Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy Labor Day and a September Writing Update

Hi all!  Hope you're enjoying your long weekend.  I took yesterday off, but today has been a working day for me - writing of course.

As previously posted -- Theo's Wolf is now in edits, so it's a matter of days until release.  I will post as soon as I have more details.

Now for my September Writing Update.  I'm almost hesitant to talk about my plan after the horrendous bout of writer's block I struggled with last month.  I had two weeks where I just couldn't get any words to come.  But every author I know experiences that from time to time, and I sure have.  Every once in a blue moon, I get hit with a week or two where my brain just shuts down.  With having three pen names, it's all a ballet of-- who am I kidding, it's a comedy of errors.

Anyway, now that it's over, I should have a nice stretch in between, so here's the September plan:

1.  Get Theo's Wolf out ASAP.
2.  Get to work on Tripp's Claiming (the follow-up to Crash Landing)
3.  BLWHOPX - it's a secret for now, but I will hint that it's another alien short series.
4.  Get to work on Tristan's Wolf (Wolves of Mt. Alexis, 4)

I will let everyone know that I am seriously considering another title in the Wolves of Mt. Alexis series, too.  And after reading Theo, you may see another series brewing.  I set up the characters in Theo to get the droolworthyness started.

Now, back to edits on my other pen name piece.  Have a great and safe holiday!
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