Wednesday, June 29, 2016

NEW RELEASE: My College Professor

Raynd is the last of his friends to tell his first time tale with an older man—one of his college professors.

Half the campus is in love with Professor Luke Geist, but only one of them has ever turned his eye. Professor Geist does everything in his power to put distance between him and Raynd, to Raynd’s confusion. When the professor is assigned as Raynd’s advisor, the truth of his attraction comes out—but the man still fights the need.

Months pass before the professor and his student can’t hold back any longer. A cold day during winter break is spent warm in Luke’s bed.

When a secret tears them apart, Raynd is left heartbroken.

Can a friend’s intervention bring them back together a decade or so later?

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Raynd paused, floored by the statement. “Seriously? You’re actually telling me to pick other classes instead of yours after saying you have no issue with me as a student? I wonder what the dean would think about that?”
Geist’s jaw tensed. “I think it is you who doesn’t like my teaching style. I suggested options so you wouldn’t have to endure me.”
Raynd stared at the man, confused as hell. “One of the reasons I chose this university was the diversity of classes. Once on campus, I’d heard great things about you as a professor and looked forward to learning from you. I would truly love to attend your classes and be treated fairly—just like all your other students.”
“I graded you fairly,” Geist answered, staring at his computer screen instead of Raynd. “You did well in my class. A high B, if I recall. You were fine.”
“But you never included me in discussions. You couldn’t even look me in the eye when I approached for a question. It was as if you didn’t want me there.”
Geist’s jaw tightened and released… tightened and released. Finally he turned to Raynd and caught his eye. “I didn’t want you in my class. I don’t want you in any of my future classes. I’d prefer you kept your distance and I’ll keep mine.”
Raynd frowned. “If you’ll simply tell me why.”
“Because…” Geist looked away and flexed his hands, tightening them into two fists before releasing and stretching his fingers. “Because you don’t belong in my class.”
Was Professor Geist trying to say he didn’t belong in the world of psychology? Raynd stared at the man, stricken. “I’ve wanted to work in this field for years.”
Geist shook his head. “That’s not what I mean.”
“What do you mean, then?”
“Jesus.” The professor shook his head before lifting his stare. “I can’t be near you.”
“Because I can’t,” Geist said. “Just go. Please. Before I make a bigger mess of this conversation.”
Raynd felt the air sucked from his lungs as realization struck. “You don’t want me in your class… because… you…” He trailed off, unable to finish the thought. Raynd suddenly knew it as well as he was standing there.
Geist looked up and met Raynd’s stare again. The man said nothing, neither admitting nor denying Raynd’s unfinished comment. The truth hung heavily in the air between them. Heat burned in the man’s stare, a heat Raynd suddenly wanted to reach out and stoke.
Something ignited within him. He’d thought the man handsome… he’d had wishful fantasies he’d never thought possible. He’d stared at Geist, imagining being in the man’s arms, knowing it could never be…
Now—to know those wild imaginings might be reciprocated…
Raynd wanted to say something, but he had no idea what.
 Geist released a breath. “I can’t be your advisor or your instructor.”
Raynd took a step closer.
“No. Just go.”
Raynd met the man’s stare and saw the heat in the depths. He saw lust in its purest form, and it made it impossible to breathe. Lungs burning, he swallowed down the desire he felt, trying to make sense of what was happening. To go from dislike to lust in a split second was mind boggling.

“Go,” Professor Geist said, softer this time. “Dean Samuels will email you with a new appointment.”

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

One Nation One Pulse... Don't Let it Fade

I try to remain away from politics, but I can't simply remain silent and not comment on recent events.

I sit here nearly a week and a half after Pulse and still feel just as heartbroken.  Our lawmakers have let us down... again.

And again...

And again...

When will it stop?  Up to 75% of Americans believe in gun control.  It's not taking guns away from everyday citizens, it's limiting those who shouldn't have guns in the first place... those with ties to terrorists... or mental instability...

People like Matten...






How many more do we need to add to the list before the US Congress steps up and does what it should?

No, passing gun control laws might not save everyone, but we've got to start somewhere. We cannot let those in Orlando... Sandy Hook... Charleston... be forgotten. We cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the things wrong with our country and think someone else will make it right.

How do we change things?  That's a question I've been pondering since Orlando.  I donated blood and money to the effort (although I'm too far for my blood to have made an impact there, it was the only things I could think to do immediately after the event.)

You can start by calling your senator.  Easily find out how right here:

Want to find out ways you can help both locally and globally? You can check out the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence here:

Make your voice heard.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Guest Author: April Andrews and Melt for the Millionaire

Welcome April Andrews back to my blog.  She's here today to share a bit of her recent release, Melt for the Millionaire.

A year ago Cae Larkin had the world at his feet. A successful model for some of the biggest brands in the world, nothing seemed out of his reach. But one mistake cost Cae dearly and he lost everything as quickly as he gained it.

Now, with his bank balance approaching zero, and the threat of eviction looming, Cae needs money and he needs it fast. But, there’s only one person who can help him…and it’s someone that Cae rejected a very long time ago. Someone who, if he wants to get back on top, he will not be able to reject again…


Nicholas couldn’t quite believe that Cae was in his bedroom. He had fantasized so many times about this exact scenario and now that it was actually here, he didn’t quite know what to do.

He stood at the door, watching as Cae explored the space where, if Nicholas had his way, Cae would be spending a significant portion of his time. He looked over the bed, touched the soft sheets on it, walked across to the windows, ran his finger across the potted plants growing there. His gaze travelled to the walk in wardrobe, across to the en-suite, and then finally circled back around to Nicholas.

He was still wearing the jeans and sweater Nicholas had met him in and he looked achingly beautiful. Nicholas couldn’t wait to hold him in his arms and do all of the things that he had imagined for so long. And yet, he was nervous, ridiculously so. Eighteen long months of waiting for the male that you craved would do that to you he guessed.

“What are you thinking?” he asked.

Cae shrugged one lean shoulder before shooting a quick look at the bed. “I’m nervous,” he said.

“Of me?” Nicholas asked.

“A little,” Cae admitted. “But also of what we’re going to do.”

“And what are we going to do?” Nicholas asked.

Cae bit down on his bottom lip. It was so plump. How many billboards had those lips been on? Parted on a soft sigh? Making females, and males too for that matter, sigh also.

“You said that we’re going to...”


He bit harder. “Yes.”

“Then come here,” Nicholas demanded. “And I can promise that those nerves will be gone before you know it.”

Cae walked over to him—his steps hesitant. Nicholas pulled him into his arms the moment he was in reach. And then, he did the thing that he had waited so very long to do. He bent his head and he kissed Cae.

It was their first kiss.

Their very first.

And it was worth the wait in every possible way. Cae’s soft lips opened beneath Nicholas, they tasted of mint and of sweetness, and Nicholas plundered them completely. He kissed and he kissed, his lips moving in a constant rhythm, and before long his head was spinning and his cock straining against his pants.

“What you do to me,” he whispered. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

NEW RELEASE: Cherished by Two Bears (Bear Mountain, 12)

Colton McCreary’s return to Bear Mountain hasn’t gone as smoothly as planned. His damaged face has always caused people to stare, but for some reason, the looks are ten times worse coming from those at home—those who know the McCreary name for all the wrong reasons. His imperfection only adds to their distaste. He ends up hiding in the shadows as much as he can, watching life passing him by.

Brandon and Zander are offered a vacation in Bear Mountain to meet with the alpha. Brandon’s surgical skills have him courted by Declan and many in town with hopes the pair will move there and take over the new wing of the clinic. Upon arrival, they immediately see Colton and know he’s their third from their first glance.

Brandon’s ready to stay—Zander’s less sure Bear Mountain could be their home. Between less than welcoming bear shifters, werewolf attacks at the borders of the new wall, and the threat of war to come, Zander fears they need to get out while the getting’s good.

Will there be enough time for the three to find a way to come together before violence erupts? 

Amazon  * All Romance * Smashwords * Bookstrand  *  iBooks

“What’s your name?” Brandon asked.

Colt’s mouth went dry. “Colton.”

A smile crossed Brandon’s lips. “We’re visiting for a couple of weeks. I hope to see more of you while we’re here.”

There was a double meaning to the male’s words. Colt heard the unspoken message in the comment.

“We’re staying up here at the inn,” Zander added.

Colt’s gaze flickered over to Zander. He was more than handsome—he was perfect.

As perfect as Colt wasn’t.

“I’m—very busy,” Colt said, backing away. He spun around before they could say anything else. His bear roared inside—demanding he go back, but it was impossible for him to move in any other direction but away. Once he made it to the kitchen, he threw both plates against the wall of the dishwashing room.

The china shattered against the tiled wall and didn’t make him feel any better.

Red’s mate, Quentin, came racing around the corner. “What happened?”

Colt stared at the little shattered pieces of plate on the floor. “Dropped some plates. You can take it out of my pay.” He walked across the room and grabbed a broom leaning against a corner.

A hand covered his.

Colt looked up and met Quent’s gaze.

“You okay?” Quentin asked.

No. I’m not okay.

He nodded his head, diverting his gaze.

Quentin didn’t move a moment, not until Red came into the space.

“Everything okay in here?” Red asked.

Quentin removed his hand and backed away. “Butterfingers here dropped a couple of plates,” Quentin said, humor in his voice.

Colt kept his stare on the floor as he crossed the room, broom and dustpan in hand. He cleaned up the plates as he listened for Red and Quentin to leave him alone.

Finally they did and he could breathe.


He tossed the remnants of the plates in a large trash bin before leaving the broom and pan against the wall. Exiting the dish room, he walked closer to Red.

“I’m not feeling well. I need to leave.”

Red’s head turned in his direction, but Colt couldn’t lift his to meet the stare burning into his flesh.

“Yeah… okay… I hope you feel better.”

A twinge of guilt hit Colt. Red and Quentin had been good to him. He hated lying—although it wasn’t much of a lie. He wasn’t feeling himself. How could he be okay after facing his mates in such a public way? His stomach clenched at the thought of it.

Colt nodded, mumbling a thanks before heading for the back door to avoid Jamie catching him sneaking out the front.

When he was outside, he took in a deep breath—clearing the scents of the two males from his nose.

Two weeks. They were here for two weeks.

       He could avoid them that long.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

My heart breaks...

Guest Author: Marie Medina and Antique Roses

Welcome Marie Medina back to my blog.  She's here to share some of her new release, Antique Roses, Arundel Book 4

As the son of the reigning king of Arundel, Erik has never backed down from a challenge. He goes after everything with a boldness that sometimes gets him into trouble. But when it comes to matters of the heart, he’s been stalling for years because he can’t rid his mind of doubts and fears.

Lance couldn’t be more surprised when he finds out Erik is interested in him. But as he thinks about it, he realizes he’s been deflecting the man’s attention for years. He can’t deny his attraction to the prince, but he also knows they can’t ignore his old grudge against Erik’s father, or Erik’s past struggles with Marcus, the only father figure Lance has ever had.

Can they work through it all to find their way to each other? Or will their love be over before it’s begun?


Lance looked over the sketches he’d done and tried to decide what to do. He didn’t know if he wanted to purchase a bunch of plants and garden supplies to take with him or if he simply wanted to conjure them once in Arundel. Either way, plants brought from the mortal world would flourish just as well as, if not better than, those conjured by magic. Anything organic created by magic would have a very static nature. There would be no possibility of variations within the plants. He packed up his sketches in a messenger bag and went to his mother’s house, intending to borrow some tools and ask her advice.

Maggie sat on her back porch drinking a cup of coffee, and she smiled as if she knew exactly where he would be spending the day. “You’re up early,” she called.

“I’m going to Arundel. To help Erik with his garden. I wanted to ask if I could borrow some things.”

“Help yourself,” she said, grinning.

Lance turned away quickly and went into the storage shed. He found the wheelbarrow and began to fill it with tools. At least nothing in Erik’s backyard was overgrown. They’d really only need to dig and till the soil. He wheeled the barrow out and stopped by the back porch. “I have a question.”

“Yes?” his mother said, setting her coffee down.

“I have tons of ideas for what to plant, but I can’t just drop hundreds of dollars on plants. At the same time, I don’t want a bunch of magical plants. They simply won’t be the same.”

Maggie laughed. “Since you’re redoing a prince’s garden, shouldn’t this all be on his dime, so to speak? Decide what you want and then bring him back here with you. Make him pay for it. The man has a credit card—I’ve watched you swipe it before.”

Lance’s mouth fell open, not only because he felt stupid for not thinking of that but also because he’d revealed what he would be doing that day when he hadn’t had to. “Oh, yeah.”

Maggie laughed again. “It’s not like you have to drive there, after all. Pop there, make your decision, pop back and buy the stuff, and then get to work.”

“Yeah, that sounds good. I’ll do that.” He took the handles of the wheelbarrow again and turned, ready to go to Arundel.

“And Lance?”

“Yeah?” Lance called, wondering what was coming. His mother didn’t reply, so he turned to face her.

Very seriously, she said, “Don’t get too exasperated with him. Even he doesn’t realize how much he loves you. You could hurt him much more easily than you think.”

Dropping the handles again, he took a few steps back toward his mother. “I’ve apologized for before, and he and I are good. At least as good as we can be with something that’s in the past. I like him, okay? I said it. I like him. I won’t hurt him, not intentionally. But even a fairie prince can’t force a happy ending.”

“I know. Just saying, dear.”

After a moment, Lance nodded and turned away again. He tried to steady his breathing and relax his features as he moved, and he didn’t actually cross over into Arundel until he’d walked almost to the woods behind his mother’s house. Part of him had wanted to argue about Erik actually being in love with him, but the rest of him didn’t want to have the conversation at all. He emerged in Erik’s backyard and pulled his phone out. He started to send a text, but then he heard something behind him. Erik walked toward him, wearing a pair of khaki pants and a faded blue t-shirt with what seemed to be work boots. “You look ready to work,” Lance said, a bit flustered by the prince’s sudden appearance.

Erik smiled. “Yeah. Just got back from my walk.” He nodded to the barrow. “Looks like you came prepared.”

“Just some basics.” He opened his messenger bag and pulled out the sketches. “I have some ideas. We can pick a section to start on and then go buy the plants. We could get a lot done today.”

“It’s not urgent. You should get to enjoy your days off.”

Even he doesn’t realize how much he loves you. Maggie’s words echoed in his head. Lance said, “I think I’ll enjoy this. I love working outside.”

Erik took the papers from his hand and studied them carefully. “I imagined you’d just draw something rough and label things. But you actually drew the back of the house.” He looked up. “It’s beautiful.”

Lance shrugged one shoulder. “I like to draw.”

Erik held one up. “You could frame this one.” The sketch was of the corner of the house, a trellis and climbing roses added in.

“No way. They’re just for reference.”

“No, they’re all really good, even if they aren’t complete.” He gazed at the back of his house. “What kind of trellises were you thinking? Wood? Wrought iron?”

“Iron might be good actually. Go with the slightly gothic feel.”

“Like a medieval gate?”

“Yeah. Something with that look. Though we might have to search all day for something that unique.”

Erik beckoned Lance to follow him, and they rounded the corner of the house. Leaning against one side was a rusty gate. It stood ten feet tall and had amazing detailing, a pattern of vines twisting into each other on both sides. The craftsmanship had some flaws and inconsistencies, but that only proved how old it was.

“That’s amazing,” Lance said.

“I saved it from a castle that was crumbling. It had been condemned. It was small, as castles go, and no one that important had ever resided there, so no one rushed to preserve anything from it. I saved what I could.”

Lance walked over to touch it. He concentrated and felt the piece’s vibrations.

“When was it made?” Erik asked when Lance drew his hand away.

Lance turned to Erik, curious. “How did you know what I was doing?”

Erik paused a moment, holding Lance’s gaze. Then he took a deep breath and said, “I went to see Marcus a few days ago. I told him I wanted a truce because of you. We talked, mostly about you. I got his approval, but it was backed by a very pointed threat.”

Needing a moment to process that confession, Lance touched the gate again. “It was made in 1503. I can only feel so many details, but it was designed with love.” He looked up at the top, where a crude rose stood out. “The man who made this did it for someone he loved.”

“Then I’m even more glad I saved it.” Erik came closer. “I should have told you I went to talk to him. I wasn’t trying to go behind your back, but I wanted to clear the air with Marcus.”

“You don’t have to apologize. I made it clear that Marcus is important to me.” Lance smiled. “I’m glad you talked to him. You think you two will get along?”

“Well enough. I’ll try to keep my temper locked down.”

Lance chuckled. “He does love to try to get a rise out of people.”

“He does. He seemed to enjoy goading me.”

His curiosity piqued again, Lance asked, “What did he do?”

Erik inched closer again. “Rhapsodized about how handsome you are. Before making it clear he only has a fatherly regard for you. He got a big kick out of seeing my reaction.”

Lance glanced away for a moment before looking back and asking, “You got jealous?”

“Yes. He means a lot to you, and he’s very handsome himself. He didn’t push too much, but it did annoy me.”

“No punches thrown?”

A smile curved Erik’s lips. “No, we were quite civilized. He told me all about his collection.”

“The flow blue?”

“Yeah. I never imagined him collecting dishes.”

Lance smiled up at the prince. “People can surprise you, ya know.”

Erik touched Lance’s cheek. Lance wanted another kiss, but he knew what would happen if they touched now.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Guest Author: Misha Paige and Dragon Marked

Welcome Misha Paige back to my blog as she shares a bit of  her recent release Dragon Marked, the third book from her Kindled by Fate series.

As he watches over the sleeping dragon, Bane wonders why he is strongly drawn to Jaden. Vivid dreams confuse him even more as he aches to see the dragon break free of the spell he is trapped by. When Jaden is finally liberated, and Bane realizes that they are mates, he vows to stay by Jaden’s side. But he fears the repercussions of a witchborn with a dark past being mated to the High Priest of Drakos.

Jaden arises from the spell, healthy but no longer whole. While he is determined to stay strong, he wonders what good is he. Somehow he will have to prove to his clutch and more importantly, to himself, that he is still worthy of being the chosen of Drakos.

Yet the hardest battle he will face may be the fight for his own mate’s heart, for while Bane has given Jaden his loyalty and commitment, he may never give his heart. How can a man who has never known love recognize it, even when it stands before him?


Amazon  *  All Romance E-books  * Smashwords  *  Bookstrand  * Barnes & Noble  *  iBooks

Strong arms came around me as I snuggled against the hard body behind me. His heat spread a soft glow through me as I turned in his arms so I could look up into his dark gaze.
His handsome, chiseled features took my breath away as he smiled down at me.

“Am I dreaming again?”

Jaden’s husky voice answered me. “If so, it is a good dream, is it not?”

I stroked my hand over his cheek, smiling as he nuzzled it. “Yes, it is.” I had lost count of how many times he had come to me like this.

Since this was not real I could indulge myself. I threaded my fingers through his chestnut waves, the hair thick and silky against my skin. “Will you ever wake to the real world?”

“When it is time,”he said on a moan as I pressed against him tighter.

“Why has it taken so long?” I asked. “The healing sleep should have ended long ago.”

“It takes as long as it takes,” Jaden said enigmatically, but his gaze softened on my tightened lips and he seemed to relent. “Galen saved me when he cast a stasis spell on me, but it affected how the healing potion worked. And I was so weakened that I am caught for the moment, but I will eventually be strong enough to break free.”

I ducked my head only for him to lift my chin in his hand.

“Bane, why are you upset?”

“Because I wish that this was real so I know you will come back.” I felt the dampness in my eyes escape as a tear trailed down my cheek.

“Why do you think that this is not real?”

“It is only a dream.” I looked up at him, confused. “Why do I dream of you? Why do I haunt your room, praying to see you open your eyes?”

Jaden stared down at me, intense emotions stirring in his gaze. “Why do you think you feel that way?”

Frustration filled me, but I dared not pull away from him. I could feel the edges of the dream becoming ragged, and I tried to cling to him tighter. “I only spoke to you a few times, for barely more than a moment on each occasion, yet you consume my dreams.” I could feel him diminishing in my grasp. “No! I want to stay!”

“Soon, precious one. I am growing in strength every day.” Jaden’s words were patient yet his hands tightened on me, holding me with a desperation that matched mine as he faded. “And there is one thing you have not considered about the dreams.”

“What?” I stood clasping empty air as his final words reached me.

“That it is me, dreaming of you.”

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

NEW RELEASE: His Wolven Warrior, Bloodlines 3

Born a mixed blood amongst the strict Hokkaido, Takeo has always been seen as an outcast. The shadow warrior has remained on the fringes, called on from time to time to do the jobs no one else would do. When he’s commanded to New York City to steal a token item from an Eastern Gray Wolf, he begrudgingly goes as bidden.

Once he arrives, he’s tempted by his mark’s twin brother. Losing focus, he’s almost caught somewhere he does not belong and hides—leading him to unwittingly play voyeur. Unable to get the male out of his mind after, he struggles with the desire beating in his heart.

Tanner McManus has a fresh face in his bed nearly every night. When he meets a sexy, mysterious male who nearly demands to be taken to that bed, Tanner willingly obliges—and has a night neither can forget. For once Tanner wants more than one night, and it ends up being with someone he shouldn’t want.

When Tanner is charged with murder—it’s up to Takeo to prove Tanner is innocent. That is, if Tanner’s willing to look past who Takeo is long enough to help him find the truth.

And maybe find themselves with each other. 


“Have a drink with me,” the human cooed.
Tanner lifted his glass. “I have a drink.”
“I don’t,” the human said seductively, rubbing his body against Tanner’s as he pressed his tongue inside Tanner’s ear.
This was one of the problems with one-night stands. They occasionally came back and got in the way of things. Tonight was not the night for that.
“The bar is right over there,” Tanner answered, wiping the man’s saliva from his ear. “Go grab yourself something to drink if you’re thirsty.”
Lust filled the human’s face. “I’m incredibly thirsty.”
“I’m not,” Tanner said, pinning the man with a glance.
A hint of understanding crossed the human’s face, but then it was gone and a lusty smile returned to his lips.
“I’ll go get myself that drink.”
Tanner watched the man leave before moving to his table. He didn’t want to be in the same spot if the human made another attempt. Tanner searched the club, his strong eyesight still not picking up the man he was looking for. It didn’t take long for the human he’d been avoiding to find Tanner and slip into the half-booth.
“There you are,” the human said, grinning. The man rubbed the side of his body against Tanner’s. “So where were we?”
“You’re in my seat.”
Tanner glanced up and saw his friend from downstairs leaning over the edge of the table, glaring at the man beside him. A smile played over Tanner’s lips as the man beside him stiffened.
“Excuse me?” the human said indignantly.
“You’re. In. My. Seat.”
The man beside him turned to Tanner.
“You’re in his seat,” Tanner parroted, slightly amused.
The human slid out, anger crossing his face. “Asshole.”
Tanner’s new companion slid into the newly vacant spot and glared up at the man. “Goodnight.” He turned to Tanner, one eyebrow lifted, as if Tanner should feel ashamed for having another at his table. A chuckle rumbled through him at the hint of jealousy coming from the man.
“Hello,” Tanner purred against the man’s ear. He drew in a breath… and froze.
The man had no scent.
That was impossible. A frown crossed Tanner’s face. He drew in another breath as he brushed his lips along the man’s neck.
Red flags went up, yet it didn’t stop his intrigue. If anything, it only made Tanner all the more curious. Curious, but cautious, too. The man was hot as hell, and Tanner couldn’t pull away.
Yet it wouldn’t stop him from reacting if and when the time came.
“What’s your name?” Tanner asked against the man’s ear.
“Tak-e-o,” the man said, stretching out the syllables, his warm voice spreading across Tanner’s body like the bourbon he’d been nursing.
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