Friday, May 31, 2013

A Slow Lazy Fuck...

What is ... the perfect balmy summer afternoon, Mr. Trebeck?

I love anime.

I hate pixilation.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Victoria Vallo - New Gay Erotica Author

Victoria is a good friend of mine and she's been writing for years under other bestselling pen names.  She finally got the balls to write this story which had been in her head for some time and I'm so glad she did!  Check out the blurb and excerpt from Bound and Boarded, Captured by Space Pirates Volume 1.
Twins Sebastian and Jeremiah are drifting in Calonian space, their ship having lost power to its engines. The situation only worsens when they are boarded and captured by pirates from Calonia. Sebastian and Jeremiah soon find themselves being claimed as salvage, just like their ship, and it’s obvious the two aliens have dark plans for them.

Sebastian is taken in hand right away, forced to do things he’d never imagined himself doing. After watching his brother being abused and dragged away, Sebastian finds himself at the mercy of one of the aliens, who is intent on teaching Sebastian to crave his touch and beg for all the dark pleasures he has planned for him…
A dart hit Jeremiah in the neck, and he went down in seconds. Sebastian caught him before he hit the floor. “Jeremiah?”
Footsteps sounded beside him. “You two were so involved with your argument you didn’t even hear me.” Malar looked down at Jeremiah. “He’s feisty. Salex is gonna love him.”
Sebastian cradled his brother in his arms, too scared to make any other kind of move.
“Am I that bad? What’s your name?”
“Sebastian.” He could barely do more than whisper without his voice shaking.
“Soft and pretty, like you.” Malar walked over and pulled Sebastian to his feet. “And sweet, I’ll bet.”
Sebastian kept his eyes down. Malar didn’t seem to like this. He shoved Sebastian up against the wall, ripping his shirt off. Malar ran his hand over Sebastian’s chest and down his stomach.
“Look at me.”
Though the words had been whispered, the command had been clear. Sebastian looked up into those odd lavender eyes. The color was beautiful, but the lascivious look made Sebastian tremble. The large hand traveled lower, wrenching his pants open. Malar took Sebastian’s cock in hand and stroked it. The heat coming off Malar’s bare torso addled Sebastian’s brain almost as much as the fingers wrapped around his cock did.
“Be a good pet and get hard for me.”
Malar dipped his head and crushed his mouth to Sebastian’s. As hard as he pushed again Malar’s shoulders, Sebastian couldn’t budge him. Malar’s tongue assaulted the seam of Sebastian’s mouth roughly, and Sebastian let him in. The rough kiss had Sebastian’s heart racing. He’d never kissed a man before, but now one was pumping his cock and completely possessing his mouth.
“Oh yes, you are most definitely the one,” Malar said when he broke off the kiss. He looked down, and Sebastian felt his entire body flame hot. His cock was rock hard, and pre-cum literally dripped from his tip. “Mmmm, wanna have you right now.”
More footsteps approached. Sebastian saw Salex enter the cockpit and look down at Jeremiah. He spoke to Malar. “Take your time. I’ll get this one cleaned up once he awakens. There’s little here to salvage, so we’ll just tow the ship back.” Salex bent and hoisted Jeremiah over his shoulder.
A whimper fell from Sebastian’s lips as we watched his brother being taken away.
“So human twins are close, too?” Malar nodded, still stroking Sebastian. “Salex and I would rather die than part, so don’t fear, pet. Your brother will never be far away.”
“Please, stop,” Sebastian managed, tears falling down his cheeks.
Malar licked his lips, and then his tongue flicked out. He captured every one of Sebastian’s tears, startling Sebastian so much he stopped. “Your tears are precious, pet. Every drop that spills from you is precious.” The large man hit the floor so fast Sebastian gasped. The sound was soon strangled out by his startled cry when Malar took Sebastian’s cock all the way into his mouth.
Sebastian trembled uncontrollably, Malar’s mouth pumping him so hard the line between pleasure and pain blurred. Malar’s hands grasped Sebastian’s pants and yanked them down. And then Sebastian felt two fingers at his anus.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bears in Bondage is HERE

Bears in Bondage has arrived. Click on the cover to purchase from Amazon.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bears in Bondage Coming Tomorrow!

Bears in Bondage was just sent to Amazon, so it should be ready in the next twelve hours or so. 

Here's the blurb:

Cole’s college days might be behind him if he can’t find a new job to help cover expenses.  Times are rough in the city and jobs just aren’t readily available.  If he moves, he has to drop out for now and that isn’t an option.  Depressed, his friends take him out for the night to lift his spirits at the new gay bar, wanting to check out their drag show.  They inadvertently arrive on leather night instead.

Bastian owns the new sex shop next door to the club and he heads over to scout for someone to scratch his itch after a long dry spell.  In walks fresh faced Cole and blows him away.  No longer is it a simple itch to scratch, but a yearning need to claim and train the man into the BDSM world Bastian surrounds himself in.
After an amazing night and morning of passion and pain, Bastian learns Cole needs a job and offers him a position at the sex shop, where Bastian can keep him close … and maybe do some quality control on the new toys that come in.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bears in Bondage 1 & 2 Companion Pics (NSFW)

Bears in Bondage is coming soon -- within the next day or two -- so I've set up another fun show and tell for the story.

First off -- what is a bear?  No, it isn't a bear shifter in this tale.  The bear community is filled with large men who are hairy and many prefer to dress in leather.  A muscle bear is a very muscular bear.  Here's a great picture of a muscle bear and his "cub."

Bears in Bondage is set in either the sex shop which shares the title's name or in the owner's play room, which is tricked out with lots of fun toys he brings in.  I got a lot of my ideas from scoping out the Mr. S Leather website, which I will tell you now is SOOOO NSFW.  This site is pretty explicit, so you have been warned.

When I write a piece that uses a lot of BDSM gear or sex toys, I like to post pictures of those items so you won't get lost.  Sometimes seeing an item you're unfamiliar with makes the mental picture comes together in an aahhhhhhh moment. (At least it's helped my wonderful editor at times, so I figured it can help the reader, too.)

To start Bears in Bondage, I started off slow.  In the stories to come, I'll be adding more pictures because the fun stuff is coming, trust me.

Fortunately, the fine folks at Mr. S Leather have agreed to let me use pictures from their site, which was awesome of them and allows me not to break any copyright laws or piss anyone off.  Well, I still may piss other people off, but not the important ones.


Like I said, we're starting off slow in Book 1 & 2, but there are a few that are included:

Leather man aka Craig was dressed a whole lot like Roman here

Bastian was wearing pants similar to these, with snaps instead of zippers.  And the Prince Albert piercing Bastian has?  Yep, that's it right there on the head of that fine cock.

Cole's Blue Cocksling
(Too bad Bastian doesn't rock and awesome handbar like this guy!  LOL)

 Now bare with me for a minute -- I had to step out of Mr S's world for the next two.  I struggled to find what I was really looking for.

But here's what I was thinking for that -- only on a larger scale.  Just imagine that's a hot guy bound there.  (Sorry, was only pic I could find that really illustrated where I was going!)

And size-wise, it is more like this.  Of course, with man on man action.

And a paddle is just that -- a paddle.  But there's a ton of different kinds to choose from.

This is the type of bed in Bastian's playroom.

And this is a St Andrew's Cross, also in the playroom.

That about sums up Books 1 & 2.  There will be a lot more fun coming for future stories as Bastian gets to try out items he's been eyeing for the past couple of months.  

Not One, But Two New Series ...

Yes you read that right!  I have two new series coming to you soon. 
The first, Bears in Bondage, is set in the muscle bear community and is about a sex shop owner who meets a down on his luck ex-Army college student.  He gives the young man a job in one of his shops and has fun trying out the new products he gets shipped in.  Talk about some quality control!  The first draft of this tale is already in my editor's hands and will be coming very, very soon.

The second series is Wolves of Mt. Alexis.  Inspired from a fan who loves shifter tales, I took a seedling of an idea I had and let it go sooner than
anticipated.  The first tale is Remy's Wolf.  Remy finds himself in hot water and a large timber wolf comes to his aid.  He's shocked to find the wolf's not a wolf at all but a man.  And he's even more surprised when he finds out he's that wolf's mate.  Hank claims him in the most savage way and Remy's going to love every minute of it.  I've just started writing this tale and it should see publication sometime in June/July 2013.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

New-ish Release Coming

I'm being rather chatty today.

But I wanted to let everyone know that I have compiled Slave World into Book One AND Book Two and just uploaded it to Amazon.

So, if you prefer to read the double sets, then this one will be available within 12 to 24 hours.

I'll post a link as soon as it gets published.

Wow, I'm an Amazon Bestselling Author

I want to thank all of you reading and enjoying my stories -- I am shocked to find that I have broken into the top #100 Amazon Erotica authors as of today.  I am amazed at the number of people picking up a copy and it makes me incredibly happy that you all seem to like what I do.  It's like a big, fat, wet kiss.  On the ass. :)

Not sure if I'll remain on there -- these numbers are adjusted hourly, so who knows.  But to have gotten there is amazing.  You all rock!

Bears in Bondage -- Coming Soon

Bears in Bondage is the new series I'm working on.  And no, it isn't a shifter tale, as I was recently asked, but is focused on the "bear" gay subculture.

A "bear" is a furry man, ie - heavy beard or facial hair and lots of body hair.  The bears in my story can also be classified as "musclebears" - men who are extremely muscular and hairy.  These men are also often older and some enjoy younger men, or "cubs".   Here's a great picture of a musclebear and his cub so you can see what I mean.

Leather and BDSM often take a strong role in the bear world, so it just felt like a great direction to head in with a new series.

I know I said the next Duke book was on the block, ready to write, but this story just took over my imagination and I wanted to get it on paper.  Book One is now complete.  I just wrote The End this morning.  Off to go start Book 2 now.  I'm aiming for the end of May, first of June for a release, so keep your eyes peeled!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Release -- Slave World Book Two

Click Cover
It's here!  Slave World Book Two is now available via Amazon.

One of the last humans left in the universe after Earth was destroyed, Thomas was found guilty of deflowering Khari, a Mythrian hermaphrodite. Her mine-owning father and Thomas’ employer, has sent Thomas to Valkin, to be auctioned off in the sex slave trade to punish him. Bought by Lord Valyr, Thomas fights the rush of lust he feels for his new master and dreams of escaping and taking Khari away.

When Valyr pushes Thomas too hard and forces him to succumb to the dark needs within him, Thomas can’t face the pleasure he feels. An internal struggle pushes Thomas to the edge of insanity as his body is driven to the brink of ecstasy.

Lord Valyr has always coveted a human slave as he is tired of the biddable ones sent to his planet. The fight excites him like none other, but will it force him to go too far?

M/M, M/M/M, Tentacle Sex, Alien Sex, Bondage, Humiliation, Punishment

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Coming Soon -- Slave World Book Two

First rough draft is complete.  I've just sent it to my editor, so Slave World, Book Two will be coming within the next week or two.

More details to come as publication comes closer.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Works in Progress

Coming Soon!
Just an update on new work:

1.  Slave World Book 2:  The Initiation is nearly midway through.  I hope to write THE END on it very, very soon.

2.  A spark of an idea has finally hit me on Natascha's next story.  Will be outlining this week.

3.  The Duke's next tale is on the block as soon as SW2 is done.

4.  I still haven't given up on doing another Master's book.  I have a great idea for part 7, just drawing a blank on where to take part 8.  If nothing comes, I may just write part 7 and make it the finale.

5.  I have ideas percolating on two new series.  Yes, TWO!  One I know will be hot, hot, hot...perhaps some of the hottest yet.  The second is still in the infancy stage and just roiling around trying to figure out how to take off.

Hope you've enjoyed the stories I've put out so far...and considering May is Masturbation Month, I don't doubt some of you may have used them to celebrate this fine, upstanding holiday.  Not that May should be any different than any other month of the year.  National Masturbation Year is celebrated in my home each and every year.

Friday, May 3, 2013

All Romance E-books

Almost all of my books can now be found on All Romance E-books (ARe).  So, in case you have a reader other than a Kindle, here is another option for you.

Click HERE to view my titles on ARe
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