What if there were a world with no women? 

Kelex's Omegaverse explores that—a world where there is only one gender. Men are classified into three classes: alpha, beta, and omega. There are many versions of omegaverse, only limited by the creator's imagination. In Kelex's, alphas and omegas can mate—an omega becoming pregnant with an alpha's babe. Omegas go into heat once per month, around the lunar cycle. Betas are incapable of mating in this world.  

Kelex has two series within her Omegaverse world:

Angst-filled The Omega Quadrant & the lighter Alphas of the Western Provinces

The Omega Quadrant explores omega rights in the very strictly conservative Eastern Provinces.

Alphas of the Western Provinces shows a different side to this world in a more liberal area.

The two series are only loosely linked -- they're based in the same MPREG Omegaverse world, but in different provinces where the laws related to omegas are different. In other words, the series are independent of one another...

BUT... each book does leave little hints for the next to be written...

So, if you want to get the MOST out of the series, this is a suggested order:

1. His Surrogate Omega (Omega Quadrant, 1)

2. One Wild Heat (Alphas of the Western Provinces, 1)

3. Unexpected Heat (Omega Quadrant, 1.5)

4. Suddenly His Alpha (Omega Quadrant, 1.9) 

5. One Wild Omega (Alphas of the Western Provinces, 2) 

6. His Reluctant Omega (Omega Quadrant, 2) 

8. Omega Quadrant, 3 (Coming Soon)

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