Saturday, September 28, 2013

Writing Update - October 2013

Hmm...the story running through my head
Happy Fall!  I love this cooler weather and not sweating like a demon.  Although, there are moments when sweating is fun.  Very fun.  Just not when it's walking out the front door.  I prefer my sweating to be the in-between the sheets variety.

Anyway...what's on tap?

I'm sure your first question is where the heck is Tripp's story.  It's done.  My wonderful editor just bought a new house and is in the midst of moving, so edits are taking a little bit longer.  Be patient, I'm so, so happy she found a great house and was able to close quickly.  The book will be coming soon, no worries, just a little later than expected.

Now, on to my new project.  The Best Little Whorehouse on Planet X.  I've had this one on tap for a while, but kept pushing it back because I wasn't exactly sure where I wanted to take it.  If you read the Slave World series, then you remember reading about Kazru and his whorehouse in the final SW story.  Well, Kazru has been hiding a secret in the upper floor of his brothel, the shifter prince!  When the shifters where incarcerated for their "crime" of being too powerful, Kazru saved Prince Agarri and hid him on the top floor, awaiting a trio of males prophesized to take Agarri and save their world.  I'm about halfway done with this story at this point and hope to finish it off early next week.

Then it's on to Tristan's Wolf, which will introduce a whole new pack dynamic and more sexy males.

After that, I'll be working on Wynne's story in the Quads of Alpha S series.

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