Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cover Reveal! Linc's Little Piggy


For those of you who read Golden and the Three Bears, you might be excited to find out I've returned to their world.

If you loved Linc and Colt and thought they had a story to tell -- you were right!  They've been screaming in my head for weeks now and I finally listened.

Linc finally notices Chance and in a big way.  And when they come together, there is pure heat.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Welcome April Andrews and her new release The Claiming of a Virgin King.  This GoT-esque story is set on an alien world for all you Sci-Fi and fantasy lovers.

When his father is killed in battle, William De Gulliame is thrust into the position of king. But armies of rebel aliens attack from the north, his own people in the south cower below him, and William is in increasing danger of losing his throne. He needs help and he needs it fast…and there is only one male who can give him that help, Lord Dargan of the island fortresses.
Lord Dargan has an army of his own, but he has never gotten involved in the war. Though an alien himself, he is settled in his fortress and has everything one male can ever need. So, when the king comes to him and asks for his aid, Dargan has every intention of refusing. Until he meets him that is, and realizes that the king has something he wants very much indeed…

“It isn’t like that between us.”
“Who is it like that with, William?” Dragan asked softly.
The king took a deep breath then, steeling himself, he spoke... “I guess it will be with you.”

A blot of pure pleasure shot through Dragan at those words. He had suspected when William had sent his people back to the mainland. He had hoped when William accepted his invitation to dinner…but to have it confirmed…

His cock, semi-hard throughout dinner, thickened again now. Dragan couldn’t help but reach down and palm it.

“Then you are agreeing to my terms?”

William gave a short, sharp nod. “It seems I have no choice.”

“There is always a choice.”

“And this is mine.”

Dragan stood up, desire thrumming through him, and held out his hand. “Come here.”

The king looked at that outstretched hand, trepidation clear in his gaze. Dragan couldn’t wait to remove that emotion and replace it with something else entirely. He reached forward, grabbed William’s hand and pulled him up.

“Do you even realize how attractive you are?”

William moved around the table, guided by Dragan, until they were face to face.

“It is not something I think on,” he said.

“It is something I have thought about,” Dragan replied. “Almost constantly it feels like since you arrived. Last night I had no choice but to pleasure myself. I could have called on one of my lovers, but they simply would not do. I knew they would not satisfy me. It has to be you, William.”

William closed his eyes and let out a shuddery breath. Dragan could feel it feather across his neck. “You have my agreement.”

“Will I have your desire also?” Dragan asked, stroking his fingers across Williams outstretched palm.

“I can’t…”

“Can’t, what?”

He tugged on his hand. Dragan did not let go.

“I am giving you want you want. Can that not be enough?”

Was it? Dragan did not think so. But he had gotten what he wanted, and he knew the desire was there, and so for now…

He released William’s hand, reached down, grabbed the end of his tunic, and then, in once smooth move, tugged it over William’s head. The king gasped. Dragan ignored him. He was too busy looking at the king’s body. It was exactly as he had imagined! All smooth lines and hard, angular planes.

“Beautiful,” Dragan whispered.

“I…” The king shook his head and clamped his mouth shut.

Dragan grinned and ran his palms up and down William’s chest. The tiny curls tugged on his fingers as he did so and that little action made him groan out loud. A moment later and he circled William’s nipples. They were small, smaller than Dragan was used to, but the little buds were nice and hard. He took his time with them, wondering how sensitive they were, pulling on them, just about resisting the urge to dip his head and bite them.

Was it his imagination or was the king panting ever so slightly now?

Was the king aroused?

It was time to find out. Dragan reached down to pop the buttons of William’s pants. The king allowed it, his hands hung loosely by his sides, his eyes closed, his lips a tight line.

One button…two…three…

Sunday, January 25, 2015

NEW RELEASE - Claiming Callum (MM Sci-Fi)

Claiming Callum -- the first book in my new Sci-Fi Alaxian Heirs series is here!

An alien prince was hidden on Earth twenty-five years ago, his freedom a casualty of the Alaxian Civil War.

Callum Walters has no idea of his true origins, growing up believing he’s a typical human alongside his best friend Trex. Callum hides his desire for Trex, afraid the truth will tear them apart.

When he’s attacked by strange men, Trex jumps into action, protecting Callum from danger. Callum is whisked on board an alien ship and taken off Earth. His whole world is stripped from him—everything but Trex.

Yet that relationship is changed, too. Trex is his bodyguard, sworn to his duty to the royal family, not the man Callum thought him. Betrayed, Callum pushes Trex away.

Trex refuses to be pushed and has more secrets to share with Callum, one which will bind them forever.

“Would you jump in front of a bullet to save me?” Callum asked, his mouth working faster than his brain.

Trex turned, his stare capturing Callum’s. “I would.”

Trex’s stare held more than his admission. There was something else bubbling underneath.


“Why would you be so hellbent on doing your duty for a planet you’ve never seen?”

Trex lifted his chin and strolled closer. “Because I was taught the Alaxian ways. When no one was around, my parents taught me the rituals and rites of our world. I understand what is at stake. I may not have seen that world, but I understand it and its traditions. And I know what my reward will be for doing my duty well.”

“Reward? I knew money had to be involved. So what do you get for protecting me?”

Trex closed in, stopping within inches of Callum. He lifted a hand and caressed the side of Callum’s face. Callum’s knees felt weak again, and he nearly dropped to the mattress. He refused to show weakness in Trex’s sight, though, and fought to stay upright, ignoring the spiraling lust caused by Trex’s nearness.

“Not all rewards are monetary,” Trex whispered before kissing Callum.

Callum felt the first touch of Trex’s lips on his, and his body exploded with need. A spark lit through him, like an electric surge that almost took his breath away. He’d wanted Trex for so long, dreaming of this moment. Trex moved his hand, sliding it to the back of Callum’s neck and drawing him closer. The kiss ignited, their lips and tongues warring with one another as Callum pressed his hands against Trex’s chest.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Jan/Feb Writing Update

I've slacked off again.  I chided myself for it having been a month since my last post and here I am another month later. 

At least the holidays are over and it's a brand new year of exciting books to come.

Since the last post, I've released Tackle, book 2 in the Men's League Football series.  I really enjoy the idea of some hot sweaty jocks getting it on... I don't know about you.  Book three, Receive, will be the last book in this trilogy.  Look for it in the coming weeks.


Also, this coming Wednesday (Jan 21st) will be the release of my new Sci-Fi MM, Claiming Callum, Alaxian Heirs, 1.  It was definitely time to get back to the stars.

Also, I'm developing a story for Linc and Colt from Golden and the Three Bears... they've been rattling around in the back of my head, screaming for a tale.  Lastly, Dayn from The Barbarian will have his own story, but he's being quite secretive with me and refusing to let me know what it is.  He's being obstinate, so as soon as he's willing to work with me, that story will have to simmer.

One last thing to come... April Andrews and I are working on two short stories that will come out together in one volume.  I'm really looking forward to that and we already have a cover!

So there's plenty of stories coming your way...  Now back to the keyboard so I can get them all written!

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