Tuesday, October 8, 2013

TRIPP IS HERE!! The wait is over...

Tripp's Claiming is now available on All Romance and Smashwords, and should be up and ready on Amazon within the next 24 hours.  **UPDATE** the Amazon link is listed below.

The long wait is over -- sorry to have stretched this one out, but the planets didn't align correctly to get it out sooner.


Tripp is the quintessential Federated Navy screw-up. He reveled in sharing his body as often as possible, only to keep himself numb to the expectations everyone had of him thanks to his famous father. Years of sexual excesses have made him jaded and love doesn’t even enter the equation, at least not for him.

When he and his fellow crew members crash land on an alien world, he’s abducted and nearly killed by a harsh enemy. Another race on the planet holds the key to his survival, but only if he succumbs. Sex is easy. Tripp submits without second thought.

Offering only his body isn’t enough for his Shadow masters. They want his mind, body, and soul — and eventually his love.
Tripp isn’t willing to give them everything without a fight.

His masters are prepared to wage war to get what they want.

Terror crept into his mind, but he watched the male before him and tried to focus on him and let his memories pass. When his heart slowed, he swallowed roughly. Gregan’s intent stare saw too much, and Tripp didn’t want to be flayed open to the alien. Tripp tried to turn his head to stop from staring into the male’s eyes, but the collar didn’t allow it. Anger rushed into him as he pulled at the straps. “Will you get me out of this damned thing?”

“No. You’ll need to grow accustomed to being bound at all times. No point in freeing you now.”

“I can’t move my head,” Tripp spat.

“And why do you need to do that?” Gregan asked.

“So I can argue with you properly. I don’t appreciate having to face the table.”

Gregan spanked Tripp hard. “There’s no reason to argue. You’re ours. End of story.”

Tripp struggled to get to his knees and then used every ounce of strength he had to pull his upper body up without the use of his hands. He then turned to stare at Gregan, pissed off and ready to fight. But once he got a good look at the male, his mind turned to other things.

In his haze, Tripp hadn’t noticed how incredibly sexy the alien was. A little of the fight left Tripp as his gaze took in everything, from the male’s jet black short hair, to his massive torso and arms, to his huge cock still jutting out before him from between the vee left from his opened leather pants to his powerfully long legs. When Tripp’s gaze landed back on the male’s face, he noted with disgust that even the thin, long scar down one eye was hot as hell. “I won’t be shackled like this forever.”

“Yes, you will. It may not be that same bond, but you will be bound and ready for your masters whenever we choose.”

Tripp frowned. He liked sex, sure, but this was over and above anything he’d ever envisioned. A little tie-me-up was fun every so often, but this alien was crossing a line. “What about my choice?”

“Your will bends to ours. We will provide for all your needs in exchange for the use of your body.”

Tripp laughed. “Okay, the game’s been played long enough. Let me out of this thing.”

Gregan stepped closer and yanked on the collar and cuffs. “This is who you are now. Your ship crashed here, and you’re stuck on this world, a world filled with dangers. We can protect you from those dangers. At a price.”

“And what is this price?” Tripp asked on a whisper.

“Your full submission.”

Tripp sucked in a breath. “I will not yield.”

“You already have.” Gregan snatched a strip of leather from his pocket. He grasped the collar and attached the leather to a metal ring on the front and dragged Tripp off the table. Tripp’s body was weak, his legs shaking as he stood, trying to look unafraid.
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