Sunday, August 31, 2014

Le Cachot Level Two Companion Guide (BDSM/NSFW)

This is highly NSFW and for a mature audience.

Level Two of Le Cachot is the level where one samples a lot of different kinks before moving on to different floors within the dungeon.  Called "The Gates", a submissive has to prove worthy before moving deeper into the dungeon.

While in level two, Creigh witnesses a lot of interesting acts. Here's a look at some of the lesser known kinks displayed on level two.

Medical Play

Medical play can encompass a lot of things.  Often it's doctor/patient role playing, but like anything else, it has extremes.  Often the "patient" (who may or may not be in bondage to an exam table) are examined by the "doctor" -- and have their cock and balls manipulated, their anus checked, and a multitude of other things.  It can also go in a mental hospital direction with straight jackets, head covers, heavier bondage, sleepsuits, and the like.  There is also enema play, as well.

For Le Cachot, I included the tattooing and piercing fetish on the same floor as the medical play, as well as electro play (I'll get to that next).  Mostly because I think a clean, sterile environment is best for tattoos and piercings, so the overall look of the floor should resemble a hospital.


Electro-Play is the use of electric charge to stimulate erogenous zones.  Or it can also be used as torture.  Often used in conjunction with Medical Play, so I also included it on the Medical Suite floor (level three of the dungeon)

The use of electrical current in play isn't really that far outside the norm when you consider vibrators are actually quite similar.  But the addition of bondage, torture, all the wires and gadgets takes it to a whole other level.

And who wouldn't want to tie up their sub and make them endure a little sensual torture?

Be prepared to see a lot more about electro-play in level three.

You can bet on it.

Femme Domme

Or Femdom, whichever floats your boat. 

Femme Domme encompasses a broad spectrum in BDSM.  Generally, it's a female mastering either male or female subs, or both.

But femdom can be found in every level of the BDSM world, incorporating many other kinks in the process.

For Le Cachot, our Femme Fatales like to strap on big cocks to humiliate and torture males.  Sounds right up Creigh's alley -- even if he can't see it yet.

If you've heard the term "pegging" and weren't quite sure what it was, a woman wearing a strap-on to have anal sex with a man is pegging.

Now, I'm not quite sure how much of this we'll truly see in our story, but I know Creigh will have a run in with at least one Femme Domme at some point.

His need for humiliation almost dictates it.


While most already know this term, I couldn't help to include it since it occurs in level two and will again in level three's story.  Fisting is some extreme play and pretty much self-explanatory.  Someone puts their fist up another's ass (or pussy in MF/FF sex).  The play isn't for the light of heart as it initially can involve high levels of pain. 

And how sexy is that cowboy?  (The muse is working hard now!)

Many of the other kinks represented in level two's The Gates are more "every day" (although miles away from vanilla) -- multiple partners/ménage and flogging to name a couple -- and I've already posted about pony play some time ago, which is very much like puppy play.

So there you have it -- a visual representation of some of what Creigh might have seen on his tour of Level Two.
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