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Cover Reveal - Bound By Them

So this is happening in the coming months...

Thought you might like to know :)

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GUEST AUTHOR - Maggie Walsh's The Beast Within

Welcome guest author Maggie Walsh as she shares some info about her recent release, The Beast Within.

Eighteen year old Sky Taylor, the love of his life Mitch, and brother Ben want nothing more than to land a record contract. When a record exec offers only Sky a contract, he betrays them and ends up losing them.

Seven years later, Sky is the lead singer of the hottest all-gay Glamrock band around. Ghost Heart is the biggest guitarist in the world and has just become available. He is the hottest thing Sky has ever seen, but he’s straight.

The sexual tension between Sky and Ghost ignites, until Sky sees a memorial tattoo on Ghost’s back with the name of his first love, Mitch, on it.

Sky fights to find way past the guilt he feels over what he did to Mitch all those years ago, so that he can move forward and finally find some happiness. He hopes that happiness comes with Ghost. But Ghost doesn’t believe in relationships, or love.

Available at:

“So, whoever heard of a body shot?” Joe slurred.

 “I have,” Ghost answered.

 “Well there’s no shocker,” Sky slurred bitterly. Damn, was that my voice?

 “What’s up your ass tonight, Sky?” Ghost asked with the same amount of bitterness.

 “Nothing,” he huffed. “It’s just no shocker that you know all about body shots.”

 “So how do you do them?” Joe interrupted as Ghost and Sky stared at each other.

 Ghost got a shit-eating smirk on his face as he looked into Sky’s eyes. “Well, it depends. Are

you a giver or a receiver?” Sky raised his brow at Ghost.

 “What’s the difference?” Joe asked.

 “I’ll show you, buddy,” Ghost said and stood up. “My friend here wants to know about body

shots. Can I get a volunteer to help me demonstrate?” Immediately, all the females that were

hanging out outside the ropes started to yell and offer Ghost their assistance. Ghost looked over

the crowd of bodies, and then looked at Sky and raised his brow in question.

 What the fuck? Sky sat up a little straighter. Ghost walked around the table and stopped in front

of Sky. Sky looked up at him.

 “What do you say, Sky? Want to put on another show?” Ghost asked with a little bitterness in

his voice.

 “Sure,” Sky answered with anger in his voice. If he wants to put on a show, then fine, we’ll put

on a show.

 “Great,” Ghost said with a smirk and pulled Sky from his chair. He pushed him down to sit on

the table. “Lean back,” he whispered against Sky’s ear, causing a shiver to go through him. Sky

leaned back on his elbows and met Ghost’s eyes. Ghost smiled and licked his lips.

 Suddenly, Ghost leaned down again, but moved his head to Sky’s neck. He licked a line up the

side of his neck to his ear and then nibbled on it for a moment. Sky couldn’t help it when a moan

escaped his lips and his eyes closed. Ghost moved away and Sky’s eyes popped open to find

Ghost holding the salt shaker to his neck.

 “Don’t move,” Ghost ordered, causing another shiver to run through Sky at the command. Ghost

shook the shaker over the spot he had just licked and then placed the shaker on the table. He

grabbed a lemon wedge and held it in front of Sky’s lips. “Open,” he commanded again and Sky

opened his mouth. Ghost placed the lemon wedge between Sky’s lips and dragged it across his

bottom lip, leaving a trail of juice behind. “Bite down on it gently and hold it between your

 Sky bit down on the wedge and closed his lips around Ghost’s fingers and held still. Their eyes

met as Ghost kept his fingers in Sky’s mouth. He slowly dragged his fingers away and grabbed a

shot glass full of tequila. He leaned over Sky and pressed his lips against his ear. Ghost’s hot

breath against his ear felt so good, and Sky just wanted to wrap his arms around the man’s neck

and pull him closer.

 “If we weren’t around all these people, I would have salted your cock,” he whispered into Sky’s

ear, causing him to shiver and a small whimper to escape his lips. Then he felt Ghost’s warm,

wet tongue lick slowly up the same path along his neck to his ear. He pulled back and downed

the shot, then claimed the lemon wedge from Sky’s lips with his mouth. Ghost licked across his

lips and then thrust his tongue into Sky’s mouth, along with the lemon wedge.

 Oh fuck, take me now, I don’t care who’s watching, Sky thought as Ghost continued to kiss him

forcefully, passionately.

 Ghost pulled back slowly, taking the lemon wedge with him. He sucked on it and pulled it from

his lips as he stared at Sky. He smiled and stood straight, then looked at Joe. “That’s how you do

a body shot.”

 “Holy fuck, I want one,” Joe said breathlessly as his glossy eyes just stared at them.

Author Bio: Maggie Walsh is a married mother of four who lives in the beautiful Pocono

Mountains of Pennsylvania. Maggie loves to write contemporary erotic M/M romance. One of

her favorites characters to write about are shifters and vampires. She loves to write about strong

men who are not afraid to show their vulnerable side to the one they love.

Where you can find Maggie:






Siren author page:

Amazon author page:




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NEW RELEASE - Mating Jasek

Raised on a primitive world, Jasek spends his days hunting at the side of his best friend, Tarran. When a hunting trip becomes deadly, Jasek’s world is flipped upside down. He learns he is one of three hidden Alaxian princes, and he’s whisked away to Planet Tyri to meet his Imperial parents.

Jasek doesn’t want to go, but it’s the only way to save Tarran’s life. He agrees to come and face the beings who bore him, if only to tell them to leave him alone. Jasek plans to return to Amaroon as soon as he can, with Tarran in tow.

When he learns Tarran is his mate, another curve comes his way. Jasek is a strong hunter and warrior, and he will surrender to no male. His sentinel will have a fight coming, one Jasek plans to win.

And celebrate with Tarran on his knees.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Guest Author - Victoria Vallo's At the Highwayman's Mercy

Adam gave up a life of ease and comfort to travel through Europe with his lover William, a former highwayman. Far from the scene of William’s crimes, he believes they’ll be safe, but he didn’t count on running into one of William’s old compatriots. As he tries to figure out what this man really wants from them, Adam worries his happiness with William might not last under the constant pressure of secrecy. Their relationship could see them both hanged, yet Adam knows he can’t live without the man who’s stolen his heart…



Adam entered their room and looked right into William’s eyes. The man sat on their bed, waiting. Adam bolted the door and walked over to the window to close the curtains. William watched his every move.
“Did you have a good time?” William asked as Adam approached.
Adam nodded and went down on his knees so they were face to face. “Yes. I even flirted with a few ladies enough for their husbands to glare at me. I then apologized and moved on, letting the other men rib me about it.”
“Better be careful there. People aren’t as uptight here, but the lower classes so love a good tavern brawl.”
“The lower classes? You mean ruffians and brigands like you, of course. Not these decent working people.”
William chuckled and pulled Adam close for a kiss. They’d first met when William was robbing the people of Middlesex as a highwayman, and though he’d left that life behind, Adam still loved teasing him about it. Adam’s father had been a magistrate, and at fifteen, Adam had genuinely believed he could outsmart and catch the highwayman who plagued their community. William had, of course, outsmarted him, but Adam hadn’t given up, not understanding until much later why he really kept chasing the handsome man with startling blue eyes.
Adam drew back, looking into those beautiful eyes and smiling. “I missed you.”
“We were only apart for three hours.” William caressed his face.
“I know, but I still missed you.” He nuzzled William’s neck and kissed the hot skin there. “Make love to me.”
William reached to unlace Adam’s shirt. “All right, but I shall have to gag you. You got too loud last night.”
Adam shivered as William’s fingers brushed his skin.
“Perhaps I should bind you as well,” William added as he pulled the shirt over Adam’s head. “In case you try to escape.”
“You think I might?” Adam asked. He ran his hands under William’s shirt and let one roam a little lower. A moan escaped as he rubbed William’s hard shaft.
“See? Much too loud.” William stood and threw Adam down on the bed. He removed his boots and breeches, smiling wider at the sight of Adam’s erect cock.
Adam watched every move William made as he walked to another part of the room and retrieved several silk scarves. He twisted two of them together and gagged Adam, leaning in and teasing Adam’s bottom lip with his teeth as he secured it. Then he tied both of his wrists and fastened them to the bedposts.
William undressed very slowly, and then he stood pumping his cock as he admired Adam. “I love seeing you this way.”
Adam arched off the bed as he looked into William’s eyes. His lover eventually had mercy on him and crawled onto the bed. William kissed his stomach, barely brushing his lips to Adam’s skin. He did this repeatedly, and he purposely angled his body so that he never came into contact with Adam’s cock.
Adam moaned. William gave him a playfully reprimanding look and bent Adam’s left leg just enough to slap his ass. Desire shot through Adam. He wanted more but knew that one smack was likely all William would risk.
“The next time we get some real privacy, I’m going to redden that ass.” William ran his hand over Adam’s stomach and finally grasped his cock.
Adam sighed and closed his eyes as those masterful fingers stroked him. When he opened them again, William leaned close, staring at him.
“So beautiful,” William said. He kissed Adam’s cheek with surprising tenderness and pumped him faster.
Adam tilted his head to rub his cheek against William’s before William pulled away. William released him and knelt between Adam’s legs. Instead of sucking Adam, he licked him, never giving Adam too much contact yet still covering every inch of his cock. He kissed the tip and then ran his tongue over the slit. Adam bit down on the gag when William’s mouth moved down to his balls. William sucked on them with just enough pressure to increase the ache there. Adam gazed down at him, silently pleading.
“How can I resist those eyes?” William asked. He spread Adam’s cheeks and fingered his hole before running his tongue over it.
Adam lifted his legs and pushed his ass into the air. William took hold of his cheeks and helped him stay in that position as he kept exploring with his mouth. William’s tongue seemed to grow in length when he did this to Adam, and William always chuckled every time Adam said so. William curled his tongue and fucked Adam’s hole with it. When he had Adam nice and wet, he began using his fingers to tease and stretch the hole. They had sex so often that Adam never had pain anymore, but he still loved the care William took in preparing him each time.
Adam bit down on the gag again, briefly wondering what William would say if Adam confessed that he loved him. He had no reason to believe he’d be rejected, yet he couldn’t be sure William really wanted them to exchange such words. William spoke in hurried French at times as they made love, and Adam always tried to catch what he was saying, wishing his father had not deemed French lessons “a useless waste of time for fancy ninnies who think they are above their peers”. Was William sneakily confessing his own feelings, or was he saying something dirty? Adam recalled enough Latin to know the murmurings were affectionate. He longed to know either way. He moaned as William filled him with three fingers and made it impossible for him to think about anything else.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

COMING SOON! Mating Jasek - Alaxian Heirs, 3


Raised on a primitive world, Jasek spends his days hunting at the side of his best friend, Tarran. When a hunting trip becomes deadly, Jasek’s world is flipped upside down. He learns he is one of three hidden Alaxian princes, and he’s whisked away to Planet Tyri to meet his Imperial parents.
Jasek doesn’t want to go, but it’s the only way to save Tarran’s life. He agrees to come and face the beings who bore him, if only to tell them to leave him alone. Jasek plans to return to Amaroon as soon as he can, with Tarran in tow.
When he learns Tarran is his mate, another curve comes his way. Jasek is a strong hunter and warrior, and he will surrender to no male. His sentinel will have a fight coming, one Jasek plans to win.

And celebrate with Tarran on his knees.

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Monday Mancraving - Cowboy Edition, Pt 2 (NSFW)

I'm still stuck in the land of cowboys -- and from these pictures, you can see why.  Have you checked out the fun in RODE HARD yet?

Is it just me, or does he look a little like Henry Cavill?

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Guest Post -- Marie Medina and His Brother's Best Friend

Marie is my editor at Twisted E-Pub and a wonderful writer herself.  This story is the second in her The Wrong Bed series.  The first is a MF title, His Brother Keeps Her.

Matthew never understood why he couldn’t fall in love until he realized he was gay. There are a couple of guys he likes at work, but he doesn’t feel ready to date. Yet when a mix up at his family’s cabin lands the hot, hard body of his brother’s best friend in his bed, Matthew begins to wonder what he’s waiting for. He’s already wasted so much time, so why should he deny something that feels so right from the very first touch?

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Matthew couldn’t keep the smile off his face when he saw Heath sprawled across the bed they’d shared. He wore glasses now and had put on a pair of boxer shorts, but the rest of his body was bare. Matthew longed to touch those hard muscles, as he’d only gotten in the briefest of half-asleep touches earlier, but instead he sat on the bed and handed one of the mugs of coffee off.

“Thanks,” Heath said, sitting up and crisscrossing his legs under him on the bed. He took a sip and moaned. “Mmmm, so good. Just what I needed.”

Matthew took a long sip of his coffee to hide his smile, remembering what Heath had said about needing caffeine earlier. “You take it black? I didn’t even ask. Sorry.”

“Yeah.” He nodded slowly and smiled. “But I like a little cream sometimes.”

“Oh, do you?” Matthew didn’t really know what else to say. He was new to flirting with another man.

“Yep,” Heath said, leaning closer, “especially when it’s as good as what I just had.”

Matthew knew his face had to be red, and he tried to speak, but Heath’s lips stopped him. The kiss was sweet, undemanding, but it still made Matthew’s blood run hot.

When they parted, Heath said, “I was thinking when you went downstairs. About us.”


“Yeah. Am I going too fast? You know, since you haven’t been with a guy.”

“No, we’re fine. Um, but I don’t really, uh, know what I want just yet.” He adjusted his sweatpants and smiled, feeling awkward. “I mean, I’m twenty-six. I obviously want to have sex.”

“The thing is, I feel like I know you. Gary might not talk about me much, but he talks about you every single day. We’ve met, what, three times? But to me, it’s … different.”

“Okay.” Matthew took another sip of coffee and nodded. “That makes sense. And I’m guessing the attraction is a given.” He met Heath’s eyes. “Not just a case of me being, well, available?”

Heath chuckled. “No, brown eyes, that’s not me. I think you’re hot. You can ask Gary. A few days after we met, I jokingly asked if he had a brother. I got excited when he said yes, but then he said you liked girls. So, I just forgot about it.”

“When did he tell you?” Matthew asked.

“That you’re gay? A few days before he mentioned this trip. Two or three maybe.”

Matthew looked down into his cup. “You think they planned this?”

“Probably, but in his defense, he said nothing suggestive when he invited me. The only allusion he made was saying you might like talking to someone who’s been out for a long time. You know, like the stuff we talked about last night.”

“It’s weird at times. I keep having to tell friends. It’s not like I get a special pin to wear or anything. And tons of people have asked about Sara. A few people have seen her with Gary. His hair’s wavy like mom’s, so they can tell us apart. That leads to awkward questions.”

Heath smiled. “You tell them the truth?”

“What really happened? No, never.”

“Gary told me. That’s why I laughed last night. I’d never say anything to Sara, though, unless she mentioned it. So don’t worry.” He gazed at Matthew for a minute. “Yeah, you definitely aren’t identical. Noticed it before. He’s got lots of pics of both of you at his desk. Your features are softer. And your eyes are prettier, with those flecks of green and gold.”

Matthew sucked in his lower lip, blushing. “Thanks.”

“And you blush so cutely.” Heath moved to the edge of the bed and put his coffee down. “And, in case it wasn’t obviously when I was swallowing your cock, I like you. Let’s just hang out and see where this goes. Okay?”

Matthew nodded. “Okay.”

Heath smiled and leaned in to brush a kiss on Matthew’s cheek. “And then tonight, you tell me what you want. Anything, and you can have it.” He rose before Matthew could respond, going into the bathroom and pushing the door closed.

Matthew let out the breath he’d been holding and leaned back against the headboard. Anything? Oh boy.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


When he’s caught screwing the ranch’s owner, Austin Hemming get kicked off the property by the owner’s missus.  He’s got a long habit of thinking with the wrong head, as his desire for a spot of fun is all he really cares about.  Luckily, he’s a hard worker, too, and lands a job at the Triple M ranch in the next county alongside three of the toughest ranch hands around.
Jensen James has been in a three-way with ranch hands Owen and Davis for years.  They’d worked well together and loved hard all night, but Jensen couldn’t stop feeling like the odd man out.  When ranch owner, Mack Maitland, announces he’s bought the ranch next door and wants to increase his herd—and bring in new hands—Owen and Davis sees it as the end to their fun.  Jensen sees it as an opportunity, especially after he meets hot-bodied new hand Austin.

The two of them combust when they’re around one another, but soon learn they just might not suit.  Jensen refuses to give up, though, and quickly wears Austin down.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday Mancraving - Cowboy Edition (NSFW)

 I've got cowboys on the brain, thanks to my research for Rode Hard!  Such a hard life, right?

Sunday, April 5, 2015

GUEST POST: Yuki Edo brings us Trickster

Welcome Yuki Edo back to my blog -- she brings the third installment of her yaoi-inspired Nine Tails series today.

Kenjin has spent years writing gay erotica under a pen name to keep his desires in check, but he can’t stand hiding any longer. After telling his publisher, Hatori, Kenjin feels as if everything will work out in the end. One day, he’ll share everything with his family and friends. But then he finds out Hatori has been deceiving him for years. He’s hurt, yet he can’t fight the pull he feels from Hatori. And he already has a plan for exacting a very sensual revenge, straight from the pages of his own erotic fantasies…

Warning: This 32,000 word yaoi-inspired erotic story contains gay sexual situations, bondage, spanking, and other adult scenarios which might be offensive to some readers. This story is intended for mature readers.

Kenjin stood in the kitchen and took slow sips of pomegranate juice. He hadn’t actually been very hungry, but he’d eaten an apple, chewing each bite slowly. Hatori submitted beautifully and seemed to only care about giving Kenjin pleasure.
But can I believe him? Is it another trick? Kenjin surprised himself when he realized he wanted to believe that Hatori actually loved him. The submissive man tied in the other room intrigued Kenjin, all the while complicating the situation. Kenjin didn’t want to admit he was nervous about fucking a guy for the first time, but there was no way to deny he was. He knew theory and technique, but he’d never tried anal sex with his female partners. Instinct would only take him so far. He longed to spread Hatori’s cheeks and surge into him.
And with me, you can be as rough as you like. Kenjin bit his bottom lip as he remembered those words. Hatori was a man. He was smaller and thinner, but he didn’t seem averse to abuse and rough treatment. Also, he was a supernatural being. He might have amazing stamina. Kenjin put his glass down and returned to the bedroom, the sight that greeted him taking his breath away.
Hatori knelt in exactly the same position, his ass lifted high. His cock was still hard, his balls dark and the skin shining from how tight it was pulled. His eyes opened after a moment, and he arched a bit. Kenjin could see the dildo move a little, and he wondered what it felt like to be impaled for so long. He glanced at the clock, estimating he’d been gone about twenty minutes.
“You look handsome like this,” Kenjin said, meaning it. He no longer thought of Hatori as odd or strange looking. Need shone in his green eyes, and his tousled hair fell around his face in a surprisingly tantalizing way. Kenjin took off the robe he’d put on and threw it aside. “Are you enchanting me?”
“No. I want the real thing.” He pressed his lips together. “Though that’s a poor choice of words.”
“Yes, it is.” Kenjin walked over and smacked Hatori on the ass, watching his reaction closely.
Hatori sucked in a breath and then sighed.
“You like that?” Kenjin swatted the other cheek.
“Yes, sir.”
Kenjin sucked on his lower lip and let another blow fall. He loved the way Hatori said those two words. He never wanted this cunning fox to control or manipulate him ever again. “It’s time to finish reenacting our scene. I remember you praising the final version.”
“Yes, please.”
Kenjin got on the bed and took hold of the dildo. He slid it in and out slowly to tease Hatori, and then he got off the bed again. He retrieved the dildo gag and walked back over to Hatori, who watched his every move. Many of the gags had been larger, but he’d chosen a three inch one to be safe. He wanted to make Hatori squirm, not actually cause him pain.
“You ready for this?” Kenjin asked, pushing Hatori’s hair out of the way.
Hatori looked into his eyes and nodded. Kenjin maintained the eye contact and slid the rubber cock into Hatori’s mouth and secured the gag behind his head, making sure not to snag any hair. Kenjin ran his thumb back and forth over the smooth leather of the gag, pushing the cock a little deeper.
“Maybe it would be safest to keep you this way.” Before he knew what he was doing, he leaned in and kissed the gag.
Hatori gasped, and Kenjin realized it was because they hadn’t actually kissed yet. He turned away and grabbed the lube before climbing back onto the bed. Hatori’s ass cheeks were pink from Kenjin’s blows, and Kenjin massaged the flesh there. But then he stopped. They were acting out a scene, and he needed to refocus.
Pulling the dildo out of Hatori’s cock proved very erotic, and Kenjin’s erection had fully returned by the time he squirted lube into his hand. He slid two slicked fingers into Hatori, searching for his prostate so he’d have some idea of where to aim for. His other hand shook a bit, but he told himself to stop worrying.
He’s going to love every moment, no matter what I do to him. Kenjin lifted up, feeling more confident. He spread Hatori’s cheeks, watching his hole gape in anticipation of being filled. He pushed in, meeting a little resistance at first. But then the tight, slick warmth engulfed him.
“Fuck, that’s good,” Kenjin whispered. He took hold of Hatori’s cheeks and moved in and out. When Hatori began to moan, Kenjin reached down and touched his cock. Their bodies pressed close, and Hatori moaned even louder as Kenjin toyed with his cock, which was leaking pre-cum and throbbing in Kenjin’s hand.

Kenjin pushed all the way in. “Sounds like you’re loving this,” he whispered, his hands again caressing Hatori’s ass. He’d always imagined his betas as cute and willing and needful, his alphas harsh and brutal. Yet there was always an emotional connection at this moment. Kenjin slowed a bit, no longer wanting to think about his books.

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COVER REVEAL: Rode Hard by Kelex

No fooling!

Rode Hard comes in April.  The first of a new series -- the stories will center around the sexy men working the Triple M Ranch.

Hope you're ready for a bunch of hot, sweaty cowboys.

Look for this to release 4/08/2015.
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