Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Crash Landing is DONE!

I just wrote THE END on Crash Landing.  It is my longest story thus far and I wasn't sure if it was going to ever end.

I will work on self-editing in the next day or so and get it off to my editor.  So, hopefully it should be out within the next week or so.

Back to my normally scheduled Tuesday!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

A different kind of Crash Landing

As I started writing Crash Landing, I had notes and a direction I wanted to go.  The ending was murky, but I tend to be somewhere between a plotter and a punster -- meaning I have a loose outline, but I like to let the story go as it will as I write from the seat of my pants.

Well, this story has taken on a complete life of its own.

It was to be an alien tale, as I am a freak for aliens and alien loving.  But I didn't expect those aliens to be vampyric.  But it happened.  Lead alien Drago let his fangs drop and pierced the hero's neck and that was the end of it.

I'm not a fan of vampire stories on the whole.  I think they've been overdone and overdone and overdone.  But I think I was able to put enough of a twist on the idea that it's nowhere like Dracula.  There are similarities here and there, the nature of the beast, but for the most part, they're not the same old.

I'm getting really close to finishing the first in this series and can't wait until it's ready for you all to read!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Georgia Fox is Twisted Erotica Publishing's Newest Author

Welcome Georgia Fox -- Twisted Erotica's newest author.  She writes Medieval Historical Erotica which is hot, hot, hot.  Her stories are MFMM+, this latest one is five of seven brothers welcoming a new wench into the family.

So if historical hotness and sweaty MFM ménage action is your thing, then check her out!

The seven bastard sons of Guillaume d'Anzeray are on a mission to find wives -- women to breed the next generation of a dark dynasty that many wish to see extinct.

It won't be easy to find brides from among the powerful Norman nobility, for the d'Anzeray are upstarts, men of war, their family's fortunes raised through bloodshed and violence. As one holy man and chronicler of their times has written, "From the devil they came and to the devil they will return".

But these brothers don't care much for holy men or for what is written about them. Now, with the future of their bloodline at stake these mercenary warriors need wives and they have no scruples when it comes to claiming the women they desire. Nothing and no one stands in their way. Not even a few difficult, quarrelsome wenches who think they can resist capture once these powerful hunters have them in their sights.

It's a good thing the d'Anzeray don't mind sharing the spoils of victory with their brothers. It just might take all seven of them to bring this harem to submission.

Raul knew his brothers were observing his slave with curiosity and lust. Since they all had similar tastes in women it was not unusual for conquests to be shared amongst them, and he knew his brothers would not hurt her. On the contrary. The d'Anzeray were skilled lovers taught by the best whores in France —wenches hired for them by their father as soon as they turned sixteen. Guillaume believed a man should be well-rounded in his abilities, skilled in the bedchamber as he was on the battleground. "Countries," he would say to his sons, "cannot be fully conquered until you win over the women too." That, he believed, was the key to a thorough and complete victory over the enemy. Women were not equal to men, of course, but a necessary evil. So his sons were well tutored in the arts of a lover. Sex, for them, was a competitive sport.

Raul knew his little slave girl would not be left unsated tonight.

Trouble was, he didn't know if he wanted to share this one.

She was different.

A hollow ache had begun somewhere in his chest, but since it was so strange and uncomfortable, he ignored it as best he could. He suspected it would only weaken him in the eyes of his brothers if he insisted on keeping her to himself. And really he should not mind the sharing. It had been done many times, and no one came away unsatisfied.

He stroked two fingers over her cunny and felt her desire. For him or for his brothers? Or for all of them? His cock hardened and lifted in his chausses.

"Kiss me, slave," he demanded suddenly, needing her mouth on his. Just the two of them while they still could.

Princesa leaned over and did as he asked, her lips soft, almost timid. His other hand swept up to hold the back of her head while he deepened the kiss, pressing his tongue against hers, tasting the wine she'd drunk.

Around the table his brothers continued watching and their envy was palpable. It made his cock swell further.

"Is she wet, brother?" Dominigo wanted to know, his voice low, rasping.

He made them wait while he finished the kiss and then he replied. "Oh, yes." Raul wriggled a finger inside her pussy and kissed her again. She made a small mewling sound and when she squeezed her thighs together he feared she might take off his finger. Gently he whispered against her cheek, "Well, Princesa? Would you like to be serviced by the d'Anzeray studs? As you hear, they are eager for you, my beautiful slave girl. We like to share. This is how things are."

"If I say no?" she murmured, her breath soft on his temple.

"Then you and I will be alone tonight. I would not permit them unless you agree."

She nodded. He played with the little hidden pearl within her, and she caught her breath.

"But they will be insulted if I decline, I suppose," she added, her words punctuated by sharp little gasps.

Raul replied wryly, "Undoubtedly." Not that they didn't have plenty of other women about the place, but his brothers might well feel aggrieved if he did not share this Pristino Belleza and they would tease him about it later. Any brother suspected of being enthralled by one woman was always tormented unmercifully until the fever passed. Which it always did, sooner or later.

This woman, he reminded himself harshly, was not his anyway. She belonged to the Comte de Tourlaville. As soon as he got her to Canterbury he would turn her over for the reward. He could not be distracted by the strange emotions she stirred within him. A man should always take care of his cock but never be led by it.

"Turn then, and show them your pretty cunny." Raul moved her around on his lap and bundled her skirt higher to let his brothers view for themselves how wet she was.

"Golden curls just like those upon her head," observed Dominigo.
"Like little rays of sunshine," added Sebastien with a grin.

"Move your fingers, Raul so we can see how damp she is."

His slave parted her legs wider without being asked. Although her face was pink, he heard her breathing change to an excitable purr, felt her bottom squirming against his leather clad thigh as she tried to quell her desires. No doubt she'd been told it was sinful to want a good fucking. That was how women were raised, and she wasn't old enough yet to know differently, nor had the Comte made it very enjoyable for her, it seemed. Such a waste!

"Christ, I'd love a quick sup at that," murmured Alonso. "I'm hungry as a horse over here." He grinned. "Hung like one too, Princesa."
The brothers laughed.

"Don't spend in your chausses, Lon."

"But look at her. Damn it. He's teasing us with his pretty wench. I could have sworn her cunny just winked at me."

Raul looked over at Salvador who was wiping his lips and staring hard at Princesa's sex. He knew he couldn't hold his brothers off for much longer and yes, Alonso was right; he was teasing them deliberately, showing off. It really wasn't fair to keep her all to himself.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Now in Print -- The Master and Duke Complete Tales

Not everyone has an e-reader these days, so my publisher is working on getting print collections of my series out.  Both the entire The Master's New Toy series and The Duke's Plaything series are now available in print, with more coming each month.

Click Cover to Purchase from Createspace (Amazon)
Click Cover to Purchase from Createspace (Amazon)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Writing Update - August 2013

August isn't here yet, but the book I'm currently working on most likely won't hit the sites until the first week of August at the earliest.  I figured I'd give everyone a head's up on what's coming next, in no particular order, except for the first one (Crash) which is the one I'm working on now.

Crash Landing is a new alien series.  It will be my first MMMM where all the men are the primary characters and not just secondary characters brought into the mix.  It will be interesting to see how it all plays out and all the emotions in that large a group.  A challenge, indeed, but one I'm up for.

A new futuristic short/novella is in the works.  I'm very excited about it and have already written most of the first chapter.  Once Crash Landing is done, it seems logical to finish it up, but I really want to get to work on...

Theo's Wolf, which will be a merging of Wolf and Cat shifters.  Theo is really screaming at me to get started, so I'll more than likely go there when I finish Crash.

And lastly, Bears in Bondage V & VI.  This will finish up the tale and wrap it up.  It will also be the last set of stories I do in serial form, as many readers have said they didn't like the format.

I also have another short alien series planned, and if time this month, I'll tackle that.  Since Crash will more than likely be written by the end of July, I hope to have enough time.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Rafe's Wolf is HERE!!

Rafe's Wolf, the second in the Wolves of Mt. Alexa Series, is now available at Amazon and All Romance E-books as well as Smashwords

Detective Rafe Riguerez is looking for a murderer after a ranger is found dead in a burned out cabin on the Mt. Alexa game preserve. All signs point to one suspect and when Rafe goes looking for his perp, he ends up bitten, naked, and hanging chained from the ceiling. He fits the unearthly pleasures he feels, swearing he’s been drugged to react the way he is.

Ty will do anything to protect his family. As pack leader, he’d lay down his life before he’d let an insider come and hurt one of his own. But when the intruder he catches on pack land ends up being a cop, looking for his brother’s mate, he’s torn on how to handle the situation. He ends up letting his animal instinct take over and thinks with his other head for a change.

When Rafe finally has the chance to get away, he runs as fast as he can, hoping to clear his mind. Yet he can’t stop thinking of the devilishly handsome werewolf and what that shifter did to his mind, body, and spirit—and has to decide if he will accept his place in that world.

Ty stalked a little closer to the human and saw the figure move up to one of Hank’s windows and rise to peek inside. That’s the last thing they needed, some busybody human checking them out. Ty couldn’t wait any longer. He pounced on the human, knocking him to the ground. Ty put all his weight on the man’s chest and growled menacingly down at him.

The human fought him, trying to push him off, but Ty’s strength was too much for the human to overcome. Ty snapped his jaws and growled. The human slowed his motions and became very, very still, and Ty scented fear. Ty usually ran humans off at this point, putting the fear of God in them.

But this case was different. This was his mate. The last thing he really wanted to do was scare the human off, but he didn’t have much choice.

Ty began to change back into his human form, unable to prevent the shift. Shock filled him as he completely lost control, his limbs losing fur and revealing skin before his eyes. He held on to the threads, trying to prevent it, but it was useless. Seconds later, he lay nude on top of the intruder, his hard cock pressing into the human’s stomach.

“What … the …” the human below him whispered.

“Who are you?” Ty asked gruffly, his head still spinning that he’d let the cat … er, wolf … out of the bag. There was no getting around it. He’d just opened the door to them all being outed, and he needed to do some serious damage control. His mind spun as he considered the alternatives, none of them sounding reasonable.

The human reached into his jacket, but Ty growled at him.

“Whoa, buddy. I’m just reaching in for my badge.”

His badge? Great, could this shit get any better? “Slowly, or I’ll bite your hand off.”

The man slowly dug into his jacket, coming out with a wallet. Ty tried to ignore the weight of the man’s stare, tried even harder to ignore the human’s hard-on growing between them. Did the human sense their connection? Hank said Remy had seemed to feel the pull, so perhaps this male knew innately what he was.

The cop flipped open the wallet to show a shining badge and ID. It was too dark to truly read any of it or confirm it was real, but from what Ty could see, it looked legit.

“What’re you doing on my land?” Ty asked, trying to control his raging erection. He wanted to rub it along the guy, marking the cop with his scent. He needed to talk and get his mind out of the gutter, before he embarrassed himself.

“I’m tracking a suspect in a murder investigation. I followed him and two other males here,” the human said.

Ty felt his stomach flip-flop. He scented the air around them, but didn’t smell any other humans close by. The guy wasn’t stupid enough to come up here alone without backup, was he? What a dumbass. The man needed a wakeup call before he got hurt, especially now that Ty knew what he was. “Who else is here with you?”

The cop’s eyes grew fractionally larger, and had Ty not had keen eyesight, he would’ve missed the obvious tell.

“I have backup a few meters down the lane. They’ll be here any second. It would be best if you got off me before this turned ugly.”
Ty chuckled deep in his throat, which threatened to turn into a lust-filled growl. “Liar. Nice try though. You shouldn’t be trespassing on my land, without a warrant or an invitation. And you made a huge mistake when you came alone.”

The cop’s eyes grew fractionally wider again. “Oh, it’s a mistake, hmm?”

Ty let his canines drop. “Yeah, a big mistake.”

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rafe's Wolf Update

Just wrote THE END on Rafe's Wolf.  Will spend tomorrow editing and then it'll go off late to my editor.  Hope to have this one out very, very soon, within the next week.

This book ended up being longer than most of my stories, so far hitting 25,500+  Might be longer after edits.  I wanted to give brother Mitch a little more time in the spotlight in this book.  So far, he's a real asshole.  Can't wait to see what his mate does to bring him around.

And as soon as I get this story wrapped up, I'll be working on Crash Landing, the first in a new alien series.

Night, all!

Monday, July 15, 2013

NEW RELEASE Slave World IV: The Return

The conclusion to the series...

Thomas is given his freedom just as he finally realizes he doesn’t want to go anywhere – unless his master is at his side. He hopes Valyr is mistaken and will tell him it’s all just a bad joke, but he flies away, leaving a piece of himself on Valkin.

Valyr hopes Thomas will admit he wants to stay and not leave, but Valyr can’t continue to hold Thomas against his will, not when Valyr begins to feel deeply for the man.

After he watches Thomas take off, Valyr decides to race after his sub and catches up with him on the shape-shifter inhabited Planet X. There, he lures Thomas to a brothel unlike any other.

In the whorehouse, Valyr claims to be a shifter prostitute, trying to tempt the truth from Thomas, the one answer he must know. Will Thomas return to Valkin?

Warning: This 11,908 word story contains m/m, bondage, suspension bondage, discipline, sensual torment, forced seduction, and humiliation. It is intended for readers over 18.

Writing Update - Mid July

It's been a busy last couple of weeks.  Here's a quick update.

1.  Slave World IV:  The Return is now available at Smashwords and All Romance.  It should be available later today at Amazon.  This is the final in the series, but it has helped spur on a brand new short series which I will start working on in August.  Anyone up for a trip to Planet X?  You'll get that once you read it :)

2.  Bears in Bondage has been up for sale for the last week or so.  If you
haven't grabbed the second set in the tale, you are definitely missing out.  MUCH hotter than the first, with a lot more toy play as Bastian digs deep into his available BDSM gear to really rock Cole's world.

3.  I'm about halfway done with Rafe's Wolf, which will hopefully be coming in the next week or so.  It will help tie up the loose ends from Remy's Wolf and show a little insight into the fourth brother, Mitch, who we really didn't
meet in the first book.

4.  His Milk Maid is now available at All Romance.  I had plans for another in this series, but it's just not gelling.  I've not given up hope, as I have about five thousand words written, but the vibe just isn't coming together.  It will be shelved for now.

5.  Once Rafe's story is told, I will start working on Crash Landing, a new alien series.  Centered on human astronauts who have crashed into an unexplored alien world, it will feature MMMM groups along with domination and submission.  I'm very excited to start this series.  I hope to have the first book late July, early August.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Slave World 4 Update

Just completed the rough draft on Slave World 4 and sent it off to my editor.  I'm down on the list of edits, so be patient!

It should hopefully be coming in about a week, so keep your eyes peeled.  I'll update the blog once it gets published.

Now off to work on Rafe's Wolf.  I've already written a couple thousand words to get it started and it's hot, hot, hot.

And I got slammed with a new story idea yesterday.  I may be spending a little time getting some of it down on paper soon.

Back to Rafe!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bears in Bondage Parts 3 & 4 NOW AVAILABLE!

Bastian draws Cole deeper into his world, showing Cole the pleasure in pain, the fun in the toys, and the joy in submission.  Bastian is unable to keep his hands off Cole, the need for his young cub grows every minute.  He knows there is something special about Cole, a magnetism that won’t be ignored.

But Cole hesitates once he starts his new job at Bears in Bondage.  Bastian is now his boss and it causes strings to be attached to the fun they’re having.  Cole is serious about working hard and finishing his studies, and he doesn’t want to be a kept man.  But he knows he’s found something in the big, strong man and Cole doesn’t want to let Bastian go, either.
Bastian has to show Cole that the lines blur in his world and that he can still be Cole’s master, even if he’s also Cole’s boss.

SlaveWorld 4 Update

I've got SlaveWorld 4 nearing the end of the rough draft.  I hope to have it done by the end of the week and off to my editor.

This will be the conclusion to this series, but it will be opening a door to another new short series which is still in the plotting phase.  I hope to share a cover for it soon, so keep an eye out.

Once SW4 is done, it will be on to Rafe's Wolf, the 2nd in the Wolves of Mt. Alexa Series.

And then, we shall see.  I have a couple of stories jumping up and down, looking for attention.  We will have to see which one screams the loudest.

Bears in Bondage 3/4 should be available for sale at just about any point on Amazon.  I will be updating the blog when it's ready!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Victoria Vallo - Mastered & Mated

Welcome Victoria Vallo back as a guest today as she celebrates the release of the final book in her Captured by Space Pirates Series, Mastered & Mated.

When Salex returned, Jeremiah knew everything between them had changed. The time apart showed him how much he’d come to need Salex’s touch and how long he’d been denying his own darker desires. And now that Salex is offering Jeremiah a choice between exploring those desires at his side and going back to a more ordinary life, Jeremiah has to decide if he’s ready to give himself completely or settle for a life without the man who truly knows what he needs to be satisfied.

For weeks, everything had been going smoothly between Malar and Sebastian, in stark contrast to the struggles Salex and Jeremiah had been having. But when Malar asks for a surprisingly conventional commitment, Sebastian suddenly doubts his own feelings. Sebastian had submitted almost immediately, yet Malar’s possessiveness begins to smother him. Malar remains stubborn in his demands until he realizes it is pushing a wedge between him and Sebastian. He has to decide what means more to him, the commitment he’s demanding or Sebastian’s happiness.




Jeremiah woke up with Salex curled around him very tightly. The night before came rushing back to him. As he listened to Salex’s steady breathing, he considered what they’d said and done. Jeremiah didn’t regret any of it. Why should he? He’d had sex with someone he wanted to have sex with, and anyone who cared it was another male could fuck off. Of course, Salex had said he wanted to talk about things, and Jeremiah assumed Salex would insist on doing so today. Jeremiah knew his thoughts were still muddled, even if he had given in and submitted to Salex. His thoughts and feelings were far more complex than his physical desires, so he hoped Salex wouldn’t be impatient or become frustrated with him. Turning toward the side of the bed, he tried to wiggle free, only to be pulled in closer.

“You’re staying right here,” Salex said, pushing Jeremiah onto his back. “I slept too damn good with that sweet little ass rubbin’ against me.”

“So I’m still a prisoner even if I’m not tied down?” Jeremiah asked, licking his lips.

“You seem willing enough.” Salex kissed him deeply, surprising Jeremiah momentarily with the gentle yet still insistent embrace. Loosening his grip a bit, Salex added, “I thought I might return to find you gone. I actually thanked Malar for not letting you leave, but he said you’d stayed here willingly.”

There seemed to be a question hanging between them, as if Salex wanted confirmation. Jeremiah hesitated, and then he said, “Yes. I couldn’t leave Sebastian anyway, but I did want to see what you would do when you came back.”

“Would you still have submitted if I hadn’t changed?”

“That’s a hard question to answer.” And it was. While he’d missed Salex’s touch and the time alone had forced him to admit he preferred men to women, he’d only resolved to be more open, not to out and out submit completely. Yet what was last night, if not complete surrender? Salex’s touch had made him do that. “Being able to touch you was … it made it so different.”

Salex chuckled. “I never could have let you touch me at first. We’d have been fighting so much there would’ve been very little energy left for fucking.” Salex’s hand drifted down to Jeremiah’s cock, which was responding to the alien’s nearness. “Mmmm, missed waking up to a taste of this.”

“You said once that you don’t do that much. Giving head, I assumed. Said I should feel honored.”

“Did I?” Salex asked teasingly, stroking Jeremiah until he throbbed with need.

Jeremiah arched up repeatedly, fucking Salex’s fist. “Yes,” he whispered. “That’s what you said.”

“Guess you had me charmed from the start,” Salex said as he cupped Jeremiah’s balls. “I liked seeing how crazy it made you.”

“Didn’t make me crazy,” Jeremiah managed as he let out a sigh.

“Yes, it fucking did.” Salex moved to lick Jeremiah’s cock, teasing it all over with his tongue instead of sucking him.

Jeremiah moaned. “Have to keep … defying you … a little. Gets you so,” he gasped, “hot for me.” Even though part of him still couldn’t believe what he was doing, he felt so free saying these words and giving in. He tilted his head enough to watch Salex toying with him.

Salex licked his finger and then slid it into Jeremiah’s ass, the full length all at once. Jeremiah bucked off the bed, and when he settled Salex licked and sucked his balls. Jeremiah stroked his cock, moaning as Salex massaged his prostate.

“Gonna come,” Jeremiah cried.

Salex pushed Jeremiah’s hand away and took his cock back into his mouth. Salex sucked, swirling his tongue without mercy, and Jeremiah’s cum spilled forth. He pumped his hips up and held Salex’s head there, smiling to hear the big alien groan sexily, and then he jerked Salex up against him for a kiss. Jeremiah liked the taste of cum, and sampling his own from Salex’s mouth was intensely erotic. Salex responded eagerly, obviously aroused by Jeremiah’s action.

“Wanna taste you, too,” he said against Salex’s lips. “Fuck my mouth.”

Salex took control right away and pinned Jeremiah down. “I should have left you to your own thoughts sooner.” A rough kiss gave way to a tender nuzzle against his neck. “Hot little bitch.”

Jeremiah moaned and writhed against him. “Please.”

Salex laughed and repositioned himself, pinning Jeremiah’s arms to his sides as he straddled him. Salex stroked his cock and rubbed it against Jeremiah’s lips. Jeremiah opened his mouth right away, but Salex only teased him, letting the head play along the inside of Jeremiah’s lips. Jeremiah circled his tongue around the head and tried to lick the shaft. After Salex had pulled back for the third time, Jeremiah grabbed his ass and tried to pull him forward. Salex resisted for a moment, and then he plunged into Jeremiah’s mouth. The head hit the back of Jeremiah’s throat, but he was ready for it and only gagged for a moment.

Massaging Salex’s ass, Jeremiah began to bob back and forth. He looked up at Salex and let his fingers stray to the crack of Salex’s ass. Jeremiah massaged Salex’s anus as he sucked harder, and when Salex tangled his fingers into Jeremiah’s hair, Jeremiah penetrated.

Salex moaned as he looked down into Jeremiah’s eyes, pleasure blatant on his face. “I’m not delicate. Give me more, bitch. Make me shoot right down your throat.” He began forcing his cock farther down Jeremiah’s throat.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Bears in Bondage 3/4 Companion Guide - Suspension Bondage & Gear

Just sent off Bears 3/4 to my editor, so hopefully it will be ready to go very soon.  I will update info as soon as it's ready for sale.

This story is some of the hottest to date and very reminiscent of the Master tales heat level.  But I think you still see Bastian and Cole shining through and get a feel for them, too.

In order to get everyone ready for the story, here are a few pictures of items/positions used in the book.

Harness with all around/cockstrap

Ball weights

Suspension Bondage via Bound Gods

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bears in Bondage - Parts III & IV Coming Soon

I just finished the rough draft of the next installments of Bears in Bondage and OMG are these stories HOT!  I don't want to give the details away, but we have voyeurism, lots of bondage/discipline play, and even some mechanical toy use, along with a lot of hot encounters between these two lovers.  And it isn't all sex...the two men start realizing just how much they care for one another as well.

I'll walk away from it today and get back to edits tomorrow and hopefully get it to my editor soon after that.

And hopefully (fingers crossed) have it out next week.

I was looking for muse-worthy pictures and stumbled across this one -- he so looks like the image I have of Bastian in my mind.  Whew!  So freaking hot.

And of course, if I add one of Bastian, I can't omit one of Cole!

Here's a little part of one of the early scenes (unedited!):

Bastian stretched his body closer to Cole’s and groaned as he felt Cole was as hard as he was.  “Looks like it may be a great morning.”

Cole smiled wider and leaned up to plant a kiss on Bastian’s lips.  The gentle embrace soon took a turn for the hotter, deepening thanks to Bastian’s insistence.  He got no fight from Cole, who seemed eager to let Bastian push him into more.  Cole was new to the leather and BDSM world and it was up to Bastian to train his new submissive into the role expected of him.  But Bastian was worried he would push his lover too far if he forged ahead too quickly.  He planned to ease Cole into his world, tempting the man with little bites of pain mixed with intense pleasure.

Bastian leaned in closer as he kissed Cole, their tongues warring together as Bastian readied to make his move.  He jumped from the bed as quickly as possible and had Cole over his shoulder in a heartbeat.  Cole let out a cry as he hung precariously over Bastian’s body, his head a few feet from the floor.  Bastian had full access to Cole’s naked ass beside his mouth, so he reached over and took a bite of his lover’s flesh.

“What’re you doing?” Cole cried out.

“We need to go to the playroom for your training to really begin,” Bastian stated matter-of-factly.  He stalked across his bedroom and into the hall, kicking the playroom door open with his foot.  Bastian walked to the leather bed and dropped Cole into the center before jumping on top of him and pinning him to the bed.  As he rekindled their kiss, he felt Cole softening again after several minutes and forgetting where they were.  Bastian leaned in to deepen the kiss further and secretly reached for the leather cuffs at the edge of the mattress.  He had one of Cole’s wrists pinned before his lover even had a chance to realize what was happening.
“Bastian …” Cole whispered breathily as he gazed at his bound wrist.

Bastian smiled as he rolled to the other side of the bed while holding Cole’s unbound wrist.  He quickly had his young lover tied to the bed, breathing hard through his parted lips.  “You were made for bondage, Cole.”

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Victoria Vallo is back with a new story! The Beat of His Drummer

When Killian’s band gets its big break, he can’t contain his excitement. He assumes everyone is going to be thrilled, including the drummer, his boyfriend Malcolm. Killian can’t wait to get out of their small town so they won’t have to hide their relationship anymore. But Malcolm is skeptical and feels college is a safer bet than touring with the band, and he wants Killian to stick to their original plan and go to school with him. So they part ways, both feeling hurt and abandoned.

Ten years later, Killian is in another band, and they need a drummer. Their manager convinces one of his college professors to play with them on their upcoming tour, and to Killian’s surprise, Malcolm is back in his life again. Their reunion hits a few bumps at first, but soon they’re working through their issues one at a time. This progress is interrupted when an obsessed lover from Killian’s past reemerges. He wants to keep Killian from being with Malcolm—the lost love he’d heard so much about—and he’ll do anything necessary to make Killian his again… 




Killian rubbed his head as he rolled into the studio two hours late. He was more hungover than he had been in months. They were just trying out a new drummer, so he didn’t see why he had to be there. Killian played lead guitar, but the frontman Liam could play that if he had to. He headed right into the practice room when he heard voices. Nodding to the bassist Will and then to Frank, who played rhythm guitar and sometimes keyboard, Killian plopped down on a chair and concentrated on his coffee. The two men just looked at him and then at each other before turning their focus back down to their guitars. A shadow soon fell across Killian.

“Hi, I’m Claude, manager of the world-famous metal band Reaper’s Reward.” He pushed his glasses up on his nose. “And you, sir? Who the fuck are you?”

Killian pulled his sunglasses off. “I’m sorry, okay, Claude? I had a long night.”

“Oh, I see. That makes it okay then.” Claude reached down and grabbed two of Killian’s dreadlocks, forcing his head back.

“The hell—” The look in Claude’s eyes silenced him.

“You’re embarrassing me in front of my favorite professor,” Claude said through clenched teeth.

Killian didn’t get what was happening. “What is one of your teachers doing here?” He didn’t even know what kind of degree Claude had when it came down to it. All he needed to know was that the guy had a shitload of personality and got things done. Killian didn’t care about anything else.

“Do you even listen when I talk?” Claude asked, releasing Killian.


“Says you.” Claude sighed. “My music management professor, who was my assigned mentor, is also a musician. I ran into him and asked him if he knew any drummers looking for a temporary gig. He told me he was taking leave for the spring and summer semesters and would love to tour with us. He even knows all of your songs already.”

“So he’s a fan?” Killian scanned the room.

“Yeah, I’m a fan.”

Killian locked eyes with Malcolm as he stood up from behind the drum set.

His hangover temporarily went away. “You’re shittin’ me!” Killian said.

Liam, who stood beside Malcolm now, looked back and forth between the two of them. “There a problem, Killjoy?”

“Fuck off!” Killian stood and took a few steps forward. “You didn’t want to be in my band ten years ago. The fuck are you doin’ here now?”

Liam took off his guitar and glared at Killian. “You got a problem, that’s tough, ‘cause we’ve been jammin’ for over an hour, and we think he’s a great fit. I’ve been playing your guitar parts, but it doesn’t matter. We’ll still sound decent even with you playin’ them.”

Killian stared Liam down. They’d been in Reaper’s Reward together for six years, ever since Deep Shadows had broken up. Liam had always been a good friend, but sometimes the two men really riled each other. Killian looked away first, but only because Malcolm moved forward.

“It’s okay, Liam,” Malcolm said. “I told you guys I knew Killian, but I neglected to say that we dated right before Deep Shadows took off. I was their drummer before I left for college. That’s my bad. Sorry.”

Liam turned to Malcolm. “That’s fine, man. I wouldn’t admit to having dated him either.”

Malcolm half laughed and then looked back to Killian. “How about we talk, Killian? That okay?”

Okay? No, it wasn’t okay. Looking into those icy blue eyes again made the years drop away. Killian still saw the most beautiful man in the world, the only man he’d ever loved. In the same moment, he felt like both a victim and a coward. Malcolm had left him because he hadn’t had the courage to take a chance; yet, at the same time, Killian had been the one to leave, forgetting their plans to chase a dream. He’d never returned any of Malcolm’s calls or acknowledged any of his letters or emails, and after two years, Malcolm had stopped.

“Yeah, we can talk.”

As Killian walked past Claude, the man practically growled at him. “Behave, Killjoy.”

“I will,” he whispered back, his face growing hot. If any of them told Malcolm why they called him that, he’d kill them with his bare hands.

Killian briefly looked at Malcolm and jerked his head to the left. “We can go in this office here.”

Killian let Malcolm enter first, and when he glanced back at his band mates, they were all staring at him with stern yet curious looks on their faces. He flipped them off and went inside, closing the door. Malcolm leaned against the desk, looking calm and unaffected. How could he do that? Why wasn’t he feeling anything? Had he planned this? Was this some kind of revenge?

“So why come back after all this time, Mal? To torment me?” Killian crossed his arms and backed himself against the door.

“I’m here for Claude, actually. He was one of my very best students, and now he’s a good friend. I’m not here only because of you, though I’m glad to get the chance to clear the air with you. I am glad you got what you wanted. I’ve followed your career all along. I was sorry to hear about Deep Shadows breaking up but glad your friendship with Liam secured you a place here. You’ve been key to their success. I love the band, and I’d be proud to be a part of it, if you’ll let me.” Malcolm sighed. “I’m happy to let the past rest in peace so we can be friends.”

Friends? No, not fucking friends. Killian knew he couldn’t do it. But what could he say? He couldn’t go out there and tell the rest of the band that this was the guy who broke his heart, the guy he rambled about when he got drunk. Bile rose in his throat. Shit, Malcolm told them that we dated right before Deep Shadows got its break! They’re probably out there puttin’ it together right now. Fuckers. His head began to spin, and he sank down to the floor and put his head between his knees.

“Killian, are you okay?” Malcolm knelt at his side and touched his shoulder.

“I’m hungover, and this is stressing me out. So, no, I’m not.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t expect this. You never gave me another thought, it seemed, based on your silence. So I assumed—wrongly, perhaps—you got over me just fine.”

Just fine? If only Malcolm knew they called Killian “Killjoy” because of those drunken rants about his ex-lover, the one who hadn’t loved him enough to stay. He wanted to punch Malcolm just as much as he wanted to kiss him. Briefly, Killian was tempted to do both. He could picture it, reaching up and pulling Malcolm into a hot kiss and then nailing him right in the gut. Both would feel so damn good.

Killian leaned his head back and gazed at Malcolm. “Oh, I got over you. I got under every guy who came backstage. Each and every one of them was thrilled to make love to me. It was obvious that ‘Standing in the Road’ was about a guy, and I was the only lyricist, so the rumors I was gay stuck. It had all kinds of guys lining up to get some one-on-one with me.”

Malcolm still looked calm, though after a few seconds his left eye twitched, and Killian saw him swallow hard. “I hope you were careful, Killian.”

“Always used protection. I was brokenhearted, not dumb. I’m clean and perfectly healthy.” He smirked and pushed forward a bravado he didn’t feel at all. “Why? You finally want me now I’m famous?”

Malcolm touched Killian’s cheek so gently Killian stopped breathing for a second. “Stop it, Kill, please.”

Finding his breath again, Killian said, “Why? Does it hurt to hear it?”

“Yes, Kill. Yes, it does hurt. If you tell me to leave, I’ll apologize to the band and to Claude and then leave. I’d hoped enough time had passed that we could be friends.”

Friends. There was that word again. Killian turned slightly, pushed his dreads back, and grabbed Malcolm’s face with both hands. “We … are not … friends.” He locked his lips to Malcolm’s and let ten years of longing flow out of him.


Monday, July 1, 2013

Writing Update - July 2013

So what can you expect in July?

Here's what I'm working on now:

1.  Bears in Bondage Book 3 & 4 - I know I took a little detour by jumping into the final Duke tale, but I wanted to wrap up that story and call it complete.  Bastian and Cole are the next on the agenda, trust me.  As soon as I finish this blog post, I will be returning to their world to get some more words in.  I've just started, so not far into it yet, but I do have the story plotted out and it's ready to go.

2.  Rafe's Wolf - I've already plotted and written the opening scene.  Rafe is screaming at me to forget Bastian and Cole and write his story, but I really do need to give B&C their due first.  Rafe won't wait long.

3.  Slave World 4 -- This will be the finale for Thomas and Valyr.  Can't wait to wrap this storyline up.

4.  The final Duke tale was actually supposed to happen in July but I got ahead of schedule.  Sooo ... I'm toying with the idea of writing another story for Natascha.  The first tale hadn't done all that well, so I didn't want to focus on a story no one seemed interested in reading.  But as the months go on, it's becoming the little engine that could and my blog post about His Milk Maid is getting a lot of hits on here, so seems people are looking for His Milk Maid 3 & 4.  I prefer writing m/m, so this story is a little harder for me, given that there isn't any m/m in the storyline.  But then again, perhaps her ex, Michael, and his new master need to run into her in a sex club somewhere and make it REALLY interesting.  Talk about fireworks.  Well, it is July.

5.  I'll also be looking at bringing The Duke's Plaything Complete Collection to print.  The Master's series hasn't done all that well in print, so perhaps it's just for me to put on my shelf. 

What's coming up later this summer?  The finale to the Bears series, the third in the Wolves series, a new short series which takes place in space--Planet X to be exact, and a new shifter series.  In the fall, I'll be introducing another Historical series, which will also have a paranormal vibe, go to the desert, and then maybe behind bars.

In other words, there is a lot more to come.  A LOT.  So, keep checking in to see about new releases.
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