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Saturday, January 16, 2021

ON SALE - His Stepson Wears Lace

 E-book on sale for 99 cents -- for a limited time!

His Stepson Wears Lace

by Kelex

Amazon/Kindle Unlimited

The first time Jereme Oliver was caught in his mother’s lingerie, it ended up being the most embarrassing and soul-tormenting moment of his life. For several years, he buried his needs and never spoke a word to anyone about his sexuality or fetishes, afraid he would endure more pain and anguish. When he has the house to himself one night while visiting from college, the desire to play dress-up screams in his veins. Thinking he’s safe, he pulls on some of his mother’s lingerie, adds some makeup and one of her wigs, and revels in the image staring back at him in the mirror. 

Nearly a year before, Anson Parker woke up in Vegas, married to a virtual stranger. Instead of annulling the marriage, he attempted to make it work solely on the basis that his new bride drove his controlling father crazy and that alone made him happy. Yet, no matter how much he tried to find a way through, eventually divorce seems like the only answer.

Anson goes home early to make one last-ditch effort and finds his wife finally wearing the gorgeous lingerie he’d bought her several months before. He knows that sex can’t be the only basis of a healthy relationship, but he can’t contain his lust when he sees her decked out in all that silk and lace. He sidles up behind her—hungry, hard, and ready.

After a line is crossed, he realizes it’s his stepson… not his wife… and both their worlds are turned upside down forevermore.


Be prepared for a sexy crossdresser, his loving daddy, and a little touch of BDSM in the mix -- this 49,000+ word Daddy Kink book is a mix of heat and loving romance!


Friday, January 15, 2021

Snow Place Like Home by Kelex

I haven't been doing a great job of updating info on my site here... I had a new release on January 1st and didn't even post it!

Better late than never, right? I must do better this year. 



by Kelex

After fate cock-blocks Ezra Taylor in the worst way possible on New Year’s Eve, he sprints home in shame. Ever the introvert, he had no business being out on that particular night, anyway. That’s what he gets for trying to be the good guy and help his suddenly single best friend make it through the holidays.

But fate proves that it’s not quite done with him when the source of his embarrassment becomes his new downstairs neighbor. Suddenly, home isn’t the haven it’s always been.

Luckily, Lincoln doesn’t seem to remember Ezra.

Or does he?


If you adore sexy men in lingerie and the daddies who love them, this might be the novella for you! Sweet with lots of heat...

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