Friday, May 3, 2024

Update May 2024

Greetings and Salutations!

I've not posted here in a while, so I thought it might be time for a little update to let y'all know what's going on in Kelexville.

And lemme tell you... it's a lot.

First, PARIS! I was a signing author at RARE Paris on April 6th. My daughter and I were there a week, exploring Paris, doing a bit of research, and of course, the signing. Meeting my French readers was amazing and gave me a much-needed boost to the confidence. Imposter Syndrome is THE WORST.

Days after returning home, there was a medical emergency for my father-in-law in North Carolina, a few days before we were already supposed to arrive for my grandmother-in-law's 90th birthday celebration. So we ended up there a bit earlier and longer than planned.

We got home from that last week and have been playing catch up and recovering from jet lag.

Losing three weeks amidst everything I've got going on was not the greatest, but I'm very much recharged and excited with what's to come.

I'm going to break this update into three parts: New and interesting, upcoming appearances, and ending on the part you REALLY want to know about BOOKS.


1. I have a new Patreon where I am offering early access to my work, artwork I've commissioned, and opportunities to connect in a new way. There is free membership and posts available to everyone, as well as paid tiers where you can have access to all kinds of goodies.  Check it out here. Chapter 9 of To Hell and Back just got posted yesterday.

2. Only Skin Deep is being produced into an audiobook through the Hoof and Fang Podcast. They're sharing in serial format, new chapters each week. Once it's complete, they will be offering it for sale on their store for a year, then it'll be available on Audible/Amazon for those of you who have credits burning their fingers.

3. I'm working on a storefront of my own with Kelex merch. I've commissioned some really amazing artwork in the last few months and after it's done a tour on my Patreon, I will be selling items in my shop. Coming soon!


Here is a list of all the events I plan to attend for the rest of 2024 and through 2026.

1. Rainbow Readers Cruise August 2024. I will be one of the signing authors taking the cruise from Ft. Lauderdale to KeyWest and Coco Bay, Bahamas. 

2. Read the Rainbow April 2025 One day signing in Havre de Grace, MD

3. [TBA Signing] June 2025 Virginia

4. ShiMMer UK June 2025

4. RARE London July 2025 (Tickets are not on sale yet; you can follow the RARETTES HERE for more news)

5. Book Harvest October 2025 Chicago (Tickets are not on sale yet; you can follow the organizers HERE for more news)

6. RARE Berlin 2026


1. As mentioned above, To Hell and Back (Enchanted Ink, 3) is being made available chapter by chapter on my new Patreon. It's currently at 90,000 words, so the end is in sight! I hope to have it finished very soon and looking for a mid-to-late May release date.

2. As soon as I wrap that up, I'm returning to Omega Quadrant #3, already in progress.

3. I'm also working on a new co-written series with April Andrews. We begin work on that in a couple of weeks.

4. After OQ3 is complete, I'll have to take stock and figure out where my muse wants to go next. I have the following books on my to-write list for 2024, but I'm already VERY behind (per my usu) so not sure how many of these I will manage to finish this year:

    • Omegawood (Valleywood) 3
    • Mermen 2
    • Enchanted Ink 5
    • Western Alphas 4
    • Secret Project
    • Another Secret Project
    • Another Secret Project

That about sums it up. I feel tired just thinking about it all! Time to go write. 



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