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NEW RELEASE: Theirs by Midnight (Midnight, Mississippi, 3.5) by Kelex

After I'd published Dead by Midnight, King Adriel, Noah, and Eilam whispered a scene into my mind -- and I knew that I couldn't move forward with Midnight Book 4 until I'd revisited the triad from Book 3 and finished their story.

Theirs by Midnight
Midnight Mississippi, Book 3.5

Now king’s consorts, Eilam and Noah struggle to adjust to life in the castle. Things aren’t helped with King Adriel’s desire to hold a ball in their honor—in a little over a week’s time. A thousand guests is a logistical nightmare in and of itself, especially since the guests of honor are in charge of Midnight’s security. Both men try to discourage Adriel from holding the event, but the king is accustomed to having his every whim granted and won’t be dissuaded.

Adriel wants to show the whole of Midnight he’s fully accepted his mates. After the months of pushing them away, he feels the need to shout his affection from the mountaintops. Perhaps it’s a bit of guilt driving him to make the grand gesture, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, is it? Eilam and Noah just need to warm to the idea.

To get his way, Adriel promises Eilam and Noah twenty-four hours alone with him in his private realm immediately after the ball—where he won’t be allowed to use his magic during the hours between arriving and departing. He’s not quite sure what Eilam and Noah have planned, but whatever it may be, it’s already making him tremble with delight.

Copyright © 2018 by Kelex

Chapter One
Castle Midnight

Noah lifted his lids, confused for a moment where he was. Silk sheets were smooth under his body. Heavy brocade curtains covered windows that rose to what had to be ten-foot ceilings. Light peeked through the slits between, hinting that morning was upon them. A warm body lay against him, and it took a moment to remember that it wasn't Eilam's. He rolled over and glanced down at his mate. King Adriel seemed to instinctively cuddle into his arms. A smile spread across his lips. Glancing over at Eilam sleeping on Adriel's other side, it all came back to him. The day before, he and his brother bear had been made king's consorts in front of most of the court. The warlock, who had done his best to avoid a mating, was now theirs. 

Noah looked about the sumptuous bedroom, still not completely capable of absorbing what had transpired. That this was their new home. Adriel had lived there for many years without them, but for him and his brother bear, this was a whole new world. Eilam knew it better than he. His brother bear had run the king's security and had been in and out of the castle for some time. Noah hadn't been allowed entry-Adriel had known he couldn't continue to keep them at bay if there had been two against one. The minute the king had realized the bond he had with Eilam, the man had tried to ignore the fact that Noah existed.

Now, Noah refused to be ignored.

Noah pressed his lips to the king's forehead, and the man stirred against him.

After a moment, Adriel's eyes fluttered open. A confused look crossed his beautiful face. When his gaze lifted and met Noah's, the smile that soon formed there melted Noah's heart.

He drew in a breath, holding it as he felt the connection they shared deepen.

He's mine.


"Good morning," the king whispered.

"Good morning," Noah murmured back. He lifted his hand and brushed back a lock of his mate's long, black hair. The silky strands slipped from his fingers. Noah lifted another lock, twirling it around one finger before meeting the king's stare once more.

Adriel's lavender eyes were alight with emotion. He lifted slightly and placed a genteel kiss to Noah's lips. After the night the three of them had just shared, Noah didn't feel anywhere close to genteel. He slid his hand through the king's tresses and tugged the warlock even closer. Forcing his lips firmly against Adriel's, he took control.

Their naked bodies came together, chest to chest. Against him, he could feel Adriel's heartbeat quicken. As did his own. Licking along the seam of the man's lips, Noah demanded entry. Adriel moaned and opened for him. He growled, his bear spirit demanding more. They'd already claimed him.

His bear would demand that they claim him over and over again.


Adriel pulled away, breathless. His eyes and mouth open wide, he drew in a deep lungful before meeting Noah's stare. "You're going to drive me insane with kisses such as those."

"That," Noah murmured before placing a loving nip along the king's nape, "is the plan."

Adriel moaned lowly and writhed against Noah. He could feel the king's cock against his thigh. The warlock was hard as stone-just as he was. All the blood had raced to that one spot of his body, leaving him feeling woozy with need.

"Playing without me?"

Noah turned his gaze to see Eilam awake and watching them from the other side of the huge bed.

"Just waiting for you to finally wake up," Noah said with a smile. "Sleepyhead."

"I worked very, very hard last night," Eilam said as he slid his body closer and lined himself against Adriel's back. "I needed my rest so I could be ready for another round."

Memories of the night before danced in Noah's mind. After the announcement the king had made, they'd immediately retired to the king's rooms. After a light meal had been brought up-which they'd barely eaten-they'd made love all night, into the wee hours. Over and over, they'd memorized the curves and swells of the king's body. Noah was well on his way to being an expert in the topic.

Noah ran a finger along Adriel's neck, already knowing the back of it was an erogenous zone for the man. Once the tip of Noah's finger barely caressed that certain spot he'd learned last night, Adriel's eyes fell closed and his mouth parted on a gasp.

The look made Noah's cock jerk. He inhaled deeply, nearly moaning from the sight.

When Adriel's eyes reopened, there was a dreamy, lustful look to them. Noah nearly moaned again as his body responded. He was more than happy to fulfill that need for the rest of their days.

Noah lifted his stare to Eilam, silently telling his brother bear what he intended. The knowing look in Eilam's made his heart quicken. He had so much love for his brother bear, love they'd shared for so long without a third. Now, they had their triad and could finally one day become a family. He held Eilam's stare as he drew Adriel closer for another kiss. The corner of Eilam's lips hitched as he began to kiss a hot trail over Adriel's shoulder and up his neck. To that exact, perfect spot.

Adriel moaned even louder. Ever so slightly, his body began to tremble.

Noah spread his hand along the warlock's hip and let it roam down over one bare ass cheek. He squeezed, kneading the flesh in his hand, before moving down farther and sliding a finger along the split between.

Eilam ran his hand along the top of Noah's. Noah lifted his hand and laced his fingers in through his brother bear's-and then they ran their hands over Adriel together for a moment before drifting apart to tempt their king even higher.

Lips, tongues, and fingers explored, bringing them both closer to their limits. Sighs filled the room, their animalistic moans music to Noah's ears. Heat filled him, the bear within needing this bond made flesh.

He grasped the king's hard staff in his hand, ready to bring Adriel to release.

And the double doors into the bedroom whipped open. A servant entered and crossed the room to the curtains. He drew them open, and sunlight flooded the room. "Godsdamn it," Noah cried, shutting his eyes to the intensity. "What are you doing?"

"Out! Now!" Eilam cried to the servant.

The man looked stunned and confused, spinning as if to leave, but stopping himself and turning back. He stared at his king.

Noah then realized the man wouldn't leave unless Adriel ordered him to.

"Leave us… for a moment," Adriel said, no anger in his tone.

For a moment? That won't be enough time! Noah turned to glare at Adriel while the flustered servant slipped silently from the room. "Do he not know how to knock?"

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Sunday Spotlight - Defying His Fate by Marie Medina

Welcome Marie Medina back to my blog. She's here to promote her new release, Defying His Fate (The Veiled Court, 2)

When Nathaniel is told the identity of his cariad—the person he is supposedly fated to love—he finds himself reliving a pain he’s spent a year fighting. He’d been trying to forget his love for Reese, only to be told by the seers that he’s meant to be with Reese’s sister. Nathaniel had never planned on letting his people’s beliefs dictate who he would love, but his heart makes the situation so unbearable he has no choice but to walk away.

Seeing Nathaniel again awakens a restlessness in Reese that he doesn’t understand. He thought he’d been glad to be rid of the prince, but Reese finds he’s never lost his hunger for the man. When Nathaniel says he wants Reese’s love or nothing at all, Reese has to decide what he actually wants from the prince.

Nathaniel accepted the drink Alexander offered him. They’d spent an entire day preparing for their father’s trial. Alexander’s twin, Henri, and their younger brother Rory had just left. Nathaniel downed the whiskey in one gulp and leaned his head back on the couch, his gaze wandering over the stones of the ceiling. The trial would be more like a formality, since Grayden’s guilt couldn’t be denied, but Nathaniel had welcomed the distraction.

“Have you seen him since the day he came here?” Alexander asked.

Nathaniel rose to pour himself a second drink. “What?”

Alexander waited until he turned around to say, “Reese. He stormed out of here about a week ago. Ran right into me. He scowled until he saw who I was. Then he apologized and hurried away. Louis told me who he was.”

Nathaniel flopped back down onto the couch. “I’m amazed you waited this long to ask me about him.”

“What he does isn’t really my business. But you are.” Alexander sat forward, holding his drink in both hands. “You look terrible.”

“Of course I do. I made a fool of myself yet again.”

“But things are over between the two of you?”

“That remains to be seen.” Nathaniel looked up at his brother, wanting to tell him yet too ashamed of his own weakness. “I won’t pursue him. I’m done hoping.”

Alexander took a large gulp of his drink. “One of the worst things about being king is that you can’t tell people what you really think of them.”

Nathaniel rubbed his eyes before looking over at his brother. “You can tell me anything. I can take it.”

“Not you. Him. He’s obviously hurt you again.”

“He can only hurt me if I give him that power.”

Alexander actually rolled his eyes. “You believe that?”

“I want to. I’m tired of feeling this way.”

“What happened?”

He treated me like garbage yet I went down on my knees for him anyway. I let him use me and flay my heart open. And yet I want him to come back. “He said he came to settle things. His words. And yet I think the situation is worse than ever. Even less closure than before, if you can believe that. We settled nothing.”

“Perhaps you could go away for a while. Travel. Like you did before all this trouble started.”

“I won’t run away this time. That’s what I was doing before when I stayed in the human world for months at a time.”

“Then what do you mean to do? Simply wait around for him?”

That’s what he asked of me. What choice do I have? “I told him I’d leave him alone.”

“He obviously doesn’t love you, and you deserve better.”

“I know,” Nathaniel said softly. He finished his drink and set the glass down. “I’m going to bed.”

Alexander studied him. “Good night then.” He shifted to lean on the arm of his chair. “But you’ll let me know if you need anything?”

Nathaniel nodded. “Of course. Good night.”

Little could be heard in the halls at this hour. Almost everyone had retired for the evening, just a few maids and pages on duty, checking up on things and preparing for the next day. Nathaniel undressed as soon as he reached his room, but he stopped on the way to his bed. The balcony door was slightly open, and he drew his trousers back on to step outside. He saw no one, but then he walked over to check the trellis. The greenery seemed to have been disturbed, and he bolted back into the room to look around. Silence greeted him, but he still checked everywhere. Nothing. After securing the door, he moved to get into bed and found a note on his pillow.

I came aching to sink my cock into you, but you weren’t here. I suppose I’ll have to find someone else tonight.

Nathaniel wadded the note up, cursing himself because he half wished he had been there. He tossed the paper into the fireplace and waved his fingers, causing the note to go up in flames. “You’re right, brother,” he said softly, thinking of Alexander. “I deserve better. And I’m going to demand it.”

His new resolve eased the ache in his chest.

For a few minutes, at least.

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COMING SOON - Theirs by Midnight (Midnight, 3.5) by Kelex

After releasing DEAD BY MIDNIGHT (Midnight, Book 3) -- King Adriel, Noah, and Eilam let me know I wasn't done telling their tale.

There was more to their story...

So, before I moved on to book 4, I thought it best to finish their tale. Get it right.

Ensure the three characters were pleased with their happy ever after.

Coming soon -- THEIRS BY MIDNIGHT (Midnight, Mississippi, 3.5)

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Sunday Spotlight - Maggie Walsh and Fin (The Angel Pack, 15)

Welcome back author Maggie Walsh to Sunday Spotlight. She's bringing news about her recent release -- Fin (The Angel Pack 15) 

The battle the pack have all been waiting for since the first day Micah and Jesse met is now upon them. Their enemy, led by the god Hades, advances closer as even the world around them falls to total annihilation.

Jesse and Micah try to grasp the severity of the situation while still keeping everyone safe, but soon learn that that is not possible. The prophecy stated that they all must stand as one to face the final battle, but some of their allies find it hard to believe that they cannot join Micah, Jesse, and their family, and struggle with having to stand by and watch as those they love face their possible end.

Pulling on their love for one another in hopes that it will see them through, Micah and Jesse seek the gods audience once more, but it is not to ask for assistance as the gods believe. Jesse has come to them to make a request for something unexpected, should they stand victorious against Hades. With Aurora’s faith in them unwavering, Micah and Jesse step out onto the field of battle, along with those they love, and hold onto their faith that Fate knew what she was doing when she chose them for this task.

But as the battle ensues, many surprises are revealed, but a world of heartbreak shatters their resolve. In the end, will they stand victorious as they fight side-by-side with all their mates, or will Hades win and bring the world to its knees in darkness for eternity?

When all is said and done, the battle is over, and the smoke clears, only one remains standing, in a field of blood, but is it one on the side of good, or evil? Who will stand victorious?


With the uncertainty of what was to come, he was almost desperate to feel this connection to his mate. More than he had realized. Jesse writhed against Micah as he ran his hands down Micah’s powerful back, loving the feel of all his rippling muscles. Lowering his hands, he cupped Micah’s muscled ass and pulled him closer, then thrust his hips, rubbing his cock against his mate’s thick thigh.

“Shit. I gotta have you, baby. I need to feel you wrapped around me. I need to feel our bond,” Micah said, panting.

“Yes, love. Take me, claim me again, and let me get lost in you. In our love.”

Micah pulled the towel from around his waist as he pulled back from the kiss. He raised the towel and swiped it across Jesse’s face, taking all the shave cream away, then wiped his own face before dropping the towel to the floor.

Micah took hold of his globes and lifted him off his feet, then placed Jesse on the counter. “Lean back, baby.”

Jesse leaned his back against the wall and brought his feet up and spread his legs, resting his heels on the edge of the counter, as Micah quickly stripped. Once his mate stood before him naked, Jesse let his eyes feast on all of Micah’s golden skin and hard muscles. Gods he loved his mate’s body. It was pure perfection.

“Keep looking at me with that hunger in your eyes, baby, and this is going to be quick.”

Jesse shifted his gaze to meet Micah’s and gave him a sexy smile. He reached out a hand and ran one finger down Micah’s chest from collarbone to his navel as he said in a husky voice, “I can live with that. We don’t have much time right now anyway, but later when we get home, I want to spend a few hours licking every inch of this glorious body of yours.”

“Damn, baby. Maybe we can bow out and have a private party here,” Micah said as he moved to stand between Jesse’s thighs.

“I wish we could, but as you said, we all need this tonight.”

“True, but I need you more,” Micah replied.

“And you have me. So take what is yours, love.”

Micah leaned in and claimed his lips again. At the same time, Jesse could feel Micah moving around and heard a drawer open. He knew what his mate was doing. A moment later, a slick finger pressed against his hole and Jesse moaned. Micah quickly prepared him, sliding one finger after another inside him until Micah had four fingers thrusting in and out of him easily.

“Now, love. I’m ready. Need you where you belong. Inside me,” Jesse said breathlessly, gaining a growl from his mate.

Micah pulled his fingers free and a second later, Jesse felt the blunt tip of Micah’s huge, thick cock, that he loved so much, pressing against him. Jesse slid his hips down further, allowing his ass to hang off the edge of the counter, and Micah slid inside, filling him with one thrust.

“Fuck, yes!” Jesse cried out and gripped Micah’s shoulders.

Micah wrapped his arms around Jesse, pulling him up, and held him tight against his chest as he thrust up into him. Micah buried his face in Jesse’s throat, nibbling, kissing, and sucking. Micah’s hands moved down his back to his ass and lifted Jesse off the counter. He immediately wrapped his legs around Micah as he held on.

“Fuck, baby. So damn good. Every time with you, every day with you, is heaven on earth. I love you, my heart,” Micah said.

“I love you too, love.”

Micah continued to power into him, and Jesse bounced up and down on his mate’s long, hard cock, loving every inch, every thrust, as he moaned and panted. His head dropped back on his shoulders as he released a long moan. Micah licked his mating mark, and a powerful shiver of lust ran up his spine. He felt the sharp tips of Micah’s teeth on his sensitive skin, and a rush of need raced through him. He loved when Micah claimed him. He needed it.

A slight bite of pain hit his shoulder. Then his head swirled in euphoria as the pleasure overtook and wrapped around him, filling him. Jesse’s body bucked against Micah’s strong one. His orgasm shot out in a rush, exploding between them, and Jesse screamed his mate’s name. “Micah!”

Micah snapped his hips faster, harder, then his body went taut, and he gripped Jesse tighter. Jesse felt Micah’s release as he was filled with Micah’s hot seed. Micah said his name low against his skin, and it came out guttural on a moan, telling Jesse of the pleasure his mate felt in this moment, too. He smiled knowing that he could satisfy his man and give him a place of comfort and release.

Micah licked across his mark, then lifted his head and kissed Jesse tenderly. Micah put their foreheads together as they both panted, breathing one another in. “I love you, Jesse,” Micah whispered.

“I love you too, Micah.”

Author links:

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In Kürze verfügbar - Ein Bär für zwei Raubkatzen (Bear Mountain, 16) Vorbestellen

Als er beim Abendessen über den Tisch hinweg die beiden heißesten Männer erblickt, die er je gesehen hat, entwickelt Henry Ashland einen Plan, mit dem er sich kopfüber in eine Menge Ärger stürzt. Nach einem nächtlichen Wettrennen durch Bear Mountain – das Henry möglicherweise absichtlich verloren haben könnte – muss er seine Schulden mit seinem Körper bezahlen. Dann ist es mit dem wilden Sex vorbei und Henry weiß, dass eine Nacht mit den zwei lüsternen Katzenwandlern nicht genug ist, doch die Regeln wurden festgelegt, bevor ihr kleines Spiel überhaupt erst begonnen hat: Keine Verpflichtungen, nur eine Nacht voller Lust. Nicht mehr, nicht weniger.

Der Löwenwandler Leo kann den Bären nach ihrer gemeinsamen Nacht einfach nicht vergessen, egal, wie die Regeln lauten. Aber ihre Menage hat eine alte Wunde in der Beziehung zwischen ihm und seinem besten Freund, dem Gepardenwandler Speed aufgerissen – eine Wunde, die vielleicht niemals heilen wird.

Als Speed sich von Leo abwendet und dem Löwenwandler sagt, er soll ohne ihn weitermachen, muss Leo eine Wahl treffen. Soll er eine sterbende Beziehung retten, oder eine neue mit Henry beginnen?

Henry jedoch hat eigene Ideen und setzt dabei seine Chance auf ein glückliches Ende aufs Spiel.

Hinweis: Ein homoerotischer Liebesroman für Erwachsene mit explizitem Inhalt. Enthält M/M/M und Hinweise auf M-preg. Jeder Band der Reihe geht auf die romantische Beziehung anderer Hauptfiguren ein. Zum besseren Verständnis und um die gesamte Geschichte aller Figuren und die übergreifende Handlung zu erfahren, empfiehlt es sich, alle Bände in der Reihenfolge ihres Erscheinens zu lesen.

Länge: rund 30.000 Wörter

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I'm the featured author on the Twisted E-Publishing website -- and TODAY ONLY you can get a free copy of HITMAN (English version only!)

If you haven't read it yet, now's the time! You can gear up and get ready for THE HITMAN'S WEAKNESS -- part two of the Hitman story.

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My Coffee Addiction

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NEW RELEASE: The Hitman's Weakness (Hitman, 2) by Kelex

Tony and Carter are back for The Hitman's Weakness. A continuation of their story -- they're now in Europe, running from Tony's past and trying to make a new future for themselves.

Antony Rosetta has found freedom with his lover Carter at his side. Running off to Europe after retiring from his job as a professional hitman, he's sure he's hidden his tracks well enough…

Until a killer's gun is trained on Carter.

After they escape, they find an unlikely ally who helps them out of a rough spot. Tony doesn't trust easily, and his hackles stay up long after they need to be. Or have they?

Tony soon realizes he loves Carter too much to keep the man in mortal danger. Can he find the strength to send the man away?

Twisted E-Publishing  *  Amazon US  *  iBooks

  Carter had had a little too much to drink, along with a bit too much dancing. He’d taken off his shirt about an hour before. Sweat glistened off his bare chest as he moved and swayed under the pulsing lights of the dance floor.

The smile on his face was the best part of all.

If only I could be that carefree.

Tony watched them moving from his spot in the shadowed booth. The pair moved in time to the music, writhing against one another much the same way he and Carter would later tonight, when they were back at their rented flat, alone together.

Seeing Carter like this was… stimulating.

It shouldn’t have been. The whole reason he’d paid for Carter’s remaining education was to ensure the man stopped his career as an escort. The thought of another man touching what was his…

But this was different.

Even though he wasn’t involved in the touching—and someone else was caressing his man—being a spy to it was a turn-on he struggled to comprehend.

After a moment, Carter’s stare moved in his direction. Did his lover know the thoughts going through his mind? Tony held that stare, even though he wasn’t sure his lover could see him in the dark. He hoped Carter could sense the lust he felt across the gap separating them. Suddenly, he felt quite sure the man could. Carter’s hips began to sway in a much more seductive manner. He licked his lips, the desire on his handsome face intoxicating.

Tony’s cock twitched. He moved slightly, adjusting himself as he grew thicker.

The song ended. Carter’s dance partner urged him to keep dancing, but Carter’s stare kept moving toward Tony. He stalked back to the booth, his body language setting Tony’s libido on edge.

His lover was horny, and it came off in thick waves.

Carter climbed onto his lap, straddling him.

There was no doubt they were both hard as stone. Carter pressed his lips to Tony’s, tasting of the sweet mixed drink he’d imbibed not long before. Tony moved his hand to the back of Carter’s neck and deepened the kiss, marking his claim.

When they were both breathless, they parted, gasping for air.

“Dance with me,” Carter mumbled into his ear.

Tony turned to look at his lover. The music was too loud, or maybe he was too old. He was barely forty, but felt like the old man out compared to the crowd in the club. He knew he was living vicariously through Carter. Tony had never lived a life where he could be so carefree and without looking over his shoulder.

There was a lightness to Carter. It matched Tony’s darkness.

He had an unexplainable need to be near the man.

It had nothing to do with his looks, although Carter was exceptionally handsome. Given where he’d grown up, Carter should’ve been harder, rougher around the edges. Something had allowed him to escape that place without a dark mark on his soul.

Like Tony’s suffered.

But then, Tony had been raised by a low-level mobster and mentored by a mafia boss. Everyone around him had evil in him.

Except Carter.

A wave of disco lights washed over his lover, illuminating the man in bright pinks and blues. They shifted to gold and then to silver. In any light, Carter was stunning. He only grew sexier as the days passed… as Tony felt the connection they had strengthening.

“I don’t dance,” Tony murmured against Carter’s ear.

“You dance every single night with me,” Carter answered back. He sat up straighter, his eyebrow continuing to rise even after he stopped moving.

Visions of what Tony had planned for later twirled through his mind. We’ll be dancing, all right. He grinned slyly.

“Come on,” Carter pleaded against his ear. “I don’t want to dance with other men. I want to dance with you.”
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