Friday, July 22, 2016

Taking Some Time Off

Hi All --

I just left my doctor's office this afternoon and the news wasn't the best.  No sob story to share here, just I've got some things going on that aren't life threatening -- but could be if I don't take a moment to breathe and relax a little.

I've already been through a battery of tests and at this stage have at least four more in the near future before we can get started on treatment and getting me back to normal.

My blood pressure is through the roof and because of it, I can't take another medicine I desperately need -- because it can elevate blood pressure and cause a stroke if you're not careful.

Soooo... I'm going to take some time off.  No writing.  No promotion.  No social media posts (unless I've already made them and scheduled them)

Hungry for His Wolf (Bloodlines, 4) is being pushed back to a release date of 8/10/2016 to give me a little time to relax and hopefully de-stress.

Thanks for understanding!

My Coffee Addiction

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

NEW RELEASE: Mated to Two Bears (Bear Mountain, 13)

Game Warden Wade Travers is unwittingly pulled into the ongoing war between the werewolves and bear shifters when he’s called in by local rangers to investigate the slaughter of animals. Chased behind the wall protecting Bear Mountain, he suddenly finds himself unable to leave—and unable to stop thinking about the bear who saved him from the wolves.

Exiled, Penn McCreary doesn’t live by rules. He remains close to watch over his brothers and keep the younger boys safe from the threat just outside the farm. That puts him in the right place at the right time. Playing the hero isn’t Penn’s normal MO, but he can’t ignore his mate in danger.

Penn doesn’t take the answer no very well. Wade will be his, by whatever means necessary.

Rules are all Staff Sergeant Malachi MacGregor knows. When he arrives in the valley and comes face to face with the rule breaker and the human, sparks fly. Will the grizzly shifter finally teach Penn a little discipline?


Jared turned to leave. Finally.
Before Jared climbed back into his ATV they’d used to get to the cabin, he paused and scented the air.
“I can smell you, Penn,” Jared said into the wind. “Leave him be. He’s still in shock.”
Penn didn’t answer. He couldn’t. There was no way he’d listen to Jared’s advice. Wade needed him as much as Penn needed the human. There was no way Penn was going to let the warden be alone right now.
Jared hovered nearby, not leaving. Finally he seemed to give up and climbed back into the ATV and headed back down to the base of the mountain. Once Penn heard the engine’s sound fading away, he shifted and emerged from the tall pines that had hidden him.
He stood under the full moon and stared at the cabin. His body pulsed with life, his cock rock hard and ready to claim his human.
Penn walked across the small green space before the cabin and climbed the handful of stairs to the narrow porch. A breeze blew past, propelling the two whitewashed rocking chairs into motion. Penn lifted his hand to the door. Before he could knock, it swept open.
Wade stood there.
Penn closed the gap between them and dragged the human into his arms. Their mouths clashed as Penn let go of his control. He felt the bear within nipping at his heels, prodding him to claim the man as his. He swept his tongue into Wade’s welcoming mouth, tasting. He delved deeper, feeding from the man’s lips as he clutched Wade ever closer.
Their bodies melted into one. Flesh met flesh. After urging Wade deeper into the cabin, Penn kicked the door shut, sealing them inside the cabin.
He splayed his palms out, trying to touch every inch of bare skin he could reach. Penn’s mind spun, a whirlwind of need, yearning, and the desire to connect to another in a way he’d thought impossible.
Penn could feel the brush of Wade’s hard shaft against his leg, and was thankful to sense the need coming off the human in waves. Wade was as lost to the lust as Penn was.
He backed the man up to the large bed dominating the room, continuing to devour Wade’s mouth. Wade’s fingers caressed him, fingertips digging into Penn’s flesh. The touches bordered on painful, the pleasure lingering within. Penn gripped Wade’s hips, rolling his hips against the man’s pelvis.
Letting Wade feel his need.
Wade tore his lips from Penn’s. “How do we do this?”

Penn drew back and stared down at the human. “My cock… your cock… they fill holes.”

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Coming Soon to Bear Mountain

Mated to Two Bears, Bear Mountain 13 releases tomorrow -- and then I was coming to Ronan's story in book 14 next...

And then I thought that was where Bear Mountain was going to end.

I absolutely ADORE this series and have had so much fun writing it.  I've enjoyed the readers who've been along for this journey and said, if I could find a way to extend the story NATURALLY, I would.

But who wants to read a series that is just beaten and tired?  I wouldn't, so the hell if I'd deliver books to you guys I wouldn't want to read.

No new ideas were coming, so I really felt like the series was coming to a natural end with Ronan.

Mated to Two Bears went off script along the way.  It changed dramatically from the loose outline I'd written and ended up in a spot I hadn't imagined.  I really like where it headed.  Sometimes those tangents can be evil and lead you to a brick wall and I almost thought this one had at one point until I realized a timeline adjustment and the moving of many (many *sob*) chapters around would fix it all.

I was very happy with the final product.

Then, someone read an ARC (an advance reading copy) of Mated to Two Bears and asked a question about a mini plot hole I'd left dangling.

Oh no!  A mini-plot hole?  The fuckery of it all!

And then an answer slammed into my head that was so easy a fix and so right for the series and so, so very exciting for me as a writer.

The way I plugged that hole -- it opens the door for a whole new bunch of shifters to come to Bear Mountain... new potential obstacles... new potential villains... 

I can't say too much about the new idea without giving away a little bit of spoilage AND because the ideas are still fresh in my mind and in need of fleshing out.

For those of you about to read Mated to Two Bears, you'll get a hint of the new idea when you get near the end.  

I'm EXCITED by this turn and love that it just feels right to the series.  It keeps things fresh and new and interesting...  without beating a dead horse.

I can't say for certain how many books this will add to the series, but I am comfortable suggesting there could be upwards of at least three to four more on top of the original fourteen planned.

The only issue I have is this... these stories might bump Ronan's back.  But since his mates are off at med school, perhaps that fits, too -- but at the same time, I'm kind of ready for Ronan's HEA to happen and wrap up the McCreary stories.

So Ronan might NOT be book 14 after all.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Guest Author - Yuki Edo and Special Delivery

Welcome Yuki Edo back to my blog!  She's here today to share a piece of her latest release, Spacial Delivery, the second installment of the Sakura Towers series.

Welcome to Sakura Towers, where fantasies come to life.
Ryu has been delivering packages to Ichiro for months now, and he’s finally worked up the courage to flirt more openly with the warm and friendly older man. A chance meeting escalates their relationship, and soon Ryu is living out his fantasies of having Ichiro in his arms.

They come from different backgrounds, and their schedules are often in conflict. Ryu worries about these issues, though Ichiro shrugs them off. Can they turn this relationship into more than just sex, or will it only be a short-lived fantasy? 


Ichiro kept glancing at his phone toward the end of the workday. He’d signed up to receive text alerts on all of his recent orders so he didn’t miss any of them. He felt a little silly since Ryu almost always arrived at least an hour after he’d gotten home for the day. Ichiro wondered about that. He’d been at the end of Ryu’s route when he was in his other apartment, but wasn’t it the same route? Had it changed recently? Or did Ryu purposely leave him until last? He shook his head and laughed at himself.
You’ve been reading too many manga. He told himself not to jump to any conclusions. Yes, he was making extra effort to be home because his last two conversations with Ryu had given him hope the handsome younger man might be interested in him. But he didn’t need to get his hopes up. He couldn’t exactly prove that Ryu was making any special efforts, could he? Not unless he came right out and asked. And he’d likely make a complete fool of himself if he did.
Of course, there was also the chance that asking the question would spur Ryu to action. Just imagining Ryu pushing him into his penthouse and pinning him to the nearest wall made Ichiro anxious to be home. He adjusted his pants under his desk, glad he’d closed his door. He’d jerked off in the shower two nights ago after seeing Ryu in the coffee shop. If this were a manga, wouldn’t that be fate at work? He liked to think so even as he chastised himself for viewing the real world that way. That chance encounter could have been the universe making up for keeping them apart earlier in the day.
He laughed at himself again and got back to work, scheduling meetings and returning phone calls. He left a few minutes early, again checking his phone repeatedly. His new coffee table showed a status of being “out for delivery”, meaning Ryu was driving it around that very moment. He drove a little faster than usual, and he swung into his parking space under Sakura Towers in record time. He made his way upstairs quickly and only gave nodding acknowledgments to those he passed. He kept his phone in his hand, trying to look as busy as possible so no one would stop him. Several current and former colleagues lived in the building, and he didn’t want to get trapped in a conversation.
He kept an eye on his phone as he freshened up and then cleaned up the main room a little bit. As he ran a lint brush over the couch, he imagined himself lying on it with Ryu on top of him. If something sparked between them, how long might it last? Ryu had to be at least a decade younger than Ichiro was, so he might not be ready to settle down yet. At least Ichiro now knew he liked men and wasn’t ashamed of it. If he’d lived with a boyfriend before, then he wouldn’t want to hide what was happening between them. Ichiro paused and straightened up. Unless their age difference would matter—would Ryu only be interested in a physical relationship? Would he think Ichiro only wanted sex? Ichiro’s last serious relationship had ended because they’d wanted different things and hadn’t communicated properly. He didn’t want to overthink this, but he couldn’t deny the facts. They were in different places in life. Anything beyond sex would take a lot of work.
The intercom buzzed, and Ichiro practically dove for it. “Yes?”
“It’s Ryu.”
“Great. Come on up.” He hit the button to allow Ryu access to the penthouse elevator, and then he had to stand there and wait. He tapped his foot and then told himself to stop it. Why couldn’t he go back to being as cool and collected as he’d been before? Seeing Ryu had always been a pleasure, but he’d never been nervous like this.
But that had been before the flirting. Before the look they’d exchanged in the coffee shop. Before Ichiro had touched himself as he imagined Ryu fucking him.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Guest Author: Jayson Jax and Taken by the Caveman

Welcome Jayson Jax to my blog for the very first time.  He's bringing a snippet of his first release, Taken by the Caveman (Caveman Isle, 1).

Since the holiday approaches, my typical Sunday guest is getting this Saturday spot this week instead.  Happy Grilling!

Carter Burke has spent much of his life learning about the past. Specifically, the Paleolithic Man. When an amazing opportunity for research crosses his path, he can’t say no. 

Once on Sir Ian Gallagher’s Caribbean island, he learns the opportunity isn’t quite what he expected. 

Sir Ian is a modern day Moreau, but instead of deadly genetic experiments on animals, Sir Ian has focused his attentions on the caveman. 

Tossed into a caveman’s habitat, Carter must defend himself against the lusts the lonely caveman has—only to find he must fight his own as well. 

The archaic male’s brow ridge wasn’t as pronounced as it should be, either. Carter had seen modern men with ones just as heavy. This male was somewhere between homo idaltu and modern man. His eyes… they were golden in color.  Lighter shades were theorized to have come much, much later in evolution, so once again, the modern parts of him were on display. 

As he met the specimen’s stare, Carter was sure he saw a clarity… an alertness… maybe even an intelligence there that was unexpected.  The prehistoric male didn’t seem to be shocked or scared by Carter’s presence and what had to be odd look from the specimen’s point of view.

Carter was also shocked by the male’s cleanliness.  Where the homo erectus he’d witnessed from the control room appeared filthy, idaltu appeared clean.  His muscled body, face, and hands were dirt-free.  His hair was twisted into tight, neat dreadlocks.  His face even appeared to have been clean-shaven at some point within the last few days.

He wore a tiny scrap of hide over his private areas and had a rope of some kind wrapped over his chest.

Almost ashamed to think it—Carter drew in a breath, shocked by the fact he found the specimen… handsome.

Just as Carter was taking in the sight of the male, he was being observed. 

The idaltu stepped closer.  Carter stepped back.

The primitive man tilted his head, watching Carter closely.  He took another step forward, only to chuckle as Carter stepped back once more.

After narrowing his eyes a moment, the idaltu punched his upper chest with a fist.  “Ma’tic.”

Carter took another step back, but came against the metal door.  The idaltu took advantage, coming within inches of Carter.  He again slapped his chest.  “Ma’tic.”

He then lightly punched Carter in the chest.

Carter frowned, unsure what the male was trying to tell him.

Again, he punched his own chest.  “Ma’tic.”  He then pressed his fist against Carter’s chest, nodding.

His name.  A flood of excitement poured through Carter.  Language was something that generated through a culture.  These specimens wouldn’t have had the means to know an ancient language spoken a hundred and sixty thousand years ago.  Had they made their own within the walls of Sir Ian’s habitat?

Carter pressed his own fist against the male’s chest.  “Ma’tic.”  He then touched his own.  “Carter.”

The idaltu smiled.  He softly touched Carter’s chest.  “Caw-ter”

Ma’tic stepped closer, grasping the front of Carter’s shirt.  The ancient man explored the buttons that lined the front before ripping one off and bringing it to his mouth.  He bit the button before grunting and tossing it over one shoulder.

Before Carter could stop him, Ma’tic ripped his shirt to shreds.

A sliver of fear rose through Carter as he tried to draw what was left of his shirt about him.  While he was doing that, Ma’tic was investigating the clasp on Carter’s jeans.  Ma’tic looked as if he was about to rip the button off.

“No!” Carter cried.

Ma’tic leaned in closer, his head tilting.  “Yes. Mine,” he growled before ripping the riveted button with his bare hands.

Mine. How did Ma’tic know a word in English?  Did he know more? Carter realized there had to be more secrets on this island.

Carter was quickly divested of his clothing.  Left in only his running shoes, socks, and briefs, Carter stood shaking before Ma’tic.

Ma’tic caressed the front of Carter’s shaft through his briefs before lifting his hand to grab the back of Carter’s neck.  “Caw-ter, mine.”  He lowered his head to press his lips to Carter’s.

Dragging Carter against him, Ma’tic held on tight.  His strength was apparent and for some reason… for some insane reason… Carter felt himself excited by it. But that wasn’t the only thing driving Carter insane.  Carter could feel Ma’tic’s erection hard against his stomach.  It throbbed with life, ready to claim what Ma’tic saw was his.
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