Friday, March 25, 2016

UPDATE on the update on Crying Wolf

After a severe reaction to antibiotic #2, I ended up back in the ER with an infection and had to go on antibiotic #3.

So, I will be pushing back Crying Wolf one more week.

I NEVER want to disappoint my fans, but having the time to make the book RIGHT is more important to me.

I am extremely excited about this series and I want it good versus forced.

I hope you all understand.  Look for Crying Wolf to release 04/06/2016.

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday Mancraving - Hugs and Kisses (SFW)

While hot sex is amazing... a kiss can be as intimate as any other sexual act.

Don't believe me?  Check out these hot kisses...

Happy Monday!


Sunday, March 20, 2016

UPDATE: Crying Wolf, Bloodlines 2


Hi all -- I hope you're having an amazing Sunday.

I have some news about the release of Crying Wolf...

I'm pushing back the date a week.  I've been ill for about a month or so and have developed pneumonia.  I've been trying to push through the edits and get it all done (I'm a little behind because of the illness) and I just can't push anymore.

I hope you all understand and look for Crying Wolf to release on 3/30/2016. 04/06/2016.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

COVER REVEAL -- Crying Wolf (Bloodlines, 2)

COMING 3/23/2016

UPDATE:  3/30/2016

Sorry for the push back -- I have pneumonia and need to take a little time to heal up

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

RELEASE DAY -- A Beta for Two Bears (Bear Mountain, Book 9)

All he’s wanted his entire life is freedom.

Freedom from the stigma of ignorance. Freedom from the life he’d been born into. Freedom from the vicious males raising him.

After the death of his fathers, Tyler thinks perhaps he’s finally found it, only to realize there’s no one to care for his four younger brothers.

Dmitri and Barron know Tyler is their mate, but the idea of taking in a family of five is daunting, to say the least. Add in the fact they’re the McCreary wild brats, and both of their heads are spinning. Yet they won’t abandon their mate or the cubs who need them.

Tyler doesn’t want to admit he needs their help. His pride gets in the way and gets them all in a dangerous situation. Can Dmitri and Barron help Tyler and the boys see their way back and become the family they all deserve?


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*Links will be updated as they become available

Tyler rose and walked closer. “You’re discussing Carron, aren’t you?”

Dmitri tightened his jaw. This was one conversation he was in no mood to have. He met Tyler’s stare and shook his head. “I said it was nothing.”

“He met with my fathers… talked about being on the run. You’re hunting him. Aren’t you?” Tyler asked, pinning Dmitri with a stare.

“He said it was nothing,” Barron bellowed from his spot near the fire. “Let it be, Tyler.”

“No, I can help,” Tyler said. “It’ll repay you for the help you gave us. I won’t have that debt hanging over our heads.”

“Debt?” Dmitri asked, frowning. “You don’t owe us for helping you.”

“Like I’ve said before… the cubs are my responsibility, not yours.”

Dmitri rose and stalked the four or five steps it took before he was inches in front of Tyler. He took a steadying breath, trying to hold back the swath of anger rushing through his veins. “Stop playing the martyr. Yes, you’ve had four cubs dropped into your lap, and yes, it’ll be difficult. We’re here, willing to help you… if you can only admit you need and want our help.”

“We don’t need handouts.”

Dmitri grabbed Tyler by the arms. “I’m not offering a handout.”

Tyler stared at him. “No. You’re not. The two of you plan to demand payment in flesh, don’t you?”

Dmitri set his jaw, knowing this wasn’t the time nor the place for this conversation. He crossed his arms over his shoulders, trying to rein in the emotions swirling within. “We’ll never make you do anything you don’t want to do.”

Tyler’s silver stare swirled with emotion. “Then I need to help you… because I don’t want to… be what you think I am… to the two of you.”

Dmitri moved closer. “What I think? More like what you know. You and I both felt how you reacted to me.”

Tyler backed away the second the words were out of Dmitri’s mouth. “I don’t know anything.”

“Then keep your nose out of our business,” Dmitri drawled, turning his back on Tyler.

He listened as the young male huffed and stalked back to his brothers. Dmitri sighed before scrubbing his face with one hand. His gaze landed on the cubs as he reopened his eyes. They had their hands full. The boys needed food, shelter… hell even clothes on their backs. They’d left their human clothing in the shack after they’d shifted, so all they had were the woolen blankets around their bodies.

Gideon and Abel came out with two trays laden with bowls of stew. The boys scarfed up what was in their bowls and some even asked for seconds. Gideon and Abel were gracious enough to refill their bowls without question.

Dmitri watched the motley mix of shifters before him and wondered what the hell they’d gotten themselves into.

“What are you going to do with these boys?” Abel asked on his way to take a few empty bowls to the kitchen.

“I have absolutely no idea,” Dmitri said. He scratched his head and craned his neck, his mind empty.

Friday, March 4, 2016

The McCreary Clan - A Guide to Bear Mountain's Wild Cubs

As any of you who've been reading along with Bear Mountain know, the McCrearys have been a thorn in just about everyone's side at one point or another.

***SPOILERS AHEAD***  Turn back now if you're not caught up with the series -- through book eight.  Consider yourself warned.

From book two on, we've hated the McCrearys, particularly patriarchs Tymber and Taryn.  Between Tymber's viciousness and Taryn's apathy, the two were never meant to be fathers to anyone and prove it with their lack of... well, everything.

Both are bastard cousins of Carron, which means both Tymber and Taryn are also cousins.

Tymber and Taryn built their clan upon a series of human slaves-- men they'd steal, often from the humans visiting the mountain's inn or restaurant.  They preferred to chain, beat, and rape those humans and beget their own line of terrors.

Terrors they refuse to educate or prepare for the world they live in.

After the death of Tymber and Taryn, what will become of these wild boys?

You'll find out more in book nine, A Beta for Two Bears... but Tymber and Taryn had a HUGE brood.  It's going to be hard to keep up with all those McCrearys!  I even struggled -- so I had to make up a list.  I thought it could help you, too.

Here is a full accounting, listed in birth order:

Jamie McCreary – deceased at age 16 (runaway, assumed dead) 

Asher McCreary – omega outcast from the family, age 25 (mated to Graham and Airan) 

Colton McCreary – deceased at age 14 (runaway, assumed dead) 

Penn McCreary – deceased at age 13 (runaway, assumed dead) 

Tyler McCreary – age 21 

Ronan McCreary – age 19 

Dillon McCreary – age 18 

Mikel McCreary – age 17 

Colm McCreary – age 15 

Eugene McCreary – deceased at age 10 (died of infection after vicious beating by Tymber) 

Jordan McCreary – died at birth, along with his human father 

Rafe McCreary – age 8 

Tarlock “Tar” McCreary – age 7 

Jeremy McCreary – age 6 

Jedidiah McCreary – age 5 

Martin McCreary* – age 4, deceased (murdered by Tymber) 

George McCreary* – age 4, deceased (murdered by Tymber) 

Andrew McCreary – died at birth, along with his human father 

Sully/Sullivan – age 1 (raised by Landon, Collier, and Eric, away from the McCreary chaos)

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

COVER REVEAL -- A Beta for Two Bears

A Beta for Two Bears (Bear Mtn, 9) is coming next week!

I'll also take this opportunity to let you know -- there WILL be a Bear Mountain Book 10.

Joshua deserves a story, don't you think?

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