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Guest Author: Adam Charles and His Beta

Welcome Adam Charles back to my blog.  Adam's sharing a bit of His Beta this Sunday.

Toby had always been passed over by the betas in his own pack, but more than anything he wants a pup, and someone to belong to. When he meets Luke, a beta from a neighboring pack, he can’t believe the man’s interested in him. Luke is there to find a mate, and Toby fears hoping that it’ll be him, even as their relationship grows. And when trouble calls Luke back to his home pack, Toby finds himself with a decision to make. Will he trust Luke enough to go after what he’s always wanted, or will he let his fears get the better of him?


Toby hooked his thumbs under the straps of his backpack to keep from fidgeting. He and Luke had been walking around for about an hour, yet Luke still didn’t seem tired of him. He nodded toward a tree. “And that was my favorite tree to climb growing up. I fell and broke my arm when I was eight.”
“Was it still your favorite tree after that?” Luke asked.
Luke laughed. “Seems like you had a fun childhood.”
“I was raised sort of communally. I was born to a male omega, and he had some difficulties. A hemorrhage.”
“Fuck, I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay. I have pictures of him. People told me about him.”
“What about your other father?”
“He was a beta, but he was about to take a mate and didn’t want a pup from another. He was always nice to me. He died a few years ago. Heart attack.”
“I’m sorry. Perhaps now that everyone can mate more freely, there won’t be so many fractured families.”
“But I think it’ll take time for us to restructure. I mean, you aren’t going to mate Rebecca just because you can do so without asking permission, right? That’s why you’re here.”
“You’re right, but if I’d known I could make a love match, I wouldn’t have ever knotted anyone.”
“You knotted others?”
“Two male omegas. Before Rebecca. No pups came of it.”
Toby sucked on his lower lip, thinking. “You said your daughter is happy where she is?”
“For now. If I have pups with a mate, I’d let her live with us if she wanted to. She’s five and still sticks close to her mother.” Luke glanced over at him. “What do you think about that?”
“What do I think? It’s your life. I like that you have a relationship with her.”
Luke chuckled. “No, I meant if we click the way I think we’re gonna. Would you want Lily with us?”
Toby nodded without hesitation. “I love children. We could do whatever was best for her. She could have a room at our place and with her mom. Does Rebecca live far?”
“Little more than a mile between our cabins. Lily walks back and forth between us when it’s still daylight. Sometimes Alex or Amy—her older siblings—will walk her there and back. They all get along well even though they have different fathers.”
“That’s great. What kind of things do you do together?”
“I’ve been doing woodcarving with her. I’m not great at it, but she wanted to learn. I was scared to let her hold a knife at first, but her hand’s steadier than mine. We fish sometimes. It’s a much longer walk to get to the river from our lands.”
They reached Luke’s cabin, and Toby paused at the steps that led up to the porch. Lots of people had acknowledged them as they passed by, and many had smiled. Having other people know he was likely to be fucked here soon somehow made Toby even hornier. He knew part of it was because Luke was so good looking. Others probably wanted the beta, but he’d chosen Toby, for now at least. Toby didn’t want to think about how it might go afterwards. He wanted to believe Luke really felt some special connection, but he told himself to stop getting his hopes up.
Luke mounted the steps and looked back at him. “You coming? We can relax. Make some lunch here in a bit.”
Toby smiled and followed him up. “Sounds good.”
The cabin was sparsely furnished, but it had everything Luke would need for a brief stay. A box of books sat on the kitchen table. “You like to read?”
“Mmmm hmmm. I’m kind of a homebody. I usually take a walk after dinner then settle down with a book.”
“What’s your favorite?”
“I like fantasy. Not sure I have a favorite, But I really like Mervyn Peake. He lived the same time as Tolkien.” Luke had set his mug in the kitchen and taken his pack off. He came up behind Toby and pulled his off. “I won’t be offended if you don’t want this, but if you’re staying, I really want to touch you now.”
Toby felt Luke’s cock pressing against his ass, and he pushed back against it. “You’ll knot me?”
“Yes. I’d love to.” Luke wrapped his arms around Toby and nuzzled his neck. “I’m gonna make you feel so good you’ll never doubt how desirable you are ever again.”
Toby tilted his head to give Luke better access. The beta’s hands roamed up and down, going under his shirt and rubbing his cock through his jeans. “Is it really my scent?”
“A little. You smell good. Look good. There’s a sweetness in your face I like. And I’ve enjoyed getting to know you.” He gently bit Toby’s neck. “I need you naked. Tell me this is what you want.”
Toby rubbed his ass against the huge cock pressing into him. “Then get me naked,” he whispered, suddenly very excited about the idea of being dominated by this particular beta. He always submitted and had never had any desire to top during sex, but right now he really wanted Luke to take him to bed and have his way with him.
Luke chuckled, the sound so sexy, before he turned Toby around and threw him over his shoulder. Toby hung on to his waistband, surprised but pleased by the view of Luke’s rounded ass. No one had ever done this to him before, even though he was small enough for any grown male to heft easily. He expected to be thrown down on the bed, but Luke set him down gently and cupped his face.
Toby lowered his eyes, but Luke tipped his head back until he was forced to make eye contact again. “We haven’t even kissed yet,” Luke said.
Toby licked his lips and gazed at Luke’s mouth. He wanted those lips all over him, but a kiss sounded wonderful. As he’d promised, Luke was very gentle. He angled his head to brush their lips together and then slowly explored Toby’s mouth, their tongues dancing and teeth nipping as the embrace deepened.
They parted, and Luke drew Toby’s shirt over his head. He lowered Toby to the bed and took his shoes and socks off. Next he got on his knees between Toby’s legs and began kissing his neck again while pinching and tweaking both of his nipples. Toby found himself panting in no time. Luke knew all the right ways, and places, to touch him. He couldn’t help crying out when Luke lowered his head and took one nipple between his teeth. Luke licked and sucked the nub to take the bite of pain away, and then he did the same to the other, biting just a bit harder this time.
Toby felt his cock leaking already, and he practically whimpered when Luke moved to free him from his pants. Luke looked up at him with pure lust in his eyes once Toby’s cock popped free. “We’re gonna be so good together,” Luke said before licking away the pre-cum on Toby’s head.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

NEW RELEASE! My Girlfriend's Daddy, Daddies Book One

Considering what happened to my last title, yes this one is just begging for an Amazon ban.

And if it happens, I know I can't bitch.  I've done it to myself, eyes wide open.

NO THIS IS NOT INCEST OR PSEUDO INCEST.  It's about a hot older man with a younger ADULT MALE over the age of 18.


Heads turn at a get-together where Warner Lowery shares details of his first time encounter with the hottest older man he’d ever met—his girlfriend’s father. Sam Parker had pushed his buttons from the moment they’d met.

Warner had struggled, especially since he’d been only nineteen and adamant he wasn’t gay, only to succumb to the touches of the man he shouldn’t have wanted.

The story brings back all kinds of memories and makes Warner realize he has been carrying a torch for far too long. No other man has ever surpassed Sam Parker in Warner’s mind.

No one.

*Will update list as links go live*

Amazon  * All Romance * Smashwords * Bookstrand  *  iBooks  *  Barnes & Noble  *  Kobo

Awesome? Yeah sure. Warner glanced up at the house, honestly not wanting to go inside.

“Now, come on… keep an open mind, Warner. Come meet my daddy.”

Warner shook his head. His non-refundable plane ticket wasn’t going to take him home for almost a week and the hotel room was set up for tomorrow night, not that he had the extra funds to pay for one more. It was go inside the gay man’s house or sleep on the streets. Ignoring the five suitcases Mandi had brought, he grabbed his suitcase and started rolling it toward the house.

“A little help here?” she called from behind him.

A guy walked down the driveway and stopped in front of him.

Xander James? Heat flooded Warner’s face as he recognized the man.

A porn star.

A gay porn star—one Warner had been secretly watching on his laptop when his roommate was out fucking his new boyfriend.

Xander was over six feet of pure muscle. His hair was dark brown with little flecks of blond, but now that Warner was this close, he realized it was possibly flecks of gray. Heavy stubble coated his square jaw. Warner’s stare drifted down… down over his big chest covered by a tight t-shirt… until he was staring at the spot where he knew a big, thick cock hid under the shorts the man wore.

Warner’s cock thickened and hardened, making it even more embarrassing.

He glanced back up and met Xander’s intense stare. Warner felt lust roll over him from just one look, his heart beating rapidly in his chest.

Heat stared back at him, he was sure of it. A glimmer was deep inside the man’s eye that Warner couldn’t ignore.

A thick finger poked him in the chest. “I believe my daughter asked for your help,” Xander growled out. “A gentleman helps a lady.”

Oh, fuck. This is Daddy?

“Ye-yes, sir,” Warner said, turning back to Mandi. He rushed to her side and took two of her garment bags and tossed them over one arm before grabbing one of her suitcases.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Guest Author -- Maggie Walsh and WOUNDED

Welcome Maggie Walsh as she shares a bit of her upcoming release, Wounded, book 9 in her Angel Pack series.

Shelby has been M.I.A for months. He was being held prisoner by his demented father as the man tried to torture information from him. But Shelby refused to tell his father what he wanted. Using his special powers, that his father didn’t even know he had, Shelby manages to escape and makes his way to his king’s coven. When Shelby confesses his secrets to Dante about who he really is, Dante decides Shelby would be safer at the Angel Pack house.

While hiding out there, Shelby finds his mate, but he doesn’t want him. After the life he has lived and knowing that everyone in the paranormal world would love to get their hands on him if they found out exactly what he can do, Shelby doesn’t trust anyone. He rejects his mate and refuses to even talk to him.

Xander tries to attack Jesse when he thinks he has hurt his mate, but Micah steps in and a fight between the two huge wolves ensues. Shelby thinks his mate is an idiot for trying to attack the Alpha Prime’s mate and walks away from Xander. 

Xander is confused by Shelby’s actions. How can his mate reject him when he doesn’t even know him? And he won’t even give Xander a chance. Xander knows that Shelby’s excuse for not wanting him because Xander has been with a lot of men, is not the true reason. Neither of them can change their past’s, but they can move on and at least get to know each other.

When Minos and his soldiers attack the pack house, destroying everything they love, the pack must band together to fight. But when Shelby goes missing will Xander find him in time to save him? Or will Xander even try to find Shelby, knowing that his mate doesn’t want him?


Steamy Excerpt:

 Xander stood and took the two steps around to Shelby. He held out his hand and look at Shelby expectantly. Shelby raised his hand and placed it in his mate’s. Xander pulled him gently from his seat and Shelby stood. Xander said nothing as he walked them away from the table to an open spot on the patio that surrounded the pool.
 Xander turned toward him and whispered, “Dance with me.”
 Shelby immediately raised his free hand to rest on Xander's broad shoulder and Xander’s free hand slid around his waist pulling him closer. They spent the next fifteen minutes in silence as they swayed to the music. Xander was a great dancer and led him like they were made for each other. Well he guessed he was right there, because fate did make them for each other. The song changed and Shelby closed his eyes. He loved this song. Rihanna’s “Stay” always made him feel melancholy. But right now, standing here in his mate's arms, listening to the song now, made the words mean more. They said what they both couldn’t.
 Shelby felt a change in his mate’s stance and opened his eyes. Xander’s face was inches from his and his eyes were filled with heat, but also something else...longing. Shelby lifted his chin. The movement brought their lips within and inch of each other’s. Xander’s head came down and closed the distance. His strong but soft lips gently whispered across Shelby’s and in that instant he knew he wanted more. Shelby stepped in closer, bringing their bodies flush and he pressed his lips to Xander’s. Xander slid his tongue across his lips, asking for permission, and Shelby gave it to him. He opened his mouth and met Xander’s tongue with his own.

 The arm around his waist tightened slightly, crushing their bodies together, and Shelby pulled his hand from Xander’s so that he could wrap both arms around his mate's neck, snaking his fingers through the soft locks of his mate’s hair. He felt Xander’s other arm slide around him and his hand pressed against Shelby’s back, holding him close.
Xander took over the kiss, deepening it, and Shelby thought his shoes were going to melt off his feet and his socks would fly off. Now he understood why all those damsels in all those old movies raised their foot. He had the same urge to do the move, but instead he pressed closer. The kiss felt like it went on forever, but when Xander pulled back, breaking the kiss, Shelby whimpered from the loss. The kiss had been too short. He wanted more.
 “Gods, you taste so good, mate. I think I may become addicted to you.
 “Talk is cheap, big boy,” Shelby growled and plastered his lips to Xander’s again. He kissed his mate hard and fucked his mouth with his tongue. The kiss turned feral and they both grabbed and groped at the other. Suddenly Shelby’s back was pressed against something cold and hard. And at the same time something hot and hard was pressed against his stomach. Damn it felt huge.

Xander cupped Shelby’s chin with one hand and held it tight. Suddenly Shelby felt like he was about to explode. The move caused him to feel possessed, claimed, and a part of him was scared. He had had enough of people trying to control him, possess him, and he sure as shit wasn’t going to let his mate. Shelby broke the kiss, pulling his chin free from his mate’s grasp. They panted heavily, trying to get air into their lungs as they stared at each other.
 “I love the feel of you in my arms. The press of your lips on mine, and your hard cock against my thigh. Your taste makes me feel lightheaded and your scent, oh gods, your scent is the most alluring thing I have ever had the pleasure of smelling.”
Damn his mate spoke pretty. His words eased Shelby’s tension and made him want to let the man fuck him right then. “You’re not a bad kisser yourself there, stud. And if that pole jabbing me is any indication of what you’ve got hiding under those slacks, then I think I’m in for a bumpy ride.”
 “You can ride me any time you want, beautiful Shelby,” Xander’s voice went down an octave as he spoke the words. The sound went directly to Shelby’s cock. He grabbed the front of Xander’s jacket and smashed their lips together again. Buttons popped, zippers opened, and material ripped as they both rushed to get the other naked. Shelby hissed at the first touch of skin against skin, and he loved how the hair on his mate's chest tickled his sensitive nipples. He rubbed his chest against Xander’s as his pants dropped to pool around his ankles.
 Something inside him told him to stop this, or at least to slow it down. He didn’t really know this man yet. But his heart and body told him to shut up and enjoy. Xander’s thick, muscled thigh thrust between his legs, pressing against his cock and balls. The feeling was delicious and erotic. Shelby began to thrust his hips to get the friction his dick wanted. Xander’s lips moved down his throat and he gave Shelby a small, teasing bite where shoulder met neck. Right where he would claim Shelby if he allowed.
Their movements were desperate and animalistic, and Shelby was shocked at how his body responded to Xander’s touch. He was also surprised at how his mate's body responded to him. Xander’s big, hard cock rubbed against his hipbone feverishly as Xander licked and sucked his neck, hands roaming over his heated skin. Shelby’s hips picked up speed, the need to come growing stronger. Xander pulled back from his neck slightly and whispered in a growl against his skin. “Don’t come.”

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My Coffee Addiction: Exercise?

I hurt my ankle a few weeks ago and I am struggling to get back into my workout regimen... so this one made me chuckle.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

COVER REVEAL! My Girlfriend's Daddy (Daddies, 1)

As many of you know, my Bear Mountain and Bloodlines series are both leaning a little more to the erotic romance side than the erotica I started my career with.  

I really felt the need to return to my roots and have a little fun with something new... 

DADDIES will be that something new -- and before anyone flips and thinks I'm doing incest or pseudo incest...


These are older man - younger man stories -- young men over the age of 18 who haven't come to terms with their own sexuality, are curious, and are drawn to older, wiser lovers... or daddies as they are affectionately called... who teach them a thing or two about some rough gay loving.

So...  I give you the first cover for the story that will kick things off!

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Monday Mancraving: After Valentine's Sweetness (SFW)

I know, you're used to me being bad on Mondays, but since it's the day after VD (and no, I'm not referring to venereal diseases), I figured I'd be a little sweeter.

So grab your 50% after Valentine's candy and enjoy these...


PS --that first one really grabbed me. I've always had a story swimming around my head for a pirate/mermaid tale -- this makes me want to write it!!

(All images from The Advocate Artist Spotlight -- works of art created by artist Dustin Papow)

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Guest Author -- MA Church & Behind the Eight Ball

Welcome author M.A. Church to my blog today -- she's here, sharing her recent release, Behind the Eight Ball ~#2 in the Fur, Fangs, and Felines series.

A cool morning, a yard full of birds, and a kitty on a mission. What more could a werecat want? Beta Heller Wirth has it all, except a mate—a shifter mate, that is. The last thing he wants is one of those dangerous humans who kill without remorse. Heller knows about that firsthand. So what does the goddess Bast do? She gives Heller exactly what he does not want—a human: business owner Lawson Dupre.

Lawson hasn’t a clue what just happened in his car detail shop. One minute a cute client is about to pass out, then he perks up and starts flirting. Next thing, he runs out the door like the hounds of hell are after him. Learning that Heller is a werecat doesn’t freak out Lawson. He happens to be one of those rare humans who knows paranormals exists. He even lives with one. Watch the fur fly as Heller and Lawson battle hurt feelings, misguided beliefs, and a power shift in Heller’s clowder.

Buy Links:


The rustling of dead leaves caught my attention, and I froze with one paw still in the air. Not moving and barely daring to breathe, I waited. My whiskers twitched as a cool October breeze disturbed the scent of decaying leaves and rich soil. The foliage trembled again as something rooted around.
I slowly lowered my paw. The disturbance wasn’t very noticeable except to my predatory gaze. The movement continued. Gradually, bit by bit, I crept forward, making sure my long fur didn’t disturb the surrounding mounds of dying leaves. It was times like these I wished my coat were short like Dolf’s. One thing was for sure—whatever was below those leaves was going to be mine shortly. All I needed was to cover a little more distance and I’d be close enough.
Heart thumping, I watched as the movement continued. My muscles tightened and my bottom started wiggling. Unable to wait, I sprang forward, claws extended. Leaves flew into the air as I landed on my target. Bugs scattered. Eyes narrowed, I searched for…. There! There was the little bugger. I growled at the big black beetle and trapped it with my paw.
Seconds passed. The bug wiggled under my paw, tickling me. Hunched down, I carefully lifted my paw and peeked. Dammit, can’t see. Unable to get a good look, I lifted my paw a little higher… and there it went, scuttling across the ground. Gleefully I slammed a paw down, trying to trap it. Slap. Slap. Slap. Arrgh! What’s the deal? I keep missing.
Looked like I’d found myself in a game of whack-a-mole, except with a beetle. And off we went. The bug scurried away with me hot on its trail. Every time I thought I had a paw on it, I ended up missing. Stupid critter was fast. I bounded along behind as it raced across the ground. Then it suddenly cut back and ran straight under me.
Surprised, I leaped in the air, all four paws coming off the ground. Whoa! Zigged when I should have zagged. I landed and nonchalantly licked a paw. Hope no one saw that. I had to give the bug credit. That was a smart move. The shrill cry of a mockingbird caught my attention. I lifted my head, searching for the little tattletale.
Up in a tree it sat, its warning cries echoing around the yard. I eyed the tree. Hmm, I could climb it, but the stupid bird will probably just take off. Still, might be fun. Maybe after I finished playing with the bug… and damn. The bug.
My attention returned to where it had been, my tail slashing. Great. Lost it. Stupid bird. I sat up and threw a glare over my shoulder at the bird. Standing, I turned my back to the little menace, tail held high. That’s what I think of you, buddy. I prowled around for a while, sniffing, enjoying the coolness of the morning.
In the early morning sunlight, the dew on the grass sparkled like diamonds. Maybe it was pretty, but the stuff was also cold and wet against my paws. I was glad for my fur. As I wandered back toward the house, my stomach growled. I was hungry and… I sniffed. Oh, was that a blue jay I smelled? Oh, oh, a blue jay. Yum.
The human side of me groaned, but the kitty part wanted to jump with joy. The noisy little shits were actually quite intelligent. Catching one was always a feat. Quick as I could, I hid in the bright fall foliage by the back porch. I stayed very, very still so the stupid bird three feet from me didn’t fly off in a panic.
I licked my lips, my whiskers twitching as I watched the little rascal across from me raise its head. Shit, shit, shit. What caught its attention? Come on already. It’s all fine, nothing to worry about here. No cat hanging around. Just go back to pecking around on the ground. Everything’s good. See? I’m not moving, not even breathing.
Crouched low, I waited while my breakfast relaxed and returned to looking for acorns. Other birds came and went, but I refused to get distracted. I knew the one I wanted. Inch by agonizing inch, I crept closer to my prey. My mouth watered and my heart thumped.
The chatter of the birds around me was easy and relaxed, no distress calls sounding. That’s right. Just keep on eating. Soon I’m going to be eating you. My body tensed, back legs ready to spring me into action….
And the phone in the house rang.

Author bio:

M.A. Church is a true Southern belle who spent many years in the elementary education sector. Now she spends her days lost in fantasy worlds, arguing with hardheaded aliens on far-off planets, herding her numerous shifters, or trying to tempt her country boys away from their fishing poles. It’s a full time job, but hey, someone’s gotta do it!

When not writing, she’s exploring the latest M/M novel to hit the market, watching her beloved Steelers, or sitting glued to HGTV. That’s if she’s not on the back porch tending to the demanding wildlife around the pond in the backyard. The ducks are very outspoken. She’s married to her high school sweetheart, and they have two grown children.

Author Links:

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BACK ON AMAZON! Surrendering to Two Bears

Hopefully this one sticks... Surrendering to Two Bears has been resubmitted to Amazon.

IF you were able to buy a copy BEFORE Amazon pulled it -- no worries, the story has NOT been altered.

The only differences are:

1) The cover was tweaked a little (The original did sort of look like he was grabbing his junk, which he was NOT.  So, since Amazon did NOT give us a reason why it was pulled, the cover artist removed that area.

2) The trigger warnings were removed.  I was told by another author that she had a book pulled for that very reason.  Another said the fact "rape" was said in the trigger warnings, that was likely why it was pulled.  

THIS SERIOUSLY PISSES ME OFF because the rape of the character doesn't even happen in my story.  It happens before the story begins.  He'd affected by it--dramatically--but it's never shown in the tale.

I added those warnings to be considerate to my readers.  You guys matter to me and anyone that might struggle with this tale deserved to know about it in advance so they could either prepare mentally or decide it just wasn't a book for them.  

While Amazon has not responded as to why the book was pulled, I can't definitively say it was for this reason. The fact other authors have had their books banned only to accept a new version without those warnings speaks volumes, though.

You buy a copy from Amazon HERE

My Coffee Addiction: The Real Magic Beans

Thursday, February 11, 2016

BLOCKED -- Amazon Yanks Surrendering to Two Bears


The book is back on Amazon!



I checked out my Surrendering to Two Bears Amazon page late this morning to see how it was doing, only to find it gone.


I checked with my pub, only to find out Amazon arbitrarily yanked the book and blocked it from sale.

No email.

No explanation.


I have NO IDEA why it was pulled (although I have a few suggestions from other authors as to why and if ANY of them are correct, it is utter and complete bullshit.)

I know a lot of you are Amazon fans and buy a ton of books there -- but until we can iron this out with Amazon, the only thing I can ask you is to buy the book at the other vendors that currently carry this title.

It should be up on iBooks later today or early tomorrow and to BN hopefully sometime this weekend.

An email has been sent to Amazon, trying to clarify why it was pulled and hopefully it will be reinstated, but I have no idea when or even IF that will happen.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

NEW RELEASE DAY! Surrendering to Two Bears, Bear Mountain Book 8

Held hostage for over a year, Eric had been forced to play Tymber and Taryn’s sex slave against his will. When he was finally free, he wasn’t truly free. Pregnant with the terrible twosome’s cub, he couldn’t leave Bear Mountain until the beast inside him arrived.

Landon and Collier know their mate at first glance, and offer to give the human refuge in their cabin. They struggle knowing their male is filled with a babe, a babe that’s not theirs, but as they grow to love Eric, they know they’ll love the little piece of him regardless.

But Eric has other plans. Over the weeks with them, he senses the bond and revels in the safety of their home. He wants the two bears for himself, without the thing his captors forced on him under the same roof.

What will Landon and Collier do when the ultimate ultimatum is laid at their feet?

Trigger Warning: Prior to the start of the story, the rape of one of the main characters occurs. It is not shown, but the character does recall small memories during a brief scene near the beginning of the book.


Amazon made a decision to yank this title late Wednesday with no answer as to why... a form email hinted that it was something in the blurb... or the cover... or the content.  Yeah, thanks, that really narrowed that shit down.

My publisher changed the title some (so it no longer looks like he's grabbing his junk, which I will clarify now, he was not.  I've seen the original model's shot and he's pushing his towel down)  And they removed the trigger warnings because I happened to mention the word rape and Amazon flips the fuck out when that happens, it seems -- even if there was NO RAPE IN THIS STORY.

The "NEW AMAZON" link is this new, updated copy that has so far passed the censors.

If you have one of the original copies -- THE STORY HAS NOT CHANGED!!


He looked back up to the ceiling, realizing he’d lost count again. He glanced at his stomach, horrified by the round protrusion—a constant reminder of what those monsters had done to him. The door opened, and he rose up on the exam table, ready to defend himself.

Landon slipped into the room. Followed by another male. The big guy was almost a head taller than Landon and more muscular. His head was down, so it was hard to tell what he looked like. The door closed softly. A whisper of something filled Eric’s nose… a sweet smell. 

Vanilla. And cinnamon. And something else, more musky.


When the man finally lifted his gaze, his eyes glowed golden. 

Heat flooded Eric’s body, his cock thickening. He grabbed the blanket covering him, trying to hide his traitorous reaction. 

Another one of them. 

Another blond in a world that had seemed filled with darkness. His square jaw was covered in dark blond stubble, making him look somehow dangerous. Yet, again, Eric sensed he was safe. 

“This is my brother bear, Collier,” Landon said gently. 

Eric looked between them. “Like Tymber and Taryn.” 

“We’re nothing like them,” Collier growled. “Don’t compare us.”

Landon rested a hand on Collier’s arm before looking up at Eric. “Yes, they were brother bears. But like Collier said, we aren’t anything like them.” 

Eric recognized that. Bone deep. He still didn’t understand the connection he felt… especially now that another shifter was making him feel equally mental. “What are you doing here?” 

“You need somewhere safe to stay while you wait,” Landon answered. 


“With you?” Eric asked, stunned. He wasn’t stunned at the suggestion, more so for the yes trying to immediately roll off his lips. He felt his body growing warmer again, need making his cock swell some. 

He wanted them. 

Dear God, he wanted them both. 

What the hell is wrong with me? 

“We’ll protect you,” Collier said. 

I need protection… from you. “What is it you think I need protection from?” 

“They’re exiling Tymber and Taryn. But that doesn’t mean they’ll follow the rules and stay off bear lands,” Landon said. “And then there’s the babe. I’m a trained EMT as well as a tech, so I can keep an eye on you both.” 

“Exile? That’s it?” 

“The council has made its decision. We have to live with it,” Collier said, his jaw tight. “Even if we disagree.” He met Eric’s stare, his eyes bright. “Even if Tymber and Taryn should die.”

Collier had the look of a man who wanted to do damage. That called to something inside Eric. Eric eyed them both, sensing they’d do as well as they said, but that draw he felt to them both—he needed to understand it. “Why do I feel… odd… when you’re around?” 

“Odd?” Collier asked, his eyes growing brighter. 

Heat flooded his body, his cock thickening even more. “Yes. Odd.” 

He wasn’t telling them he felt horny as hell. He was in no position for whatever this was to progress. He’d just been forced by his captors. He wasn’t fucking these two. 

Not now. 

Not ever. 


Even now, after everything that had happened, he wanted these two. His body wanted what repulsed his mind. Maybe this is a mistake. 

“Just know that there aren’t two bears in this valley who would protect you any more vigilantly than we would,” Landon said. 

“Why is that?” Eric asked, looking up at the handsome bear. 

“You’re our mate,” Collier finally said.
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