Friday, October 31, 2014


Happy Halloween All!

I went checking out Halloween costumes and found some interesting ones...  thought I'd share a few here.

This one made me chuckle... Not sure it's funny or so totally cheesy... But who doesn't like a nice hose?

The Phantom... stereotypical to a point... but look at those abs!

Arrest me!

Now here we go... That's a costume I can approve of!  (And the man in it, too)

Supposedly this is a costume.  Of what, I do not know.  But, um, who cares?

Thursday, October 30, 2014

NEW RELEASE: The Dungeon, Le Cachot Level Four

Creigh and Gabriel are back for another story, this one with a twist never seen in the series!

The two continue their trek through Le Cachot, but start the story with an impediment -- Creigh has convinced Gabriel to get his cock pierced along with Creigh.

The two then have to table their desires as they heal -- only they can't wait too long.  But the slow down causes them to find intimacies elsewhere and gives their fledgling romance time to ignite.

Once they're finally free to fuck their bunny brains out, they're in for the shock of their lives and their world is turned upside down.

Will they survive the chaos unleashed?


Friday, October 24, 2014

Guest Author -- Victoria Vallo and His Bounty

Daniel works long hours cleaning his master’s house, telling himself his lot is better than that of other enslaved humans, who are used for sex or made to endure hard labor until they drop. He’s deemed neither attractive enough nor strong enough to fetch a good price, so his master tolerates him as a house servant. When a human bounty hunter takes a liking to Daniel at one of the auctions, his master sells him without a moment’s hesitation. His fate forever changed, Daniel is handed over to a man who has made it very clear that he expects pleasure and complete submission from his new acquisition…
But the bounty hunter has a secret, and it’s going to change both their lives forever.


Daniel fired but missed. Gaelen fired as well, and the animal roared in pain. Daniel tripped on a rock, and the large cat landed partially on top of him. It dug its claws into his leg, and they both screamed. The animal’s cry made Daniel’s head pound. A flash of movement caught his eye, and blood splashed on his face. He blinked and saw that Gaelen had sunk his blade into the animal’s neck. Gaelen twisted the blade and then removed it before shifting to free Daniel from those claws. Daniel cried out as four spots of pain blossomed anew on his leg.

Gaelen kicked the creature away and then glared down at Daniel. “Fucking idiot,” he said, bending and tossing Daniel over his shoulder without ceremony. He clamped a hand around the wound, which hurt, but Daniel knew he’d done it to stop the bleeding. Gaelen carried Daniel all the way back to the ship, almost two miles. He put Daniel down on a long table in a small room Daniel had never noticed before and gave him a thick rag. “Hold it on your leg. Bleeding’s almost stopped.” He left the room without another word.

About five minutes later, Daniel felt the ship taking off. Another five minutes passed before Gaelen returned. “I scanned the canyon. There was a ship, too small to be ours. And lots of those creatures. We’ll move on.”

As he spoke, he didn’t look at Daniel’s face. He yanked Daniel’s boots and pants off and examined the injury. He sprayed something on the wounds, which began to leak pus. But Gaelen cleaned each wound thoroughly, not seeming bothered by the messy task, and then he began to wrap it up. He then pulled Daniel’s shirt over his head and began inspecting him for other injuries. Daniel sat there, naked, wishing the other man would say something.

Gaelen finally leaned against the table. “Another few inches, and that claw could’ve ripped your gut open.” He met Daniel’s gaze at last. “I couldn’t have fixed that. I would’ve had to run for help and just hope we’d get to you before more creatures smelled the blood. The villagers might’ve even refused to come.”

“I couldn’t leave you.” Daniel sat up a little straighter. “I didn’t do anything wrong!”

“You’ve never had to defend yourself before, never had to fight. You could’ve been killed!”

Daniel glared right back at Gaelen. “Don’t yell at me just because it scared you. Seeing you facing that thing scared me too.” Daniel had done lots of things to Gaelen in bed the past few days, but he’d never been that aggressive. Now, he grabbed Gaelen by the hair and yanked him close, crushing their lips together. He pulled harder when Gaelen tried to get away, and soon the kiss went molten, the heat between them exploding. Gaelen pushed Daniel down onto the table roughly, fondling Daniel everywhere with one hand while freeing his own cock with the other. He brought Daniel’s face to the edge of the table and fucked his mouth, his hand on Daniel’s neck firm and possessive.

Daniel gagged but took all he was given. He spread his legs in encouragement, and he moaned when Gaelen’s fingers slid into him. Without lube, the invasion was rough and painful, but on some level Daniel needed that right now, felt Gaelen needed it too. Daniel stroked himself, squeezing his balls and clenching around Gaelen’s fingers. Daniel cried out when Gaelen bent to suck him as well. He nearly exploded, but held back so they could come together. The desire to be fucked took over, and Daniel popped off Gaelen’s cock.

“Fuck me! You know you want it.” He circled his tongue around the head of Gaelen’s cock. “Want it bad. I can taste it on you.”

Gaelen grunted and pulled away, first moving Daniel’s legs off the table and then turning him to his stomach. He bent and licked Daniel’s hole, spitting a large amount of saliva into him as he inched back. He held Daniel’s thighs in his hands, making it impossible for Daniel to do anything but hold on to the other side of the table, and then entered him without further prep.

The saliva lubed Daniel just enough to keep him from screaming in pain. The invasion hurt at first, a lot, but then the head of Gaelen’s cock found his prostate, hitting it just right, as always. Then that familiar slow burn of pleasure-pain began, and his balls ached from the weight of the seed in them.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

COMING SOON - The Dungeon Level Four 10/29/14

Next Wednesday The Dungeon returns!  This story is a real departure from the last with a twist my muse demanded.

I won't go into much detail as to not give the story away -- but Gabriel and Creigh's attempt to gain entry into Level Four will be something the two never forget!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Musing Monday (Slightly NSFW)

So, it's Tuesday, not Monday.


Yesterday was my birthday, so the day sort of got away from me.

So here's a quick something special to make your day.

Friday, October 17, 2014

To Dub Con or to Not Dub Con... (NSFW)

One of my greatest pleasures is writing dubcon -- or dubious consent.  It's a murky gray area that many of the Amazon police call rape.

I disagree. 

To a point.

Have I seen dubcon go wrong and become rapey?  YES.  I've even went wrong in one of my stories and had Amazon pull books because the line was too close.  It's where the muse led me and I went there.  Looking back, I should've pulled back a little in those two titles and I fully admit that now.

Consent is a fine line, and I think there are merits to forced seduction. 

No means NO.  I get that.  Totally. 

But this is fiction.  Erotic fiction.  And exploring a FICTIONAL CHARECTER having their limits pushed, roughly, when they fight against the push is quite simply hot.

Would I force myself on a man who said no?  No.  Would I condone any of my readers doing the same thing?  No.  If he (or she) says no, then it's a no. PERIOD.

But what if a man says he's straight, yet his body responds to another man's caress?  He quickly pulls away and says he's not gay and loves women, yet his cock is hard, tenting his pants?

There's no way my alpha male heroes would walk away from that.

They'd push.  Get more reaction.  Make that straight boy come so hard he didn't know what hit him.  Maybe throw in some bondage action so the hero can make him come again and again and blow his everloving mind.

Forced seduction is hot.  Dubcon, when done right, can be hot.

And let's get to the main point here -- as long as we're all consenting adults, we should be able to read whatever the fuck we want to read. 

You don't see the Amazon police pulling books about serial killers because it might give budding serial killers ideas.

If dubcon isn't your cup of tea -- don't buy it.  We are a free country.  Let's stop the Amazon policing of books and censorship of authors.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Guest Author - Yuki Edo

Welcome Yuki Edo!  She is sharing her new release, Foxfire, the first book in her Nine Tails M/M kitsune series.

Hiro didn’t think anything could amaze him more than his brother’s revelation that their family’s prosperity comes from the favor of the kami Inari. Yet Hiro soon learns that Inari’s kitsune, fox spirits who act as messengers, watch over his family in exchange for yearly tribute—and this year, Hiro has been requested as an offering by one of the mysterious fox spirits. Hiro’s brother takes him to a strange mansion one night, and Hiro is left at the mercy of Masaki Kitamura, who has yet to reveal what he has planned for his young visitor…


Hiro sat in the back of the Rolls Royce Phantom beside his brother, very comfortable, yet at the same time not feeling quite at ease. Sending the fancy, chauffeur-driven car to pick them up seemed over the top to Hiro. Despite feeling that way, he ran his hand over the leather seat again. While he appreciated the special treatment, he imagined Mr. Kitamura had done it to show off.

He bought your art and obviously wants more. Don’t mess this up. Rich guys like to show off. You can deal. He glanced at Akira, who hadn’t even blinked when the driver had arrived and immediately taken Hiro’s bags and his portfolio and placed them in the trunk. “Where does this guy live? We’ve been driving a long time.”

“Far outside the city. A private estate.”

Of course. Hiro looked out the window, though it was already dark and there was little to see. They slowed soon after, turning down a narrow road, and he tried to see where they were. They came to a complete stop about a mile later. When they moved again, the car passed through a large wrought iron gate. The estate seemed to be surrounded by a very tall stone wall, and blue flames adorned the pillars on each side of the gate. Hiro stared, trying to see the source of the colored flames. It had to be gas, but the orb-like flames seemed to hover just above the pillars. He blinked to clear his eyes of the afterimages and sat back.

Blossoming cherry trees lined the drive, but the rest of the land within sight was open space covered in recently mown grass. Petals of various shades littered the drive and the area surrounding each sakura. More pillars topped by flames dotted the area. They looked eerie somehow, now that he really studied them. The house soon came into view, set back against what looked to be a dark, thick forest. The design was simple, everything made of plain gray stones, but the structure itself was huge and seemed to go on forever in each direction. It had a slanted roof covered in dark shingles, and it reminded Hiro of houses he’d seen in British period dramas.

Once they’d stopped, Akira let himself out of the car, so Hiro followed. The chauffeur took his luggage and moved to a side door while Akira mounted the many steps that led to the main door, a heavy slab of oak covered in carvings. Hiro didn’t like being parted from his portfolio, but he didn’t say anything. He examined the carvings on the door as Akira reached for a chain and rang the bell. Hiro faintly heard a gong sound inside the house. The door took his breath away, the carvings seeming to tell an intricate story. He saw a tall figure and a nine-tailed fox together, and as the panels progressed, he saw that the fox’s tails had been cut off by the other figure. Nine smaller foxes ran away, scattering.

This guy likes foxes. Hiro had given Akira’s tale a lot of thought. Why would his brother make up such a weird story? It made no sense. Hiro’s stomach flipped as he looked at the door and then glanced back at the pillars on the lawn. Foxfire could be blue, couldn’t it? He shook the thought away. The setting seemed right for a supernatural event, but gods weren’t real. Neither were kitsune. He took a deep breath as the door opened, telling himself to stop letting his imagination run away with him.

They walked into the large entryway, but Hiro only made it one step past the threshold. Sitting at the bottom of a large staircase in the candlelit foyer was a giant white fox, which towered above them even in a sitting position. It sat calmly with its bushy tail curled around itself and watched them. Akira kept walking, but Hiro grabbed him.

“This isn’t funny! What’s going on?” The creature was bigger than a tiger or a bear, bigger than any animal he’d ever seen.

Akira smiled faintly. “I told you what’s going on, but you didn’t believe me. Now, the proof is before your eyes.”

“That … that thing looks like it wants dinner, not a painting.” Hiro raised his eyes once more. The fox gazed at him, one ear twitching slightly. That mouth looked big enough to chomp him in half.

“He won’t harm you. I swear it. He’s our benefactor and protector, and you’re being rude.”

Hiro kept squeezing his brother’s arm, unable to look away from the fox. Rude? How could anyone act normally after seeing something like the monster Akira tried to pull him toward? It was beautiful, but nothing so large could be anything but terrifying. The fox stood and took two steps forward, and Akira yanked Hiro toward it, the doors behind them slamming shut as soon as he was completely past the threshold.

“Forgive him, please. I told him everything, but he didn’t believe me.” Akira went down on one knee, jerking on Hiro’s arm and making him do the same. Then Akira bowed his head. “Your tribute, great Masaki.”

Hiro still stared at the fox, its large black eyes mesmerizing him. The fox bowed its head as well in acknowledgment. Despite himself, Hiro started shaking, and the creature noted this, a sound almost like a whine coming from it.

And it vanished. Hiro blinked, and in the fox’s place stood a handsome man in an expensive navy blue suit. He had shoulder-length, dark brown hair and piercing brown eyes. He sported a short, well-trimmed beard, which highlighted strong cheekbones. He licked his lips as he stepped forward, and Hiro fought his attraction, just as he always did when he saw any good-looking man. Shame filled him as he imagined what that broad-shouldered body looked like without a suit covering it.

The man bowed low to Akira and gestured for him to rise. Then he extended his hand to Hiro, who had no choice but to take it. He’d already been rude enough, but he told himself he had good reason. The hand felt human enough, yet Hiro could not forget the giant fox.

“I frightened you. Please forgive me,” Masaki said. “It’s tradition, something you will soon see is important to everything here.”

Hiro pulled away as soon as he was on his feet. The man’s hand was too warm, too soft and strong. “I don’t understand.”

Masaki smiled. “I’m Masaki Kitamura, and everything your brother told you is true. I’m a fox spirit, but I promise to stay in human form if that frightens you.”

Just thinking about it frightened Hiro. He backed away, his resolve to go through with the arrangement evaporating. “I’ve changed my mind. This is just too weird. Pick something else. We’ll get it for you.” Hiro turned and made for the door, yanking on the knob but finding the door locked. He pulled and pulled, searching for a way to get out. There was no keyhole, no lock of any kind. He rested his head against the wood, his heart racing as panic took over.

Wake up. Wake up. Wake up! This has to be a dream!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

OUT NOW! The Barbarian Book TWO -- Ezek's Story

It's here!  The Barbarian Book Two is OUT NOW!

Newly appointed General of the Jenai Eastern Forces, Ezek looks north, ready to add more to the Jenai’s widening borders. In order to capture the City of Moffea, he must gain allies, which means crossing the Crystian Sea. Ezek seeks out a famed smuggler to take him and his men across, only to be refused by the dashing man who stirs his blood and hardens his flesh unlike any before.

Talan has created a wicked reputation based mostly on tall tales. Having lost his ship and crew to the Moffeans, he is desperate, but not desperate enough to help the dreaded Jenai. He refuses their general, but knows he must leave Rastia and soon. Stowing away seems like his best chance to escape thugs looking for the lost cargo on Talan’s ship.

Talan escapes on Ezek’s ship, only to be found and delivered to the general’s cabin. Ezek decides to punish his stowaway, binding him in chains and tormenting his flesh, demanding a sexual surrender.

You can also check out the Companion Guide to this story (NSFW) HERE.   Check out a map of Aurelia HERE.


Dagwn burst through his door, dragging a man behind him.

As soon as Ezek saw who it was, his body tensed.


He frowned. What was the man doing there?

“A stowaway was found under deck, General,” Dagwn said, tossing Talan to his knees before the desk.

Exactly where he belonged.

At Ezek’s feet.

“A stowaway?” Ezek asked, his cock lengthening immediately. He remained seated to prevent Talan from seeing the damage he caused.

“General, I would not stowaway. I reconsidered your offer and was touring the ship before speaking over terms. I must have fallen asleep below deck before you set sail.”

“Do you usually sway people with your lies, Talan?” Ezek asked, more amused than angry. He should be angry. His men would expect angry.

Talan grinned widely. “Baffle and confuse, more than I actually sway.”

Ezek fought the chuckle racing up his throat. When was the last time he had actually laughed? His gaze roamed over the man’s body, excitement zipping through him. Ezek had wanted Talan, and now here he was delivered into the palm of his hand. Maybe the Goddess smiled down on him after all.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Musing Monday (Slightly NSFW)

I am loathe to admit my addiction to America's Next Top Model.

It's my guilty pleasure.  And when they added men last season, I was not all that impressed.  This season's crop of men -- whew! -- have definitely changed my mind.

Especially Matthew here.  The minute Mr. Supposedly Straight kissed openly gay Will, just because Matthew thought he was the most beautiful man he'd ever seen, my crush was born.

Ah, Matthew, you are beautiful.

And almost naked.  I love it.

COMPANION GUIDE (NSFW): The Barbarian, Book Two

The second Barbarian story didn't have as much of the wild and wooly tools I typically use in my tales.  Being historical (well fantasy-historical-esque), too many hard core tools and implements wouldn't have a place there.

I kept to a lot of chain bondage with this installment. 

There are a few fun bondage positions in the story, and I wanted to share a visual of those to go along.

Jade Dildo

Jade, and other stone, was often used in ancient dildos.  Our hero uses one, perhaps not as intricate as this one, but no less effective.

As I said in the last companion guide, dildos have been around for up to 10,000 years, so the use of one in this tale is definitely appropriate.  I love the look of the one photographed and wish I had found it prior to writing the story!  Carvings of men fucking on the outside could've added to the torment!

Bound to the Floor

As soon as I saw this picture, I knew it had to happen in my next book.  The scene was set a little differently in Ezek's tale -- Talan's hands were also bound, but this gives you a good idea of what's going on there.

Whew -- this one is just fucking hot as hell.

I really need to write some more fun bondage pieces, especially after finding good muse material like this one!


Bound with Ball Weights

There is also a scene with ball weights.  Cock and ball torture is fun fodder.  It will be making an appearance in level four as well.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

COMING 10/15/14: The Barbarian, Book Two

The world of Aurelia snagged me and I stayed there instead of returning to Le Cachot (level four is up next, I promise!), so book two is almost here!

In this story, Ezek finds a very sexy stowaway onboard while on his way across the sea, looking for a new alliance.

Unedited blurb

Newly appointed General of the Jenai Eastern Forces, Ezek looks north, ready to add more to the Jenai’s widening borders.  In order to capture the City of Moffea, he must gain allies, which means crossing the Crystian Sea.  Ezek seeks out a famed smuggler to take him and his men across, only to be refused by the dashing man who stirs his blood and hardens his flesh unlike any before.
Talan has created a wicked reputation based mostly on tall tales.  Having lost his ship and crew to the Moffeans, he is desperate, but not desperate enough to help the dreaded Jenai.  He refuses their general, but knows he must leave Rastia and soon.  Stowing away seems like his best chance to escape thugs looking for the lost cargo on Talan’s ship.
Talan escapes on Ezek’s ship, only to be found and delivered to the general’s cabin.  Ezek decides to punish his stowaway, binding him in chains and tormenting his flesh, demanding a sexual surrender.

Friday, October 10, 2014

October Writing Update

I can't believe it's already October.  Next thing we'll know, the month will come and go and we'll be eating turkey, surrounded by relatives we spend most of the year avoiding.

Best way to avoid?  Your nose in a book.

Here's what's coming.

The Barbarian, Book Two

I know I promised I'd go right back to Le Cachot, but the world of Aurelia grabbed me in a choke hold and wouldn't let go.  Ezek's story screamed in my head and I had to write it.  Plus that whole dub-con, forced seduction thing is my favorite thing to write.  I like exploring that gray area of consent, pushing someone to accept the desires they have hidden deep inside.  I know the Amazon police don't like it, but I do.  I got away from it when the giant was dragging books off left and right and I lost my way.  I came back to it because I like it and apparently you guys do, too.

Le Cachot, Level Four

I'll be back with level four of The Dungeon soon enough.  Hints about what's inside?  Not sure I should tell you.  Perhaps it should be a secret.  You've seen a little hint of it at the Gates on level two, so it won't be a complete surprise.  But it will be hot.  Very hot.

After I round up level four, I'll make the decision to either continue on to level five or the third Barbarian tale.  Depends on what my muse is craving.  Or...

Bears, Bears, Bears

I made a promise about some bear loving to come.  I have not forgotten.  I've got a story started, a short perhaps.  We'll see as it gets fleshed out.  More to come on that later.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

April Andrews' New Release - Bargain With the Beast

When Tobias Thorn sees a hooded figure abducting a young girl, he doesn’t think twice before racing to the girl’s rescue. Only he isn’t quite quick enough...because the next thing Tobias knows he’s waking up in a cavernous room, his hands and wrists bound to an equally cavernous bed, with his chances of escape looking pretty damn slim.
But Tobias is not a man to take things lying down. He’s going to find his way back home no matter what it takes! But then he meets his abductor and realizes things aren’t quite that simple. Tobias has entered a world unlike anything he has ever known before. If he wants his freedom, there is only one way he is going to get it, by making a bargain with the Beast...
“You’ve abducted me,” Tobias said, his tongue suddenly feeling too big for his mouth. “Chained me to the bed. You’re not letting me leave. Why on Earth would I be attracted to you?”

The Beast smiled, and as he did so Tobias couldn’t help but notice the way his yellow eyes seemed to glow. “Because you’re responding to my desires,” he said. “The fact that I want you? You feel it and you’re responding to it.”

His words were so close to what Tobias had thought as they walked the tunnels of this underground town that he shivered. If he didn’t know better, he’d start to think the Beast was a mind reader or something. From the beginning—and it was just a few hours ago—it was like this man knew exactly how Tobias was going to act, how he was going to respond, even what he was going to say. It was too much. Too intense on top of everything that had already happened. Tobias held up his hands. “Stop,” he said. “Just stop.”

The Beast sighed, and then to Tobias’ absolute horror, and intense, unwelcome delight, he took the edges of his tee-shirt…and in one smooth move he pulled it over his head.

Tobias could do nothing but gape at him. Shock fizzling through every cell of his being. The Beast was muscled in all the right places, worse, he was dusted in a light sprinkling of tawny hair, and Tobias had always been a sucker for hairy men. The urge to step forward, to run his hands over those muscles, made Tobias gasp again. He could imagine catching his fingers in the curls…tugging on them…

He swallowed hard. His hands itched, his heart raced, and his cock thickened in an instant. The reaction was so swift, so visceral, that Tobias didn’t know what to think of it.  He could only take a deep shuddery breath.

“There is no stopping,” the Beast said, his eyes fixed hard on Tobias. “Not now. Not after you ran. Perhaps if you had done as I asked I would have been able to control myself for longer.” He shrugged. “But you’ve awoken it now, Tobias. I can’t stop it.”


“Feel it, Tobias,” the Beast added. “It is pulsing between us. There is only one way to sate it.”

“It?” Tobias asked. “It?”

The Beast smiled. “Desire,” he said. “It’s been there from the very beginning. It has always been just a matter of time until I had you.”

He is not for you…

Those words spoken to Gregovitch, the words spoken now, they brought a million different images to Tobias’ mind, and it was ridiculous but he actually felt weak-kneed. He knew exactly what the Beast was talking about, and he shuddered at the thought of doing those things, not because he didn’t want to, but because he did, so badly…in that moment Tobias realized why he had taken so long to run, why he had let his curiosity override his fear.

He wanted to be fucked by the Beast.

But he didn’t want to want it. 

“I just want to go home,” he whispered.

The Beast lowered his hands until they were on the top of his jeans. Tobias gulped at the intent of that movement. “Only I have the power to grant that,” he said.

“Because you rule here,” Tobias breathed.


“Then grant it,” Tobias said. “Please.”

The Beast shook his head, and then slowly, like he wanted Tobias to see every movement, he popped the button of his jeans. “That is not how it works,” he said. “Here if you want something you have to give something.”

And so Tobias asked, though he feared he already knew the answer to his question. “What do you want?”

“The same thing I have wanted since I set eyes on you.”

 “I prefer to pick my lovers,” Tobias said. “Not have them forced on me.”

The Beast laughed and pulled on his zipper. “You would like nothing better than to have me in your bed, and, I suspect, some force will simply arouse you all the more.”


“Yes, Tobias,” he said, almost chidingly. “I see the lust darken your eyes when you look at me. You want this. You want me to bend you over and sink my cock into your pucker.”

Tobias’ dick pulsed and he closed his eyes, as if to block out the images the Beast’s words had created. “No…”

“You want me to force inch after inch of my length into your luscious lips.”

And thickened ever further. “No…”

“And we’re going to do that, Tobias,” the Beast whispered. “There is no choice anymore. Not if you want what only I can give.”

Tobias snapped his eyes open. “To go home.”


“So if I do this…”

The Beast removed his hands from his zipper and crossed his arms. “Then I may grant your request.”


“If you are as beautiful as I suspect,” the Beast said. “If it is as good as I have been imagining it will be.” He paused, and then he smiled, that same smile that had made Tobias shudder in the very beginning. “If you please me then yes, Tobias Thorn, I will allow you to go home.”

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Guest Author - Roxxy Lyon's New Release - Sarah's Journey

In the first book in this duo, Becoming Sarah, Roxxy introduced us to Steven, a straight man with a penchant for wearing women's panties, who was forced to become Sarah by an Arabian prince.  Steven quickly learns pleasure in his new form, and in the continuation in Sarah's Journey, readers can see Sarah blossom even more.

For those of you out there who enjoy gender swap, gender fluidity, and transsexual situations.  Be warned, the story incudes MM, MFM/MFF, MMMM/MFMM, ANAL PLAY, ANAL SEX, DUBIOUS CONSENT, and FISTING.

Steven’s transformation into Sarah has not been without speed bumps, but as she starts to come to terms with her transformation, she soon realizes that she craves Prince Al Habib’s touches more than ever.

 The prince allows her to play out her fantasies, bringing her friend and confidant into their bed, only to then forbid Sarah to continue her affair with the woman.

 Sarah uses her wiles to sway his decision—but the prince flips the tables on her and shares her with his friends—men she struggles to ignore.


Yes, my little bird. Once night falls, I’ll call for you. And your Lacey. And you can show me the fantasies you have.

The sun was setting now, the orange fire dancing across the sky celebrating the coming night.  Prince Al Habib’s words repeated in Sarah’s mind over and over as her excitement grew. Tonight she would show her prince her fantasies, bringing both her lovers together into one bed.  Al Habib did not care for women, at least ones born as such.  He preferred females like Sarah, ones born male and seductively transformed.

Sarah stared at herself in the full length mirror, her gaze drifting over the changes to her body.  The alterations she’d gone through were so powerful she struggled to come to terms with them all, yet at the same time she felt so comfortable in her new skin, it was almost frightening.  She’d awoken in Prince Al Habib’s palace, in a hospital bed in the on-site clinic, no longer completely the man she’d been born.

Transforming into another person was freeing in some ways, allowing her to be someone else entirely and to sense the world from a completely new perspective.

Her gaze traveled over the bulge in her leopard print silk panties, the outline of her hardening cock and sac still apparent.  Outside of that, there were no other signs she was a male at birth.  Between the magic of Lacey’s makeup skills and the talent of the medical staff, she’d been shaped into a very costly work of art.

Seeing herself like this, her body more curvaceous, mostly thanks to the large breasts the prince had forced on her, made it hard for her to consider herself a him any longer.  This body was a mask of epic proportions, covering the man she’d once been, allowing her to blossom into more.  Seeing herself like this was mind-altering.  She now thought more like a woman, considered herself one.  Steven had become Sarah, from the inside out.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Musing Monday (NSFW)

I saw this 3D pic and knew it would have to occur in The Barbarian, Book Two. 

Had to.


I'm close to finishing up editing on the second Aurelia tale and then it's back to Le Cachot, Level Four.  And don't YOU want to know what's in level four?

Yes.  You do.

Keep an eye out.  More details coming soon.

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