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Listening to the Voices... and introducing XANDER KANE

Nearly six years ago, I started writing erotica...

It was just for fun. The books were light on the story, heavy on the sex -- quite on purpose.

And I was shocked when the stories began to sell like crazy. People apparently liked the wicked little fantasies circling inside my mind.

Then, somewhere along the way, I made the mistake of looking at review sites.

"Not enough story"


"Just an excuse for writing sex" (Duh, that's EXACTLY what it was intended to be...)

Sadly, I listened to those voices. I started adding more story. Limiting the amount of sex. Trying to find a path in between what I enjoyed writing and what I thought people wanted.

Sales of my books slowly reduced over time. And sales, to me, are the best indicator that people like what I'm doing.

It seems I've lost a lot of my original readers, the ones who had been buying and reading my hot little fun fantasies. Lost among the bears and the mpreg and all the newfound storylines...

I want to go back to doing those fun, hot little stories.

Now, to be fair, I've really, really enjoyed the stories I've woven since then. Some of them have been really, really good. It's allowed me to stretch my writing skills and hopefully become a better writer for it. So I don't want to lose that outlet, either. I've built a slightly different following through my Bear Mountain books and the spin-offs.

The only way I can conceive of doing BOTH is to create a new pen name for the hotter stuff.

So, in the near future, there will be books that are listed as "Kelex Writing As XANDER KANE."

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sunday Spotlight - Cree Storm and Starship Lovers (Defense Troopers, 2)

Welcome Cree Storm to #SundaySpotlight. She's sharing a bit from her new release, Starship Lovers (Defense Troopers, 2)

The day Marty met the Defense Troopers is the day his life had changed forever. Men that could shift into machines…insane, but true. After fixing their device that allowed them to fully shift into bigger and better weapons, Marty was a wanted man…by the enemy. If he could fix the Defense Troopers battle capacitator then the enemy knew he could fix theirs. 
Faruke is a Defense Trooper and second in command, it was his job to make people fear him…well that is until he met Marty. The other half to his soul. Now for the first time he was afraid. One of the most evil of his planet was after his mate and Faruke would do anything to keep his mate alive and safe from harm…even if it meant his own death.

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The door opened, and Bryton walked into the room carrying a tray. “Hey, Pops thought you might be hungry.”
Marty started to shake his head, but Bryton wasn’t about to hear it, “You will eat it, or I will get my man to hold you down as I puree it and pour it down your throat.”
“You know you really have an attitude. I would think with all that sex you’re having, you would be… I don’t know… skipping around singing Zipadeedoodahor something.” Marty said as he sat down and placed the tray on the side table.
Swirling his hips, Bryton countered, “I’m more the Pitbull and DJ Kass doing the Scooby Doo Pa Pa.”
Marty picked up his roast beef sandwich and took a bite. Bryton walked over to Faruke, “You know, he looks so innocent and sweet when he sleeps. Yet, when he opens his mouth he’s like that Alien creature which spits acid.”
“God, Bryton, why do you have to be such an ass. The man almost died.” Marty hissed.
“And if I recall, it was me who kept it from happening. Somehow I think I’m going to regret it.” Bryton muttered.
Marty snorted as he finished half of the sandwich, took a drink, then said, “This coming from the man who said he needed Faruke to live so he could have someone who could almost match him in sarcasm wars.”
Bryton shrugged, “I’m not the one who promised him dates if he lived.”
Marty felt his stomach knot and feared that half of his roast beef sandwich was going to come back up.
“What’s going on with you?” Bryton asked.
Marty looked at Faruke carding his fingers in his dark black hair. The man was so fucking gorgeous. He was so tall and had muscles on top of muscles and those eyes… son of a bitch, Marty could look into those turquoise orbs for days on end and never get tired of it. 
“You really like him, don’t you, Marty?” Bryton softly asked.
Sighing, Marty replied, “I can be standing clear across the room and just a look from him makes me hard as a rock, Bry. I don’t understand it. He is so not my type. He always seems angry. He snaps orders instead of asks. He thinks he can tell me what to do all the time. He’s just not the kind of guy I would look twice at no matter how sexy he is.”
“I don’t think he’s angry as much as frustrated and pissed. Valkin said that he and Marston were best friends. The three of them used to do everything together and the day that Marston showed his true colors, he killed two of Faruke’s guys and damn near killed him too. Then you have to add in the fact that they had to leave the only home they have ever known, leaving behind their friends, family… it just can’t be easy.”
Marty nodded, stood up and turned to Bryton. “I just don’t know. I don’t understand any of this. How did we go from two average guys trying to live in an average world, to trying to save the world with men from outer space who can shift into machines?”
Bryton snickered, “Well it did liven up our lives, that’s for sure.”
“Bryton, I’m serious. What do we know about any of this? Did you see the size of those men who attacked this place?” Marty asked in awe.
“Marty, our side is just as big and if you remember correctly, we kicked ass too. They didn’t leave here unscathed. You were amazing coming up with those machines to help Valkin and the others fight off Marston and his men.
Faruke suddenly made a sound. Marty quickly turned to see those beautiful eyes looking at him. 

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THANK YOU! (2018 Reader Research)

To everyone who has given a little moment of your time to give me some insight on what you love and what you don't, I sincerely THANK YOU!

Everyone's time is valuable, and I greatly appreciate you.

I'm leaving the form open through the end of 2018, so if you haven't had a chance to speak your mind, there's still time.

Find the form here:

My Coffee Addiction

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

NEW RELEASE: Past Lovers (In Bed, 2) by Kelex

Past Lovers
In Bed, 2

Five years ago, best friends Adam and Clay spent a drunken night together. Adam slipped from the guy’s bed before Clay awakened—and when nothing was said in the light of day—he thought maybe the secret was safe.

Only Clay’s girlfriend had been in the room… and she used her knowledge to blackmail him into helping her hold on to Clay. Even if they were totally wrong for one another.

Unable to let Clay go, Adam agreed. And so started his hell on earth. Close to the man who becomes his obsession… and yet never close enough.

When Clay’s girlfriend finally leaves him for another man, Adam finds himself off the hook…

And wondering if Clay knew the truth, if he’d lose his chance with his obsession… andlose his best friend in the process.

“God, you feel so fucking good,” Clay whispered beside his ear. “So… tight. I could fuck you all night.”
Clay’s deep, raspy voice did almost more to his desire than the cock in his ass. That deep, Southern accent, along with those strong hands gripping him tight… the feel of a man fucking him and using his body…
Of Clayfucking him and using his body…
His back arched and he came in a blast of emotion and sensation.
Adam’s eyes whipped open as he came, his hand sliding up and down his cock, milking every last drop. A roar came from his lips before he fell back into the twisted sheets.
Awaking to another dream of his night with Clay four years before, his cock in his hand, milliseconds from coming. He stared up at the ceiling, gasping for air, and trying to figure out why the dreams had been coming more often.
The memories hadn’t all came back to him, not all at once. Slowly, over the months that followed, he’d remembered everything, his mind uncovering it all in pieces while he slept. Four years later, and he still dreamed of that night from time to time. Why he still obsessed over it years later, he wasn’t sure.
Adam hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it. How it had felt. How goodit had felt. How much he wanted to revisit that night and try it again. For a while, he’d even wondered if he was gay. He’d checked out a few dudes at the gym, and he’d felt absolutely nada, yet the dreams had persisted. The only face that slipped into his fantasies was his best friend’s.
He’d had a hard time going back to the way they’d been after that one night. For a long time, Adam had always made sure not to be alone with Clay—they hung out in a group or not at all. He hadn’t trusted himself to be alone with the man.
Over time, that had changed. He’d kept their little secret so long that it felt almost unreal. There were times he wondered if he’d fantasized the whole thing. Slowly, life had gotten back to normal… maybe not completely normal, but close.
They’d graduated… and they’d both ended up working for Adam’s dad. Day in and day out… they were as thick as thieves, just like always.
Even with Melanie in the picture.
Adam had been the dutiful best friend. He’d sung her praises, talking Clay into going back time and time again—hating himself with each word out of his mouth. And he’d watched her sink her claws deeper and deeper—all because he couldn’t let Clay know the truth.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Sunday Spotlight - Hayden West and His One

Welcome Hayden West back to Sunday Spotlight. They're here today to share a bit from His One, an interracial, paranormal gay erotic romance...

Everyone deserves someone to be his own

Treymont McCarthy knew who his mate was, had since the moment he met him. However, seeing what his new king had had to go through with his mate, he’d not wanted to do that. He’d been alone for so long, he would survive.

Danny Neal enjoyed life. He had plans but it was much easier to party and ignore any responsibility. When a shifter from his recent past shows up, he realizes there is more than just drinking and partying. There was also forever.

Theirs is a different relationship, but when it’s all said and done, will he agree to be His One?

Copyright © 2018, Hayden West

Chapter One

Treymont McCarthy killed the rogue Kodiak bear shifter with a final snarl of rage as he ripped out his throat. The creature fell instantly, blood staining the upper mountain snow. In many places spring was segueing into summer. Not up here.

Ears twitching for the slightest sound, he trotted away as if it was an everyday occurrence to be set upon by an animal more than five times his size.


Yes, Alpha?

He drew up short, as he’d arrived at an outcropping. Below there were some deer scraping the snow, hoping for a green shoot or two for nourishment.

Time to come in.

On my way.Even as he sent the communication to Chase, his Alpha, his best friend, his king, the wolf within him curled his lips in distaste. He was not made for the throne room. He was a warrior, not any good with the politics that played in the royal realm.

However, he would obey because that’s what he did. What he’d always done and what he’d always do.

He tipped his head back, a lonely, haunting howl pouring free. The prey below bolted, and he didn’t care about them one way or another. Eventually his call was answered by the wild ones. Pleasure rippled along him as well as the icy wind that moved his dark coat.

When the final strains faded from the air, he bounded away and headed back down the mountain to the palace.

Shifting before he arrived, he strode to the door with his smooth stride. He barely acknowledged the guards at the door or the few in the hall leading to the throne room. A wolf at the door scurried to swing it open so he never had to slow.

Trey stared up at the dais.

Chase sat there on the large throne, looking as if born to sit there. Which in a way he had been, but where before the new king hadn’t appeared all that comfortable there, now he did. He was at home.

Trey shifted his gaze to the seat beside Chase. Zach occupied that one. He didn’t look there long.

“You required my presence, Alpha,” he said after bowing.

He barely acknowledged Zach, not because he wanted to slight him but because after he had gone through his forced conversion, his wolf had a few wild streaks of anger and unpredictability within him. Zach understood and remained silent. There wasn’t any wish to provoke that creature into making his presence known.

“Come walk with me.”

Trey didn’t have any reason to speak so he waited for the man to whom he swore his allegiance to near. Executing a perfect spin, they walked the length of the throne room.

“You are away more often than not now, my friend. Is everything okay? I smell urus blood on you.”

“I’ve been patrolling the north end, dealing with the few remaining rouge bears who were part of the plot against you. I was confident that Harry and Victor were protecting you well enough. Did you need me to stay close?”

God, he hoped not. It was proving hard enough to be around the happy and in love couple but when you lusted after your king’s brother-in-law, that was bound to set off a slew of problems.

“No, I actually have an assignment for you. I need you to deliver a packet to the head of the Olver Clan, Panas Crouch, for me.”

Trey blinked and furrowed his brow. “The top clan of those in the Eastern Clans?”

“Yes.” Chase took a deep breath. “I have to begin repairing the damage my father and uncle created during their years.”

“I don’t need your reasons, Alpha. You ask and I perform.”

“Coming from anyone else and I would take offense,” Chase said with a smile. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

Sure, just jacking off repeatedly to mental recollections of your mate’s brother.“Yes, Alpha.”

“Is this your way of telling me the old days have passed for good?”

“That changed the moment you found your mate.” The words were spoken without rancor. He had no jealousy or anger for Chance, only happiness. “Excuse me while I go get ready. It will be a long trip.” With one final bow, he let himself out of the room that used to be filled with gratuitous acts of sex and violence but now was silent and clean.

Showered and packed, he walked to the door and opened it to Zach lifting one hand to knock.

“A word.” A glance up and down the hall. “In private.”

Silent, Trey moved back into the room and closed the door quietly behind him, alert for the wolf to make an appearance. The man turned and put blue eyes on him, no sign of his wolf anywhere.

Another slight bow. “How can I be of service?”

Saturday, August 18, 2018

COMING 22 August 2018 -- PAST LOVERS

Five years ago, best friends Adam and Clay spent a drunken night together. Adam slipped from the guy’s bed before Clay awakened—and when nothing was said in the light of day—he thought maybe the secret was safe.

Only Clay’s girlfriend had been in the room… and she used her knowledge to blackmail him into helping her hold on to Clay. Even if they were totally wrong for one another.

Unable to let Clay go, Adam agreed. And so started his hell on earth. Close to the man who becomes his obsession… and yet never close enough.

When Clay’s girlfriend finally leaves him for another man, Adam finds himself off the hook…

And wondering if Clay knew the truth, if he’d lose his chance with his obsession… and lose his best friend in the process.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Sunday Spotlight - Maggie Walsh and Collision Course

Welcome Maggie Walsh back to Sunday Spotlight. Today's she sharing the first book from her new series — Collision Course, Omega Island, Book One 

When alpha Jake and his two betas, Theo and Landis escaped their birth pack, they never expected to get caught in a category 4 storm thousands of miles from home. The fishing vessel they were on capsized and the three find themselves washed ashore of a deserted island.

With Jake's leg being injured and Landis not regaining consciousness, Jake and Theo must find a way to keep them all alive until they can either find help or be rescued. The trio soon find out the that island isn't as deserted as they thought it was, and that their rescuers come with guns, mistrust, and very special powers. 

Once thrown in a cell, they are informed that it is for the resident’s protection, not theirs. When one of their rescuers turns out to be their mate, Jake, Theo, and Landis become excited, because not only have they found their mate, but that means that these three lifelong friends and lovers can finally claim each other and become a mated quad. 

But things are never that easy. It turns out the island is a hidden sanctuary for omega wolves who don't trust anyone from the outside world, especially alphas and betas. Each of these omegas had been abused by dominating alphas, which caused them to run from their lives and hide away.

Now Jake, Theo, and Landis must do whatever is necessary to gain the trust of their mate, as well as all these special men, so that they may be allowed to stay on the island, not only for their own safety, but so they can claim their mate, and each other.



“At least we were able to get all that cleaned up,” Blaine stated.

“Yeah, and I think Flynn will be stoked when he sees that we found four full gas cans, the fishing gear, and some rope. It’s not much, but it’s something, right?” Shilo added.

“Hey, guys. I think it’s time we head home. Sun will be down soon,” Luka yelled from up the beach.

“Okay, everyone, grab as much as you can,” Blaine instructed, and each of the men filled their arms with what they found.

They made their way back up to where Luka was standing and headed through the brush. After walking for ten minutes, Aryn stopped. He lifted his head and breathed in deep.

“What are you doing?” Casey asked as he stopped next to Aryn.

“I smell a fire,” Aryn answered.


“It’s coming from over there,” Aryn replied.

“Again, so?” Casey huffed.

“Well seeing as home is in that direction and it’s almost sundown, who started a fire over there, and why?” Aryn said sarcastically.

They cautiously made their way through the tropical forest being as quiet as they could. As they approached the area where the smoke was coming from, a small glow of orange appeared. Aryn could hear the crackling of wood burning, and smell the smoke, along with the unmistakable scent of breadfruit cooking. Settling down behind the large leaves of the ape plant, Aryn carefully moved the foliage aside to take a peak. His eyes widened from the sight before him, and his heart began to pound in his chest.

“What is it, Aryn?” Casey asked.

“There are three men over there. Three very large men. One of them is lying down and looks like he is sleeping, then another one is sitting next to him trying to get a breadfruit peeled with a rock, and the last one has some breadfruit on a stick and is cooking it.”

“Do they look dangerous?” Shilo asked nervously.

“I have no idea if they are dangerous, but they are big,” Aryn answered.

“How did they get here?” Blaine asked angrily, with a small growl.

“How the hell should I know?” Aryn defended.

“It was a rhetorical question,” Blaine stated and rolled his eyes.

“A rhitora what?” Casey asked.

“It means, although I did ask a question, it doesn’t require an answer,” Blaine explained.

“That makes no sense. When you ask someone a question you obviously want an answer, because you asked a question,” Casey said annoyed.

Shilo placed a hand on Casey’s shoulder as he chuckled lightly. “I got this, Blaine. Have you ever had a thought that was a question, but you never actually said it out loud?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Well it’s that. Blaine was thinking it because he was confused and said it out loud instead of keeping it in his head,” Shilo explained.

“Oh. Okay then,” Casey replied with a shrug.

Blaine stared at him for a moment, then shook his head and turned back to look at the strangers. Two of the large men were now standing only about six feet from them, staring at them. One of the large men looked confused and surprised to see them there and the other looked amused.

“Hello, gentlemen. Can you tell us where we are?” the large guy with the shoulder length, shaggy blonde hair asked.

“Who are you, and how did you get here?” Blaine asked, guarded.

“We got washed up here with the storm,” the man answered.

“How can we believe them, Blaine?” Casey asked in a whisper.

“He’s right. You can’t expect us to believe that you just happened to wash up here, on this island, because of the storm,” Blaine replied in disbelief.

“How did you get here? Are there others with you?” Casey asked in a panic.

“It’s just the three of us, little one. I’m Jake, this is Theo, and our friend over there is Landis. We were out on a fishing boat with a charter group, when suddenly the water started getting rough. Before we knew it, all the boat’s instruments had crapped out and we lost the engines. We were just floating around aimlessly waiting for another fishing vessel to find us. But then the storm came and, we are.”

“Where are the others from the charter group?” Blaine asked.

“We have no idea. Look, kid, we woke up here on the beach. We haven’t found anyone else but the three of us. Jake had a nasty wound and could still use some medical attention, and our friend Landis, has been unconscious since we found him. So can we please stop the question and answer crap and you point us to a hospital,” Theo said gruffly.

“Sure,” Luka said sweetly and pointed in the direction over the stranger's shoulders. “You go back that way through the tropical forest. Once you step out, turn left and go about a mile up the shore. When you get to the end, turn right. Go straight until you hit the town.”

“Thanks, kid,” Theo replied with a nod.

“You’re welcome, and good luck. Let’s go guys,” Luka stated as he grabbed Casey’s elbow and turned him. He and the others turned away from the strangers and headed in the other direction. Once they were out of sight of the strangers, they took off running at top speed toward the compound.


“Flynn! Flynn!” Casey yelled as he ran through the main house.

Flynn and Aiden walked out of the kitchen looking toward Casey, their faces showing their concern. “Casey, what’s wrong?” Flynn asked.

“Flynn, we were coming back from salvaging whatever we could from the boathouse and we smelled a fire. So we went to investigate, and we came upon three large men. And, Flynn, I could smell alpha on the one and beta on the other. I don’t know about the third guy because he was too far away and he was unconscious. But they were definitely wolves,” Casey said in a hurry.

“Fuck! Where are they now?”

“Luka got pissed at the one guy’s attitude and sent them on a wild goose chase,” Casey replied with a laugh, causing Aiden to chuckle.

“Where are the others?” Flynn asked as he headed toward the front of the house with Aiden and Casey following.

“They went to put the supplies in the shed. They should be in any minute.”

“Get everyone in the great room now. We need to find these strangers and get rid of them,” Flynn announced.

Aiden stopped short and grabbed Flynn’s arm, stopping him. Flynn turned to face his brother. “Get rid of them? How are we supposed to do that? The boat is gone.”

“They had to have gotten here somehow. We find their boat and send them on their way. If they fight us, then we’ll have to get rid of them a different way. We need to search the island to see if there are others.”

“The alpha guy, he said his name was Jake, he said they were on a fishing trip, and the boat they were on lost all power, then the storm came, and the next thing they knew they were washed up on shore. They claim it’s just the three of them,” Casey explained.

“We need to make sure. Aiden, are the cells in the barn still stable?” Flynn asked.

“Yeah. What do you want to do, Flynn?”

Just as the question left Aiden’s lips, all the other boys entered, joining them.

“The sun will be down soon and I don’t want everyone running around in the dark looking for strangers. Luka, Casey said you sent these men on a wild goose chase. Where did you send them?” Flynn asked.

“They should end up at the jetty before they realize I was fucking with them,” Luka answered with a smirk.

“Good. Luka, Blaine, Mace, Ansel, and I will go collect our guests. Aiden, you and Shilo make sure the cells will hold and cast a few spells over them to make sure our guests can’t escape. Aryn, you, Casey, and Gilbert get cots and fresh linens set up in the cells. Clovis, Chad, Val, and Enzo, finish preparing dinner and make extra. We should probably feed them,” Flynn instructed.

“What about me, Flynn?” Teagan asked.

“If what they said was true and these men washed up on shore, they may have some injuries.”

“Yeah, they did. The one guy had a messed-up leg and another was unconscious,” Blaine added.

“Then we’ll need you to rest up, Teagan, in case you need to heal them.”

“I can help in the kitchen and that won’t wear me out, Flynn,” Teagan offered with a shy smile.

Flynn gave the smaller man a bright smile. “Of course. Thanks, Teagan, but not too much, okay?” Teagan nodded.

“Okay, everyone, let’s get going.”

“Flynn, what if there are others? Casey said he smelled wolf on them,” Val asked nervously.

“We take care of the three we can find, then head out in the morning and start looking for others. We can’t go out in the dark. Even though we can still see, there is still too many hiding places someone could jump out of,” Flynn replied.

Everyone agreed and headed out to do what they were told. Flynn, Luka, Blaine, Mace, and Ansel grabbed a few riffles on their way out the front door.


“You have got to be kidding me,” Theo ground out as he stared out over the great expanse of rippling blue water. “If I get my hands on that little shit, I’m gonna wring his neck.”

“Shit. This is our own fault. We should have just stayed where we were until morning, then one of us could have come to check it out and come back with help. Maybe we should have waited until Landis woke up? It’s too late now to do anything and we stupidly left our camp and fire behind,” Jake said in frustration.

“So now what, Jake? The sun will be down soon and the chill could kill him.”

“First we get off this damn beach again and find somewhere to hunker down for the night. We can’t start another fire, there’s not enough daylight left to go scrounging for more wood, so we’ll have to do whatever we can to keep Landis and ourselves warm. Let’s go.”

They each grabbed a pole from the stretcher they made from sticks and large leaves to transport Landis. Lifting the one side up, while the bottom dragged across the ground, they turned, and stopped dead in their tracks as they looked down the barrels of five rifles pointed at them.

“If you want to live, follow us. Try anything, and one of us will shoot your dick off,” the stunningly beautiful little man with the long golden blond hair stated calmly.

“Lead the way,” Jake answered.


Author Bio

Maggie has been married for twenty years and has four children. She is a Long Island girl who now lives in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Maggie has always loved anything that has to do with the arts. Music is one of her biggest passions. She was a photographer and artist in her earlier days and spends hours sketching anything that catches her eye. Maggie loves to write about big, strong, tough men who have a softer side. Most of the time you can find Maggie running around with her kids, sketching, or sitting with her laptop creating new characters, as music always plays in the background.

To find out more about Maggie, what she’s working on, and what’s coming next, please visit her Website at:

Maggie's Author Links:


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