Sunday, October 16, 2022

Where to Find Me at GRL 2022 Portsmouth, Virginia


Didn't get a chance to sign up to attend this year? 

The Saturday book signings are free and open to the public.

GRL Website

Sunday, October 9, 2022

Writing Update October 2022

  • A couple of weeks ago, I had to pause Raimy's book (Alphas of the Western Province, 3) because it just wasn't working. Late last night, I finally figured out what I need to do. Huzzah! Hopefully I won't lose too much of what I've already written.

  • While I was mulling the Raimy fix... I started writing my entry into Valleywood Season 2. As soon as it's complete, I'll be returning to Raimy's story. Did you miss my Season 1 book? Click here to check out The Alpha's Hidden Desire.

  • Valleywood S2 has already started with Trisha Linde's book, Role Play.  My book, Unwitting Mate, will arrive in January 2023.

  • I'll be taking a week off this month for the GRL Retreat. What's GRL? It's a LGBTQIA Romance Convention where readers and authors can celebrate MM romance, as well as queer books all over the rainbow spectrum. The Saturday book signing is open to the public... so if you're close to Portsmouth, Virginia, stop on in! This year will be my first. 

  • I had hoped to release Raimy's book in November, but it'll likely be December/January, at the earliest. If the muse is willing. If not, well, you know.

  • After Raimy? Not sure where I'm going. There's another Daddy Tales book I want to do (a certain producer and a twinky personal assistant!)as well as a third Omega Quadrant book on my agenda (and a fourth, fifth, and sixth!) And then there's those pesky bears! I haven't given up hope I can the next generation on my schedule. Maybe 2023? Likely 2024.

  • I have a speshul sekret projekt coming October 2023... and I've already put a few words to paper for that, too. I might write it early so I can fine tune it (re: overthink it) beforehand.

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