Sunday, August 11, 2013

Up Next -- Theo's Wolf

I've already begun Theo's Wolf and hope to have it completed within the next two weeks and off to editing, if not sooner.

I'm already about 1/3 of the way in, setting up the shift from Rafe's story into Theo's.  I wrote a heartbreaking intro into Theo's world of cat shifters that I really love, showing where Theo has come from so readers can fall in love with him.

A panther surrounded by lions, he's the "black sheep" of the family.  His close relatives love him, but the rest of the pride, not so much--he's different.  Panthers are typically a solitary, lone hunter in the wild, so Theo's got that ingrained in him very much.

Yet he can't ignore the draw he feels to Mitch.

And Mitch can't keep ignoring his attraction to Theo, either, no matter how much he wants to fight it.

I can't wait for you all to read it and to let me know what you think of the pride alpha, Aris.  I think I've fallen head over heels for him.  I just may have to go in that direction really soon.

But before I go there, we still have Bears in Bondage to finish up, then Tripp's story, and I have another short series I want to do that I'm keeping under wraps.  For now, all I'll share is BLWOPX.  It's coming, though :) 

Of course, once Theo is done, Paul will be coming in what is slated to be the last wolf story of this series. Tristan's Wolf is slated for a September release.

(A little insider whisper -- there may be a fifth book in this series coming.  My brain is churning with an idea for White Wolf, who will make an appearance in Mitch and Paul's stories.  A hot, half Native American Werewolf?  Sounds intriguing and not sure I can stay away from that deliciousness.)

I've got a so many ideas for series in the works, so there's no end in sight for the future.  Keep an eye out for what's coming next!
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