Sunday, March 29, 2015

April Writing Update

Spring has sprung -- partially.  I'm really ready to bitch-slap Mother Nature at the moment.  It could also be that I'm missing the balmy weather down south.

But if you're looking for heat, look no farther than the stories right here.

March saw the release of Taking Kye, book 2 of the Alaxian Heirs, and Colt's story -- Plumbing His Depths, the third Three Bears tale.


Rode Hard will be coming April 8, 2015 -- the first of a new series, it will center around the cowboys working the Triple M Ranch.  I've never written cowboys before, but I couldn't ignore the call of those wildmen.  Hopefully I've done the ranch hands justice.  Most of the guys are just out for a good time, sharing bodies and loving sex -- but here and there some emotion creeps in and some of them find some happiness. This series will be a collection of various pairings -- Rode Hard is a MM with multiple MMMM scenes.  Others in the series will have the men enjoying all kinds of menage action.  Look for the cover reveal later this week -- it's gorgeous!

Mating Jasek - the third and final story in the Alaxian Heirs trilogy will come later in April.  This story will tie up all the loose ends and finally get our guys to planet Tyri to meet their true parents.  I can't go into much more detail after that -- you'll have to read it to find out!

Coming down the road will be a return of the dragons, a dip back into the Bound BDSM club, potentially a fourth story in the Three Bears storyline to let us see Jax and Golden's wedding (and the bachelor party beforehand!), and then I have another secret project in the works.

So, whether or not Mother Nature brings us any heat -- no worries, I'll make sure these stories are on fire!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

NEW RELEASE: Plumbing His Depths

Plumbing His Depths is Colt's story.  If you've been reading the Three Bears stories, then you know who this is.  While the stories don't have to be read in order, I recommend the are.  The first is Golden and the Three Bears, then we have Linc's Little Piggy.

Plumber Ryan Fleming is working hard to get his fledgling business off the ground, harder still when his old boss starts spreading lies about Ryan’s skill and work ethic.  When a job offer comes from Colt of JLC Construction, Ryan can’t ignore the potential to grow his company, even if he has a few qualms about working with the man.

Colt Ferguson hasn’t exactly made it a secret that he wants Ryan.  He’s never come out and officially made a pass, but the vibe is there and Ryan senses it.  While he ignores the heated glances Colt sends his way, he can’t ignore the confusing feelings those glances cause.

Ryan is straight.  At least he’s fairly sure he is, but when he sees Colt, he’s not so sure about anything.  Working one on one with the man will test his desire and when they’re alone on the job, boundaries will be crossed.

If Ryan can overcome his fears, he might get more than he’s bargained for.

Like the predecessors, Plumbing His Depths is available exclusively on Amazon. KU users can download the tale for free!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

NEW RELEASE: Taking Kye, Alaxian Heirs, 2

Escaping a violent world, Prince Kye of Goa seeks passage to the Alaxian planet of Goa against his “uncle’s” wishes. After years of abuse, he can no longer be the victim of Eurulian bullies who don’t want him there, even if it means sneaking from his home and hopping the next freighter off-world. He has no true home, especially after his best friend Tylien died ten years before, but any world has to be better than the one he’d suffered on.
When Tylien hears the prince has escaped, he rushes to find the male, knowing his mate is in danger. For Kye doesn’t know he’s a prince, or that he’s been in hiding all these years—nor does he know Tylien is alive and well, and ready to finally claim Kye as a mate. Tylien’s lack of control when it came to his mate forced him off-world in shame. Now he has to prove he’s worthy of his prince’s love and surrender.
But Kye is too infatuated by his newfound freedom to accept the shackles of matehood. He’ll fight it every step of the way, and force Tylien to take what’s his.



“They were assigned to you because of me… because you are mine. The Emperor knew they would protect you because of me. They are just as much your family now as they were before.”

“Because I am yours.”


Kye’s head spun. “And if I don’t wish to be yours?”

Silence reined, but the tension mounted to an almost unbearable level.

“Regardless of what you wish… you belong to me.” Tylien’s voice shook with what sounded much like anger.

“You show up, back from the dead, claiming to be my long, lost mate, and I’m supposed to simply believe your tale and accept I am yours?”

“Do you not feel the connection? Tell me you don’t. Tell me you never felt it in all the years we knew one another, even before we were old enough to know what the ties were. Tell me your body doesn’t want me even now.”

Kye stared out the window, trying to find the words to deny Tylien, but he couldn’t. Tylien was right, about it all.

“Go ahead. Tell me!”

“I can’t,” Kye said, his voice low.
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