Saturday, December 21, 2013

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Julian McNamara has been living the high life his gambling career afforded him. When he finds out he’s dying, he’s faced with a stark reality and realizes he isn’t the man he wanted to be. In the heat of the moment, he bargains his soul to a smooth-talking demon who offers him ten more years and luck at the gambling table.

Prince Carreau rules the underworld with an iron fist, keeping the demon hordes at bay and forcing peace amongst the demon realms while biding his time to claim his mate. His cousin Olivier wants war, and uses Julian to tempt Carreau into giving in to the darkness.

Carreau is livid when he realizes his mate has sold his soul to Olivier and realizes he needs to find a way to break the contract—before the temptation of Julian’s flesh causes a war of the ages. 

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Olivier moved back to the table and pulled a container of chips from thin air, setting it on the table. Lights flicked on and another spotlighted the table, bathing it in a halo of light. Another set came on and spotlighted Julian and his predicament. Julian clenched his teeth, more humiliation heaped on him. He closed his eyes to the torment, but that only made the sensations from the cock in his ass more focused.

Julian tried to stop it, but his hips moved involuntarily and a moan escaped his lips. His eyes flashed open, and shame hit in a fresh wave. He wasn’t gay. He wasn’t gay.

“Yes, keep telling yourself that, Julian. Maybe you’ll believe it as you’re pumping that cock in and out of your ass shortly,” Olivier called from over his shoulder.

Air wavered beside the table, the space behind it growing blurry. A popping sound echoed through the room, and suddenly a male stood where the blur had been. Not just a man, but the most gorgeous specimen of masculinity Julian had ever laid eyes on. Julian looked his fill, his mouth opening as he perused the male.

Carr stood a few inches taller than Olivier, wearing an ivory tailored suit jacket and slacks. His white button down shirt was opened a few buttons and exposed his smooth, sexy flesh. His skin was deeply tanned, almost golden. It shimmered, a gilded effect that made him appear wrought from gold dust.

His hair was dark chocolate, with soft waves of strands curling around his ears and falling just below the collar of his jacket. Dark brows slashed above his pale eyes and were split by a narrow nose that arrowed down to firm, succulent lips—lips Julian already wanted to taste. He licked his own, wondering how it would feel to be under a male like that. Tall and lean, the man was simply spectacular.

Olivier spun to face Julian, an eyebrow raised. “Yes, Julian, continue to repeat your mantra over and over and over again, as much as you need.”

As soon as Olivier was done, Julian’s gaze drifted back to the specimen of male perfection behind Olivier. Julian was not gay.

But for that man, he might reconsider.

Julian suddenly realized there were two small horns on either side of Carreau’s forehead. Brown in color, they were covered up and blended in with his hair. No bigger than Julian’s thumbs, they were barely noticeable. But they made Julian wake up a little. This was no man he encountered. This was a demon.

And that demon had taken notice of Julian.

The easy unaffectedness Carreau had shown when he arrived dissipated and he changed completely. His shoulders tensed and his body tightened. He was still amazingly handsome, but now there was an air of danger about him that only seemed to ratchet Julian’s desire that much more. Why he would get more tempted was anyone’s guess.

The air itself was fraught with a compelling energy, collected into a ball and filling the room to bursting. Carr’s gaze traveled over Julian’s body. Down to his feet and back up again did Carr’s stare roam, and each second of the perusal made Julian feel hotter and heavier. Heavier because his sac swelled and filled with seed, weighing heftily between his legs.
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