Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pony Play

Kelex now writes erotica under the pen name Xander Kane

This post has been moved to Xander's blog:

Writing Update

Book V is complete.  Moving on to Book VI today and should hopefully have something to send to my wonderful editor by the beginning of next week.  That should potentially put a release date about early to mid March for the next Master's New Toy Volume.

Also, inspiration hit and I have another new idea for a series.  Playing with the plot right now and should get started on that in the coming weeks.

But, Kelex isn't my only pen name, so I need to find time to write other pieces as well!  We shall see how it goes.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chastity Wear - The Creature

This is "The Creature," the cock cage made by Steelworks, one of the most incredible chastity wear manufacturers out there.  I used this piece as the inspiration around Michael's cock cage in the Master's New Toy.

So, in case you wondered what a cock cage looked like, here you go.

The Master's New Toy Book V

I hadn't planned on writing anymore of Michael and Dominic's story, but the muse hit yesterday and I felt the need to add a little more to the tale.

So far, just 2500 words and I don't have a clear vision this time, so not sure where this will end up.  I'm just going to let the characters take it on the journey they want to.

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