headed toward the front of the house with Aiden and Casey following.

“They went to put the supplies in the shed. They should be in any minute.”

“Get everyone in the great room now. We need to find these strangers and get rid of them,” Flynn announced.

Aiden stopped short and grabbed Flynn’s arm, stopping him. Flynn turned to face his brother. “Get rid of them? How are we supposed to do that? The boat is gone.”

“They had to have gotten here somehow. We find their boat and send them on their way. If they fight us, then we’ll have to get rid of them a different way. We need to search the island to see if there are others.”

“The alpha guy, he said his name was Jake, he said they were on a fishing trip, and the boat they were on lost all power, then the storm came, and the next thing they knew they were washed up on shore. They claim it’s just the three of them,” Casey explained.

“We need to make sure. Aiden, are the cells in the barn still stable?” Flynn asked.

“Yeah. What do you want to do, Flynn?”

Just as the question left Aiden’s lips, all the other boys entered, joining them.

“The sun will be down soon and I don’t want everyone running around in the dark looking for strangers. Luka, Casey said you sent these men on a wild goose chase. Where did you send them?” Flynn asked.

“They should end up at the jetty before they realize I was fucking with them,” Luka answered with a smirk.

“Good. Luka, Blaine, Mace, Ansel, and I will go collect our guests. Aiden, you and Shilo make sure the cells will hold and cast a few spells over them to make sure our guests can’t escape. Aryn, you, Casey, and Gilbert get cots and fresh linens set up in the cells. Clovis, Chad, Val, and Enzo, finish preparing dinner and make extra. We should probably feed them,” Flynn instructed.

“What about me, Flynn?” Teagan asked.

“If what they said was true and these men washed up on shore, they may have some injuries.”

“Yeah, they did. The one guy had a messed-up leg and another was unconscious,” Blaine added.

“Then we’ll need you to rest up, Teagan, in case you need to heal them.”

“I can help in the kitchen and that won’t wear me out, Flynn,” Teagan offered with a shy smile.

Flynn gave the smaller man a bright smile. “Of course. Thanks, Teagan, but not too much, okay?” Teagan nodded.

“Okay, everyone, let’s get going.”

“Flynn, what if there are others? Casey said he smelled wolf on them,” Val asked nervously.

“We take care of the three we can find, then head out in the morning and start looking for others. We can’t go out in the dark. Even though we can still see, there is still too many hiding places someone could jump out of,” Flynn replied.

Everyone agreed and headed out to do what they were told. Flynn, Luka, Blaine, Mace, and Ansel grabbed a few riffles on their way out the front door.


“You have got to be kidding me,” Theo ground out as he stared out over the great expanse of rippling blue water. “If I get my hands on that little shit, I’m gonna wring his neck.”

“Shit. This is our own fault. We should have just stayed where we were until morning, then one of us could have come to check it out and come back with help. Maybe we should have waited until Landis woke up? It’s too late now to do anything and we stupidly left our camp and fire behind,” Jake said in frustration.

“So now what, Jake? The sun will be down soon and the chill could kill him.”

“First we get off this damn beach again and find somewhere to hunker down for the night. We can’t start another fire, there’s not enough daylight left to go scrounging for more wood, so we’ll have to do whatever we can to keep Landis and ourselves warm. Let’s go.”

They each grabbed a pole from the stretcher they made from sticks and large leaves to transport Landis. Lifting the one side up, while the bottom dragged across the ground, they turned, and stopped dead in their tracks as they looked down the barrels of five rifles pointed at them.

“If you want to live, follow us. Try anything, and one of us will shoot your dick off,” the stunningly beautiful little man with the long golden blond hair stated calmly.

“Lead the way,” Jake answered.


Author Bio

Maggie has been married for twenty years and has four children. She is a Long Island girl who now lives in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Maggie has always loved anything that has to do with the arts. Music is one of her biggest passions. She was a photographer and artist in her earlier days and spends hours sketching anything that catches her eye. Maggie loves to write about big, strong, tough men who have a softer side. Most of the time you can find Maggie running around with her kids, sketching, or sitting with her laptop creating new characters, as music always plays in the background.

To find out more about Maggie, what she’s working on, and what’s coming next, please visit her Website at:

Maggie's Author Links:


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Sunday Spotlight - Victoria Vallo and Scarlet Nights!

Welcome Victoria Vallo back to Sunday spotlight. She's here to share a bit from her recent release Scarlet Nights (Shifters of Arizia, 5)

Stefan’s world was thrown into chaos when he met Thorne, a priest who has dedicated his life to serving Jalal, the exiled god of Arizia. But it proves a beautiful kind of chaos. He’s suffered from demon-inflicted nightmares and hallucinations ever since a mistake in his youth allowed the taint to take hold. But Thorne is not only a priest but a powerful magic wielder, and simply being near him gives Stefan freedom from all demonic influence while every touch gives him more pleasure than he’s ever known before.

Thorne rushed to Stefan’s aid when a mutual friend told him of the young man’s need, but he never expected to be so enthralled by Stefan. He’s immediately convinced that his god, who is eternally separated from his own beloved, has finally led him to the perfect man to share his life with. But Stefan’s focus is on finding a permanent cure for his problem, and he seems uncertain of their relationship beyond the present moment and the physical pleasure they share. While Thorne wants nothing more than to see Stefan free of the taint that has tormented him for years, he’s also determined to convince Stefan they were brought together for a reason.

Thorne looked up at the moon as they walked in the garden later that night. He could feel Stefan watching him, as if he wished to say something but didn’t know how to begin. Thorne held his tongue, as he’d found that too much encouragement actually frightened Stefan off and made him self-conscious.
“At breakfast in the morning, there won’t be much talking,” Thorne said, more to break the silence than anything. “When we’re together in large groups, we tend to observe silence unless we really to tell someone something or ask a question. Otherwise, the noise is a bit much.”
“Ah. I did notice that when we passed people in larger groups they were kind of quiet.”
“Talking’s allowed, of course, but you usually won’t find people talking unless there’s only two or three of them. It’s part of marking the sacred space within the temple. It’s like that in the sacred grove as well.” He pointed to the north wall as they came to a halt by a fountain. “The oaks over there. They were to the right when we arrived today.”
“People go there to pray?”
“Yes. Or simply commune with nature. It’s very beautiful. And peaceful.”
Stefan nodded slowly. He turned, as if he’d worked his courage up, but he only looked at Thorne and didn’t say anything.
Thorne said, “You must be getting tired. You met a lot of people today. Had lots of information thrown at you.”
“I am pretty tired.”
“We can head to bed, if you like.” With a smile, he added, “And I’ll actually let you sleep tonight, I promise.”
Stefan’s eyes darted about a bit before he said, “We could go into the sanctuary. If you still want to.” He clasped his hands together. “It seemed important to you, and I am a guest.”
“I would love to, but not because you feel you have to or need to.”
“I want to do it for you. Because it seems important to you, like I said.” He paused. “That can’t be wrong, can it?”
Thorne’s heart swelled with joy. “No, of course not.” The fact Stefan wanted to do it for him made him want to run into the sanctuary and shout about his happiness. But that really would send Stefan for a loop. Their first day at the temple had gone so well it actually seemed even more perfect for it to end this way. And he told Stefan exactly that. “In some ways, it’s even better like this. We’ll end our day on a quiet, peaceful note.”
Thorne stood and held his hand out to Stefan, who took it and held it firmly. When they walked into the sanctuary, only the two altar candles were lit. He walked down the center aisle slowly so Stefan could look around and get his bearings. The sanctuary was very simple—an altar on a raised dais, plain red hangings on the walls between the windows, and plain wooden benches arranged to face the dais. Even the altar was only a basic wooden structure with simple designs on the sides. When they approached the altar, Thorne stopped and pointed. “The mountain design is for Jalal. There’s one on each side. The pattern of the vine twining around the altar is for Vena. To honor her. Jalal’s one and only gift to her was a golden necklace shaped like a vine.” He pointed to the steps leading up the dais. “Kneel here.”
Stefan did so, his gaze fixed on the altar. Thorne walked up onto the dais and approached the altar. He rested his hands on it, bowing his head and closing his eyes. If I’m wrong, Jalal, please don’t let my heart fall too far. I’ve always been a romantic, searching and hoping for a lasting love, one like yours for your sweet goddess. But I’m not strong enough to be parted from the one I love. I’m sorry. Let me help him, if nothing else, and let us find happiness if it’s truly what you brought him to me for.He straightened and reached into the small hole at the corner where a jar of oil was kept. He dipped his finger and then turned around.
Stefan knelt there, his hands on his thighs and his eyes cast down. Thorne walked over to him and touched the oil to his forehead before moving behind him. He kissed the top of his head and then placed his hands there against his hair, not applying too much pressure.
“Jalal, this is Stefan. A friend has brought us together in the hope that I can help him be free of demonic torment. He’s lived far too long in fear, and I pray you’ll guide me.” He lowered his hands to Stefan’s shoulders. “These past few days, he’s become very dear to me, and we’ve become lovers. He eases my loneliness and the ache in my heart as no other ever has, and I thank you for giving me the chance to do him good.” He let his hands fall to his sides, and after a moment, he came around and offered his hand to Stefan.
Stefan trembled a bit as he stood, and Thorne linked their arms and walked slowly as they made their way back to his bedroom. He wanted to say so many things, but he knew what they’d just done had probably been more serious and intimate than what Stefan had imagined. He closed the door softly, and they got ready for bed in silence. Thorne walked over to one of the windows and opened it. This time of year, a cool breeze would move through the room if he opened a couple of them. He walked across the room to open another one. When he walked back over to the bed, he found Stefan sitting on the edge with his hands on his knees.
Thorne blew out the candles and climbed into bed, lying back and waiting. Stefan lay back as well but didn’t look over at Thorne. Ever since they’d met, they’d fallen into bed in a frenzy of searching mouths and hands. Thorne rolled to his side and simply reached for Stefan’s hand, happy when the man squeezed his fingers back.

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FREE SHORT STORY - Fireworks Over Bear Mountain (A Bear Mountain Short Story)

Tyler, Dmitri, and Barron's original story
Fireworks Over Bear Mountain
Originally posted on Manlove Summer Fantasies
©2018, Kelex

Tyler placed the large foil pack of ribs into the oven to stay warm before stirring the pot of beans one more time. Before he was done, he felt a set of hands clasping his hips before a rock-hard body pressed behind him. A sigh came from his lips and he melted back against his mate, Barron. Without turning, he’d known which one of his two mates was behind him. They’d been together enough years Tyler could discern from a simple touch.
A scent.
A hard cock pressing into the middle of his back.
“The smoker is going and we finished setting up the tables. The boys are all outside playing,” Barron whispered beside Tyler’s ear. “And Dmitri’s on his way up to the house, too.”
Tyler closed his eyes and wished they couldplay for a little while. With kids and family in and out of the house at all times—and all three of them often being exhausted by the end of the day with the farm to run and Tyler’s part time job—it felt like they hadn’t shared one another’s bodies in forever. Unfortunately, now was notthe time, either. “We have nearly a hundred people coming to the cookout tonight.”
“There’s a few hours between,” Barron murmured, running his large hand down the curve of Tyler’s spine. “We could sneak away for a few minutes.”
“It’s going to take a little more than a few minutesto take care of the need I’ve got,” Tyler admitted.
“You feel it, too, hmm?” Barron asked before pressing a kiss to Tyler’s earlobe. “It’s been too long. My bear’s roaring inside.”
Tyler could hear his own bear spirit roaring. Theirs was a very tactile relationship. The animal within lusted for a touch from a mate. Sex was as necessary as breathing for males like them. But finding time for that when they were raising Tyler’s youngest four brothers and the seven cubs they’d made along the way wasn’t easy.
Now that the boys were getting older and independent—and off to school—late mornings had become their intimate time. But now summer was upon them. No school, all kids… and it was about to drive them all batty.
The back door to the farmhouse opened and Tyler stiffened some, scared one of the cubs was running in. When he saw that it was Dmitri, he smiled. 
“Getting started without me, I see,” Dmitri said, lifting a brow.
My inspiration for Tyler
“Just priming the pump,” Barron said with a grin.
“So now I’m a pump, hmm?” Tyler said, shooing Barron away.  He walked over to the island and slid a huge bowl across the surface. “Something’s missing. Help.”
Dmitri was the cook of the family. How Tyler had got wrangled into prepping most of the food, he didn’t know. His mate grabbed a spoon and tasted the potato salad. “Dry mustard,” Dmitri said before opening the pantry.  He added a few healthy dashes and gave the potato salad a few good stirs. Once he was done, he tasted it again… and smiled.
He took another spoonful and rounded the island. “Here. Taste.”
Tyler reached for the spoon, but Dmitri pulled it away.
“No. Let me,” Dmitri said, his voice husky.
Tyler felt heat spread through him as he met Dmitri’s heated gaze. Opening his mouth, he let his mate feed him. He sucked the spoon, cleaning off every drop of food. 
And it wasbetter. “Why am I the one in here cooking?”
Dmitri began untying Tyler’s apron. “Because you look so good in one of these.”
Barron pressed behind him, that hard cock at his back making his body go liquid. Dmitri’s head lowered and captured his lips… hungrily kissing him. Tyler moaned against his mate’s mouth, growing greedy for more.
“Not here… the boys could walk in,” Tyler whispered as he pulled his head away for a brief moment.
He was over Barron’s shoulder in a heartbeat. 
Tyler slapped Barron’s ass as they climbed the stairs. Lifting his head a little, he saw the lust in Dmitri’s face as they neared their bedroom. He met the male’s stare and felt the heat building. As he was tossed onto the middle of the bed, he heard a click of their bedroom lock… and they were alone.
Clothing flew off in every direction. Once they were all naked, Barron and Dmitri slid into the bed beside him, their hands caressing every available inch of flesh. When Barron slid down his body, leaving a hot trail of kisses, he gasped, knowing where that trail would lead. He closed his eyes, his head falling back, as Barron’s hot mouth wrapped around the head of his cock.
Not to be outdone, Dmitri’s drugging kisses and wicked fingers added to the chaos that was Tyler’s body. He went molten between them, writhing against their tormenting touches. A finger circled his asshole, readying him for the claim he knew they wanted to make.
A knock came to the door. “Papa?”
They all froze. Tyler sighed. 
Tyler sat up in the bed. “Yeah, baby?”
“Jamie kickedme,” came a half sob, half whine through the door.
He turned and eyed his mates. “I knewthis was going to happen,” he whispered hotly before climbing across Dmitri’s body and out of the bed. 
Another small knock came to the door. “Papa? Did you hear me?”
“Yes. I’m coming.” As quickly as he could, he pulled his clothing back on. Dmitri and
My inspiration for Dmitri
Barron finally rolled out of bed, lethargic.
“What’reya doing?” came the small voice from behind the door.
Tyler went to the door and opened it a crack before slipping into the hall. Going to one knee, he eyed the baby of the family, Bailey. “Are you bleeding?”
“No,” Bailey murmured, fat tears still clinging to his dark lashes. He looked so much like Dmitri, it was crazy.
“Break anything?”
Bailey shook his head.
Tyler heard footfalls coming up the stairs. Soon Jamie stood there eyeing them. “We were playing soccer… it was an accident… and I already told him I was sorry.”
Tyler eyed Bailey. “That true?”
“It hurt, Papa.”
Tyler sighed. “If it was an accident, and he apologized, and nothing was broken—then it’s okay. You’ll survive, I swear.” Tyler lifted his head to his eldest cub. “And you—you need to be more careful when he’s playing with you boys.”
“I barely touched him,” Jamie argued in a huff before storming down the stairs.
“You’re his big brother!” Tyler called down. “It’s your job to protect him.”
“Yeah!” Bailey cried down, too. “You gotta protect me.”
Tyler turned Bailey’s face to his and wiped away the baby tears. “And you, young man, need to remember your big brothers are rougher and tougher than you are. For now. I have a feeling you’re going to be bigger than all of them some day.”
Bailey grinned.
Tyler gave his cheek a peck before the boy tore down the stairs to go back outside.
When he rose, he stared down, realizing his baby would soon no longer be a baby. Bailey was six and had started half days at cub school the year before. He spread a hand down his flat stomach. Thoughts of another babe had filled his head for weeks now—but they already had a houseful as it was. Another hand joined his, sliding over his. He looked up over his shoulder at Dmitri.
“You’ve got that look in your eye,” Dmitri whispered.
“What look?”
“The one you get when you want another cub,” Barron said as he headed for the top of the stairs.
“I do not,” Tyler fibbed. “We have enough kids.”
Barron eyed him as he took the first three steps and Dmitri laughed against his back. “Let’s get down and finish cooking,” the latter said before coaxing him to the stairs.
Tyler let Dmitri urge him down when all he wanted to do was head back into the bedroom and make that baby he shouldn’t want. They wrapped up all of the prep, the three of them a practiced whirlwind in the kitchen. An hour later, the first of their guests arrived—his son Jamie’s namesake—his eldest brother. Jamie arrived with his mates, kids, and two huge coolers filled to the brim in the back of their pickup. One for the kids and the other for the adults.
“I also brought a bunch of watermelon for the kids to snack on later. Anything I can help out with now?” Jamie asked as he tossed one of his cubs over one shoulder.
“Wanna come help me with the smoker?” Barron asked before heading toward the back door.
They filled out as other guests marched in to help. 
The next two hours were organized chaos. 
Barron and Jamie took care of the smoker while Dmitri and another of Tyler’s brothers, Colt, manned the huge grill. Some neighbors and friends joined them for the celebration, as well. Almost all of Tyler’s brothers—and there were a ton of them—were there, along with a bevy of mates and cubs. There was only one brother missing. Colm, who’d moved to Midnight, Mississippi to serve the King of Midnight was the only not there.
My inspiration for Barron
They’d met Colm’s brother bear, human mate, and cubs on a visit home a few years before, but Tyler missed having the bears close. They’d all been through so much with their terrors for fathers, and they’d come out the other side—all finding love and happiness—and becoming the family they should’ve been all along.
Music played from the old stereo Barron had set up just outside the barn. Kids screamed and played on the massive playground his mates had built for all their boys, and the many tables were filled with friends, family, and laughter.
The sun began to lower, setting the sky aflame with pinks, oranges, and reds. Tyler stood on the fringes, a smile on his face as he watched everyone there.
How long they had suffered. His brothers more than deserved this life they had now. He felt the sting of tears at the backs of his eyes as he watched the love they all had for one another now. After years of surviving, they’d made it.
Barron was soon at his side. “You look sad.”
Tyler shook his head and smiled widely. “Not even close.”
Barron grinned down at him. “You did this, you know?”
“Did what?”
“You held on tight and refused to let your family be ripped apart after your fathers died,” Barron said, wrapping his arms around Tyler.
Tyler slid his hands over those massive arms, holding one of the men he loved more than life itself. “No… that was you and Dmitri. If it wasn’t for you two, I don’t know where we’d be today.”
Barron pressed a kiss to Tyler’s lips.
Get a room,” Jedidiah grumbled as he marched past to get another helping of barbeque. Bailey trailed behind his uncle and took one of Jed’s hands.
Jed smiled down at the cub, which was a miracle in itself. The surly teenager had been in a crabby mood since puberty.
“If only getting a room worked,” Barron said against his ear.
Tyler laughed and saw Dmitri eyeing them from behind the grill. Heat filled his stare, a lusty smile crossing his lips. 
But then he looked past Tyler.
Tyler turned, to see what Dmitri saw. Off in the distance, there was dust being kicked up down the lane. They had a late arrival. 
When the truck grew closer and he saw Mississippi plates, a smile came to his lips. 
After the truck came to a stop, Colm climbed out of the driver’s side door and waved. Before they all could exit the vehicle, Tyler rushed over to hug his brother. Colm’s handsome human mate, Reese, and brother bear/panda shifter, Theis, all shuffled out carrying cubs in their arms. 
“I didn’t know you guys were coming,” Tyler said.
“Declan asked me to meet with him. Says he wants to talk to me about something big,” Colm said. “Being his assistant, I thought you’d have more details for me.”
Tyler frowned, wondering why the alpha hadn’t said anything to him. “He never said a word,” Tyler said. And then his eyes rounded. “But I mighthave an idea.”
Declan had been talking about creating a new Bear Mountain Police Department. As the city center had grown, it had been a lot for the Sheriff’s Department to handle. They’d had to split their focus between the city and the surrounding mountains. And it had stretched resources.
Colm was a lieutenant for Midnight’s Police and had been for many years. He now had years of experience with protecting a huge paranormal city—something Declan just might need.
“Clue me in?” Colm asked.
If he said something now, it might give Colm too much time to think things over and say no. Tyler wanted his brother back in the safety of Bear Mountain. Midnight was too damned far away to be raising the next generation of McCrearys.
A city was no place for cubs. They needed the mountains, the farm, and the family. A place to run free.
“I might not be right,” Tyler said before walking over to give Theis, Reese, and the three boys a hug. “I’ll leave that up to Declan.”
Colm sighed before rounding the truck and taking the youngest cub into his arms. “I know you want me to come home… and so does Declan. You’re bothtransparent.”
“The valley would be a helluva lot safer for the boys,” Theis remarked.
“Not you, too,” Reese complained. “I just finally got the hang of Midnight… and now you want to leave?”
“I think you’d like it here in Bear Mountain,” Tyler said to Reese.
Reese didn’t look like he agreed. “I have my own weekly TV show in Midnight. Do you have any idea how hard I struggled to get that?”
“A city boy in the country… you could film your own reality TV show right here,” Theis said with a chuckle.
Reese looked like he was about to argue but paused. “You know… that couldbe interesting. Midnighters would love to see how the bears of Bear Mountain lived. I’m always asked questions about it because of Colm, but I don’t have much to share. They’d eat that up.” He smiled. “Yeah, I could make that work.”
Tyler wasn’t sure how the alpha would think of that, but kept his mouth shut. He led them all over to the party. Cries went out to welcome Colm and his family. After a long series of hugs, everyone was fed and settled as night fell upon them. The kids chased fireflies. The cicadas, crickets, and frogs began to sing their songs. Stars illuminated the sky.
Colm found him some time later. “I brought something special with me from Midnight. We’ve got it set up over in the field.”
“What?” Tyler asked.
“It’s a surprise. Just get all the kids together here at the tables. I don’t need them running around and getting too close.” 
Tyler eyed his brother before rounding everyone up, as requested. He grabbed a racing Bailey and found the rest of his flock seated along one of the picnic tables. Sitting between Barron and Dmitri, he sat Bailey on his lap.
And he watched as Colm light something with a lighter.
There was a sizzle…
An explosion of light and sound commenced.
Everyone winced for a second before they realized it was fireworks. 
And not just anyfireworks. These seemed to be magical fireworks, as they zigged and zagged in ways not possible. The sky was a visual feast of color and shape. Tyler turned to eye his cubs and saw them utterly transfixed by what they saw, smiles of wonderment on their faces. Colors from the sky washed over his beautiful boys, and he smiled.
The fireworks went on for almost a half hour, delighting everyone there. When it was over, a groan of disappointment ran through the cubs.
“Are they done, papa?” Bailey asked.
“I suppose so.”
“Awww,” Bailey said before wriggling from Tyler’s grasp to play with his brothers. Tyler felt a little glum. His baby didn’t like to cuddle anymore.
Colm walked closer. “What did you guys think?”
“That hadto have a little magic on it,” Barron said.
“Got them in one of the witch shops on the East Side. One of the only warlocks I trust confirmed they were safe and wouldn’t burn the fields down.”
“Good to know,” Dmitri said. “But if you burn up our crops, I’m coming for you.”
Colm laughed. “I don’t doubt it.”
Not long after the fireworks were over, everyone pitched in to clean up a bit of the chaos. Food was stored or divvied up. Tables and chairs were all folded up and the trash collected. The rest could be taken care of in the morning light. Once they were done, the smaller family groups began to depart, tired cubs resting heads on shoulders. All of them thanked Tyler and his family for hosting another spectacular summer family barbeque.
Tyler hated for them to leave but was so ready for the quiet that would come after.
When everyone was gone and the boys inside getting ready for their baths, Barron and Dmitri pulled Tyler into their arms.
“You’re notgoing to check on the boys… you’re going to go straight to our bedroom. You’re going to take a warm bath and relax. We’lltake care of the cubs and get them to bed… and join you as soon as we’re done.”
Tyler smiled, staring up at his mates. “Don’t take too long. I might fall asleep in the tub.”
He pressed a kiss to both their lips.
“Don’t worry. We’ll wake you,” Dmitri said before stealing another kiss. “We need to finish what we stared this afternoon.”
The dormant heat Tyler had felt during their attempt to sneak away reignited with a roar. The bear within was ready to finish it right then and there, up against a picnic table and under the stars. Too bad they couldn’t, not without someone potentially catching them.
Tyler moaned against their hard bodies, wriggling against their strength.
“And once we get you into our bed, we can talk about that cub you want,” Barron whispered against Tyler’s ear. His big, strong hand slid to Tyler’s stomach. 
Tyler gasped, his head falling back to Barron’s chest.
And he knew in that moment their family would soon be growing by one more…
If not tonight, soon…

Bear Mountain is a 21-book series, with two spin-off series—Project Zed and Midnight, Mississippi. You can get the first book in the series, Bound to Two Bears for FREE on Amazon or at my publisher, Twisted E-Publishing.

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