Tuesday, September 30, 2014


It's here! 

With the Barbarian of Jenai barreling down on their stronghold, King Hurclues of Rastia does what any other greedy monarch would do. He offers his youngest son up as a slave for the infamous warrior, hoping it will gain peace, or at the very least, it will give them time to secure their lands.

Prince Bastyan has no knowledge of his father plans. He’s pulled from the bed of his mistress and dumped naked into the barbarian’s tent, chained, gagged, and bound.

Antos, the dreaded Barbarian, had already planned to take the handsome prince as his sex slave when he destroyed the city. Only now, he’s offered his prize without warfare, with an offer of allegiance and more riches than he can imagine.

Riches be damned. All Antos wants is Bastyan’s surrender.

Check out the NSFW Companion Guide HERE

Check out me geeking out and making a map of Aurelia HERE

I'm already nearly done working on book two, which will be out very soon!  I hope you enjoy this new series as I am super excited:)

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Barbarian -- MAP OF AURELIA

For those of you diving in to the world of The Barbarian -- here is another copy of that map so you can see it a little better.

If you click on the image, you can see an even larger copy!

Hope you're enjoying Aurelia!  I sure did ;)


Yes, here we are with another companion guide, a little visual compilation to help the reader better envision some of the toys my characters get to play with in my stories.

Since this story occurs in history, the toy use is left to a minimum and there is more bondage gear, mostly restraints, used.  So this won't be quite the wild and wooly companion guide for past stories.

I've used many of these similar restraints in previous books, and included some in past companion guides, but I wanted to refresh some memories as well as make it easier than digging back.

Bondage Bars/Spreader Bars

I simply love these things.  I don't know why I don't write them into my stories more.  They are perfect for putting a submissive into their place, limiting their movement.

I have posted about these lovely tools before

Our barbarian, of course, uses a very rugged, more historical-appropriate instrument, but at the heart, it is a spreader bar.  Something like the one pictured is used on our sub, leather ties replacing the cuffs, and an iron bar replacing the bar itself.  Position-wise, this is right on, though, leaving the sub completely at his master's will.

And what a place to be?

Fetish Furntiure

As many of you know, there are all kinds of BDSM/Fetish furniture which will allow you to bind, hold, and torment a slave.  Our barbarian binds his slave to a simple, rustic bench, using chains to hold the sub down.

Now the bench in my story wasn't quite so high, but for some reason, I struggled to find a picture that truly showed what I was looking for.


The oldest dildo was found by archeologists dating back up to 10,000 years ago.  So they would've been used by ancient clans to torment others sensually, and our Barbarian surely takes advantage of a dildo/plug to prepare his slave.

Like the dildos in the picture, they might've been made from wood, stone, or either covered in a leather cover.  The ones in the picture date back to the 1700's, proving once again our ancestors were freaks.  Nothing wrong with that, hmm?

Hopefully you will enjoy The Barbarian, Book One.  I really love the way the story came together. And no worries, you'll see a little more of this pair in Book Two, but that is Ezek's story.

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

COMING 10/01/14! The Barbarian, Book One

The Barbarian is coming!  This Wednesday, it shall be here and I have to say that this just might be one of my hottest books to date.

Based loosely on ancient Earth, it tracks Antos, the Barbarian of Jenai, who has become obsessed with a handsome, straight, prince.

In order to save their city from the Antos' wrath (and to protect his own fortunes), Prince Bastyan's father gives his son as a sex slave to the infamous Barbarian of Jenai.

What happens when a straight, albeit curious, prince is handed over to a powerful warlord with a fondness for men?

I love, love, love this story and can't wait for you all to read it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Dungeon Level Three Companion Guide

Level Three is here and here's a taste of some of the fun that Gabriel and Creigh explore while winning their invitation into the medical suite.

Some of this was covered in past guides, but level three was just too hot not a do a little repeating.

Check out the Dungeon books today!


I showed a couple of pictures in the guide to level two, but since level three goes into more detail, I thought the guide should as well.

Electroplay is sometimes considered cock and ball torture and some of it can become seriously extreme.  The closing of the circuit and allowing the 


The last image up there shows an electrified urethral plug inserted into a cockhead.  Now Sounding -- or use of a "sound" -- can be electric or non-electric, so it can be enjoyed outside electro-play.  Sounds come in soft silicone (especially good for the newbie sounder) to thick metal plugs that stretch the urethra painfully.

Some feel that sounds and urethral plugs are two different categories, but considering their similar use, I've kept them together for this guide.

One added benefit that urethral plugs have over silicone/soft sounds is the ability of orgasm denial.  The thicker metal plugs (as long as they're not hollow) can often prevent the wearer from coming, no matter how desperately he wants to.

Soft Sound

Urethral plug

Prince's Wands

Prince's wands are a form of sounding.  A Prince's Wand is a urethral plug that locks into a Prince Albert style piercing.  The wand can also be a part of a cock cage/chastity cage and lock the wearer into the device, to some regard.  Prince's Wands are one of my favorite kinks and I'm excited to bring it back into a story.  It was last seen in The Master's stories.

Chastity/Cock Cages

Gabriel loves the use of chastity cages on Creigh.  He of course started Creigh on softer silicone cages to get him used to wearing one, but once they reach level three, Gabriel is ready to move into steel.

This beauty from Steelwerks is called THE VAULT and it uses a Prince Albert piercing as part of the locking mechanism.  There are other chastity cages that don't require a wearer to be pierced, but many of them to have metal urethral plugs embedded within the caps, sounding the wearer and preventing them from coming.

Orgasm denial is a beautiful thing.  As is forced chastity from a master.

And for those of you who've read level three already... this is the cage Creigh covets near the end.  The one he's working toward in LEVEL FOUR.

Check out the Dungeon books to check out the fun these guys have with this!

Friday, September 12, 2014


Le Cachot Level Three is coming Wednesday, September 17th,

As some of you are aware, level three is the medical suite, with medical role play, fisting, electro-play, as well as piercing and tattooing.  Creigh wants to please Gabriel and give him level three, but there's fear to contend with.  Medical play can be intense, and painful, and Creigh is just learning to enjoy the pleasures of pain.

Gabriel is confident his slave will enjoy the sexual play found there, he only has to convince Creigh to trust in his experience.

The two have a sensual journey as they explore before and during their trip to Le Cachot.

Have you checked out the companion guide to level two?  Be careful, it's NSFW! It explains some of the basics of medical play as well as what some of the upcoming levels will contain -- with hot pictures to illustrate exactly what you're reading about.

A more in-depth companion guide will be coming for level three, closer to release.  It will show some of the fun going on in the sex dungeon so you can fully appreciate the story.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September Writing Update

I'm getting back down to business in September.

I had a number of other projects I had to wrap up the last few months which made me lose a little focus on my stories.  They're finishing up now, so it's time to take a deep breath and focus on getting out some really great erotic titles.

So here's what's up on the block.

 The Dungeon, Level Three

The Medical Suite is coming!  I don't want to give too many details as of yet, but the story is really coming together nicely.  Creigh is still a little confused on his growing feelings for Gabriel, but as time goes by and Gabriel proves time and time again what a caring Dom he is, things start to become a little clearer.  Plus Electro-sex!  Whew!

The Earth Dragons are coming!

I had planned to work on Carreg's story prior to level three, but Creigh's story just couldn't be contained.  But the new trilogy will be coming in September.

New Science Fiction

The last Sci-Fi title didn't go over very well, so I've gone back to the drawing board.  I'm currently developing some hot, hot dub con and returning to my roots again for this title.  A little alien abduction/futuristic sound good?  I sure hope so because it is coming down the pipe.

Bears, Bears, and Bears...

I haven't forgotten the bears.  Keep your eye out for more details on this.

Collaboration with April Andrews

April and I have been discussing doing a joint project in the near future (yay!).  We're just in talks at this point to determine where we want the stories to go, but TEP might be getting some double trouble soon.  More details to come!

Roxxy Lyons

I'll be continuing my mentorship of new author Roxxy Lyons.  I really enjoy her work tremendously and am sure readers who love trans/gay erotica will find her stuff incredible. 

Forced feminization by an Arabian prince?  Now that's hot!  Her first story came out recently and she's working on the continuation as we speak. 

I was lucky enough to be paired with her via our publisher and worked with her to perfect her first story.  I can't wait to read through her new chapters and see where Sarah goes next.  I'm seeing some hot MFF (or MMF, depending on how you want to classify Steve's change into Becoming Sarah.)

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