Monday, December 25, 2023

Merry Christmas and Manties Monday

 Happy Holidays! 

Merry Christmas, if you celebrate. 

I'm a filthy pagan (agnostic) who celebrates only because it's what we've always done. I mean, it is the Solstice, so why not enjoy giving during the darkest days of the year?


Monday, December 18, 2023

Manties Monday

Another two-fer today to celebrate the joy of the season 😘 

Credit: (and @teninchtopx is also in the second)

Monday, December 11, 2023

Manties Monday

 Another Monday, another set of manties... may your week improve after seeing these!

Monday, December 4, 2023

Manties Monday

Another thing I got away from -- Manties Monday here on my site! Well, a recent FB jail stay over one of the posts in my group left me scared to share more... so I've been censoring the images (BOOOO) on Facebook and then posting them on Twitter.

Not everyone uses or likes Twitter, especially these days, so I'll start posting the uncensored images here, too.

Credit: Shunsukecos on Twitter 

Friday, December 1, 2023


I've gotten really bad about updating this site, my apologies, so here's a quick 2023 recap as well as a what's coming in 2024.

I committed to being more productive this year and I've accomplished most of the overly enthusiastic list of books I wanted to write this year. I'm only pushing two into 2024, one of which will be started this year, so I call that a win.

The new year started with a January release in the Valleywood, multi-author series: Unwitting Mate. I've really enjoyed playing in this world and absolutely ADORED this story. MOLLY was one of my favorite characters and can't wait to write the third story in my trilogy. If you haven't had a chance to read this one yet, be aware you do NOT have to read this series in order... each one is written like a standalone title.

In March, I released One Night with the Boss, which had actually been available in 2022 through a book promotion.

Next came my third book in the Alphas of the Western Provinces series, Three Alarm Heat in April. It's my first MMM in an omegaverse and I had SO MUCH fun with these three guys. It was a chonky book, that's for sure. I cut out a bunch of planned scenes because it was getting really long. Even then, it was still 518 pages! Emerson's story was hinted at and will be in the works in early 2024.


After that, I had a book in the Pride Pet Play Multi-Author Collection. I am very, very proud of Born to Stand Out and I think it was lovely done. I hope you enjoyed it, too! Unicorn pet play? I've been wanting to do that forever.

I released my very first Italian translation (of His Surrogate Omega) in July. I'm very excited about that. It did impressively for a first release. I've also since released one of the short stories in Italian and have another short coming next month.

In August, the first book in the Enchanted Ink world that I share with J.P. Sayle was released. Only Skin Deep turned out to be my best selling book of the year. JP also added a book (and a short story) to this world, as well. She's currently working on the next addition for Winter 2024.

September arrived and both JP and I had an Enchanted Ink novella included in the Fated Mates Charity Anthology, which was on sale through the end of October. Last count, we had raised nearly $50,000 for the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund and the ACLU's Drag Defense Fund. I was very proud to participate in this collection. While it's no longer on sale, JP and I released the two short stories in one e-book (and paperback) after Fated Mates was removed from sale: When We First Met.

October was a busy month for me. My daughter and I flew to Boston and met up with JP and her sister for a week exploring Salem (where Enchanted Ink takes place) and then we all went to Portsmouth, VA for a week long queer book convention. We also hit Boston a couple of days and explored there and I fell in love. I ADORE Boston and will definitely be back.

November has been a whirlwind. The Norovirus whipped through both of us, given so lovingly by my mother (she also gave us covid the first time -- I wish she'd stop sharing this crap) and then my editor lost her spouse and my daughter and I drove to Alabama for the funeral. Three days of driving and the recovery equalled a week not writing. Friendsgiving, where we hosted my daughter's bestie aka my adopted son, his wife, and his wife's half-sister, along with her best friend, took another week for cleaning, prepping, and napping with turkey coma. We had a houseful and it was lovely.

I'm trying to get back into the swing of things and back to being productive now. I'd really hoped to have the newest omegaverse book out in December, but that won't be happening after this last couple of months. But it IS in the works. I'm committed to an omegaverse December and hope to have it mostly done by the new year, though I will be taking some time to enjoy the holidays with my family, too.

I also have a completed short story and a novella written this year—but both are for charity anthologies coming in (spring) of 2024. A dino shifter for the first, and a lovely contemporary for the latter. I can't wait for you all to have a peek at those. Not long of a wait!

All total, I released SIX new English language novels and novellas, have two done for 2024, released fourteen translations in German, French, and Italian, re-released eight German translations which I got the rights back to, and just wrapped on the audiobook for His Reluctant Omega, which is the first time I've worked with the amazing Michael Dean. He's got two more of my audiobooks on his schedule for 2024 so far.

The audiobook for His Reluctant Omega is coming very soon. Just waiting on Audible to get their asses in gear and publish it. (Audio takes a while for them to release sometimes) Hopefully it'll come in December, but I've had something take upwards of a month to release, so it might be January, sadly.

So... what's in the works for 2024?

Omega Quadrant #3 is already started. I hope to have that out in Jan-Feb 2024 barring any more interruptions.

The short story and novella for the anthologies will both come in March.

In April, I'm going to Paris, France for the RARE Paris book signing and taking the kidult with me. Super excited—it's my very first trip outside the US.

After that? I'm eyeballing a return to the Mermen series I started a few years back with a second book. Not sure if it's next on the agenda or the cute gay Hallmark movie-esque contemporary novel that's been quietly whispering in the back of my mind. Either way, I DO plan to work on both next year.

I've also got Gideon's story from Enchanted Ink to write (there are two EI books planned from me in 2024, as well as two from JP.)

Emerson's story is planned for 2024, as well.

In August, I'll be one of the attending authors on the inaugural 2024 Rainbow Readers Cruise. The cruise begins in Ft. Lauderdale, travels to Key West, and then a day at the private island, Coco Cay, Bermuda before returning to Ft. Lauderdale. There will be a book signing packed in there, too, as well as plenty of opportunities to interact with the authors.

I've also been asked to join a couple of authors for a trio of paranormal stories. Each of us will have their own book in the series. Early days, so no timing on that but if it arrives in 2024, it will be later, for sure.

April Andrews is back to writing and she's asked me to co-write something with her. Not sure if that'll happen in 2024, but we shall see!

I have more on my agenda... not sure how much more I can pack into one year. Just know I have a LONG, LONG list of books to write, so the well isn't drying up anytime soon. My 2025 schedule is already started and about half full. More Enchanted Ink, more omegaverse, and more daddies, hopefully. I want 2024 to be even bigger than this year.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!


Friday, August 4, 2023

OUT NOW! Only Skin Deep by Kelex


Feel free to snag either of these images and post to social media, sharing your love of Kelex's books!

Need a copy? Find it here:

Monday, July 31, 2023

Coming Friday August 4 -- Only Skin Deep


Born at the 2022 GayRomLit Convention, Enchanted Ink is a paranormal world filled with witches, shifters, and other things that go bump in the night. Authors Kelex and JP Sayle are collaborating on this series. Book 1 - Only Skin Deep arrives August 4, 2023 from Kelex and Book 2 - Magic, Demons, and the Hunter arrives August 25th from JP Sayle.

Welcome to the world of Enchanted Ink! For a price, master tattooists can place a beautiful spell directly onto your skin. Want to be wealthy? Beautiful? Loved? You’ve come to the right place. Just make sure the price you’ll pay is worth it as the cost isn’t always in gold.


Luca Galioto can tattoo just about any spell, but he specializes in healing tattoos. He’ll need to create his masterpiece after his mate, and Salem PD detective, Ash Montgomery brings in a human suffering a curse to end all curses. Luca uses every ounce of strength to save the man—because they both sense he’s their third.

Colby Kennedy doesn’t believe in witches, demons, fated mates, and the things that go bump in the night. Yet he struggles to ignore the deep-seatd lust he feels every time he looks at Luca and Ash. No matter his need, he has his brother to care for and a business to run. He doesn’t have time for nonsense.

The demons don’t stop coming, putting everything he holds dear in jeopardy. Luca and Ash, and the coven at Enchanted Ink, are the only things keeping him and his brother from losing everything.

But can he accept their world and his place in it before it’s too late?

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Suicide Bridge in Born to Stand Out

TW: Mention of multiple suicides/attempts

In Born to Stand Out, there's a place mentioned by the name Suicide Bridge—which is a very real place from the area where I was born: Dorchester County, Maryland.

I was never really told specifics of what happened there (at least, my family would never really say.) They just replied that, "a lot of people killed themselves there" and moved on.

The bridge itself isn't very interesting. It's quite short and crosses Cabin Creek, a tributary of the Choptank River (where the best oysters in the world come from, in my opinion. You can't get any better!) 

From my research, the name of the bridge was originally Cabin Creek Bridge, but the events that transpired over the years gave it a colloquial name. That eventually became its official name somewhere down the road. It was always Suicide Bridge to me.

Back in the mid to late seventies, right at one end of the bridge, was a honky tonk bar. Later, in 1983, it was purchased and renovated into the only "fancy" restaurant I knew of in the northern part of the county (there's still a bar, too). People suddenly went to Suicide Bridge Restaurant on special occasions. It was THE place to eat before prom when I was in high school. Could you imagine it being your anniversary or your fiancé popping the question here? Ugh. A place where multiple suicides took place? SO ROMANTIC!

I've avoided writing about the rural area I grew up in because it's not a place I really enjoyed. As I described Matt's struggle at home, I realized the parallels to my own past, to some regard, specifically how much I wanted OUT. 

Hopefully the area has changed since I lived there, but I somehow doubt it. It's okay to visit every once in a blue moon, but not somewhere I'd ever want to live again.

From the restaurant's website, I found this article about the bridge's tragic history. Be forewarned, the article is a bit blunt, and likely has a bit of age to it.

Secretary - The first victim of Suicide Bridge was a postmaster from Hurlock, who shot himself and then fell into the waters of Cabin Creek. The second victim was a farmer who also shot himself and fell from the bridge to the swirling waters of the Dorchester county creek. 

Next was a man who some say willfully drove off the 21-foot-high bridge, while others say he met with foul play. Pete Moxey, a lifelong resident of the area was eight or nine years old when this incident happened. "It's the first one I remember. A fellow who was short, stocky and black with the nickname of "Frog." They say he jumped off the bridge and struck his head on one of the pilings. But the word was going around that there was foul play involved. I don't know" 

He remembers that once the body was found, "they put him on a table over there in a picnic area and did an autopsy, right in the open." Mr. Moxey was only a youngster then, so he was sent home before the autopsy was performed. (my addition: talk about some hinky shit going down there... no that doesn't give murder vibes at all... *eyeroll*)

The original bridge was a wooden structure built around 1888. The second bridge, also wooden and only one lane, was built around 1910. The third bridge was also wooden but covered with asphalt, was built in 1967 and dedicated in 1968. 

Locals apparently have always called it Suicide Bridge. Mr. Moxey said he was surprised at how quickly another suicide occurred after the third bridge was built. "It was up for 6 months  and then bingo, somebody went off," he said. "I helped pull that guy out of the water. He had been a long-time employee of Continental Can in Hurlock and was just coming off a long vacation," Mr. Moxey said. "Instead of going back to work, he drove here, parked his car and jumped off the bridge." After rescuers located the body, Mr. Moxey said, the ropes got tangled and he got into his boat to help bring the body out. The body was then placed on the dock. 

"The blood soaked into the wood on the dock and it wouldn't wash away," said Moxey. "It was there for about five years until I tore it down and built another one." Another man who was born and raised within a half of a mile of the bridge, moved away for quite a few years, came back, parked his car by the foot of the bridge and shot himself.

"I don't think the bridge is jinxed. Maybe it's just the name that brings them here," Mr. Moxey said of the suicides. 

In a more recent incident, Dave Nickerson, who lived across the creek next to the bridge, was awakened one morning by calls of, "Help.. Help. " Seeing a car parked on the bridge, he immediately got into his skiff and zoomed to the area where the calls were coming from. He pulled a woman from the icy waters who had apparently changed her mind about committing suicide. Nickerson immediately took her ashore, ran to her car, which was running and parked on the bridge and drove it closer to the skiff. When he tried to get the woman into the warm car she replied, "I don't want to get the seats wet—it's a new car!"

(The bridge was rebuilt again in 2005.)  

Thursday, July 6, 2023

The Born to Stand Out Toy Gear Guide

In my most recent novel, Born to Stand Out, UNICORN PLAY is featured! What's unicorn play? Pony play with a lot more rainbows and glitter! Oh, and a horn.

Since my last pony play story—which was almost a decade ago—a lot has changed in the world of pony play gear! I was amazed at how many awesome items were available, some of course, thanks to many cosplayers and folks who create items with them in mind, as well.

I know some of you might not be as familiar with the tack and gear that Matt wears, so here's a few photos from my research that helped develop the story. Remember, his might not be exactly like the images shown, but they helped guide what I was envisioning.

I wish I could share an image of the plug with a shaft in it with room for anal sex WHILE wearing it. Mr-S-Leather out of San Francisco had one on their site way back when (and I included it in another BDSM story I wrote years ago...) but they don't seem to have it, nor can I find one exactly like it. It DID exist (without a pony tail) at some point in history, though.

I will also add that I'm just a writer, sharing a little bit of her research. I am NOT an expert on pony play by any means. If you're interested in learning more about the pony play community, I suggest you start at this site:

The Boots

Hooved Boots for Pony Play
via Furry Fantasy

The Gloves

via Fetish-Pets-Store

The Bridle

via Leder Gummi Studio

The Harness

via Porthos Stable

The Mask

via Etsy

The Plug

Via Dallas Novelty

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Out Tomorrow!! Born to Stand Out

Born to Stand Out

A Pride Pet Play Book

by Kelex

Afraid to be vulnerable, Matt keeps his kinks under wraps. A traumatic confrontation left him with deep-seated scars he’s not sure will ever heal. As a new relationship evolves, the worries only mount. Will he be once again deemed a freak and lose the daddy of his dreams? 

Every time Jack asks Matt to open up, he hits a brick wall. He’s determined to make their relationship work but doubts he and Matt want the same things. Their relationship can only grow with honest, loving communication—in and out of bed. Is Matt unwilling to put in the work? 

A trip to Pride reveals a glimpse into what Matt truly craves. If Jack opens that door, will it bring them closer, or send his boy galloping for the hills? 

Born to Stand Out is part of the Pride Pet Play 2023 multi-author series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but why not check them all out? If you like playful pets who are sometimes naughty, Pride parades, and Daddies who love their boys unconditionally, you’ll fall in love with our pack!

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Enchanted Ink Salem -- Opens Soon!

The doors to Enchanted Ink Tattoo open soon! Purchase your ticket for admission on Amazon TODAY 

💫 Book 1💫 Only Skin Deep by Kelex - 04 August 2023

💫 Book 2💫 Magic, Demons, and the Hunter by JP Sayle - 24 August 2023

💫 Short Stories💫 Two in the Fated Mates Charity Anthology - 01 Sept 2023 

Sunday, April 30, 2023

Omegaverse Update

Just what are my plans for the Omega Quarter and Alphas of the Western Provinces series?

Plans often evolve and change, so this ISN'T written in stone, but here is what I have in mind for both series 

Omega Quarter

Vaughn's Story

Wynter's Story (may be included in Vaughn's story)

Tulla's Story

Brett's Story

Maybe more...

Alphas of the Western Provinces

Emerson's Story

Beau's Story

Luke's Story

Maybe more...

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Notiz: Bear Mountain auf Deutsch (A note for my German Readers!)

Meine Bear Mountain-Bücher wurden ursprünglich in Deutschland über einen dortigen Verlag veröffentlicht, aber da die Verträge ausgelaufen sind, habe ich meine Rechte zurückerhalten – und nachdem ich für die Ãœbersetzungen bereits bezahlt habe, veröffentliche ich sie in Eigenregie über meinen Verlag Twisted E- Publishing.

Sobald ich alle Rechte zurückerhalten und neu veröffentlicht habe, was Mitte 2023 sein wird, plane ich, die gesamte Serie auf auf Kindle Unlimited zu veröffentlichen.

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Update on ME

As some of you know, my physical and mental health deteriorated over the last few years. I've had several (many) health crises–and accumulatively, they just got to be TOO MUCH. 

If you're aware of my health concerns or have limited attention/time, skip the colored portion.

For those of you who DON'T know, between 2019 and 2022 I had (in no specific order): kidney stones, covid (x2), pneumonia, physical and mental exhaustion/crash, issues with my depression meds/regulating new ones, diagnosed with sleep apnea and got a CPAP, serious upper respiratory infection (x2), ischemic colitis, colon failure, Leukocytosis, and sepsis (the last four had me admitted for a week in the hospital this past December), and I was diagnosed with moderate asthma in January 2023 and got two new handy, dandy inhalers.  

It's been more than two years since the first covid (got it pre-vaccine and it was BAD–I was bedridden well over a month and it took three just to be somewhat normal again) and I still don't have my senses of smell and taste back fully. I'm dealing with memory and focus issues leftover from that.

So, yeah. It's been a lot. It left me unable to write for a good part of the those years. It's hard to be creative when you're ill.

Last year, I worked hard on making changes, eating healthier, exercising, went to the doctor more regularly, got a therapist, and was simply better to myself. (Yet still ended up in the hospital! Docs are still trying to figure out what happened to me in Dec. I have tests scheduled through JUNE.)

Once my health was somewhat better, I made the decision to refocus on my writing career. Since August, I've completed 3 MASSIVE novels (140K, 95K, and 106K) and I'm closing in on finishing a 40K novel for a Pride collection I will be in this summer. (#106 is Three Alarm Heat -- which arrives FRIDAY! Huzzah!)

That's great and I'm very proud of each of those stories––BUT––I've noticed that I'm not being healthy. My exercise/movement has fallen by the wayside because of hours sitting in front of my computer. I don't eat much during the day, but late evenings, I munch–
not because I'm hungry–but because I'm utterly exhausted.

It's time to step back a bit and reevaluate my schedule and see if I can't find ways to balance my health and wellness with what I want to achieve with my writing. I don't need to revisit the health issues of the past and lose years in the process. Sooooo... here is my promise to you: I will endeavor to release books at a regular clip, while prioritizing my health. 

I doubt I will ever get fully back to releasing as often as I once did, and you know, that's okay. I'm still chugging along and bringing you stories as often as I can.

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Arriving April 14 2023 - Three Alarm Heat

Three Alarm Heat

Alphas of the Western Provinces, Book 3

by Kelex

Harrison Walker watches the world burn—for a living. Currently, the province’s only fire investigator, he’s kept busy, particularly by a serial arsonist leaving a trail of destruction through one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Fort Seattle. When a local artist’s studio is torched, Harrison finally gets a break in the case. 

Only, is it their arsonist, or a targeted attack by a copycat?

When Tanner’s studio burns, Raimy Kellam does his best to support his best friend. He inadvertently becomes the only witness to have potentially seen the pyromaniac, which thrusts him into Harrison’s life… where Raimy senses their bond.

Only, Harrison already has someone in his life.

Cassidy Springdale has spent nearly a decade loving Harrison—always knowing his alpha’s omega could be around any corner and their love affair would end. When Raimy arrives in their lives, he must decide if he’s going to walk away or fight for the man he loves.

Only, what right does a beta have to come between fated mates? Harrison’s torn between love and instinct—his beta and an omega—all while trying to save their province from burning down around them.


This 106,000 word gay romance is filled with heat, heart, family, and a touch of violence. No main characters were permanently harmed in the writing of this story.

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

COVER REVEAL - Three Alarm Heat

Here it is! The cover for my third installment in the Alphas of the Western Provinces omegavers series... 


The rough draft is nearing completion and will be moving off to editing very, very soon. No ETA on a release date, but I'm eyeing mid-April.

If you haven't read the Alphas of the Western Provinces books yet, but have read the Omega Quadrant books -- the AWP books take place in the same universe. It's a province where the omegas have had more freedoms (and the stories are a little less dark because of that)

You can find the other AWP books HERE

You can find the OQ books HERE

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Writing Update February 2023

It's been awhile since I've done one of these! Let's start 2023 off right... I'm planning a much better year this go around.

So, as you know, Unwitting Mate (Valleywood, 17) released YESTERDAY. The Valleywood books are standalone titles, so they can be read in any order. Don't let that #17 intimidate you!

You can purchase that book via Kindle Unlimited/Amazon HERE.

What comes next?

I'm returning to a manuscript I'd started after wrapping up His Reluctant Omega -- it's the Alphas of the Western Provinces #3 -- Raimy's story. It went kinda sideways and I needed to take a pause and figure out the issue and how to move forward. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I figure it out ASAP.

After that, I've got two more stories planned and not sure which one I'll gravitate toward. Three years ago, I wrote a short story about Wynter Jaymes... which led to THAT ENDING in His Reluctant Omega. While I know Wynter isn't a favorite character, I think y'all deserve to know why he is the way he is and I like the challenge in seeing if he can be redeemed. (Yes, I heard the collective groan and "NO HE CAN'T" all the way over here... just gimme a chance!) The plan is to expand Wynter's short into a full novel.

I've also got very loose plans for another Daddy Tales book. A certain producer with a certain assistant, perhaps? We shall see.

Later this summer, I'm participating in a fun Pride-themed project with a little side of pet play. Looking forward to that.

There's another big project I'm working on with a large group of authors for later in 2023, but it's currently on pause as an issue has arisen and I'm just waiting to find out if it's still a go. Hopefully it is!

THEN... JP Sayle and I have been working on a new series together. We've been world building and setting up the rules and brainstorming... We're not co-writing, but we will have some character crossovers here and there. If you were at our panel at GRL, you might have some idea what we're talking about. We hope to have our first books out in that series prior to Portsmouth GRL 2023, which we are both currently planning to attend. And yes, it's back at the same location as last year... the organizers had to agree to it in order to move dates around thanks to COVID and the 2020 convention cancellation.


That takes me up through August/September... and there's more on my schedule for later in 2023, too.

In other words, I'm trying to get back into writing form and releasing a little more often than I did in the last couple of years. Fingers-crossed.

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

OUT NOW! Unwitting Mate


Unwitting Mate
Valleywood 17
by Kelex

Holden Jacobs is tired of being passed over for almost every role he’s ever auditioned for. After a decade in Valleywood, he has little to show for it besides a bunch of bit parts and commercials on his resume. All the good, meaty roles he wants seem to go to alphas. He’s not sure he has what it takes until one evening at Forbidden Underground changes everything.

Five-foot-nothing Fenn Perry flounces into Forbidden Underground in his pink tee, black tutu, and even blacker silk stockings and spies the beta of his dreams. When he has to make the first move, he knows he needs to make it count—and he’s very ready for the challenge. Who knew this bottom had it in him to play top?

Their bathroom hookup goes into overtime and they end up at Fenn’s place after. As morning dawns, an unexpected change will rock both their worlds… in ways neither could have imagined.

Trigger Warning: Off-page assault of secondary character, Violence


This 75,000 word novel is filled with a little angst, transitions, a lot of heat, humor, violence, and drama. If you love strong-willed, femme omegas and the men who love them, then this book might be for you.

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Unwitting Mate by Kelex -- Pre-order Now!

Unwitting Mate 
Valleywood, 17
by Kelex

Valleywood is a multi-author collection. Each novel is a standalone story and they can be read in ANY order...

Holden Jacobs is tired of being passed over for almost every role he’s ever auditioned for. After a decade in Valleywood, he has little to show for it besides a bunch of bit parts and commercials on his resume. All the good, meaty roles he wants seem to go to alphas. He’s not sure he has what it takes until one evening at Forbidden Underground changes everything.

Five-foot-nothing Fenn Perry flounces into Forbidden Underground in his pink tee, black tutu, and even blacker silk stockings and spies the beta of his dreams. When he has to make the first move, he knows he needs to make it count—and he’s very ready for the challenge. Who knew this bottom had it in him to play top?

Their bathroom hookup goes into overtime and they end up at Fenn’s place after. As morning dawns, an unexpected change will rock both their worlds… in ways neither could have imagined.

Trigger Warning: Off-page assault of secondary character, Violence
This 75,000 word novel is filled with a little angst, transitions, a lot of heat, humor, violence, and drama. If you love strong-willed, femme omegas and the men who love them, then this book might be for you.

Kindle Unlimited/Amazon Exclusive

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