Thursday, May 25, 2017

NEW RELEASE: Nailing the Foreman

Seems I'm a day late and a dollar short with this post!  I was stuck at the hospital a good chunk of yesterday -- no worries, all is well.  I did forget to post this once I made it home, though... so here we are...

For those of you who loved JLC Construction stories with Golden, Jax, Linc, Chance, Colt, Ryan, Damien, and Lucas have been asking me about Jason's story... and now it's finally here.

Nailing the Foreman (A JLC Construction Story, 6)

*This story is ALSO A Kent Street Tale, 3*

New JLC foreman Zach McKinley has developed a crush on his new boss—Jax. Jax is, of course, happily married to Golden. Zach has no plans to become a homewrecker, no matter how tempting it is. 

When he meets Jax’s unattached twin brother, Jason, he’s drawn to the man… Or is he attracted by the same handsome face he’d seen in his fantasies?

Jason Montgomery instantly feels a connection to Zach. After a long, whirlwind day together, they fall into bed with one another, and all hell breaks loose. Zach’s crush on Jax comes back to bite them both in the ass.

Jason and Jax have had a rocky relationship over the years, and this threatens the peace they’d finally found. When another issue arises, will it tear the twins apart?

And can Zach find a way back into Jason’s bed… and heart?

Barnes & Noble  * Bookstrand

And don't forget to check out the new COMPANION GUIDE that goes along with this book!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Nailing the Foreman Companion Guide - What's a Penis Plug?

I haven't written one of these companion guides in some time. While sounds/penile plugs/etc aren't new to my stories, it's been a while since I've had one in a story. I thought it might be good to add another companion guide now.  In Nailing the Foreman *spoiler alert* there's some urethral plug play that goes down, and for you guys who have no idea what that is, I'm going to share a little information.

Before I go ANY further...

If you are considering play like this, keep in mind a few things.  One -- anytime you are putting something like this in your body, keeping things sanitized and clean are important.  You run the risk of some serious infections if not. Two -- I am NOT an expert.  This post is for information purposes only -- so readers of Nailing the Foreman can understand the scene the two heroes share better.  If you are interested in trying this play, here's a great FAQ for urethral plugs and sounding HERE.

Urethral plugs (also sometimes called "sounds") are typically some type of narrow plug placed into the slit of a man's cock -- inside his urethra. Sounds tend to be thinner, and not necessarily plug shaped, so they are different than plugs.

Inserting something into the urethra is sometimes called "sounding"

Here's the basic concept

Not all guys enjoy this , but there are some who really get off from the sensation.  Unless it's a hollow tube (some are), a guy can't cum or pee while it's inserted, so it can be a bit of a torture device if worn long enough, if that's someone's thing.  A little pain with pleasure can be fun, if everyone's on board.

In fact, the one Zach wears in my story is called a "cum stopper". There's a thin plug attached to a ring that "locks" behind the glans.

A type of "cum stopper"

Now, this isn't the first time I've written about something like this.  I've had a Prince's Wand in The Dungeon Series, as well as others -- if you're interested in seeing more, you can read my older post HERE. It has pictures, info, and a lot more!

You can grab Nailing the Foreman today and see just how much fun Zach and Jason have with that cum stopper!  

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday Spotlight -- Victoria Vallo and Tore's Romantic

Welcome Victoria Vallo back to Sunday Spotlight!  She's here to share a bit about her new release, Tore's Romantic.  This is the third and final installment in her Mate Me series.


Tore thinks both his brothers have lost their minds, yet he can’t ignore how happy they are.

Tore had no intention of giving in to the pressure of his father’s demand that he settle down and begin producing heirs. But when he meets a very eager and determined omega, he begins to think the decision has been made for him. Beau thinks everything happens for a reason—even parents making unusual demands—and the more he learns about Beau, the more Tore starts to see life in a completely new way.

Copyright © 2017 by Victoria Vallo

Beau wiped down the table and then changed James’s shirt. He took the sticky garment to the sink to let it soak. A knock came at the door, and Beau glanced up. The sun had just set, so it had to be Jalal or Finn. He walked over and peeked out the window, his breath catching in his throat when he saw it was Tore.

Guess I didn’t make a fool of myself after all. He took a deep breath and smiled as he opened the door. “Hi.”

“Hi.” Tore licked his lower lip. “I hope I’m not interrupting anything.”

“Not at all. Just cleaning up after dinner.” He opened the door wider. “Come in. You’re just in time for dessert, if you’d like some.”

“Sure, thank you.” Tore moved stiffly as he entered the house.

Is he nervous? While the idea excited Beau, he didn’t want Tore to feel that way. “Look who came to see us, James,” Beau said as he walked past James’s highchair and quickly dropped a kiss on his forehead.

James made a gurgling noise as he chewed on his fist and then fixed his attention on Tore. He made a little squealing sound but continued to gnaw on his hand.

Tore walked over to the table and sat down beside James. “Hey, little man. Looks like you enjoyed your dinner.”

Beau glanced back and realized he hadn’t wiped the highchair down yet. “Oh, sorry. I was just rinsing his shirt, which has the same smears all over it.” He grabbed a cloth and moved to the table.

Tore took the cloth from him. “I can do it. And no need to apologize.”

Beau let Tore take over, and he glanced over his shoulder as he moved back to the sink. The open floorplan of the cottage’s kitchen and living area had always been nice because it made keeping an eye on James much easier. But now, it had other benefits. Watching Tore interacting with James, not to mention cleaning without complaint, inspired more than a little hope in Beau’s heart. Tore seemed like a very gentle man, the exact opposite of every other male who had ever shown interest in Beau. Especially Quinn. The aggression had been arousing during sex, but Beau had come to realize he didn’t want to be dominated in every aspect of his life.

Beau put some mashed up peaches in a bowl of yogurt for James before cutting two slices of pie for him and Tore. “You like qurnas?”

“Never had them, but I hear we may be exporting some to other worlds soon.”

“They’re very sweet. So sweet you don’t even have to add sugar when you make a pie.” He took both plates over to the table, then returned for forks and James’s yogurt. “The texture is more like a melon, but they soften up nicely in pies and cobblers.”

“Thanks,” Tore said as Beau handed him his fork. “Sounds wonderful.” He turned the plate and looked at it a moment before glancing up. “Though we’re doing this backwards.”

Beau looked down at the plate, then back up as he tried to figure out what Tore meant. “Backwards?” James banged on the little tray of his wooden highchair, so Beau stirred his yogurt and offered him a spoonful.

“Yeah. I came here to accept your dinner invitation, but we seem to have skipped to dessert.”

Beau smiled. “I was hoping that was why you were here.”

Tore took a bite of the pie. “Mmmm, this is good. But yeah, very sweet. I can see why Finn thinks they’ll sell well.”

“Your company does lots of importing and exporting?”

“Yes. We started out as just a third-party delivery company, but over time we developed our own interests and connections. Now we ship for others, but we also do direct buying and selling.”

“So you’re here to see Finn’s work and make more connections as well.”

“Yes.” Tore paused. “I may be around a lot.”

“I’d like that,” Beau said. “I’m not sure I can seduce you before you leave in a couple of weeks.” Beau focused on James, but he could feel Tore watching him.

“That kiss yesterday was a fine start,” Tore said before cutting into his pie again and lifting a hefty spoonful to his mouth.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Special Saturday Spotlight - Charlie Richards and The Strike of Hot Iron

Welcome author Charlie Richards -- she's bringing a bit of her new release, The Strike of Hot Iron, with a special Saturday Spotlight!

Just a little Love Bite: When a dingo shifter finds a reluctant mate, he needs plenty of help from his friends.

Pascal agreed to move with his two brothers to a vampire coven which runs a dude and cattle ranch. With both of his brothers wrapped up in their mates, he has plenty of opportunity to explore. He accepts his sexuality as he learns his likes, dislikes, and cravings, which include submitting to a dominant lover. With abuse part of his past, his brothers don’t understand why Pascal occasionally sports bruises from sex he claims is consensual.

When the new blacksmith arrives at the ranch, Pascal finally understands what his brothers had talked about when describing the mate-pull. Abner Johnson is all he can think about. Unfortunately, while the huge redhead is okay with a little fun, he doesn’t want a relationship…with anyone. He’s also upfront about his feelings on biting—don’t even try it.

Can Pascal figure get help wooing his mate from his family and friends, even when they don’t understand his desires?


*Coming Soon


Shit! What am I doing here? Why did I go home with a stranger without telling my brothers? Mate or not, I should have talked with him first. I shouldn’t have allowed my cock to rule my head. I’ve never done this before.
Feeling gentle hands cradle his face, Pascal jolted in his seat.
“Easy, Pascal.”
Abner’s deep rumbling voice caught Pascal’s attention, and he tipped his head back, giving in to his mate’s guiding hand, and met his gaze.
His lips curved into a warm smile, Abner continued, “There you are, Pascal. You went somewhere I couldn’t follow, and it wasn’t a good place. Not like the blissful place I’d rather send you. Do you want to talk about it?”
“No. No I don’t.”
Pascal shuttered his gaze and focused on Abner’s chin. He knew he’d answered a little fast, with a little snip in his tone, but defensiveness was a knee-jerk reaction. Pascal didn’t want to talk about his past…especially with his mate.
What if Abner thought he was damaged goods or something?
While Pascal knew the abuse, the physical, mental, and sexual trauma wasn’t his fault, that didn’t mean he wanted to discuss…to relive it…even for his mate.
Abner slid his right hand to the nape of Pascal’s neck. With his other, he threaded his fingers into his hair and gripped it in a light hold. Sweeping his dark-eyed focus over Pascal’s face a few seconds, Abner seemed to assess him.
Pascal held still, unable to meet his gaze. He couldn’t stop or even hide his tremble as he felt Abner massage his nape lightly. Finally, he saw his mate nod once.
“Very well.” Abner released him, his nails skimming over Pascal’s flesh as he did so. “Then we talk about what we want.”
Abner settled on the opposite side of the long sofa, his back to the corner. His left knee was bent on the cushion since he was at an angle, and his right sock-clad foot was flat on the floor. He placed his right hand on his thigh and his left arm along the back. His dark-eyed gazed seemed to settle on Pascal with laser-guided intensity.
“Pascal, I know you are a shifter. A dingo shifter. I don’t have a problem with paranormals in general, but I didn’t move to this coven to be a donor or to be bitten in any way,” Abner began bluntly. “I have a lot of shit going on in my life, and I don’t need the headache of trying to figure out a relationship of any kind.” The thumb of his left hand tapped against the back of the sofa, betraying that he wasn’t quite at ease as he obviously wanted to appear. “With that said, I can see that you are a submissive. It’s as plain to me as the nose on my face. I am a dominant, and would be happy to occasionally play with you. We can set up times to meet and scratch our mutual itch, my need to control and yours to give up the same. Is that something you are willing to agree to?”
With each word Abner spoke, Pascal’s disappointment grew. His mate wasn’t open to a relationship? He also didn’t want to be bitten?
How the hell am I going to bring up being mates now?

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Switching Gears

As many of you know, Bear Mountain is slowly coming to an end.  I only have two more stories planned in this series to release this year.  Of course, the series lives on some in Project Zed and there will be at least two more books in that spin-off, perhaps more.  But it won't be as large as the original series.

There *might* be another spin-off in the works, but more on that when the time is right.

Bound to Two Bears was a flash of something amazing. I was struggling with what I was SUPPOSED to be writing, so I decided to switch gears and work on something else instead.  It was going to be a one off... no series, nothing more than one book.

But after writing it, I really liked the bare bones of the world I'd created in that story.  So, I decided to write another.  Each story added more meat to those bones and I felt sort of like Bastian in the Neverending Story, creating a world from my imagination as I took a journey through it. Many of you have been with me every step of the journey...

I'd started my career as Kelex writing edgier erotica, but as I continued with this series, my stories grew more romantic. More story than sex.  Some of you liked that... whereas others haven't.

Ben was the turning point for me. His story put a wrench in my usual plan.  My other stories had been filled with a lot of BDSM and hardcore sex.  But here was this widower who ached for his lost mates and felt drawn to new lovers he was guilty for wanting.  He needed love, tenderness, and care, not whips, paddles, and bondage. Other stories in the series needed a gentler hand, as well. Eric's story... after what he'd endured at Tymber and Taryn's hands, for instance. The series evolved along the way...

But now I find myself nearing the end of the journey and I feel as if I'm on shaky ground.

I miss writing the harder erotica of my past yet really enjoy weaving the softer stories in this new direction, too. There needs to be balance in my life... a little of this and a little of that, I suppose. 

Nailing the Foreman is my next release, returning to both JLC Construction and the world of Kent Street.  It was a challenge to write -- JLC was very hot and sex fueled, whereas the Kent Street stories were a little more romantic.  Thankfully, many of the earlier characters in the JLC stories are now married or in long term relationships that allowed for a little more romance to come into the tale.

Where do I go from here? I'm not sure, but I know there are two sides to my writing and some fans only like one of those sides.  I will endeavor to keep you all happy all while keeping my muse appeased, too.
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