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Monday Mancraving -- Sketch Edition

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

NEW RELEASE: A Sheriff for Two Bears (Bear Mountain, 10)

Joshua Running Bear’s life is in turmoil. The thousand-year-old shaman no longer hears the voices of their ancestors, not after his successor is born. He’d expected to die when they no longer had need of him, so he’s surprised when he begins to grow younger by the day. 

But not as surprised as he is when he finds a new mate—and a female bear shifter at that. The closer he tries to get, the more Hannah pushes him away. Not all is as it seems with the shebear, and he’ll soon learn the deep, dark secret she holds close. 

Joshua also feels a pull to the reservation’s sheriff, Mattheu. Mattheu’s not his mate, but there’s something pushing them together. Only adding more craziness to Joshua’s life, a killer is on the hunt for Mattheu. 

Can Joshua keep them safe long enough to claim them both? 



Hannah walked as quickly as her feet would take her from the hall, not even stopping to glance at Joshua.  He was mistaken and the sooner he realized it, the better.  She wasn’t going to give him any indication that she would consider his claim.  He wasn’t her mate and she wasn’t his.


Her heels click-clacked on the pavement as she walked down the narrow walkway outside the door.  She needed to climb inside her car and get as far away from Joshua as possible.

No one will ever want you.

You’re disgusting.

Her father’s voice always loved to show up whenever it wasn’t needed.  She fished inside her shoulder bag for her car keys so she could jump in as soon as she as she arrived.  By the time she’d made it to her vehicle, she still couldn’t find them.  Leaning the bag on the window, she dug inside, her hands shaking. “Damn it!”


The fine hairs on the back of her neck rose.  She recognized who it was without turning around.  After a pause, she continued to dig inside her bag, praying he’d get the hint and go away.

“You can’t simply ignore me after what I announced in there,” Joshua said.

“I can’t?” she asked as she kept on digging, panic setting in.  Where were her darned keys?

She caught a shaking noise from behind her.  She’d recognize that jingle anywhere.  Closing her eyes, she gathered up the courage to turn.

“Lose something?”

Hannah spun and witnessed Joshua holding her keys out with one thick finger. 

Their gazes met, and she felt another sliver of need swim through her veins.  Clenching her teeth, she forced the desire down, refusing to acknowledge it. 

She leaned forward to snag them, but he pulled them away.

“Talk to me,” he whispered.

“I have nothing to say to you.”

That was a lie.  There were so many things she’d love to be able to tell him.  So many things were pent up inside.  Hannah had no one to share with, and a little part of her screamed for Joshua’s attentions.

To have someone to share her fears as well as her dreams.

“I just announced to the entire den that you’re my mate and you have nothing to say to me?”

“Besides the fact you’re insane?  Nope, not one word.  Can I please have my keys?”

Joshua sighed, his shoulder slacking some.  “Why are you so sure I’m wrong?”

No one will ever want you.

You’re disgusting.

“You don’t want me, Joshua.  Your inner wiring is all messed up.  I mean, just look at yourself in the mirror.”  Joshua Running Bear was the oldest bear in Bear Mountain and the den’s shaman.  Up until a few months ago, he looked the part.  His wrinkles had had wrinkles.  Suddenly, his successor was born and Joshua had commenced to age backwards—and quickly.  He now appeared younger than Graham, his grandson and Bear Mountain’s sheriff.

If he was aging backwards, then who knew what else was backwards in the male? 

“Heck, you might be back in diapers in a few weeks as quickly as you’ve been growing younger.”

Joshua frowned.  “I seem to have slowed down.  I look to be about the age I was when I found out I would be the den’s shaman.”

“Did the last shaman grow young?”

“I am the first…”

Hannah frowned.  “But the den is a thousand years old.”

Joshua simply stared at her.  He denied nothing.

“You’re a thousand years old?” she asked.

“I’ve lived a very, very long life.”

“And now you might get a chance to do it all over again,” she said.  “That’s great.”

“Perhaps.  And maybe a chance to find love again.”

Hannah shook her head.  “No.”  She eyed the hand clasping her keys.  “Please.  Just let me go.”

Joshua took a step forward, and she gasped, hugging her shoulder bag before her.

He paused, frowning.  “I would never hurt you, Hannah.”

She tried to breathe through her panic, her heart thundering in her ears.  “Please don’t touch me.”

Joshua took a step back, observing as she endeavored to stop the panic attack from consuming her.  She drew in the deepest breaths she could to ward off the hyperventilating.  When her breathing returned to somewhat normal, she leaned forward and stole her keys from him.

Flipping open the locks, she glared at him.  “You don’t want me, Joshua.  I’m damaged goods.  I can’t be what you want.”

Hannah unlocked her door and slid inside before he had an opportunity to respond.  She placed the key in the ignition and turned the engine over.  As soon as the car started, she hit the gas and put some distance between her and the male who thought to claim her.

No one will ever want me.

I’m disgusting.

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Guest Author - Adam Charles

Please welcome Adam Charles back to my blog -- he's sharing a bit of his new release, Haunt Me Then.

Heath never imagined he would believe in ghosts or live in a haunted house, but that was his reality when James came into his life. He expects James to run when he learns about Malcolm, the man who died there decades ago, but instead James is intrigued. And James’s interest leads to a confession from Malcolm that makes Heath question how he really feels about his spectral roommate. As they all move forward, Heath learns a lot of things about love in ways he never thought possible.

“Let me in!”
Heath nearly jumped out of his chair and dropped his book when he heard the howling cry and the rattling of the windows. He briefly wondered if it was just his overactive imagination, set off by the storm and Wuthering Heights.
The rattle came again. “It’s so cold. Let me in!”
Heath glanced over at the French door and saw a shadow outlined against the curtain. Was he going to see Cathy’s ghost when he pulled it back? He also had a brief vision in his mind of a wide-eyed Kate Bush turning cartwheels on his lawn, but he shook that away. The voice sounded male.
Picking up his book and setting it aside, Heath rose and opened the curtains to find a soaked young man in water-spattered glasses standing there.
“Come on! Open the door!” the guy said.
Heath obeyed, even though he didn’t recognize the man. He knew it was a bad idea, but this guy was much smaller than he was, plus his handgun was just a few feet away in the bottom desk drawer. He’d also been assured that he’d always be safe in the house, though he’d never had a chance to see any proof of that.
“What is your problem, Alan? Didn’t you hear the doorbell?” the young man said as he rushed in and started shaking water everywhere.
“Well, I’m not Alan, to start with. And my doorbell is broken.”
The young man hastily wiped his glasses and put them back on. “Oh.” He turned red and stood there with his mouth open.
“You mean Alan Hathaway, right? He’s the next turn off from the main road. The one with the big rock by it.”
“Yeah, he’s my brother. My car broke down, and I got turned around in the rain.”
“Did he know you were coming? He’s out of town on some business trip. I’ve been feeding his cat.”
“He’s not there? Shit.”
“What happened to your car?”
“I don’t know. It just quit in the middle of the road. I got it onto the shoulder, just barely, and decided to walk. My phone won’t work.”
“It’s the storm. Reception can be iffy on a sunny day.”
The young man cleared his throat. “I’m James, and I’m sorry about this.”
Heath stuck out his hand. “Heath. Nice to meet you.”
They shook, and James seemed to realize he was leaving a puddle.
“Oh fuck, can I use your bathroom?” James asked.
“Sure.” He led him down the hall, turning back to say, “You know, you scared me half to death. I’m rereading Wuthering Heights right now.”
James didn’t seem to understand. “Is it scary? I thought it was a romance.”
“You never read it?”
James shook his head.
“Saw any of the movies?”
He shook his head again.
“Oh. Well, one character is dead, and her ghost appears at the window, asking to be let in and saying she’s cold. There’s a Kate Bush song, too.”
“Kate who?”
Heath turned the bathroom light on and grabbed a towel for James, looking more closely at him. He realized this had to be a younger brother of Alan’s. Much younger. He looked barely twenty-one.
“Never mind. It doesn’t matter.” That put an end to his next conversational topic, mentioning his mother had named him Heathcliff after the hero of the novel that James knew nothing about.
He’s very handsome, came the voice in Heath’s head.
Heath tried his best not to react even as his gaze took in the wet t-shirt clinging to James’s hard, lean body. Heath refused to admit to a belief in ghosts out loud even though he’d been living in a decidedly haunted house for nearly six months. Malcolm couldn’t be anything other than a ghost since Heath refused to believe in demons and there was no way this guy was an angel. Plus, there was a portrait of the supposed scoundrel in the attic with his name on it, and he’d appeared in Heath’s dreams. Heath couldn’t imagine any other entity with the powers to do such a thing, so Malcolm had to be a ghost.
Malcolm spent most of his time trying to get Heath to either jerk off or find them a “playmate”. Heath had never imagined any living person could be so horny and oversexed, much less a dead person.
Come on, Heath. Let him stay. He’s looking you over, too, Malcolm said.
James was indeed looking Heath up and down, but he averted his eyes when he was caught. “Sorry about this. Could you maybe drive me over to his place? I think I know where the key is, if he uses the fake rock I gave him, and I can show some ID.”
Heath looked out the window at the end of the hallway. “Yeah, it’s in the fake rock by the backdoor, but it’s a mess out there. You can stay here tonight, and in the morning, I can take you into town to get a tow truck and then drop you back at his place.”
James stopped drying his blond hair and stared. “Really? That’s awful nice of you.”
“Alan has mentioned his brothers, plus you do look a bit like him. And you were so surprised you obviously thought you were in the right place. Our houses do have similar exteriors. They were built around the same time. It’s fine.”
James licked his lips. “Thanks. I appreciate it.”
“No problem.”
“I’ve only been out here once. When Alan moved in.”
“Really, it’s fine. It’s pretty dark out there. I haven’t replaced the outside lights recently. Only one works, so I don’t turn them on much.”
“You should. It’s kind of creepy out here.”
“Yeah, especially when ghostly voices come out of the night,” Heath said with a smile.
James smiled, too. “Guess so.”
Needing a distraction, Heath said, “I’ll grab you some dry things.”
“They might be a bit big.”
Heath shrugged. “I’m sure I have something with a drawstring that won’t fall right off you.” On that note, he hurried to his bedroom.
What are you doing? Get back out there and peel him out of those wet clothes.
Heath closed his door and sighed. In a low voice, he said, “Malcolm, please stop. This is not some date I’ve brought home. This is my neighbor’s brother.”
Then be a gracious host and offer to suck his cock.
“Shut up.”
Heath found a pair of running shorts he’d outgrown and a t-shirt he’d accidentally shrunk when he threw it in the dryer with his jeans. He also grabbed his half full laundry basket.
When he got back to the bathroom, he handed off the dry things and set the basket down. “Here, these should do. Just toss your wet things here. I need to do laundry anyway.” He paused. “But I can start it later if you want to shower.”
James, seemingly not shy in the least, stripped his shirt off and threw it in the basket. “A quick rinse would be great. I feel kind of sticky.”
“It’s the pine trees. Sap gets in the raindrops on the way down.”
“Ah.” James yanked his shoes off and then began on his jeans.
Heath turned away and headed back to his study. “I’ll leave you to it and come grab the basket in a bit.”
“Okay, thanks,” James said.
The door didn’t close for another minute, as if James had finished stripping with it open.
I took a peek into his head. He thinks you’re attractive. You are tall, dark, and handsome, as I keep telling you.
Heath rolled his eyes. “Please don’t do that.”
I’m just saying. He’s thinking about it.
Fucking you. Apparently he dumped some asshole who was cheating a few days ago or something along those lines. He was coming here to get out of the city and forget about his problems.
“Leave him alone. He’s a guest. Going into his head is like going through his luggage.”

Heath felt Malcolm sigh, a sensation that had scared him the first time it had happened. It was sort of like a pressure change in the whole house. Heath sat down in his armchair as he heard the rush of water that meant the shower was running. He expected Malcolm to say something else, but nothing happened. When he heard the water stop, he went and grabbed the basket and took it downstairs to the washing machine.

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Rogue One Misogynistic Fuckery

This post is a bit long winded, but the fuckery going on regarding Rogue One has me overheated a bit. 

I love just about anything Sci-Fi.  As many of you know, I've written a lot of Sci-Fi erotica and erotic romance.

And now, maybe you'll learn why.

Star Wars is the first movie I recall seeing in a movie theater. I was so little, I didn't weigh enough to hold the seat down, so my mom had to put her hand in the middle of the seat so it didn't swallow me whole. I wrapped my little arms and legs around her arms and sat transfixed by the screen. All the lights and sounds and the story -- I was four years old and knew this had to be the best thing in the world. 

 A few years later, I remember standing in line for 3 hours to see Return of the Jedi on opening night. I was a Star Wars junkie at this point, so my single mom had rushed from her job 45 minutes away from home to grab me and drive another 45 minutes to get to a movie theater on opening night. 

 We missed the 7 pm show (you know, back in the day when there was only a 7 and a 9 on any weeknight), so we had to wait for the 9 pm show. A ticket attendant counted bodies in line, and there were only two people behind us. We barely made it in for opening night! I knew in that moment that I had the coolest mom ever. 

This Star Wars poster graces my office wall.
Once the second trilogy came out, I was the mom. I got to take my daughter, who was nearly the same age I was when the original trilogy came out. Of course, I wasn't as thrilled with the new films as much as the originals, but I was still able to share my love of Star Wars with my own kiddo. We watched the originals on video to get her ready for the new ones and for several Christmases -- when the DVDs came out -- we would have Star Wars viewing parties where we would binge watch all of the movies.

There are a lot of wonderful family memories wrapped in the Star Wars franchise.

When I saw the trailer for The Force Awakens, I literally got goosebumps and cried. 


As in ugly cried -- because the vibe from the original trilogy was back. It brought all those amazing moments I shared with my mother -- and then my child. 

I sat in a movie theater, hopeful, tears in my eyes when the opening credits began to roll. The familiar music gave me chills as I sat between my daughter and my mother -- three generations of Star Wars fans. 

Three generations of FEMALE Star Wars fans. 

As a single mother raised by a single mother, I learned early on that men weren't as tough as everybody made them out to be. I also learned that women are badasses. 

Damned right they can lead. 

Rey proved that in December, I'd say. 

And the BILLIONS of dollars the movie made proves that a female can star in a film and be a success.  (Oh the diversity of The Force Awakens!  A woman and a black man LEADING?  How amazing was that shit?)

I can't wait to see ROGUE ONE and I absolutely love that they're finally portraying women as just as strong as they actually are.* 

 I'll be first in line. 

 With my mom and daughter at my side.

So, you hate that women are portrayed as strong characters?  Guess what?  You don't have to go.  We won't miss your misogynistic asses one bit.


*Yes, Leia was ahead of her time, but she was still a product of the 70s patriarchy. She was  still shown as weak and vulnerable and in need of men to come rescue her.  Do we even need to discuss her slave girl costume?

My Coffee Addiction

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


As alpha to the coywolves, Lucas has done everything in his power to keep his struggling bloodline from failing. His entire focus has always been the betterment of his people, often putting them before himself. When he finally achieves legitimacy and a place for the coywolves in the senate, he also makes a demand for himself—the one and only male who’s made him burn.

Duty has always been Jakob’s focus. He’s been captain of the king’s guard for centuries. His oath is all, but the temptation that Lucas presents makes him doubt everything. He refuses Lucas, unwilling to break the pledge he made to his king.

When King Eirik grants Lucas’ claim on Jakob, a war begins between the two. Without his duty and service, Jakob loses sight of who he is and he refuses to surrender to the dominant alpha forcing him down a new path.

Can the two find a way to have a future together, or will the human who enters their lives tear them apart?


A month ago, Lucas had agreed to lead the coywolves into battle for their would-be king. The senate had refused their bloodline for many decades, calling it unclean because of the mixing of coyote and wolf, yet who had Eirik turned to when he’d needed help reclaiming his throne from the Hokkaido?
The king had needed an army, and the coywolves had needed legitimacy.
And Lucas had needed something more.
That something more stood at the end of the castle’s hallway, the low light keeping much of his body in shadow. That didn’t impede Lucas’ ability to see all he wanted to, light or no. Like the others of his kind, his eyesight was beyond human.
Lucas let his gaze wander from the top of Jakob’s short dark locks, down his strong chest, and then down farther to the part of Jakob he wanted to learn most. The strong captain of the king’s guard stood tall and proud. Jakob ordered his men about, appearing to be unaware of Lucas’ attentions, so Lucas looked his fill.
After a few more moments, Jakob’s head swung in Lucas’ direction.
He wouldn’t hide back in the shadows any longer, stealing a glance here and there. It was time Jakob faced the inevitable. Lucas strolled out of the doorway and leaned on the cool stone wall and stared. He dared Jakob to look away.
Jakob didn’t.
Heat flooded Lucas’ body as he met that challenging stare.
A swirl of light circled in Jakob’s eyes, proving he felt… something. As the last of Jakob’s men exited, Lucas approached his prey and almost willed the man to run.
A chase would be so much fun.
His coywolf howled within, obviously agreeing.
“Lurking in the halls for a reason?” Jakob asked as Lucas approached.
Lucas drew in a deep breath, fighting for control. That breath didn’t help much as all he smelled was Jakob’s scent. Lucas’ heart beat all the faster for it, his inner beast demanding satisfaction. “I think you know the reason,” Lucas answered.
The swirl of light returned, only to be hidden as Jakob looked away.
“Why have you been avoiding me?” Lucas asked.
“I haven’t,” Jakob lied, staring at the wall across from him.
The low light washed half of Jakob’s handsome face. The other was bathed in shadow, but for the glow of his eyes cast on his cheeks. No matter how Jakob tried to hide his emotions, he couldn’t hide that illumination. Lucas stared at the sharp contours of Jakob’s face, learning each one intimately.
He only wished it could be his fingers… or his tongue… to glide over the lines and tempt that glow to burn in Jakob’s eyes.
Lucas caught his breath, trying to remember what they’d been discussing.
“You haven’t? It’s felt as if you’ve done everything in your power to avoid me, Jakob.”
“I’ve been busy… with the king back in power, we’ve had to improve our security measures. The Hokkaido made a joke of us. We can’t let history repeat itself. Wolf’s Chance won’t fall again.”
“It’s been a month. You couldn’t give me a moment in all that time?”
Jakob’s head spun, the light in his eyes telling. He met Lucas’ stare before he quickly looked away again. “You’ve been busy as well, have you not? Forcing the senate to accept the coywolves as equals must not be easy.”
It hadn’t been. Centuries of bigotry and ignorance wouldn’t be changed in a matter of weeks. They still had an uphill battle, but at least they had a place at the table.
And Lucas had the opportunity to be more than a warm body in Jakob’s bed.
“Having someone close at night might have made all the hard work easier,” Lucas drawled, trying to hide his smile as Jakob’s jaw clenched.
Jakob glanced his way for a moment, but kept it too brief. “I’m sure there are plenty of males willing to find their way into your bed.”
“Yet the one I want ignores me.”
“I am no courtesan,” Jakob answered, his jaw tightening.
Lucas reached out and brushed a few dark locks behind Jakob’s ear. Jakob stiffened and took a step back, his eyes bright with illumination.
“Don’t,” Jakob whispered.
Lucas frowned and tilted his head. “Were we not growing close when you came to Sanctuary?”
Sanctuary was as close to a kingdom as the coywolves had. Built as a wolf preserve to hide their shifter nature to humans, the thousands of acres held a clinic where Lucas and his team of doctors and techs offered medical treatment to the coywolf nation, as well as any natural wolves humans occasionally brought his way. It gave them a place to be free and run away from prying eyes, a place to heal from any wounds. Wolf shifters regenerated quickly, but in severe cases, a shifter needed help to survive. A broken bone could heal wrong if not reset properly. A gunshot wound could heal around the bullet or fragments, potentially making it painful or impossible to shift if they were not removed.
Eirik had needed him to perform surgery on his blood mate—removing the technology the Hokkaido had implanted inside the male. Jakob had come along to protect his king, and while there, Lucas had felt a bond grow with the captain of the guard.
Or maybe… maybe Jakob had been there to tempt Lucas into doing Eirik’s bidding. Now that the king no longer had a need for Lucas, neither did Jakob.
Lucas couldn’t breathe for a moment. Could that be true?
He stared along the profile of Jakob’s face, his stare drawn to the glow. If Jakob felt nothing, that glow wouldn’t be there, would it? Or perhaps it was shame—for having been made to play the whore for the king.
Lucas pushed the thought aside, refusing to think it. What he’d sensed had felt too real for it not to be.
“I appreciate what you did for my king,” Jakob said. “Perhaps I allowed you to become too familiar and that was a mistake.”
A mistake?
Doubt filled Lucas for another split second, but he refused for it to take hold.
This isn’t me. I know what I want. I simply need to take it.
Lucas grabbed Jakob and forced him against the wall. Jakob stared up at him, his eyes widening for a moment… until they quickly grew hooded. The look of lust on the man’s face only fueled Lucas all the more. He lowered his head and captured Jakob’s lips, intent on showing Jakob there was no mistake.
No mistake at all.
Jakob fought him at first. Lucas could feel the man’s hands clawing at his chest, pushing him away, but Lucas refused to give in. He would have what he wanted. One way or another, he would have this male as his. Lucas forced the kiss, seeking entry into Jakob’s mouth, sensing the need for Jakob to give in swirling around them like a cloud.
After a few moments, he won the battle. Jakob opened to him, and Lucas swept his tongue inside. His body shook from the need that had built all these weeks.
The need to claim was strong.
Jakob melting into him only made the need stronger. As his lover yielded, Lucas felt his body harden all the more. Rubbing his denim-covered cock against Jakob’s hip, he knew he was close to coming from just that sensation alone. A kiss and a rub was enough to do him in?
Jakob moaned, his hands sliding up Lucas’ chest. Lucas lowered a hand and cupped Jakob’s cock, approving of the hard flesh he found under the leather there. Jakob wanted him, it was apparent.
So why had the male run from him all these weeks?
Jakob suddenly pushed him away, knocking him into the opposite wall. An instinctive growl came from Lucas’ lips on impact, and he rushed back to his prey and pinned the male against the wall.
“Why do you deny me?”
Jakob’s face contorted in what looked like pain. “I can’t be what you want me to be.”
Lucas frowned. “And what is it you think I want?”
“I have given my life over to my king. It’s not mine to give to you,” Jakob whispered. “And I won’t be just a warm body in your bed for a night or two.”
“And who said I wanted more than that?”
Lucas regretted the words as soon as they left his mouth.
The wounded look in Jakob’s eyes twisted at Lucas’ gut. It also showed Lucas the male had felt their bond. They both knew a handful of screws would never be enough.

An eternity would scarcely suffice.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Guest Author -- April Andrews and A Lesson for the Intern

It’s been just over a month but already Marcus Wells is regretting hiring the nephew of an old friend. Not only is Theo perpetually late and insolent, he’s left Marcus with a raging desire that seems destined to remain unfulfilled.

After yet another complaint about Theo’s behavior, Marcus heads to the younger man’s office to give him a dressing down. Only, he finds Theo doing something that he should not be doing in the office.

Marcus is ready to fire Theo there and then…until he sees exactly what Theo is watching on his computer screen and realizes that Theo doesn’t need to be fired at all. He needs to be taught a lesson, and by a man who knows exactly how to do so.


To say that Marcus was shocked would be an understatement. He stood there, in the doorway of Theo’s tiny office, taking the scene in, and trying to think of something, anything to say.

Only, he couldn’t.

He was speechless.

Because in that moment Marcus did not think that he had ever seen anything more erotic than what he was seeing now. Theo was sat right there, at his desk, still fully clothed in pants, a white shirt and a purple tie. His chair was pushed back slightly and from the looks of it he had simply unzipped his pants and pulled his cock free. His right hand was wrapped around the root of his cock, slick with pre-cum, catching the light and shining in a way that made Marcus want to fall to his knees and lick up every single drop.

Theo’s eyes were half-closed, his shock of auburn hair falling over his face. His sexy body was tense beyond belief, and it was obvious that the tension wasn’t simply because Marcus had burst in on him. He had clearly been watching something on the computer screen and it had turned him on because his free hand was clenched tight, his lips open on a moan.

He looked beautiful.

Marcus wanted him with a fierceness that was shocking.

His eyes travelled back down to Theo’s throbbing cock—he absolutely couldn’t help it—and he could only gape as he looked at it. It was both long and thick, with slim veins throbbing below the surface. It was only when Theo let out a gasp that Marcus was able to tear his eyes away from the other man’s dick and look up—their gazes colliding.

Something passed between them in that moment. Marcus had no idea what it was, and he grasped the door handle so hard he was surprised the damn thing didn’t simply snap off. He was surprised too when it was Theo that eventually broke the silence.


‘Fuck’ was both an understatement and an exact perfect description of what Marcus wanted to be doing. His cock was rock hard in his pants, and he wanted to wrap his hand around it just like Theo was doing. No, that was a lie, he wanted Theo’s hand around it, Theo’s hand caressing it, he wanted Theo full fucking stop.

Marcus opened his mouth to reply to Theo’s shocked word, to say something, but couldn’t find any words. Instead, he waited, expecting Theo to hurry to cover himself, but the other man seemed frozen on the spot, those ear buds still in, his hand still wrapped around his cock.

“What are you doing in here?” he eventually gasped.

Marcus’ mind cleared enough for him to consider how he should respond to that. The way he saw it he had two choices. He could turn around and go back the way he had come. Pretend that he had not seen what was destined to become the thing he re-played over and over during his night time masturbation sessions. Or, he could stand his ground and deal with the fact that one of his staff thought it okay to jerk off in the office.

The part of him that wanted Theo so bad opted for option one. The other part of him, the boss, the man in charge, knew it had to be option two.

“What am I doing in one of my offices?” he finally said.

Theo shook his head. “I didn’t...I thought everyone had left.”

Marcus arched a brow. “Clearly.”

“This isn’t what it looks like,” Theo said.

Marcus wasn’t even sure how to respond to that apart from the very obvious and so that was the way he went. “It looks like you’re pleasuring yourself,” he said. 

And check out April's previous release, Bend for the Billionaire!

When Ben Carson is fired from his job for a crime he did not commit he decides to go straight to the man at the top to get it back. But that man, billionaire tycoon Reyes Matthews, is not quite what Ben expected. Steely-eyed and with a personality to match, Ben quickly realizes that he may have bitten off slightly more than he can chew…

When Ben bursts into his office—uninvited—Reyes is very, very angry. He has a business empire to run and no time for one man’s problems. Until he gets a good look at Ben that is, and that anger quickly transforms into something else entirely. Lust. Pure and unadulterated.

Reyes wants Ben in his bed and he won’t take no for an answer. But for Ben—who has never wanted another man—Reyes’ intensity is almost more than he can handle. Will he be able to accept Reyes’ demands or will he find that he is unable to bend for the billionaire?


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COMING SOON! Crying Wolf

COMING SOON -- Yes, for reals this time.  
The cooties are (almost) gone and the book is ready!


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