Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pony Play

In one of the upcoming The Master's New Toy tales, Michael witnesses pony play in a club and is enthralled.

What is pony play?

Well, that's a loaded question -- as it fulfills many different needs for different folks, but here's a basic explanation.

It's where a sub dons certain gear to give the illusion of being a horse and is treated like an animal by his or her dom.

Some enjoy it as a form of humiliation play, some get off on the leather play aspect of it, and there are also some who have a fur/animal fetish, where the sub enjoys role-playing as an animal.  I'm sure there are a multiple fetishes I might not be touching on here and I don't mean to omit anyone -- simply giving a basic overview.

As the play is involved in my story, I just want to give readers a look at some of the gear involved so it could be clearer as the story is read.

Leather/Hooved Boots

Pony Bridle

Pony Crop

Pony Hand Hoof

Pony Tail/Anal Plug

Pony Saddle

Pony Play in Anime

Pony Play Art

Pony Play Cart

Pony Play isn't a new fetish

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