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Sunday Spotlight - Maggie Walsh and Fate (Angel Pack, 14)

Welcome Maggie Walsh back to Sunday Spotlight!  She's sharing a bit from her newest title- Fate, The Angle Pack 14

Castiel Angel gave up his mate to save those he loves. Then two strangers, Shay and Kia, show up, bringing unique powers to the Angel Pack that can help them, as well as put Cass’s dark past to rest.
While on a mission from the council, fae warrior Sasha comes across a disturbing discovery. In the midst of the horror, he finds a small, terrified man that is the spitting image of one of the packs inner family.
Kia uses his powers to explore Cass’s past, and dark secrets are revealed. Raffy decides to take matters into his own hands and hunt down the brother who died so long ago, and make him pay for the evil he has done. But the pits of hell are no place for someone so pure of heart.
Will they be able to find Raffy before the demons of hell swallow him up? And can Cass ever move on from his own demons and grab onto his future...with his mates?
 Note: This book contains double penetration.
Kia grabbed the bottle of body wash and poured some into his hands. He rubbed his hands together, getting a nice lather, then placed his hands on Castiel’s back and began to wash him. Kia loved feeling all those hard muscles flex and relax under his touch. He slid his hands up to Castiel’s neck, then down his broad shoulders, and thick biceps, before sliding back up the underside of his arms, and moving down Castiel’s sides to his hips. Kia’s hand glided over taut skin to Castiel’s muscled globes, and he washed the sexy, slightly furry cheeks. His slick hand slid between those gorgeous globes as Kia cleaned Castiel’s most intimate spot.
“Mmm, feels good, my Kia. Don’t stop, baby,” Castiel growled.
The sound was so arousing, Kia’s cock jerked in interest. He gently rubbed the tight star, and was shocked when his big, strong mate pushed his ass back, forcing Kia’s finger to slide into his hole. Kia froze. He didn’t know what to do. He did know what to do, of course, because he had done it to Shay enough times, but this was not Shay. Castiel was a big enforcer and surely would never bottom.
Castiel turned his head, looking at him over his shoulder, and giving Kia a sexy smile. Cass reached up with one arm and grabbed the back of his head. “Do it, sweet pea. Shove those fingers inside me and stretch me. Get me ready for your pretty cock. I want to feel you inside me,” Castiel said in a rough, husky voice, then pulled Kia’s head close and devoured his lips. Kia’s knees almost gave out on him from the intensity of the kiss. The fact that Castiel was willing to let Kia fuck him was a big, but welcome, surprise. He had never in a million years thought that their enforcer mate, who was full of testosterone, would ever bottom.
“I believe a mating should be all of us sharing in everything with one another.” Castiel pulled back, releasing him, and met his shocked gaze.
Kia’s brows rose in surprise. “You do? You mean…”
“Yes, Kia,” Castiel answered simply, then turned back around and picked Shay up, pressing his back against the tiles, as Shay wrapped his legs around Castiel’s waist.
Kia was nervous as hell as he reached out a shaky hand and grabbed the bottle of lube they kept in the shower. He popped the top and poured some of the slick onto his fingers. Cass held his hand out. “Let me have some of that, baby. I’ll stretch Shay, while you open me up.”
Kia poured some on Castiel’s fingers then watched in fascination as Cass slid his hand under Shay and started playing with Shay’s ass. Kia absently put the tube back on the shelf, his head fuzzy and confused by this turn of events. His large mate, all hard, tough, and growly man, wanted him to fuck him.
“Come on, baby. I want to feel you inside me as I slide into Shay,” Castiel panted.
Kia shook his head, coming out of his thoughts, and focused on the moment. Even though he was shocked, he could hear it in Castiel’s voice that he wanted this, and Kia was surprised at the realization that he did, too.
Kia pressed his slick fingers against Cass’s puckered hole again, and pushed one in past the outer ring, sliding it in completely. The moan Castiel released was so damn deep and sexy, Kia almost came just from the sound. Slowly he thrust the finger in and out a few times before adding a second, then started to lick and nibble all the sexy muscles across Castiel’s back.
Kia wanted to cover his mate in licks and kisses. He lost himself in the taste of Castiel’s skin, the sounds of the three of them panting and moaning, and the feel of Castiel’s hot channel gripping his fingers. After Kia had three fingers moving in and out of his mate without any resistance, he knew Castiel was ready. He pulled his fingers free and wrapped his hand around his hard, leaking cock, using the slick that was left on his hand to coat his shaft.
“Now, baby,” Cass demanded gently.
Kia watched as Shay’s head dropped back against the tiles behind him and his mouth opened with an almost silent cry. Castiel thrust his hips forward and Kia knew his big mate had just impaled Shay. Kia looked down at Castiel’s ass, and those muscled cheeks were flexed and tight. Kia was smaller than his mate and wondered how he was going to breach him.
He shouldn’t have worried. It was as if Castiel had read his mind. Castiel gripped Shay tight and spun them, then placed Shay on the edge of the tiled bench against the other wall. Shay lay back and arched his back up as he cried out his pleasure. Castiel looked back at him again. “Come on, baby, join us.”
Cass leaned forward, lying over Shay as Kia stepped closer. He grabbed the base of his cock and angled the head toward his mate. Kia’s breath hitched and his hand shook. Suddenly he found himself so nervous he thought he might throw up. But then Castiel’s next words eased some of his nerves. “You feel so fucking good, Shay. I can’t wait to feel Kia inside me so that we’ll all be joined together.”
Kia slid the tip between those furry cheeks, and ran it up and down the crease a few times, then stopped at the puckered hole, pressing forward. “Shit!” Kia cursed loudly in surprise. He had expected more resistance from Castiel’s body and thought he would go slow, but as he pressed forward he immediately popped through the guarding muscle and slid fully inside Castiel in one swift move, until his balls slapped against Castiel’s heavy sac. Kia had to grab his mate’s hips to steady himself.
“Fuck, yes,” Castiel hissed between clenched teeth, then pushed back against Kia and swiveled his hips.
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New Release - Taken by the Caveman by Jayson Jax

Hi y'all!  My friend Jayson Jax has a new release today.  I've worked with Jayson to develop this story and, if you really liked some of the earlier Kelex erotica, you might dig this.

Part of this story was released a year ago, but it was re-release with TEP -- deeply edited and the story MORE than doubled. I really like the slight shift in direction and the HFN ending!

Carter Burke has spent much of his life learning about the past—specifically, Paleolithic Man. When an amazing opportunity for research crosses his path, he can’t say no.

Once on Sir Ian Gallagher’s Caribbean island, he learns the opportunity isn’t quite what he expected. Sir Ian is a modern day Moreau, but instead of deadly genetic experiments on animals, Sir Ian has focused his attentions on the caveman.

Tossed into one of Sir Ian’s experimental habitats, Carter must defend himself against the lusts the lonely inhabitant has—only to find he must fight his own as well… when he’s taken by the caveman.

And wherever fine e-books are sold!

Carter walked closer to the window, watching as thin lines of smoke drifted toward the sky from those caves. “What am I looking at?”

Sir Ian stood at his side. “You’re looking at three decades worth of science.”

Carter tilted his head to the side. “Culminating in wh...”

The question died on his lips as he saw a living, breathing example of what had to be an archaic human walking through the vegetation close to the windows.

The dark-skinned male was naked, dirty, and his hair was unkempt. And he was small—too small to be homo erectus. But the male’s brow ridge was heavy and his body tight and compact. Everything else told Carter this was a real live caveman.

He spun to face Sir Ian. “What in the hell is this place?”

“I’ve always been captivated by history. It has sent me on journeys into the unknown, but there was always one time period that fascinated me—the Paleolithic. I funded some swindler many, many years before who claimed to have a working model to support his theories on time travel, but that never panned out. Then I came across information about cloning. I decided that cloning would be my means to seek out the past—by creating my own cavemen to study.”

Carter felt as if his eyes were bugging out of his head. His heart beat too quickly in his chest, the thumping almost painful. “This specimen is too small to be homo erectus, yet he has all the other signs.”

“The early DNA samples we were able to get our hands on were incomplete,” Sir Ian said. “We had to fill in a few of the gaps with our own DNA. As a result, many are smaller than the average erectus. Some of our newer generations are larger thanks to better samples.”

“Newer generations?” Carter spluttered. “How many specimens do you have?”

Sir Ian smiled. “Of the homo erectus or all of our specimens?”

All of their specimens? “How many different species of man did you clone from?”

“This is the erectus exhibit. We have at least twenty specimens who call this home. There are a dozen Neanderthals in another sanctuary. And we even have thirty-five of your homo idaltu. Although there were forty, up until a few months ago.”

“What happened to the other five?” Carter asked as he stared, transfixed by the caveman before him. The specimen was stalking a small mammal it seemed, carrying a prehistoric stone spear in his grip. “Did he fashion this weapon or did you provide it for him?”

“As far as the tool—he, as well as the others, have made many of their own tools without our involvement. All we provide is the natural setting, the walls around it, the stream of clean water, and the wild game.”

“There are walls keeping them inside a boundary?”

“Indeed. I can’t have them escaping my island,” Sir Ian said.

It was a game preserve… a Jurassic Park for ancient humans. And he knew how those movies ended. Badly, with lots of torment and pain. Yet here he was, staring at a living, breathing caveman. How many questions he could have answered… and how many new ones would arise. This was an experience of a lifetime, one he had to hold on to.

“What of my other question? How did the five die?”

“What happened to the other five is what you’re here for,” Sir Ian said mysteriously.

Carter had to know what he was getting into. “Plague? Disease? Did they murder one another?”

“One of our specimens seems to be a bit… off.”

A frown crossed Carter’s face. He needed more than that. If he was putting himself in danger by accepting the position, he deserved to know. “And this specimen… he killed the others?”

Sir Ian frowned. “Not exactly… but he was a cause of their demise.”

“What is it you think I can do here?” Carter asked.

“Follow me,” Sir Ian said.

Carter stood rooted to the spot for a few moments, unsure if he should go. Ultimately, his curiosity won out and he followed Sir Ian through the doors they’d entered. They made a few turns and took another set of steps before coming to a small metal door. Sir Ian turned the metal wheel in the middle of the ship-like door before he opened it, a creaking sound echoing around them.

“Take a look inside,” Sir Ian said.

Carter took a couple of steps closer, but the interior was quite dark. “What am I looking at?”

“You have to get closer,” Sir Ian said.

Carter glanced at the man before taking a couple more steps. He peered through the door, yet still saw nothing. “I don’t know what I’m supposed to—”

A push between the shoulder blades had him falling through the door and down several meters. He slammed into the floor on his side, the pain radiating through his arm and hip.

Yet it wasn’t quite a floor.

It was dirty—damp—and he was quite sure there were things slithering in what felt like leaves. As quickly as he could, he jumped to his feet and looked up toward the door he’d fallen through. Sir Ian’s head poked out of the low light—the only light.

His rolled his shoulders, the sensation of a hand still there between his shoulder blades. Surely Sir Ian hadn’t pushed him in. It had to have been his imagination.

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Sunday Spotlight - Guest Author Hayden West and The Prince's Mate

Welcome Hayden West back to my site for another Sunday Spotlight!

Hayden is sharing a bit from The Prince's Mate, a new serial gay paranormal romance...

In Alaska for a vacation, Zachary Adan, runs into a man who will change his life. All it takes is one night run on the slopes and everything he has known and believed is brought into question.

Chase often comes to this resort when he wants to get away from his responsibilities. This time, he meets his mate and understands why he was drawn back so soon.

During a night run, opposing forces attack them and sooner than he wished, he must reveal to Zach who he truly is; Prince Chamber Sept Mallo. Not only must he keep his mate alive so he can take his place on the throne, but he must also convince the man to stay with him for the rest of their lives.

Buy it wherever e-books are sold!

TEP  * Amazon

Check out an exclusive first glimpse HERE
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