Wednesday, January 31, 2018

New Release: Predator (Project Zed, 6) by Kelex

Project Zed, Book 6

English Edition

After months of being in a coma, Parker awakens chained to a hospital bed, his skin scarred and raw. He’s barely able to look at his own image in a mirror, his body left in a painful ruin by something others call a gift. Parker has no plans to remain in Bear Mountain or help a bunch of freaks win some war he has no part in.

But there’s not much left for him to go home to. With the help of Samuel, he finally realizes the safest place for him is right where he is… and there’s no reason not to try to learn a little control while he’s there… before he burns himself alive.

That control is put to the test as two shifters come into his life. One is quiet and persistent. The other is wild and chaotic. He craves their touch, but refuses it. Now locked in a scarred body, he’s no longer the pretty party boy he’d been before a bolt of lightning carried him to Bear Mountain.

Who would want someone like him, disfigured by the very lightning contained within him?

Confronted with monsters and magic, he has to come to terms with who he is now, learn to accept the image in the mirror, and face a future he’d never have imagined in a million years.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sunday Spotlight - Cree Storm and His Kitten Has Claws

Welcome Cree Storm to Sunday Spotlight.  She's here to share a bit from her recent release, His Kitten Has Claws.

Everyone is lying to Cory and he is getting fed up. Someone was going to tell him the truth or his Kitten was going to come out in full force. He may shift into a house cat, but it was a Main Coon cat, and that was not an animal to mess with.

Jotham had problems within his coven and as Rei it was up to him to fix them. He didn’t have time for his enforcer’s new mate’s best friend’s questions and nosing around.  Intent on getting Cory to leave, Jotham goes to speak with him and is in shock to find that Cory is not only his mate, but he is not all human. He must have him, but Cory doesn’t seem to want anything to do with him or his coven.

Cory needs time to think things through, so he does the one thing that always clears his mind…he shifts and goes for a stroll only to come across men plotting the death of his mate, Jotham, and destruction of the coven. Can Cory put aside his anger, hurt, and distrust to help save his vampire mate?

Jotham’s only concern is for his mate. Because if he can’t find the men bent on destroying his coven, they may not just try to kill him. But his mate as well.


Jotham was amazed at how right it felt holding his mate in his lap. The warmth from Cory heated parts of Jotham that he had not realized were even cold. So when Cory moved to stand, Jotham was more than reluctant to let him go. Who the hell knew when or if he would ever get this chance again.

"Um, you can let me go now," Cory muttered, trying once again to stand.

Jotham tightened his hold. "I know I can. I just don't want to."

Cory looked at him with a bit of annoyance, but Jotham didn't care. What if he let the man go and he never again was given a chance to feel his mate next to his body? If only they were skin to skin. Wait! "How are you not naked?"

Cory's brow rose and a bit of humor glimmered in his eyes, "That's my little secret. Now as nice as this may be, I really would like to stand up right now."

Jotham sighed then his words registered. "You find our touching nice?"

Cory sighed, "Yes, and we can talk about that in the near future, just as a talk Billy and I must have."

"You think!" Billy snapped angrily.

Cory turned to his best friend saying, "Like I said we have a lot to discuss, but it's going to have to wait."

As disinclined as Jotham was to let his mate out of his arms, he also didn't want to piss the man off again and risk losing him. Sighing loudly, Jotham let the man go.

Cory stood then shockingly leaned into Jotham, placed a soft quick kiss to his lips, and patted Jotham's cheek, saying, "We will talk soon."

All Jotham had any ability to do at the moment was nod.

Cory turned to Erik, "Um do you know someone named Novac?"

"Cornelius Novac, yes. Why?" Erik asked

"Well he has been ordered by some really pissed off guy to kill you, Billy, and my mate here," Cory said waving his hand towards Jotham.

“Your mate?” Erik gasped.

Cory rolled his eyes. “That’s what I said now, isn’t it?”

Jotham drew in a sharp breath, just hearing Cory acknowledge they were mates. his brain was completely shutting down. At this moment, there was no one's voice penetrating through as Jotham's gaze zeroed in on his kitten.

"Jotham, snap out of it!" Cory and Erik yelled at once.

Jotham drew in a sharp breath as the room came back into focus. There were a few things he was noticing as it did. One, his mate was hiding behind Billy looking very concerned and two, Erik and men he had no idea had entered his office were holding him back. Hell, some of them were laying on the floor slowly trying to get up. "What──What happened?"

"You woged," Billy said fearfully.

"Woged?" Jotham asked in confusion.

Snorting, Billy replied, "Have you never seen Grimm?"

"Grimm?" Jotham asked even more confused.

Sighing, Billy replied, "Never mind. Just suffice it to say that your eyes went seriously red, you started growing larger, your hands got bigger as your nails sharpened into claws."

"Hell, your ears became pointier than mine do when I shift," Cory said nervously.

"Jotham, are you okay now?" Erik asked without letting him go.

Nodding, Jotham replied, "I have no idea what happened. I've never lost control of my Rei."

"I would say it had something to do with Cory acknowledging your mating status," Erik said quietly in his ear. Then slowly let him go.

Jotham looked at his mate and the fear in his eyes had Jotham feeling shame. He had put that look in his mate's eyes as well as Billy's. "I am so sorry. I have no excuse for my actions."

Cory slowly came from around Billy's back. "No one was harmed." Turning around to the three men that were still rubbing their heads and the one with a torn uniform, Cory said, "Well, no one was killed at least. Scared to the point of pissing themselves, but not dead. So that’s a good thing. Why don't we all sit down so we can talk? Because honestly, I have some important things to inform you all of right now."

Nodding, Jotham took a few in and out breaths, saying, "I'm fine. Everyone that does not belong in here needs to leave now."

Everyone started to leave, except for Andre. "Andre, is there a problem?"

Andre looked a bit uncertain then seemed to straighten to his full six foot six height and walked towards Jotham, "Sir, we need to place a guard on your Amante," tilting his head towards Cory.

Jotham looked at Erik and then back to Andre, "And you know Cory is my Amante how?"

"Permission to speak freely, sir?" Andre formally asked.

"Granted," Jotham answered just as formally.

"When you partially shifted──"

"Woged," Billy muttered.

Andre's lip started to turn up, then he once again regained his composure, "When you woged, you were doing everything you could to not just get to Billy's friend."

"Cory," Cory murmured.

Rolling his eyes, Andre continued, "You not only were doing everything you could to not just get to Cory, but you were trying to kill anyone close to the man. Plus, you know I have beyond excellent hearing, sir. I heard what our enforcer said to you. I must point out that I am not the only one with such hearing and with the way our people talk, word is going to get out about your reaction to Cory. With everything going on and the dangers surrounding us, plus not knowing who is and isn't in on whatever is going on around here, I feel it would be best to begin a security detail on your mate sooner rather than later."

When Jotham hesitated, Andre's frustration broke through his professional stance, "Sir, they already tried to kill Billy once and he is only the enforcer's mate. Cory is the mate of the Rei."

"Whoa! Whoa! What do you mean they tried to kill Billy and what the hell does he mean I'm the mate of the Rei? In case you all have not noticed, Jotham and I have not mated yet!" Cory snapped in confusion.

Jotham sighed, "You're right, Andre. Whether Cory and I have actually mated or not is not going to matter to whomever is behind this coup d'état they are planning. Erik, you and Andre will choose the best guard for my mate. I want someone with him twenty-four hours a day."

"Now just a minute! No one is going to be up my ass every fucking day. No one!" Cory shouted.

Billy giggled, “I beg to differ.”

Cory turned to his best friend, snapping, “Oh ha the fuck ha.” Turning back to Jotham, Cory stated, “I will not have some total stranger standing outside the bathroom when I want to take a piss. I can take care of myself.”

"But you must, Cory. If anyone was to harm you, it could destroy my people. You must be guarded at all times," Jotham argued.

"Cory, he's right. Dimitri was part of a group of vampires in this coven working together to take out the Rei and take over his coven. He killed three men and would have killed me if Erik hadn't gotten to him in time. If they know that you are Jotham's mate—— and after his display moments ago, they will. You will be next on their list," Billy insisted.

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