Saturday, February 28, 2015

March Writing Update

March is almost here -- and hopefully will be bringing some warmer temps along with it.  I really picked the wrong year to move north!

But all that cabin fever has allowed me extra time to write.

February was busy.  Claiming Callum came out early in the month, the first of a new Sci-Fi series, The Alaxian Heirs.  My football series just concluded with the release of Receive, and then following quickly on it's heels, my short along with April Andrews for Bound By Him, just came out this week.  That's three releases in February!  I'm exhausted!

Things will be slowing down a bit this month and next as I work on a new project.  My typical every two week release may slow a bit to every three weeks in the near future... and then down to once per month.  I've got other projects on the board and need to devote some time there.

But the books will still come!

The next Alaxian Heirs book is up next.  Taking Kye will continue the story started in Claiming Callum.

After Kye's story, we'll return to my Twisted Fairy Tale and get Colt his happily ever... well, at least his happy for now.  I'm not exactly a believer in happily ever after.  It's not realistic and hey, we can all enjoy a HFN with a bright forecast.

Colt and his straight plumber will struggle a bit, but in the end, all will be fine.

Of course, I still have the final Barbarian story on the schedule, but Dayn is being a tricky bitch and just not telling me his tale.

Coming up is a secret project, another Alaxian Heir, and I am seriously considering more from the world of Bound.  I loved that story so much, I just can't see not taking it further.  The wheels are turning, trust me -- which is why some of you noticed the ? after The End.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New Release: Bound By Him by Kelex and April Andrews

That's right -- April and I have joined forces to bring you into the world of the member-only BDSM club, Bound.

April Andrews and Kelex join forces to bring you two scintillating short gay BDSM tales…

Straight Outta Bumfuck, by Kelex

Texan transplant Levi is desperate for a job, and walks into the door of Bound, a BDSM member-only club, when he sees the help wanted sign in the window—without realizing where he is. Once he learns the truth, he figures bartending is bartending, no matter where, as long as the money is green.

Only Bound’s owner, Alex, wants to ensure Levi knows what he’s in for. He introduces Levi to the world of submission and nearly loses himself in Levi’s naivety and raw lust.

Nicky’s Bear, by April Andrews

Jasper has always found the submissives he desires at Bound, but this time it is not a submissive he finds at all. Nicky the delivery driver is completely unschooled in the ways of BDSM, but he makes Jasper's heart thump and his head spin.

Jasper is going to teach Nicky all he knows, but before the night's through, it might be Jasper who learns a lesson in loving and Nicky the one who gives it to him.

Welcome to the world of Bound.


And don't forget -- Receive -- the final book in the Men's League Trilogy just dropped last week!  So, two weeks and two new releases -- don't miss any of the heat.

Quarterback Nash Carter has been at war, fighting to keep his space on The Rockets arena team. Using the only weapon he knows, his body, he gives himself over to the team owner, Bailey Thompson, in hopes of keeping his career alive. Too bad his wannabe replacement has done the same, pitting the two men against one another on and off the field—and Nash soon realizes he’s the loser.

Marcus Samuels is Bailey’s best friend and financial advisor. He wanted Nash before Bailey ever laid hands on the man, but had to crush his lust as he watched the two self-destruct. Once the smoke clears, he’s ready to take what he sees as his, and only Nash’s full surrender will do.

Cocky Nash has a reputation for self-destructing and pushing away anything good in his life. Can Marcus show Nash how deserving he is before it’s too late?  

Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Mancraving

Monday is a tough day of the week -- especially those who were up late watching the late-late Oscars runover show.

So I figured I'd help make your Monday a little better.

You're welcome.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

NEW RELEASE: Receive, Men's League 3

The final book in the trilogy is here and it's the hottest one yet!

Did you feel like Nash was being left out in the cold?  I sure did. Now he gets his chance at happiness with Marcus!  Did you see that one coming?

Quarterback Nash Carter has been at war, fighting to keep his space on The Rockets arena team. Using the only weapon he knows, his body, he gives himself over to the team owner, Bailey Thompson, in hopes of keeping his career alive. Too bad his wannabe replacement has done the same, pitting the two men against one another on and off the field—and Nash soon realizes he’s the loser.

Marcus Samuels is Bailey’s best friend and financial advisor. He wanted Nash before Bailey ever laid hands on the man, but had to crush his lust as he watched the two self-destruct. Once the smoke clears, he’s ready to take what he sees as his, and only Nash’s full surrender will do.

Cocky Nash has a reputation for self-destructing and pushing away anything good in his life. Can Marcus show Nash how deserving he is before it’s too late?  

“I’ll get something for you to wear,” Marcus said, passing by Nash to get to his bedroom. The last thing he wanted was to hand Nash anything to cover up with, but Nash had seemed quite adamant that nothing would happen.

Marcus’ natural dominant tendencies were screaming in his head. There was a closet full of leather cuffs and harnesses, which would look better on Nash than anything in his drawer. He ignored them and dug through for an old pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. Marcus was larger than Nash’s slim QB body, but the items would do temporarily. Before heading back out into the living room, he took a deep breath and tried to get ahold of himself. He needed to respect Nash’s comment about no sex. The guy was apparently dealing with something, and Marcus wasn’t going to overstep his bounds. He should want to overstep them.

He headed back into the living room and handed the clothing to Nash.

“Thanks,” Nash said before shoving one leg into a pants leg. “I appreciate the help.”

Marcus shrugged. “No problem.” He sat down on his leather couch and watched Nash dress, aggravated it was dressing in the wrong direction. Marcus wanted to watch the athlete strip, not cover up. “Mind telling me what just happened downstairs?”

Nash tied off the drawstring of the pants to help keep them from falling down his narrow hips. Marcus’ gaze drifted over the deep cuts at Nash’s hips, knowing they’d be a perfect spot to hold on to the man as he drove deep into Nash’s ass. He took a deep breath and glanced up at Marcus. “I was done being treated like shit.”

“What took you so long?” Marcus asked.

One of Nash’s eyebrows rose. “I had my reasons for doing what I did.”

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Welcome Yuki Edo back to my blog.  The second story out of her Nine Tails series, Wild Cherry Blossoms is here today.

The kitsune Daisuke has met someone new, someone very different from all of the casual lovers in his past. He fears opening up and giving his heart to anyone but Inari, the great kami he serves. Though Kaoru isn’t inexperienced, he seems too pure and innocent for Daisuke to pull into his complicated life. But that decision is made for him when someone else entangles Kaoru in the supernatural world. Happiness is there for the taking, if only Daisuke will reach for it and trust those who care for him. The fates matched this couple long ago, but it's up to them to work everything out in the end.


Kaoru paced in the bathroom. I can’t believe I actually did it. He gazed at the bathroom door, sensing Daisuke as he entered the room. Ever since he’d put on the necklace Daisuke had given him, he’d been able to sense when the other man was near. Kaoru hesitated, but then the door opened. Daisuke leaned against the jamb, his gaze roaming up and down Kaoru’s body. He’d taken a quick shower and only wore a towel at his waist.
“I think we’ve both been kept waiting long enough,” Daisuke said as he walked into the bathroom. He pulled at Kaoru’s towel and made it hit the floor. Leaning in, he whispered, “This is what you want? No objections after this.”
“Then come make your choice.” Daisuke walked away, and Kaoru followed, not sure what was happening.
On the bed, Kaoru saw a paddle, a riding crop, a small flogger, a ruler, and even a bamboo stalk. Daisuke stood off to the side and slowly undressed.
“I can use my hand as well, if you prefer.”
Kaoru stepped forward and touched the flogger. It was softer than he’d expected, made of strips of suede instead of leather. He picked it up and ran it over his palm. “This one.”
Daisuke, now naked, moved everything else away. Kaoru had been worried that setting a program for their lovemaking would ruin the mood, but he saw that Daisuke was hard, his tip wet. He also had something else in his hand as he approached.
“Bend over the bed.”
Kaoru obeyed but kept watching Daisuke. He held a tube of cherry-flavored lube and a large dildo. Kaoru noticed that it had a base, and he realized it was an anal plug. Daisuke lubed his fingers and began preparing Kaoru, watching his face.
“It’ll make it better,” Daisuke said softly. His touch was rougher than usual, and he stretched Kaoru faster. Before long, he had three fingers inside Kaoru.
Panting, Kaoru watched him pick up the plug, which was about the same length as Daisuke’s cock but definitely thicker. Daisuke slid his fingers out and coated the rubber cock. He spread Kaoru’s cheeks and pushed it past the ring of muscle at his entrance. Kaoru gasped, and Daisuke leaned down to grasp him by the chin and kiss him, all the while driving the plug home. Kaoru whimpered a little as Daisuke wiggled the cock inside of him.
Daisuke straightened and gazed down at him. “You look amazing.” He popped each cheek once, and then he slapped his hand against the base of the plug.
Kaoru cried out, but then he moaned. Daisuke wiped his hands on a towel and took up the flogger, running it over Kaoru’s back a few times. Then he let it dangle between Kaoru’s legs, the strips of suede teasing against his cock and balls. The first strike wasn’t hard, but the sound got Kaoru’s attention. Kaoru sucked in his lower lip, shivering as another strike came. He had no idea what the appeal was, not really, yet the actual act was even better than what he’d imagined.
The strikes became harder each time, and Kaoru closed his eyes to enjoy the sensations. Then everything stopped and Daisuke hovered over him, running one hand into Kaoru’s hair and jerking his head back. “Are you even aware of the sounds you’re making?” Daisuke asked before biting Kaoru’s shoulder.
“S-sounds?” Kaoru was vaguely aware that he’d been moaning but hadn’t thought much about it.
“You’ve got me ready to shoot just listening to you.” His free hand skimmed over Kaoru’s ass. “And your skin is such a lovely pink now.” His hand slid farther to fondle Kaoru’s balls.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Sex Sells

No shit, right?

If anyone knows the truth to this statement, it's me.

I know there are a lot of haters out there who think I'm a hack and I'm only out to make money, but guess what?

I like HAVING hot sex.  I like READING about hot sex.  And I love WRITING about it, as well.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a sex-centered erotic romp.  I don't claim to be the next Hemingway or try to say what I do is more than it really is.

I write erotica that will hopefully curl your toes and get you excited.

Given that my books consistently land on the bestseller lists, I'd say there are plenty of people out there, whether they want to admit it or not, that love my fun sexual escapades.

If you're reading this, I'd say you're more than likely on that list.

And I love you for it.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

NEW RELEASE: Linc's Little Piggy

Chance Pigg has had a thing for Linc McGrath since they were in middle school.  Linc avoided Chance at every turn, but that didn’t stop Chance from hoping—especially after Linc defended Chance from schoolyard tormentors.  Now all grown up, realtor Chance helps Linc and his friends buy and sell the houses they flip for profit, still hoping Linc might finally notice him one day.

Linc has avoided Chance, sure, but it was more to hide his own feelings.  Buried for so long, avoiding Chance became his norm.  It took a slap to the face to wake Linc to the smart, hardworking, and hot man right under his nose that he had no good reason not to take.  Once his desire is awakened again, Linc will do everything in his power to claim Chance.

But Linc is used to no-strings fun.  Chance comes with his own set of strings.  Will Linc realize too late how tied up he really wants to be?

Monday, February 2, 2015

February Writing Update

Howdy all -- here is an update for February and what's coming next.

First, I'll be finishing off the Arena Football Series with Receive, the third and final installment.  Nothing I like more than some hot athletes fucking.  All that muscle... sigh.

Once Receive is done, Bound by Him, a book I'm working with April Andrews to release will finally be here.  April and I are both doing short tales for Bound, both in the same fictional world and inside the BDSM club called... you guessed it... Bound.  My short with club owner Alex and new bartender/cowboy Levi is hot, hot, hot, and I can't wait for it to arrive.  The short is called Straight Outta Bumfuck and I loved it so much, I've already talked to April about returning to the club for more combined stories in the future.

Dayn's story -- Barbarian Four -- is on my schedule still.  Dayn is still remaining mum and not helping me out.  I won't force it, because if I force it, the story won't be something I'm happy with.  It is coming.

There's a secret story in development, but I'm not talking about that one yet.  When it gets closer, I'll give it up.  Let's just say, those of you into hardcore claiming stories and dubcon will likely be pleased.

I have a few stories whispering in my ear and as soon as one of them comes and smacks me on the ass, then I'll write it.  And they better smack hard because I like it rough.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Male Body as ART (NSFW)

Recently, many artists who work in the gay community -- writers, performers, and photographers -- have come under fire on Facebook and had their profiles and/or pages removed or put in FB jail for appreciating the male form.
Dirk with hubby Jessie

Photographer Michael Stokes and Pornstar Dirk Caber are two who come to mind immediately, but I'm sure the list could go on for miles.

Now you say -- pornstar -- maybe he had it coming?  Well, most of the posts I've ever seen were of him, from chest/abs up, kissing his equally sexy HUSBAND who may or may not have been shirtless, too.

Apparently being gay, sexy, and shirtless while kissing a man is the major issue some people on Facebook have.  And when I say "some people", I mean a small group of Internet trolls who have taken it upon themselves to be the moral choice for everyone else.  They have been scouting out pages which post pictures of gay love, men kissing, a bare bum, etc, and then reporting the images to the Facebook police.

These Far-Right, Christian "activists"claim their rights to do this with their religion and have even threatened the artists in question -- one claiming she would RUIN him.

I have followed Michael Stokes for a long time and truly love his photography.  Seeing his constant updates and pictures have been one of my muses, spurring on all kinds of creativity.  So, seeing people filled with so much hate, it truly bothers me.

I mean, there is a button where you can unfollow/block, and never see the type of content you find offensive.  You have every right to be offended by something -- but that doesn't mean you have the right to inflict YOUR MORALITY on someone else.

How is this any different than...
...THIS?  They're both ART!
copyright 2014, Michael Stokes Photography

This is the picture which got Michael his 30-day ban.  Both men are fully clothed -- but the thought of two beautiful men being attracted to one another was enough to make some angry person (or persons) flip their shit.  This picture was reported and Michael suffered for it.

Personally, I think this image is absolutely beautiful -- as are most of the shots of his I've seen.

A lot of people have come out to defend Michael and have screamed his ban from Facebook was wrong.

Apparently Facebook agreed, finally, and has allowed him back on -- although the picture which got him banned has still been blocked from his profile.  No word from Facebook yet as to if it will be returned.

But there is a much darker issue here -- Facebook's inconsistent censorship of gay and gay friendly artists is simply wrong.  When a small group of trolls people can go on the attack and there be no way for the victim of that attack to speak up for themselves boils down to a witch hunt.

It's wrong.  And it needs to stop.

Facebook needs to look in to new ways in which the victimized can face their accusers -- as it is in any court of law -- and there needs to be some system for the accused to have their say and fight a temporary or permanent ban.

And lastly, Facebook needs to stop perpetuating the anti-gay agenda they seem to have.  If a man posts a picture of him kissing his current girlfriend, then in an equal rights era, another man should be able to post a picture of him kissing his new boyfriend without the fear of being banned from using the service.

So, to the Facebook trolls -- I hope you find some love somewhere to help suffocate all the hate in your hearts.

And for all you fans out there -- here are some more pictures of artful male bodies that fill me with love.

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