Saturday, September 28, 2013

Writing Update - October 2013

Hmm...the story running through my head
Happy Fall!  I love this cooler weather and not sweating like a demon.  Although, there are moments when sweating is fun.  Very fun.  Just not when it's walking out the front door.  I prefer my sweating to be the in-between the sheets variety.

Anyway...what's on tap?

I'm sure your first question is where the heck is Tripp's story.  It's done.  My wonderful editor just bought a new house and is in the midst of moving, so edits are taking a little bit longer.  Be patient, I'm so, so happy she found a great house and was able to close quickly.  The book will be coming soon, no worries, just a little later than expected.

Now, on to my new project.  The Best Little Whorehouse on Planet X.  I've had this one on tap for a while, but kept pushing it back because I wasn't exactly sure where I wanted to take it.  If you read the Slave World series, then you remember reading about Kazru and his whorehouse in the final SW story.  Well, Kazru has been hiding a secret in the upper floor of his brothel, the shifter prince!  When the shifters where incarcerated for their "crime" of being too powerful, Kazru saved Prince Agarri and hid him on the top floor, awaiting a trio of males prophesized to take Agarri and save their world.  I'm about halfway done with this story at this point and hope to finish it off early next week.

Then it's on to Tristan's Wolf, which will introduce a whole new pack dynamic and more sexy males.

After that, I'll be working on Wynne's story in the Quads of Alpha S series.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

THE END! Coming Soon -- Tripp's Claiming

Tripp's Claiming is done!  It's off to editing this afternoon after a quick run through from me, so it's nearing the end phase and should be ready to publish soon.  It should hopefully be ready within the next week.

This story was a struggle.  I wasn't sure it was going to work, the story just wasn't doing it for me.  But then once I drew close to the end, it started to come together and really shine.  I think it really turned out well and I hope you'll all enjoy it.

Tripp is an usual character.   He starts out very flippant and smart mouthed, and then he's very much changed by his abduction and near death experience.  Having a character flip on me like that was probably the heart of my struggle, but it was truer to the story to have his personality shift dramatically.

And oh boy, are there big stories coming for Wynne and Peterson down the road!  Wynne is next up for this series, after I complete work on Tristan's Wolf.

Anyway, back to my spit-shine and Tripp will be winging it's way to my editor.  Have a great Sunday!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Coming Soon -- Tripp's Claiming

Hi all --

Just wanted to give a quick update.

Work on Tripp's Claiming is going smoothly.  I'm about 1/3 of the way in and hope to have the first draft ready by the beginning of next week.  That would put us at release near the end of the month once edits and formatting is completed.

After that, I'll be working on my secret little project, BLWHOPX as well as getting started on Theo's Wolf, which I hope to have ready in early October.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, September 2, 2013

NEW RELEASE - Theo's Wolf

Theo's Wolf is now available! (About time -- I know)

Theo is a panther shifter, caught between two worlds. Raised within a pride of lions, he’s an outcast which only threatens to get worse when he realizes he’s a wolf’s mate as well. Will his family still love him when they learn he’s meant to be with something so vile as a dog?

Mitch isn’t interested in mating. Fate isn’t going to force his hand and he’ll bow to nothing and no one. That is until a mysterious wolf attacks Mitch’s mate and nearly kills him.

Soon, Mitch realizes how much he already cares for his panther and he’s not going to let either side tear them apart. All Mitch has to do is hunt down a killer and win over a pride full of angry lions. Easy enough, right?


After a long day on scene, Theo was exhausted. They’d recovered several bodies and had them shipped to the morgue. The CSIs were still covering the ground, looking for more evidence, but Theo had been at it for sixteen hours and the chief had told both him and Rafe to let the crime lab take over the area. It was nearly midnight and Theo needed rest, but that was the furthest thing from his mind.

Although he was tired and sore, Theo’s blood still surged in his veins. He could feel the wolf’s presence and knew he couldn’t leave until he’d laid eyes on the male and talked to him. They would have to contend with their mate status eventually, regardless if the wolf seemed unwilling to acknowledge it.

The wolf’s simple presence and inability to leave spoke volumes in Theo’s mind. If the werewolf didn’t want a mate, why had he remained in the woods all day and into the night? Theo drifted off to the edges of the scene and slid into the seat of his cruiser. He turned the engine over, knowing he needed to hide the vehicle somewhere so his fellow boys in blue wouldn’t see he was still there. He pulled over the hard crushed stones, the sound of them loud in his ears, only slightly lower than the noise his heart was making.

Once he was far enough away, he pulled between two other abandoned cabins and killed the motor. He slipped out into the cool mountain air and began peeling off layers of clothing, silently berating himself.

Why chase after a male who claimed to be uninterested? Theo wasn’t the type to beg, yet he couldn’t ignore the pull he’d felt for days now.

When he was completely disrobed, he lowered to the ground and shifted, his panther form quickly taking shape. He let out a wild cry and lunged into the overgrowth behind the cabins, letting his senses drive him toward the male he sought. He wound his way through the wood, cutting through roots and briars on his trek through the darkened forest. It had been too long since he’d been in panther form and really had the chance to run. Theo pushed himself harder, forcing his limbs to move faster and faster. The run was exhilarating and helped him forget the confrontation he would likely have once he reached his destination.

He came upon the wolf too easily. The male was waiting for Theo, resting in a spot overlooking the crime scene, still brightly lit with the CSI team in place.

The wolf turned to face Theo, his green eyes flashing violently. Before Theo could make a sound, the wolf was atop him, pinning him to the hard-packed earth. But Theo was stealthier than that. He quickly pulled from underneath the creature and ran into the woods, tempting the wolf to give chase, as was the beast’s nature.

Theo looked over his shoulder, excited to see the wolf did in fact follow. Theo dug into the ground and flew through across the forest floor, leaving the dog far behind. Wolves might be stronger than panthers, but they were most definitely not faster. Theo’s heart pounded in his chest, a mixture of enthusiasm, fear, and elation.

Sweat coated his body, the exercise making the need for the wolf only grow instead of diminish, especially given the chase. Theo’s desire grew with each pound of his paws against the earth. His lungs were on fire, the air he dragged through him doing little to cool his ardor. Theo felt the male draw closer and closer as his stamina waned. Apparently a wolf might not be faster, but he might have more endurance.

As Theo turned to bolt through a copse of intertwined roots lifted off the ground, he felt the wolf pounce on him and pin him again. Theo growled as he tried to buck the male off him to no avail. He writhed under the wolf, trying to get away and continue their chase, when he felt the wolf’s cock pierce his ass.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy Labor Day and a September Writing Update

Hi all!  Hope you're enjoying your long weekend.  I took yesterday off, but today has been a working day for me - writing of course.

As previously posted -- Theo's Wolf is now in edits, so it's a matter of days until release.  I will post as soon as I have more details.

Now for my September Writing Update.  I'm almost hesitant to talk about my plan after the horrendous bout of writer's block I struggled with last month.  I had two weeks where I just couldn't get any words to come.  But every author I know experiences that from time to time, and I sure have.  Every once in a blue moon, I get hit with a week or two where my brain just shuts down.  With having three pen names, it's all a ballet of-- who am I kidding, it's a comedy of errors.

Anyway, now that it's over, I should have a nice stretch in between, so here's the September plan:

1.  Get Theo's Wolf out ASAP.
2.  Get to work on Tripp's Claiming (the follow-up to Crash Landing)
3.  BLWHOPX - it's a secret for now, but I will hint that it's another alien short series.
4.  Get to work on Tristan's Wolf (Wolves of Mt. Alexis, 4)

I will let everyone know that I am seriously considering another title in the Wolves of Mt. Alexis series, too.  And after reading Theo, you may see another series brewing.  I set up the characters in Theo to get the droolworthyness started.

Now, back to edits on my other pen name piece.  Have a great and safe holiday!
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