Friday, October 11, 2013

Coming Soon! Best LIttle Whorehouse on Planet X

Coming October 21st!  Those of you who've read the final Slave World book will remember Kazru's whorehouse.  Hidden up on the top floor, Kazru was keeping a Shifter treasure stashed away -- the deposed prince.  After the world had been overthrown, Kazru had taken it upon himself to save a young Agarri and keep him safe, all thanks to a Shifter prophecy.

Agarri, the Shapeshifter Prince, has been in hiding for several years after the Xakarrian Army invaded and overthrew his father.  Awaiting the prophesied triad of males who would come find him, the soft prince was shuttered away on the top floor of Kazru’s whorehouse, where no one would think to look for him.

Exiled Shapeshifter Warriors Drayden, Irylan, and Bayjin come for Agarri after the prince haunts their dreams and begs them to save him.  They take the virgin prince and escape to their hidden base, where they claim Agarri as their own.

Finding strength in his warriors, Agarri is ready to help bring his people together to retake their world.
This story is a little different than most of the others I've written.  The prince is quite effeminate in the beginning of the story.  After years of being catered to and treated like glass, he's softer than most males.  He willingly lies with the males of prophecy because he truly believes the males are his fated lovers.  Agarri truly starts to come out of his shell after his Kannomite warriors come for him.  Through their strength, Agarri starts to find a glimmer of his own.
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