Friday, December 13, 2013

April Andrews - TAKEN BY TWO - New Release

My friend April Andrews has jumped on board the Twisted Erotica Publishing ship and sets forth today with her very first release!

Taken by Two is some hot, hot MMM ménage.  I was lucky enough to already read this one and it's quite different -- in a great way.  Hunger Games meets Alien Abduction meets Gay Erotica -- it's an interesting world she's built.  So definitely go take a look and see if it's up your alley.

And that cover - oh my! a devastated Earth where water is scarce and food even scarcer, the only choice for some is to leave the safety of The Cube and search through the old ruins. But leaving The Cube in the dead of winter also carries the risk of being taken by the mysterious visitors. No one knows who these strange males are, only that they come from nearby worlds and simply take any man who crosses their path.

Jaeger knows the risks of venturing outside, but when his turn comes he has no choice, and when the visitors find him he can’t fight them off. Taken aboard their craft, Jaeger is not sure what to expect, so when he is told that he now belongs to the two men who have captured him he vows to resist.

But, these males are like nothing Jaeger has ever known, and before long he finds himself falling under their spell. Can Jaeger come to accept the men who insist he is their given mate? And if he does, will he be able to save more than just himself, will he be able to save his people too?

Slowly, almost as if they wanted him to see every little movement, Van took Lanth into his arms…and then he kissed him. Jaeger clenched his fists, scarcely able to believe what he was seeing. It was almost like the visitors had forgotten they had a prisoner mere meters away from them, because the two men kissed each other with a burning passion, their lips moving in tandem, their bodies dancing.

Lanth reached down between them and palmed Van’s cock. Jaeger knew that the alien had a cock because it was jutting out forcibly from his pants.


Jaeger shook his head, trying to deny the scene in front of him…no, he shook it because he wanted to deny the effect their embrace was having on him. He shifted position and tried to clear his thoughts, but it was not working.

Lanth and Van, his alien captors, were doing what Jaeger had fantasized about for so long. Alone in his bunk in the mines, listening to the muffled cries of pleasure as his friends and co-workers pleasured themselves, Jaeger had, in his very darkest fantasies, wanted to be the one to pleasure them.

He had closed his eyes, imagining taking a cock into his hand. Running his fingers along the velvety steel. Taking it into his mouth, suckling the cum from it…worse…he had imagined so much worse….

He swallowed nervously and edged towards the door that he could see off to the side of the metal contraption. Maybe he could find a way off the ship. Get back to his home. Finish his mission. But the moment he moved his captors seemed to sense it. They broke apart and feasted their gazes on him.


“Come here,” Van demanded.

Jaeger shook his head, wild thoughts tumbling through his mind. “You need to let me go.”

Lanth stepped forward, and before Jaeger could guess what he planned, he pulled him into his arms. Jaeger gasped and pushed against the other man, moving his arm, planning to punch him as hard as he could.

If he had to fight to get out of this so be it! But Van must have realized what Jaeger intended, because he came around the two of them and pressed his body against Jaeger’s back.

Jaeger stilled the moment he felt Van’s cock pressing against his ass.

“That’s right, little human,” Lanth murmured. “Be still now.”

“What do you want?” Jaeger demanded. “What is this?”

Lanth smiled and just like Van had to him, he ran a finger along Jaeger’s jaw. Jaeger shuddered from the contact, unsure what to make of it.

“Your skin is so soft,” Lanth whispered. “We knew it would be.”

“Why do you keep saying things like you know me?” Jaeger demanded.

Van leaned forward so that his mouth was next to Jaeger’s ear. He bent slightly to whisper and his cool breath, feathering across Jaeger’s skin, felt strange in the extreme. It created little tingles that ran down his neck and along his belly.

“We do know you,” Van said. “Just as you will come to know us.” Jaeger gritted his teeth and tried to ignore the feelings flooding his body. Feelings he had only imagined in his most private moments. “Why are you here?” he said, his voice far shakier than he would have liked.

Van whispered again. “We are here for you, Jaeger.”


Lanth bent his head and captured Jaeger’s mouth. He took without asking, without giving Jaeger a chance to pull back. In truth, Jaeger was so shocked he didn’t even think to. He simply fell under the onslaught, his brain processing what was happening almost as if from a distance. On one hand he felt like he should be doing something, pushing the aliens away, making them stop. But on the other…the kiss was exquisite, exactly as Jaeger had imagined a man’s kiss might be. Forceful and demanding, yet tender and loving.

Jaeger’s head spun. He tried to hold on to the reality of the situation, the fact he had been abducted by visitors—the very things his people were so afraid of—the fact that he had not completed his mission. He tried to hold on to it all, but it was almost like he was being drugged. As the kiss deepened he could think of nothing but the feel of Lanth’s mouth against his, the forceful pressure of his lips, the sweep of his tongue.

When Van reached around and palmed Jaeger’s cock he felt himself groan into Lanth’s mouth. There was no denying it now. He was stiff, his prick making it clear exactly how he felt about the situation. He sagged slightly in Lanth’s embrace, allowing the feelings the two aliens created to run through him. Jaeger was abruptly and painfully aroused. His cock throbbed as Van palmed it, his fingers moving over the length.

“Your cock is perfect, human,” Van whispered. “Perfect.”

Lanth pulled back the moment Van spoke, his eyes blazing, and nodded. Next thing Jaeger knew Lanth was pushing him against the wall, holding him in place. The desperate arousal Jaeger had felt only moments ago disappeared to be replaced by panic.

“What are you doing?” he demanded.

Van fell to his knees and unzipped Jaeger’s pants. He shook his head quickly, unable to believe what was about to happen, but Van took no notice. He pushed the material apart until Jaeger’s cock sprang free. Jaeger—almost in horror—looked down to see himself stiff and jutting forward towards Van’s mouth. 

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