Enchanted Ink Reading Order

Someone just messaged me, asking me which order to read the Enchanted Ink Books in, and as I was typing it out, I realized it's a bit confusing. Not only have I written a couple of prequel novellas, but then I share the world with JP Sayle and she's written a novel and a novella, as well.

So here's the reading order to help keep track of all the coven fun. I'm putting them in RELEASE ORDER, not timeline order, as this is the order they should be read.

Click on the covers to find them on Amazon!

Novel 1 - Only Skin Deep

Prequel Novella 1 - A Squirrel Gets His Nut

Prequel Novella 2 - Bewitched

Novel 2 - Magic Demons and the Hunter
by JP Sayle

Prequel Novella 3 - A Scent Like No Other
by JP Sayle

Novel 3 - To Hell and Back
by Kelex

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