Thursday, November 14, 2013


Born a slave, Tristan has been captive to his alpha for nearly a century. When he hears his master talk of treachery, Tristan realizes he needs to rise above and find the strength to escape. His mission? To save the wolves of Mount Alexis.

Little does Tristan know that he’ll find his mate on that mountain.

Paul has fought the raw power he felt coursing through his veins, fearful he couldn’t control the beast within. But when his mate is hurt, there’s nothing left to hold the tattered edges together.

Once the enemy is defeated, Paul assumes he’s free to have his mate but Paul learns he has another battle to face. To keep his lover, he might have to take on more than he bargained for.

And face the beings who stood by and watched his parents die.


Paul’s body was heavy, and ache dense in his gut. He felt overheated the closer he drew to the wolf, his beast screaming to claim its mate. But if his mate was in league with their enemy, Paul would have to hold back. No matter what, he needed to push on, find the wolf, and ignore the telltale signs his body was trying to share with him. There was too much at stake for him to fall victim to fate’s hand without considering the implications.

Paul inhaled deeply, letting the scent fill his lungs. His cock hardened and extended under his body, the insatiable need to claim what was his drove him to continue. But he needed to keep his need in check, especially if it turned out his mate was helping the enemy. Paul just hoped he’d be able to keep a clear head and was strong enough to do what was needed. His thoughts drifted to his brother Mitch. Mitch was fighting the attraction and had even pushed his mate away, although Paul saw how it affected his brother. But it proved the instinct could be fought. Paul just hoped he was strong enough.

After all the long years of waiting and hoping, now he couldn’t completely enjoy the moment. The jealousy of the past few weeks filled him and he considered the chance he just wasn’t cut out for happiness. Finding his mate may be working to hurt his pack would be the kind of luck he’d always been granted.

He was still shocked he’d found himself out on the paths. Paul had always been a lesser wolf in the pack, more than willing to let his aggressive brothers fight whatever battles had to be waged. It allowed him to support them and find information they needed to succeed. Tonight, when the moon hung heavy in the sky, his skin felt as if it were on fire and the need to roam the woods took his breath away. So he’d shifted for the first time in a long while and raced out into the moonlight—where the scent grabbed ahold of him like a tight fist, making his whole body throb with need.

A shifting of leaves sounded just north of him. He lowered his body slightly, dropping closer to the ground as his gaze took in the surrounding area. His vision in the dark was good, but could’ve been better if he’d run with his brothers more often. Paul slowly edged forward, trying to get a better look. A small gray wolf emerged from the foliage and stood in a small clearing, a shaft of moonlight illuminating him and making his fur glow silver.

He stood still, his head cocked to one side as if he heard something. Paul settled even lower to the ground, trying to hide the best he could. The wolf’s stare moved to him, glowing silver eyes piercing the night. Paul knew he couldn’t be seen where he stood, so the wolf must sense him, too.

It was Paul’s mate.

Paul’s cock throbbed. He fought the screaming drive in his head to pounce on the other male and pin him to the ground and claim him violently. As he stared, the need only grew. Paul clamped his maw shut, trying to get hold of himself and ignore the need.

The wolf suddenly shifted into human form. He was tall, slim, yet muscular. The shaft of moonlight cast about his naked angles and put much of his face in shadow, but Paul still knew the male was handsome—the most handsome male Paul had ever seen. His mate’s cock was long and hard, jutting out. Paul’s mouth salivated at the heavenly scene, and he clawed the earth below his paws to remain where he was.

A thick collar was about the male’s neck, which made Paul want to growl. Had his mate been claimed by another? If so, Paul would kill the other wolf for taking what was his.

“I know you’re there. I can feel you, mate. Come out. I have news for you. Important news,” the male said.

What news? It could be a trap, a way to lure him out of his hiding place. He growled lowly, the animal within threatening to take over. Paul reined in his beast, digging his claws into the earth. His breathing was labored as he fought for control, never having to work so hard to hold on to his sanity.

“You and your brothers are in danger. I’m here to help you. Please.”

Paul looked over the male and didn’t sense any malice or evil intent. Not that his gut couldn’t be wrong, but the male sounded truthful. Either way, Paul needed to face his future. One bite and he’d know the real emotions running through the male’s veins. Mark him? Paul shook his head and shifted into human form and walked to the edge of the clearing, his short fingernails cutting into the palms of his hands. There was no way he’d mark the male so soon – not without knowing if he could be trusted.
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