Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Time Off

Hi guys!

I'm taking a little break from releasing.

My mom was recently hospitalized for heart issues.  Between that and a trip I just returned from, life is in a little bit of chaos at the moment.

My mother is staying with me post-release, so I'm going to focus on her and delay edits for the new Bear Mountain book so I don't go insane.

A little family time is important on occasion.

It's still coming soon, I promise!  A Bear for Two Big Cats is almost here...

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Guest Author - Victoria Vallo and Claimed

Welcome Victoria Vallo back to my blog - she's sharing an excerpt from her third and final Imprisoned book -- Claimed.

If you commit a crime on Vaharis 6, there’s more than one way to work off your sentence…

Grim prepares for his prison sentence after his family abandons him, knowing he’s going to have to make lots of tough choices in order to survive. But then someone comes for him, and Grim’s shocked to find that he knows his new keeper. He’s even more shocked when he learns why Duncan was willing to pay for his freedom.

Duncan fell first in lust and then in love with Grim years ago, but his status as a servant kept him from acting. Now, he’s the one with the money and power, and Grim is going to learn to obey and submit the way Duncan has always wanted him to.           


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Grim woke up alone, the covers tucked up around him. Looking out the window to the right of the large bed, he saw the sun low in the sky. Was it sunset, or had he somehow slept through the rest of the day and then through the night as well? He got up and found his discarded robe draped over the end of the bed. He tied the robe around him again and walked out of the bedroom. Duncan sat in the large main room working at the com station.
He spoke quietly to someone through a headset, and Grim could see someone on a smaller screen on the right side. Vague memories of Duncan making calls while they were on the ship drifted back to him, but he realized he still had no idea what Duncan did for a living.

He must do well if he could afford to free me. That thought made Grim wonder. How much had Duncan paid? How much had he been willing to pay? Though he didn’t know where Duncan lived now, it was obvious the man wasn’t lying about having rushed to Grim’s aid. 

There had to be a kind of love in that, right?

Grim moved away and went into the kitchenette and got a glass of water. He stood at the sink drinking it, and before long Duncan finished his call and came into the room.

“There’s food in the refrigerator. You were sleeping so soundly I couldn’t make myself wake you,” Duncan said. “I ordered lots of different things, counting on you still having the same taste in food.”

“Thank you,” he said quietly, rubbing his left eye. “What time is it?”

“About seven in the morning here. I figured you probably had trouble sleeping at the prison.”

“Yeah, hard to relax.” Grim sighed and put his glass down. “Guess we need to talk.”

“About what?”

Grim couldn’t help gaping at the other man. “Everything. The past. What’s happening right now. What happened yesterday.”

“We can talk about whatever you like, but I think we’ve settled one thing.” He came closer and drew Grim to him. “You’re mine. We belong together.” His breath was warm on Grim’s ear as he added, “Being with you was perfect.”

Grim ignored that part. “But I’m not a possession. My sentence was six months. You can’t threaten me any longer than that because your contract with the prison will be up then.”

“Six months is more than enough time to make you see sense.”

Grim pulled away. “See sense? There you go again.”

“So you didn’t enjoy being with me yesterday?”

Grim thought about lying, but what would be the point? “It was amazing, but I’ve had great sex before. I’m sure you have, too.”

“Yes, but nothing like what we shared. I’ve never felt such an urge to claim someone, to fill them with my cum.”

Grim knew this conversation would lead them straight back to the bedroom, a place where Duncan was the one who held all the power. “But you’re referring to me giving in to you as seeing sense, as if I’m stupid or something if I reject you.” He blew his breath out in a loud huff and shook his head. “Can we just eat and do something normal? I know I’m being tracked, so I won’t run away. Let’s just, you know, do something else besides talk about the past and fucking.”

“Fine with me. You were the one who wanted to talk,” Duncan said with a grin.

Grim scowled at him. “Then I take it back. I’m not ready for that yet.”

“If you say so,” Duncan said softly before walking across the room.

Check out an exclusive excerpt HERE

Monday, October 17, 2016

Major Bear Mountain Announcement


Bear Mountain will run for at least EIGHTEEN books.

That's right.



Whew, not sure how it grew so big, but if the ideas come, I'll keep on trucking.  I love Bear Mountain and I'm glad you all seem to still love it, too :)

A Bear for Two Big Cats (BerMtn 16) will be coming next week -- Henry will get his story.  And only two guesses who the two cats are!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

NEW RELEASE -- Sacrificed to the Harvest God

This week I'm releasing a quick, fast read -- a short autumn erotic horror story -- because why not.  Tis the time of the year!

I hope you enjoy...

Callum and Weaver want nothing but to be free to be together—but that can never be. Stolen moments are all they can wish for. 

When Weaver’s powerful father finds out about their love affair, Callum is offered to the Harvest God as a sacrifice.

Will their love be doomed?


A Beginning
Callum Truthstale brushed his hand through Weaver’s soft golden brown locks.  His lover’s hair wasn’t much darker than the wheat they now lay hidden within. Wheat that should’ve already been cut, but was still untouched, thankfully.  They needed the tall plants to hide themselves amongst.  Lowering his head, he captured a brief kiss.  As he lifted, he licked his lips, savoring the taste of the man.

A man he shouldn’t want.

“We don’t have much time left,” Weaver said, a frown twisting his handsome features.  “I fear my father’s growing suspicious of all my time spent away from the farm.”

Weaver’s father was the head of the town council and owned the largest plot of land in the territory.  Janus Proudwater was a forbidding man, one no resident of the town which bore his name would want to anger.  Farms had been lost for something as simple as an evil look his way. Callum should’ve known better than to fall in love with the man’s son, but the heart chose what the heart chose.

“A few more minutes,” Callum said before sipping from Weaver’s lips once more.  Weaver opened to him, threading a hand through the back of Callum’s head as he kissed back, filled with need.

Callum rubbed his body against his lover’s, his cock thick and needy.  They’d only been able to consummate their affair a few times, in fear they’d be caught.  It had been too long since their last time together, and Callum grew hungry for the male.

If only they could be together, free to love one another as they wanted.

Greedy to have another taste of Weaver’s body, he pinned the male to the earth and ground his thick cock against the male’s leg.  “I need you again,” he whispered between kisses.  “I must be inside you.”

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Guest Author - Misha Paige and A Serpent's Bond

Welcome Misha Paige to my blog this weekend. She's sharing a bit of her recent release, A Serpent's Bond.

A former foster kid, Hudson always had a simple dream for a perfect life. A husband to love and a family he could come home to every night. It wasn’t a fancy wish, but it might as well have been. 

Approaching forty, he’s still single—and fighting the battle of the bulge—so his dream probably wasn’t going to happen. Not in this lifetime. 

Especially not with Drakein Nacash, the drop dead gorgeous man who’s the subject of his nightly fantasies and barely even knows he exists. 

In one day, his life is turned upside down and he’s introduced to a myth turned real. What if he could have everything he ever dreamed of? 

I stepped into a huge office, my eyes immediately drawn past the sleek wooden desk that was clear of all clutter, to the wall of windows overlooking Central Park. I was still standing, lost in the view when I heard an elevator behind me. Surprised, I turned to watch Mr. Nachash walk out of a set of doors at the far side of the room.

I swallowed down my knee-jerk of lustful thoughts, praying that my dick wouldn’t humiliate me by standing at full attention.

At well over six and half feet tall with a bone frame that went well past large, he should’ve looked like a lumbering giant as he walked towards me. Instead, he moved with a sinuous grace, the lines of his charcoal gray suit flowing with every step. His black eyes tilted in his longish face as he smiled at me. His thick dark blonde hair was pulled back in its usual leather tie at the base of his head, and my fingers itched to run through those silken-looking strands.

Or have him trail the ends over my naked body.

I couldn’t hold back my shudder of arousal.

His nostrils flared and heat flashed in his eyes before he stepped up to me and smiled. “Hello, Hudson.” After a long moment where all I could do was blink up at him, he chuckled. “May I have the envelope, please?”

Embarrassment stained my cheeks as I stammered, “Y…yes. Of course.” I handed it to him, a wave of bitter disappointment flooding me as I started to back away. What the hell? Had I actually thought there had been more to this?

“Hudson, wait.” His deep voice stopped me in my tracks as he moved closer, tossing my delivery onto a leather club chair, dropping to a husky whisper as he continued, “That was only an excuse to get you back here.”

My gaze shot back up to his. “What—why?”

“Because I can’t do this out there and I’m tired of fucking waiting for you to give me a green light when I attempt small talk.”

Green light? No, he can’t mean—

In the next second his mouth covered mine as his hands yanked my body against his. The kiss wasn’t the least bit gentle as my lips, then my jaw was forced open. His tongue invading, in a passionate attack that had me moaning into it as I went limp, surrendering.

A muscled thigh thrust between my legs as his hands pulled me tighter, my aching cock rubbing almost painfully hard against him.

When he pulled away from the kiss I whimpered as my mouth tried to follow his. He dug his hand into my hair, holding me still while his chest heaved. His eyes burned down at me as he spoke. “How far do I take it, Hudson? If you tell me to stop, I will but, I want to touch you more.” He braced his forehead against mine as he let out a ragged breath. “After all this time I need to keep touching you.”

Common sense and all thoughts of self-preservation died away as I saw the desire in his eyes, felt his thick dick rubbing against me. This wasn’t me. The urge to surrender was overwhelming and frightening, but as I felt an answering need firing through me I didn’t care anymore. “Take anything you want. My mouth, my ass. Anything.”

His dark eyes held mine, intense and triumphant. “Of your own, free will, you are giving me anything I desire?”

A voice screamed in the back of my head, but I didn’t care. “Yes!”

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Guest Author - April Andrews and THE HUNT

Welcome April Andrews back to my blog.  She's here sharing a bit of her recent release, The Hunt.

In a post-apocalyptic world, the only way to stay alive is to join a crew, and the only way to do that is to survive the hunt…

Ryo Ishikawa has survived for years on his own, living on the edges of what used to be the city of Tokyo. But when his beautiful sister, Kirei, returns home, Ryo knows that the two of them won’t make it alone. The only option is to join a crew, and the biggest, baddest of them all are the Owari.

The Owari, however, have a gruelling initiation process. If Ryo wants to be accepted by them he will have to not only make it to the end of the hunt, but also impress his hunter, Hikaru… and Hikaru is not an easy male to impress. He will expect more than just strength and guile from Ryo… he will expect complete submission… 

“Thank you, Hikaru,” he whispered.

And his words did something, something Ryo did not expect, maybe Hikaru did, Ryo didn’t know. But in an instant something changed between them. Or did it simply click into place? Ryo wasn’t sure, but suddenly Hikaru was standing right in front of him, looking down, his eyes burning.

“You can thank me better than that,” he said and the next thing Ryo knew he was being pulled into Hikaru’s arms.

Ryo let it happen. He looked up. He locked eyes with Hikaru. And he knew it was coming before it even did.

They wrapped their arms around one another and then Hikaru was pressing his lips onto Ryo’s. He kissed Ryo with the fierceness that Ryo would always have expected from him. With a fierceness that Ryo knew then that he needed. He was too strong for anything less. Hikaru knew that.

And so, they kissed, and minutes passed, and the wind whipped around them, and when they pulled apart it was clear that everything had changed.

“I’ve wanted to do that from the first moment I saw you,” Hikaru said.

Ryo’s cock was aching in his pants. It had never ached in such a way before. He wanted his hunter. There was no escaping that now. And hadn’t he known it from the first? Deep down? Hadn’t he, in some way, recognized the shivers for what they were?

“Hikaru...” he whispered.

Hikaru dropped a kiss on his head. “You taste like Nashi.”

“I didn’t expect—” Ryo said, but his words were silenced when Hikaru kissed him again.

Ryo felt the other man’s erection press against him as their tongues touched. The very prospect of that made him ache all the more harder.

“I didn’t expect it either,” Hikaru said as they eventually pulled apart. “But this is where we are and this is what is happening.” He paused. “We just have to work out what the hell we’re going to do now.”

Saturday, October 1, 2016

OUT NOW -- Chained to the Tiger's Bed (Alphas Unleashed)

My new release with All Romance -- Chained to the Tiger's Bed is OUT NOW!

What’s ten million to a multi-billionaire, when he wants someone worth much more?

When Dylan Howell is handed over to a ruthless tiger to pay his father’s business debt, he’s sure his life is over. He won’t be used and abused as a sexual slave to the shifter, no matter how much he craves Jameson Ravensworth’s touch.

Jameson knows the omega lion is his from the minute the man walks into his office. The money means nothing, not when something he desires more is offered up to him.

Dylan struggles to fend off Jameson and his wicked lusts. The lion soon learns the depths of Jameson’s dark delights as well as senses his own depravity. As his body is tormented, he grows closer to the tiger, but how can he fall in love when he’s owned body and soul?

Warnings: Anal sex, anal play, sex toy use, BDSM, bondage, punishment, spanking, flogging, submission, forced seduction, rimming, enema play


Weeks on a train had an ill effect on Jameson’s body. Between the horrid food and the constant noise, he was happy to finally see his trip come to an end. He rose from his seat and stretched his fatigued limbs as the car he’d been imprisoned in slowed to a stop. The British East India Company had built this rail line to export their Indian goods back to the United Kingdom, not to transport passengers—although, from what Jameson had been reading, they had been bringing a number of troops to the savage land to quell the numerous uprisings of late.

The bellman assigned to him for the trip opened the door at the front of the car. Stewart, while unused to serving gentlemen, had been quite adept at his job. Jameson knew he would not have handled the journey as well had it not been for the man.

“My lord, I have been told there will be a gentleman awaiting you at the station to show you to your father,” Stewart said. “I will have one of our men take your baggage to his manor.”

Jameson clasped Stewart on the shoulder. “I thank you for your continued assistance. My journey would’ve been arduous without it.”
Stewart smiled and bent slightly at the waist before urging him forward. Jameson followed the man outside the car and stepped down onto solid ground for the first time in far too long. His calves shook… his whole body did. The vibrations of the train still moved through his body with each step he took.

“Lord Jameson Ravensworth?”

Jameson turned at the sound of his name, spoken with thickly accented English. A tall, dark-brown-skinned man eyed him with curious golden eyes. He wore a tunic embroidered with a thread almost the same color as those eyes—as well as a turban of a similar shade. It was a stark reminder Jameson was no longer in England. There would likely be more interesting sights to behold along this voyage. A smile came to his lips at the thought of it all. “I am he.”

“Follow me,” the man said, turning.

Jameson watched as the man quickly turned tail and left him. Thanks to a long and even gait, Jameson was quickly left behind. He placed his top hat on before trailing to catch the man. After walking through a gated door and out onto the street, he felt a stabbing pain to the back of his head…

Just before darkness captured him.


Jameson awoke, his head throbbing painfully. He opened his eyes to the barest of light and it still hurt unbearably. After a few minutes, he realized he was lying on a collection of silk pillows that seemed to fill the floor about him. More silk hung from the rafters and drifted down, billowing in the evening breeze. At least, he thought it was evening from the pale light filtering in through those drapes.

“Jameson Ravensworth.”

Jameson turned his head too quickly. Pain radiated from the base of his skull, making him clench his teeth. When he was finally able to focus on who had called his name, he saw the same man from the train yard.

“What have you done to me? Where am I?”

“Your questions will be answered soon enough,” the man said. “Follow me.”

Jameson frowned. “The last time I did that, it did not go well.”

The man spun to face Jameson. “You have questions, I have answers—but you must come.”

Jameson sat there a moment, trying to consider his alternatives. He had no idea where he was, or of a means of escape from the room. Information was needed, so it was best he opened his eyes and ears and followed the man. He rose, his head swimming as he reached full height. “Lead the way.”
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